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(09:17 AM) tippet:
rule of 4
(09:17 AM) tippet:
should be in dacharts pattern recognition
(09:19 AM) Tom_B:
Where r google's charts, i found brach's /
(09:19 AM) tomsurf:
Tom- in todays folder
(09:19 AM) Tom_B:
k :)
(09:22 AM) tippet:
10am number housing starts Jan
(09:24 AM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(09:25 AM) Buffy_04364:
nq making a trangle in premarket trading
(09:29 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:29 AM) dave_b_quik:
g'morning all
(09:29 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi Dave
(09:30 AM) ppusa:
broke 5 min 20 bar ma all sessions 7:30 EST
(09:30 AM) Buffy_04364:
do you use all session on your 5 and 15 charts pp?
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
tos and bos figures are posted pp
(09:31 AM) ppusa:
not during day for what was discussed
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:31 AM) plevin:
GM all
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:31 AM) tippet:
20ema60 here
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
housing report at 10
(09:32 AM) tippet:
and trendline
(09:32 AM) ppusa:
but thought i would mention this now because of same setup
(09:32 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:34 AM) ppusa:
5 days down says higher high
(09:34 AM) ppusa:
got that
(09:35 AM) ppusa:
10 and 15 are looking for reversals.need higher or sideways first
(09:36 AM) oddplayer:
110 is my resistance...hoping to see 1125 as last resistance today
(09:38 AM) ppusa:
show me a 1-2-3
(09:39 AM) tomsurf:
1379= r1
(09:39 AM) oddplayer:
big buying still
(09:39 AM) tippet:
es stuck?
(09:39 AM) oddplayer:
in forward
(09:40 AM) ppusa:
(09:40 AM) tippet:
quote on es please?
(09:40 AM) p_8:
(09:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:40 AM) oddplayer:
(09:41 AM) oddplayer:
hod 99
(09:41 AM) tippet:
(09:41 AM) p_8:
(09:41 AM) oddplayer:
(09:42 AM) ppusa:
i don't quite see what i want to see but 25 point PN is a possibiklity close to here
(09:43 AM) ppusa:
(09:45 AM) oddplayer:
sure....morning program buy..hope for another
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
lower high?
(09:47 AM) oddplayer:
yeah bounced down earlier
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
your 123 pp?
(09:48 AM) oddplayer:
flat +4.25
(09:48 AM) ppusa:
(09:49 AM) ppusa:
don't like that much
(09:49 AM) tippet:
kissback to broken trenldline ?
(09:49 AM) ppusa:
gonna cover quick
(09:49 AM) ppusa:
looks good but
(09:50 AM) tippet:
(09:50 AM) ppusa:
(09:50 AM) ppusa:
hitting uptrending ma on 1 min
(09:50 AM) ppusa:
didn't like the approach and waiting
(09:50 AM) tippet:
20ema3 also
(09:51 AM) ppusa:
1- point reversed
(09:51 AM) ppusa:
(09:52 AM) ppusa:
told tippet premarket - higher then a flag then maybe higher again
(09:52 AM) scorp:
IB message
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
with that and report might as well go do something constructive :-)
(09:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:53 AM) ppusa:
15 says reversal but this consolidation looks like a flag on the 5
(09:54 AM) oddplayer:
starts to make me wonder about IB...
(09:54 AM) tippet:
trenldine bounce
(09:54 AM) alan123:
probs with ib?
(09:55 AM) dave_b_quik:
ib is gonna have no GLOBEX trading for 2 minutes
(09:55 AM) alan123:
ty dave
(09:55 AM) tippet:
# soon
(09:55 AM) Tom_B:
gotta hve a bkup with IB
(09:55 AM) alan123:
(09:55 AM) ppusa:
that may have been it
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
higher low
(09:58 AM) oddplayer:
sure looks long to me
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
looks like congestion
(09:59 AM) ppusa:
bull flag maybe?
