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Join us in the Bline room for classes and discussions on a wide range of topics. Buffy's class transcripts and other Trading Discussions are posted. Make sure and check out our Recommended Readings. The only stupid question is the unasked one.

Tuesday Beginner's Instruction and Q&A details

Some Ensign Wed class transcripts (currently 148 ) are posted in archives.

New folders under FAQ for Quick Tips and How-To's (Dec 2004).There are now 227 Quick Tips.

NOTE: scylnx maintains the daCharts user map project. Maps last updated 12/11/11

Email him with your eChat name and location to be put on the map. Check out the existing maps at http://www.dacharts.org/archives/Maps/
Now (Mar 07) using Google Maps

New folder in archives on Humming Hardware Hints. Additional articles are solicited.

updated 10/16/2010 (charts) and 11/1/2010 (Buffy)

We are a community of traders helping traders. Our main focus is the e-Mini S&P500 and Nasdaq100 futures. Participants post their charts to compare insights during the trading day and after-hours. On a typical weekday between 500 and 800 charts are posted. Charts that have lasting educational value are moved to the archives, others are deleted as we need more space. Thanks to Buffy for doing such a great job archiving.

You can find us in real-time chat during and after trading hours by installing the free version of eChat . The room is provided by EnsignSoftware. The eChat room has mostly replaced the paltalk room. The eChat room is text only. For voice we are using theVentrilo platform. (mirrored here)

To get on our mailing list, join the Yahoo group e-Mini Traders Anonymous. The list has grown to over 1,500 members. New member posts are moderated until we get to know you to prevent spammers from abusing us.

Happy trading. - Dave Shedd (chat handle dave_b_quick)

Links on the Trader Transaction Tax (Feb 2009)