What does it take to be an index trader?


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why trade index futures?

what does it take to trade index futures?


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- 3-5 years to learn the ropes
- adequate time to study and practice what you've learned
- a way to support yourself while you're learning
- an educational budget ($3,000+)
- a trading account with adequate funding ($10,000+)
- a fairly up-to-date computer or two and fast Internet connection

- a mentor who will keep you out of trouble while you learn
- a voracious appetite to learn
- a very positive attitude to get over all the obstacles
- a very understanding spouse
- a family life which will allow you to concentrate on the market
- a level of emotional maturity most people don't have
- the patience of a saint
- the tenacity of a bulldog
- the concentration of a professor
- the persistence of an obsessed person
- the faith of a child that you can succeed