(09:59 AM) ppusa:
PnF a little to overbought for me to jump in long
(10:00 AM) oddplayer:
exoect 1100 resistance, but it sure is being pressed
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
(10:00 AM) tippet:
number PP carefujl
(10:00 AM) scorp:
DJN: *DJ US Jan Existing Home Sales Up Record 16.2% To 6.04M Rate
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
lower high??????
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
has nice trendline to break
(10:02 AM) scorp:
i'm waiting too, but for a number of reasons
(10:02 AM) oddplayer:
since open
(10:02 AM) oddplayer:
looking for 1125
(10:03 AM) Tom_B:
up agnst it right hre
(10:03 AM) ppusa:
(10:04 AM) scorp:
is IB back?
(10:04 AM) ppusa:
(10:05 AM) ppusa:
pattern is definately rolling over
(10:05 AM) oddplayer:
market needs a breather
(10:06 AM) tippet:
kinda expanding triangle on nq ... want to feel like what its like to be in a blender
(10:07 AM) ppusa:
yes i don't see any break and drop 50 point entry......just scalps
(10:08 AM) Tom_B:
hve HOD as pretty good res..hit some #'s there but clos eto becoming a trnd chnge , so waiting
(10:09 AM) p_8:
has anyone traded with IB since the last announcement?
(10:09 AM) scorp:
(10:09 AM) p_8:
(10:09 AM) ppusa:
think that was it
(10:10 AM) ppusa:
(10:10 AM) tippet:
was what?
(10:10 AM) scorp:
pp, end of selling or buying?
(10:11 AM) ppusa:
that move to 74 may be the end
(10:11 AM) scorp:
i dont see much of a direction, but..
(10:11 AM) oddplayer:
sellers can't take over and buyer have to decide about running it up
(10:11 AM) ppusa:
hour chart says might get more retracement
(10:11 AM) ppusa:
not in a hurry to do anything
(10:11 AM) scorp:
i would 75ish as resistance, short term
(10:11 AM) Tom_B:
I'm wait ing for a test of top or hldng gap...might be trgnge 4 a while ...lng VRY close
(10:12 AM) tippet:
exp triangle posted maybe up to the top of tri now
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
yes 74 wasn't "it" so?
(10:12 AM) scorp:
so much for my 75 resistance
(10:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:13 AM) BrainStorm:
(10:13 AM) ppusa:
longer term PnF says higher ... 15 point says pullback
(10:13 AM) tippet:
same idea
(10:13 AM) BrainStorm:
think theuy are trying to gun the shorts below the night/morning session
(10:14 AM) ppusa:
expanding triangle
(10:14 AM) BrainStorm:
but some resistance to them taking it down
(10:14 AM) tippet:
DOW poking up out of rising wedge and trendline off 5/22 highs
(10:14 AM) tomsurf:
trin .54
(10:15 AM) tippet:
bears are looking for classic poke above this wedge and eventual breakdown to short
(10:15 AM) p_8:
es looks better than nq
(10:16 AM) oddplayer:
squeeeeze them shorts
(10:17 AM) ppusa:
5 waves up on very short term chart from low to here
(10:17 AM) tippet:
where odd ..es coming up to 2/21 hod..careful
(10:18 AM) p_8:
and 2/18 gap
(10:18 AM) p_8:
2/19 rather
(10:19 AM) ppusa:
es new high nq did not
(10:20 AM) tippet:
nq at hod filled the gap mission fulfilled for now?
(10:20 AM) ppusa:
10 minutes until new hour
(10:20 AM) tippet:
3little indians nq?
(10:20 AM) plevin:
H&S or triple top?
(10:21 AM) ppusa:
3 indians and 5 waves
(10:21 AM) tippet:
so look short if this up fails?
(10:22 AM) tippet:
20ema below and trendline and 200ema//blah blah blah
(10:22 AM) ppusa:
now contracing triangle
(10:22 AM) ppusa:
(10:23 AM) Tom_B:
This is key supp hre now
(10:23 AM) p_8:
long need to wait until es decisively break 1103 resistance, imho
(10:24 AM) tippet:
SOX poss rising wedge on 5 min
(10:24 AM) scorp:
PnF helping here?
