Chart Posting Setup in Ensign

Ensign does most of the setup for you. Click on the Setup menu and then Images, and you will see the following. The red numbers are keyed to the notes below: Click on Reset to dacharts and Ensign will reset fields to their defaults.

On 3/19/2009 dacharts moved charts folders from to
On 10/16/2010 following server crash/rebuild, user name changed charts ->
On 4/28/2012 dacharts moved to new hosting - new user name required
On 1/29/2013 dacharts hosting update - new password required
On 4/20/2015 dacharts moved to new hosting - new user name required

  1. If you wish to save charts to your hard disk, Ensign will use this path. More practical paths might include:
    C:\My Documents\charts\
  2. The Web site path tells Ensign which daily folder on to put your chart in. Ensign keeps track of this and you should normally not have to change it.
  3. Most traders use this for a Prefix which is used as the first part of the file name, followed by a number (see 7). Please use "_" (underscores) in the Prefix, rather than spaces. For example:
    B_, Ensign-, FL, Mary_Yvy, Randy_NC
  4. The next chart number that will be used if you use Automatic # (see 7). You can change this if you wish to start numbering charts at a different number.
  5. These should not be changed. If you change them your charts will not post to
  6. You can click on either of these buttons; the first will direct charts to your hard disk (see 1), the second will direct charts to, (or other compliant web site of your choice if you change fields 5-5-5)
  7. The most common choice is Automatic # which takes the Prefix (see 3) and appends the next chart number (see 4), which is then incremented.


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