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For Ensign Software users:
If you use Ensign charting software you can post your charts to automatically. Click SETUP/IMAGES and fill in the blanks. For details see the FAQ page. Then just click <CTRL>J to post.

For Snagit screen capture shareware:
(Available free from

  1. When you start Snagit these boxes should be checked:
    - select input: region
    - select output: graphics file
    - anything else, like buying the program, is optional
  2. Once Snagit is open, click OUTPUT/WEB
  3. Under OUTPUT/PROPERTIES/WEB, fill in the boxes like in these screenshots. Substitute your name, handle, or initials where it says "yourname" (no spaces please). Make sure to substitute today's date in the specified format for "Remote Path."
  4. Under OUTPUT/PROPERTIES/IMAGE FILE the file type selected should be PNG (only have to do this step and the previous one once).
  5. Use the "capture" button or push <CTRL><SHIFT>P when you have a chart to post
  6. Use the mouse to select the area of the chart you want to post
  7. When the preview comes up, click FINISH

How to automatically set Remote path to the correct dacharts folder using SnagIt.
As of 3/1/2009 this is no longer required


For eSignal charting software:
instructions are posted on the FAQ page

For Screenpresso software
instructions are posted here

Some hints to make your charts more friendly:
include the header of the chart so we know what it is
- include the price and time scales
- don't make your charts too big (some people are still using modems, and not everybody has a 21" monitor)

Last updated 12/11/2011