(10:24 AM) ppusa:
think still a short but might not drop much...just enough to put in a LOD
(10:24 AM) plevin:
Buffy, scorp - I guess cornbread got 'feed'up
(10:25 AM) scorp:
(10:25 AM) BrainStorm:
must be orders round 64 & 56 Id guess they seem to be having trouble taking it down to get them
(10:26 AM) tippet:
sox looking at lower wedge line
(10:26 AM) Tom_B:
Lng hre
(10:26 AM) ppusa:
a down bar on the 15 min chart might signal the completion of a bull flag
(10:26 AM) Tom_B:
It will be quick if wrong
(10:27 AM) Tom_B:
(10:27 AM) ppusa:
PnF says likely down first
(10:29 AM) tippet:
bounce off trendline of expanding triangle phone
(10:29 AM) ppusa:
new hour just starting
(10:29 AM) Tom_B:
(10:30 AM) ppusa:
this is fun
(10:31 AM) oddplayer:
not a hard long with good entry and stops set
(10:32 AM) Tom_B:
pass fish foro stp too close on 1st trde.. lng 70.5 , 68 stp
(10:32 AM) oddplayer:
unless all that trading range continues we had last week
(10:32 AM) tomsurf:
IB back
(10:34 AM) ppusa:
fish coming up
(10:34 AM) Tom_B:
(10:36 AM) ppusa:
(10:36 AM) Tom_B:
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
hmmm must of missed some lines there for sure
(10:37 AM) Tom_B:
if gets undr 61 then 44 or lwr poss
(10:39 AM) ppusa:
you know what might make sense is a lot of sideways until later in the day then a final push lower to complete bigger flag (like a 1-2) followed by a rally
(10:39 AM) tomsurf:
1361 looks to be 15min20ema
(10:39 AM) ppusa:
wave 2's usually are flat patterns
(10:39 AM) tippet:
falling wedge ?
(10:40 AM) ppusa:
165 minute flag
(10:40 AM) ppusa:
(10:40 AM) ppusa:
(10:40 AM) dave_b_quik:
let's see if we can expand this range past 16 NQ points...
(10:40 AM) scorp:
that might be asking a bit much
(10:41 AM) scorp:
can you imagine what the summer is going to be like
(10:41 AM) Tom_B:
(10:41 AM) tippet:
200ema ma on 5min are flat and were in the middle of the rising channel
(10:43 AM) ppusa:
could be a sell again?
(10:43 AM) ppusa:
i think the low is gonna get hit again
(10:43 AM) Tom_B:
lng 72, 66 stp
(10:44 AM) Tom_B:
this is tough
(10:44 AM) ppusa:
yes because could be a flag on 15 min
(10:44 AM) tippet:
may not be the time to shoot for huge moves
(10:45 AM) Tom_B:
BUT Magic 8 ball has me lng only
(10:45 AM) ppusa:
i think that will be the situation
(10:45 AM) ppusa:
6 point overbot??????
(10:45 AM) kingpin_broker:
do we have any active traders in here?
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
no we are all just paper traders
(10:46 AM) kingpin_broker:
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
trying to get a feel for the market
(10:46 AM) p_8:
yep kingpin
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
what do you think here kingpin?
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
up sideways or down?
(10:46 AM) kingpin_broker:
im long 20 nq
(10:47 AM) ppusa:
from friday?
(10:47 AM) kingpin_broker:
this morning
(10:47 AM) dave_b_quik:
(10:47 AM) ppusa:
around 35?
(10:47 AM) kingpin_broker:
up $1100
(10:47 AM) ppusa:
when did you enter?
(10:47 AM) kingpin_broker:
real time
(10:48 AM) ppusa:
on the last dip?
(10:48 AM) ppusa:
or the open? or?
