and the EChat trading communities.

The daCharts site is an independent project run by a group of volunteers
(currently headed by Buffy, dave_b_quick and Scylnx) which is not a part
of Ensign Software and which has no formal relationship with the company.
As a courtesy to site visitors and Ensign users, the daCharts team records,
edits and posts significant training, tutorial and reference material on Ensign software.

While Ensign does have a learning curve, you will find the videos will make it much easier. We have all been there and are willing to help make the experience an easy one. The only silly question is the unasked one. Let's get you going!


Getting EChat up and running is one of the first things as it makes obtaining help easier.
There are the following rooms that are there for newcomer.
#0 Support Room - Ensign Paul will help you with the more technical questions about Ensign.
#2 B-Line Room - While this is a trading room during market hours, it is the room to go to for assistance with Ensign when the support room is closed. They do playbacks on weekends around 11AM EST. Stop in and ask if anyone has one going for you to join in on.

Room's home page is Here you will find links to daily charts folder, chart archives, trading discussions, templates, FaQ, and much more.

Highlighting a text area in EChat is an auto copy. Use Ctrl V to paste.

Weds Meet with the Developers:

On Weds at 4:30 EST there is a class on Ensign in the Support Room. The class covers new features that have been added to the software and usually has a QnA at the end. These classes are archived at

EChat Videos/Newsletter Links:

Here is the link to the video on setting up EChat properties basics (5 minutes):

A more in depth video of echat including setting up your own room (10 minutes):

Since not all of the information is covered in the video, here is the newsletter on EChat


While there is voice inside of EChat, a few rooms use Ventrilo due to the size of their membership.
The newsletter covers all of the setup windows which should be gone through to avoid feedback when you connect.. Here are the basics to get connected:

  Server Name
Hostname or IP
Ensign Software

The program will connect you to the lobby and you need to dbl click on the room name to join that room's channel.

Getting Ensign Installed and Set Up

Installing Ensign (3 minutes):

For IB Users with TWS (14 minutes):

If you have problems getting connected, click on help/getting connected for further information.

Charts, Draw Tools, Studies, Templates and Workspaces:

Opening a Chart (3 minutes):

How Draw Tools work (15 minutes):

How to change colors (3 minutes):

Setting up Studies (11 minutes):

Studies Properties (16 minutes):

Creating and Saving a Template which is a collection of saved Studies (4 minutes):

Saving a Workspace which is a collection of charts (6 minutes):

A very important video on Help Resources (7 minutes):

Some more "beyond" basics videos
More Chart Controls including "slideshow" through many symbols on quote page (8 minutes)

There are other videos available on Ensign Software video page which also has a link under help in Ensign program.

Posting to DaCharts Daily Folder

To Post a Chart, Property Window, etc to DaCharts, please do the following:

1. Click on setup/images in Ensign
2. Click on reset to dacharts
3. In the bottom middle window please change the assigned prefix to a prefix for you to identify your charts.
For example, John_
4. Click on ok
5. Click on chart
6. Hold down Ctrl key and tap J key and then let both go.
This should post to the daily folder. If you are using EChat on same machine as Ensign and have Post checked, the image should automatically go to the room.

You can post any chart you are looking at in the viewer by clicking on the post button in the top left corner of the EChat window. Now the room is seeing the chart and/or you can ask questions you may have on this chart.

Once a chart or text is in the viewer, the white arrow key to the right of "Go" works as your browser back key.
You can also click on the chart - right click and save it to your own hard drive for review later, email to yourself or print it out.


Ensign publishes a monthly newsletter that is very informative even if you do not run Ensign Software.
You might want to sign up for the newsletter here. You can also find back issues back to 2000 there.

The following links are very informative of Ensign basics:

The Geometry of Charts - shows examples of the various charts available in Ensign

The Geometry of Draw Tools - shows examples of the various draw tools in Ensign

Discusses the new and old type of candles -

The Power of Trend Lines, Parallel Lines, Pennants, Fibonacci Price Levels, Counting Waves/Bars,

Market Geometry: Lightning Bolt

You will also find very informative articles by other traders. You may submit an article for publication to

Searchable QnA database

Ensign Help Page Link

Notice in the second paragraph the Introduction.
Going through this introduction will help you with the basics and introduce you to the Ensign vocabulary making it easier for all to help you.

Site Google Search
A help link which can have a Google search done on the Ensign site

Hopefully the information contained here will make it easier for you to enjoy your Ensign Experience.


Last updated 07/07/2006