(10:48 AM) kingpin_broker:
1370.00 avg
(10:48 AM) ppusa:
(10:48 AM) kingpin_broker:
we'll see
(10:48 AM) kingpin_broker:
when are you going to go live?
(10:49 AM) dave_b_quik:
we are live, whadayamean?
(10:49 AM) BrainStorm:
think most are 'live'
(10:49 AM) ppusa:
you mean actually trade?
(10:49 AM) kingpin_broker:
do most of you trade electronically?
(10:49 AM) p_8:
enlighten us kingpin, what prompted u to go long this am
(10:49 AM) kingpin_broker:
yes actually trade
(10:49 AM) ppusa:
i have live quotes
(10:49 AM) kingpin_broker:
what prompted me?
(10:49 AM) kingpin_broker:
a few reports came out, and the market over reacted, i think
(10:50 AM) kingpin_broker:
time will tell if i am right or not
(10:50 AM) p_8:
(10:50 AM) kingpin_broker:
do you all trade electronically?
(10:51 AM) kingpin_broker:
any one like PATSystems
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
my charts say that 1355 would make them very happy
(10:51 AM) Tom_B:
not me pp
(10:51 AM) kingpin_broker:
what do you guys use?
(10:51 AM) Tom_B:
(10:51 AM) kingpin_broker:
and ladies?
(10:51 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:51 AM) bgulch:
kingpin--have an objective to profit?
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
the ladies left us
(10:51 AM) BrainStorm:
use proptrader myself...not that keen on it
(10:51 AM) scorp:
nice chart Buffy
(10:52 AM) kingpin_broker:
i trade a pyramid type system.
(10:52 AM) kingpin_broker:
why not keen on it?
(10:52 AM) kingpin_broker:
try to let my first layer ride.
(10:52 AM) BrainStorm:
all the futures systems seem archaic compared to the equities stuui (cybertrader real tick etc)
(10:53 AM) scorp:
whos ticki chart is that ?
(10:53 AM) kingpin_broker:
archaic? PATS is state of the art!
(10:53 AM) BrainStorm:
I'll check it out which brokers offer it ?
(10:53 AM) kingpin_broker:
i do
(10:53 AM) kingpin_broker:
Fast Market Trading GRoup
(10:53 AM) tippet:
SOX hod
(10:54 AM) BrainStorm:
can you nudge stops up and down with a single key stroke ?
(10:54 AM) ppusa:
(10:54 AM) kingpin_broker:
(10:54 AM) ppusa:
1380 will break but i can't tell you when
(10:55 AM) Tom_B:
if can clear this 83 - 85 area then north a bit more
(10:55 AM) oddplayer:
I've been calling the big long all day
(10:55 AM) kingpin_broker:
i like my odds holding this position
(10:55 AM) oddplayer:
hope to be right
(10:55 AM) kingpin_broker:
i have clients on realtick, but it keeps locking up on them
(10:55 AM) kingpin_broker:
PATS youcan trade right off the quote screen.
(10:55 AM) ppusa:
i am gonna say this only once more......1355 is potential LOD
(10:55 AM) Tom_B:
All chnls up & outside 30m dwn chnl
(10:56 AM) scorp:
pp, 55 or 65?
(10:56 AM) Buffy_04364:
NQs tick chart
(10:56 AM) ppusa:
there was 6 point
(10:57 AM) ppusa:
15 still holding flag pattern unless it gets a bar with a lower low
(10:57 AM) BrainStorm:
thanks buffy over 1020
(10:58 AM) kingpin_broker:
is anyone looking for a good broker?
(10:58 AM) kingpin_broker:
im out
(10:58 AM) kingpin_broker:
(10:58 AM) tippet:
60 min chat is in a nice rising wedge i'm having a tough time thinking this is real bullish
(10:58 AM) kingpin_broker:
sold 20
(10:58 AM) kingpin_broker:
(10:59 AM) BrainStorm:
Just checked out patsystems..using there platform re-badged
(10:59 AM) kingpin_broker:
with who?
(10:59 AM) ppusa:
kingpin i have an idea?
(10:59 AM) BrainStorm:
(10:59 AM) kingpin_broker:
who do you trade through?
(10:59 AM) kingpin_broker:
who is your broker?
(10:59 AM) ppusa:
post an ad here for your services and then let's concentrate on setups
(10:59 AM) kingpin_broker:
shoot the idea
(10:59 AM) tippet:
60min bear flag?
(11:00 AM) kingpin_broker:
(11:00 AM) Buffy_04364:
could very well be tippet
(11:00 AM) BrainStorm:
hehe Im a buyer BO high of this chop and a seller BD low thats my ste up
(11:01 AM) ppusa:
i am gonna nap.........my setup is a blanket
(11:01 AM) kingpin_broker:
Fast Market Trading Group... www.fastmarketgroup.com...active e-mini traders...$7.50 all in...excellent broker backup.
(11:01 AM) BrainStorm:
though I still believe there are sell orders that are easily gunnable just a question of when
(11:02 AM) ppusa: http://www.fastmarketgroup.com
(11:03 AM) FrankT:
Volume waning now
(11:03 AM) tippet:
60min wedge posted
(11:03 AM) kingpin_broker:
(11:03 AM) Tom_B:
out b/e
(11:04 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:04 AM) Buffy_04364:
so far it is
(11:04 AM) Tom_B:
is hldng supp so far
(11:05 AM) ppusa:
the hour chart bars are very long which makes me believe along with PnF that there will be some chop
(11:05 AM) Buffy_04364:
if that 3m chart is first half of butterfly...............
(11:05 AM) ppusa:
really??? chop PP???
(11:05 AM) Tom_B:
shld be 1 more push
(11:06 AM) ppusa:
you know that stuff you mentioned 2 hours ago?
(11:06 AM) tomsurf:
bbands have really contracted
(11:06 AM) ppusa:
oh right
(11:06 AM) tomsurf:
ES and NQ
(11:06 AM) ppusa:
nap time
(11:06 AM) ppusa:
(11:06 AM) afzal_30:
(11:07 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:07 AM) Tom_B:
so we stay in a 10 pt range for a while ?
(11:08 AM) BrainStorm:
not even getting nice swings across the range now :(
(11:09 AM) FrankT:
volume very low now
(11:09 AM) Tom_B:
Seems to me u either hld a long thru the chop.. (not) or snooze
(11:10 AM) FrankT:
Is this the last push Tom?
(11:10 AM) BrainStorm:
still wouldnt be happy long until weve hit the pivot from the out of hours at 56
(11:10 AM) oddplayer:
I think lunch will buy it up
(11:11 AM) Tom_B:
Cud be another push..evn highr high then don't know ..favor lng side at the moment
(11:11 AM) BrainStorm:
more action last monday and that was a holiday !!!
(11:13 AM) Buffy_04364:
ALAN123 - can't reply - the following is the link you are looking for
(11:13 AM) BrainStorm:
long from 77.5
(11:13 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:13 AM) Tom_B:
Gotta junk this 1min chrt...got me outa lng frm 72 :(
(11:13 AM) BrainStorm:
covered 79
(11:14 AM) Tom_B:
good Brain
(11:14 AM) BrainStorm:
more arcade than trading :\
(11:15 AM) Tom_B:
Actually it iddn't get me out, i did , grrr
(11:17 AM) luciyao:
i hold to 1390
(11:17 AM) BrainStorm:
O ohh...everyones esignal OK ?
(11:17 AM) Tom_B:
k hre
(11:18 AM) FrankT:
smax doesn't like this action...
(11:18 AM) alan123:
(11:18 AM) BrainStorm:
had a long (20+ seconds) no data period
(11:18 AM) BrainStorm:
Ok now
(11:20 AM) Tom_B:
85 is first trget
(11:22 AM) Tom_B:
now if any energy, otherwise retr..but doesn't look to me that this hi isi in of this rotation...if i was lng wud take 1 out @ 85 trgt & TStp 77.5
(11:27 AM) Tom_B:
test, ok ?
(11:27 AM) scorp:
(11:27 AM) Tom_B:
(11:28 AM) Tom_B:
79.5 tstp
(11:28 AM) tippet:
trin tick look good but s p8 said this could be ernmor
(11:30 AM) oddplayer:
lots of buyers...just trying to get best price..
(11:30 AM) Tom_B:
pp, pass da fish just because i dropped da ball on this trde
(11:31 AM) tippet:
stalking rising wedge on 5min
(11:32 AM) prakso3:
ADDQ = negative - any significance ??
(11:32 AM) Tom_B:
Bailing on that cost me 20pts... FOLLOW UR PLAN...da
(11:33 AM) tippet:
2nd hump? one more and completes pattern?
(11:34 AM) BrainStorm:
think my most profitable position would be in an armchair reading oe of the many new trading books that arived today
(11:34 AM) tippet:
could be 3 humpts on 5
(11:34 AM) tippet:
(11:35 AM) BrainStorm:
ready trading in the zone by mark douglas at the w/e whole hearted recommend distils the ideas in his first book into a much better form
(11:35 AM) Tom_B:
More imp't than technique
(11:36 AM) BrainStorm:
indeed tom
(11:37 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:41 AM) Tom_B:
For me, other than refining some subtle asects of entry/exit THAT is the OBSTACLE to CONSISTENT PROFITS...
(11:43 AM) Tom_B:
(11:43 AM) scylnx:
TomB "We have met the enemy and he is us"
(11:44 AM) ppusa:
(11:44 AM) Tom_B:
That's y I keep a frozen fish nearby to hit myself with :) but hve been considering moving up to a higher form of behavior modification like elec shock
(11:44 AM) tippet:
SOX lower trendline... 530ish area past supp now resis?
(11:45 AM) Tom_B:
tipp we under ?
(11:45 AM) tippet:
(11:45 AM) tippet:
wanted another hump
(11:45 AM) Tom_B:
All roads, right now say look to buy but i am NOT a scalper
(11:47 AM) tippet:
this up "could make 3rd hump and rt shoulder
(11:47 AM) BrainStorm:
things are screaming sit on your hands to me
(11:47 AM) Tom_B:
y tipp watching 3rd hump on 15m
(11:47 AM) prakso3:
scylnx - how right you are !! we really are our biggest enemies putting us again and again into SUFFERING - one wise trader once said " the sufferers are marked for death - so what is your suggestion to overcome that ??
(11:48 AM) p_8:
maybe do the exercise in douglas's last chapter, prakso
(11:49 AM) scylnx:
I'm down to one rule, just following it is tough (no surprise)
(11:50 AM) p_8:
with u scylnx, as hard as sticking to a new year's resolution
(11:50 AM) prakso3:
scylnx - what do you mean by that ??thx
(11:50 AM) BrainStorm:
looks like we just moved into a slightly higher narrower range
(11:51 AM) Tom_B:
I do good on the test in the book but in actual trading I hve Lapses.."as Buffy says "Senior moments", lol
(11:51 AM) prakso3:
p-8 - where could I get this book - I live in Mexico ?? thx
(11:52 AM) p_8:
order from amazon
(11:52 AM) scylnx:
I'm a believer in KISS, so I've narrowed it down to "Never turn a profit to a loss -- all the rest is commentary"
(11:52 AM) Tom_B:
I've tried systemitizing my trading at various times to compensate for my weakness...same problems with following system...
(11:52 AM) prakso3:
ok thx p_8
(11:53 AM) p_8:
(11:53 AM) tippet:
getting 3rd lil hump? 3mn...sox hanging on by thread ot channel line
(11:53 AM) Tom_B:
Everything hre says up..prob whn or if pbk..imho
(11:54 AM) ppusa:
i sold the q's i bot from Friday here. that's how convinced i am of up
(11:55 AM) ppusa:
i wanted to hold for 90 but i couldn't wait
(11:55 AM) BrainStorm:
the exercise he offers is just about identicla to a trade mangement scheme that Joe Ross advocates
(11:55 AM) tippet:
TOM why up and how far
(11:55 AM) Tom_B:
too soon 4 trgts but hve CIT I gotta buy it
(11:56 AM) prakso3:
scylnx - thx for saying that - deep in aou heart we all know it - I think - the only obstacle seems to be that wee all want to outsmart our charts (footprints of the money) and in return get burned
(11:56 AM) p_8:
mind u prakso, the exercise in the book is very simple, and tempting to just shove it aside, but like scylinx said, it's surprisingly hard to do when u actually try to do it.
(11:56 AM) Tom_B:
This is a correction against dwntrnd, main trnd dwn bt in the TFrames we trde path of least res is up, imho
(11:57 AM) oddplayer:
my target is 1115.....with 1125 hardrock resistance
(11:57 AM) tippet:
so short term as in....days to relieve over sold condition
(11:58 AM) Tom_B:
hve 1430 as a poss but wudn't bet the bank,k on it
(11:59 AM) Tom_B:
Take out WEd's SWH
(11:59 AM) Tom_B:
Of course hve no idea if we'll get there but MUST be lng..
(12:00 PM) scylnx:
I so deeply believe in (a) simplicity and (b) that I'm my own worse enemy that I chart price only - no indicators (except for an occasional BB)
(12:00 PM) Tom_B:
watching it float away is bothering me WHERE is the PBK...
(12:01 PM) oddplayer:
now, lets get the internals looking better
(12:04 PM) sb17:
triple top possible in ES
(12:05 PM) Tom_B:
this has pwr under it, imvho
(12:06 PM) ppusa:
still walking up the ma's on the 5 min all sessions
(12:06 PM) Tom_B:
pbk poss at any time also may just keep floating up
(12:06 PM) Tom_B:
long 1 unit
(12:06 PM) ppusa:
not overbought really ... just slow consolidated move up
(12:06 PM) ppusa:
however.......PnF says the plug will get pulled
(12:07 PM) dave_b_quik:
5m rising wedge inside 15m rising wedge (NQ)
(12:07 PM) Tom_B:
y pp...hrd to buy it kept waitng for pbk but price keeps moving away..thnk shrts and those who want to get lng will come for it
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364:
tagging tos
(12:07 PM) ppusa:
that's why i decided a nap was in order
(12:07 PM) Tom_B:
# at 89 also Buffy
(12:08 PM) Tom_B:
is that ur tos ?
(12:08 PM) oddplayer:
if they don't stop it here...it doesn't get stopped,...I'm still looking for 1115
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:09 PM) Tom_B:
89.25 :)
(12:10 PM) ppusa:
i had 1403 as potential HOD with 90 a minimum
(12:10 PM) ppusa:
then after that possibly 1550 to 1600
(12:10 PM) prakso3:
Tom_B you are saying _out_ right ??
(12:10 PM) Tom_B:
? y 4 me
(12:12 PM) Tom_B:
this # hre is some res, will it take it out , don't know ?
(12:12 PM) tippet:
3rd hump
(12:13 PM) Tom_B:
if it does...then another 9 - 10 pts
(12:14 PM) oddplayer:
somewhere its said...if you don't trade you convictions, you call yourself a liar
(12:14 PM) tippet:
79%2/21 hod
(12:14 PM) Buffy_04364:
lots of ib
(12:15 PM) oddplayer:
(12:15 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(12:16 PM) oddplayer:
charts turning into a short covering pattern
(12:16 PM) luciyao:
i take 17 pionts profit here
(12:16 PM) oddplayer:
did my clock stop, or is it only 11:15
(12:16 PM) Tom_B:
luc, nice trade
(12:16 PM) oddplayer:
darn slow morning
(12:17 PM) Buffy_04364:
with all the tight range bars whichever way it goes it should go with conviction IMO
(12:18 PM) Tom_B:
(12:19 PM) Tom_B:
This is the pause that refreshens
(12:19 PM) oddplayer:
second meaning off brb=
(12:19 PM) oddplayer:
bath room break
(12:20 PM) ppusa:
darn close to overbought
(12:22 PM) ppusa:
might have been 1389
(12:22 PM) Tom_B:
(12:25 PM) ppusa:
i like the overall pattern here as being close to what i feel is complete
(12:26 PM) Tom_B:
For shrt ?
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
can get a sideways HS on 133T
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
yes Tom
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
this is right shoulder
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
i count 5 waves and stuff like that
(12:27 PM) Tom_B:
if it take sout 82 then cud brk to 72 ish & still hld up pattern..
(12:27 PM) Tom_B:
actually needs to pbk
(12:27 PM) ppusa:
5 up hour bars too
(12:28 PM) tippet:
the 3rd hump workd for now
(12:28 PM) tippet:
at trendline
(12:28 PM) tippet:
and 20ema5
(12:29 PM) Tom_B:
(12:29 PM) Tom_B:
agg shrt trm for w
(12:29 PM) Tom_B:
(12:30 PM) Tom_B:
shrt 82
(12:32 PM) BrainStorm:
conncetivity poor today :(
(12:32 PM) jimbo_320:
good afternoon all
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
hi jimbo
(12:33 PM) ppusa:
this was jusdt a question of waiting for the right signal
(12:33 PM) prakso3:
good afternoon jimbo
(12:33 PM) jimbo_320:
hi buffy prakso 5 waves up on dow
(12:33 PM) jimbo_320:
on 5min
(12:34 PM) sb17:
only made a little today so far
(12:34 PM) sb17:
realized how much i'm giving to the broker in commissions
(12:34 PM) sb17:
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks jimbo
(12:34 PM) prakso3:
ppusa- you think 88.5 was the HOD??
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
flag here?
(12:34 PM) ppusa:
(12:35 PM) ppusa:
because the 15 point has been saying reverse this am
(12:35 PM) ppusa:
all we've done is have the 10 point flop around
(12:36 PM) Tom_B:
still lkng at 72ish
(12:36 PM) ppusa:
to me it was just a question of waiting for the right short entry.........for others it was a buy
(12:36 PM) Tom_B:
HEY..court is out, imvho...evntho I'm shrt
(12:37 PM) tippet:
hit 50% day
(12:37 PM) ppusa:
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
you know the setup i was discussing over the weekend?
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
the type of cross that would net you a nice trend
(12:41 PM) lionsss:
yes pp I have been watching
(12:41 PM) ppusa:
so scalp away
(12:42 PM) ppusa:
right now price is under the 5 so an approach to the 15 and break of it's 20 would not be clean
(12:42 PM) ppusa:
under the 20 on the 5
(12:43 PM) ppusa:
maybe this will become the rubric for trend following
(12:44 PM) ppusa:
still need a lower high
(12:44 PM) ppusa:
and a break of a trendline for any kind of sustained pb
(12:45 PM) jimbo_320:
w bottom on dow 30?
(12:45 PM) Tom_B:
(12:45 PM) Buffy_04364:
we do not use mic during the day
(12:47 PM) ppusa:
is this going to be the high of this hour
(12:47 PM) oddplayer:
I really have trouble reading short into today's chart....
(12:48 PM) oddplayer:
unless I consider the longer term trend as stopper
(12:48 PM) ppusa:
but i have a hard time reading buy and hold too
(12:49 PM) ppusa:
should be aggressively scalping
(12:49 PM) oddplayer:
from here true....we'll have to bust through
(12:49 PM) oddplayer:
even drawing a intraday trendline gives scalping entries
(12:53 PM) Tom_B:
This si tough..pp, i agree i see either scalateria for a while or more drift up...unless this brks dwn I still see up so i'm lng
(12:53 PM) scorp:
1:00 hop coming
(12:54 PM) ppusa:
i told tippet before the market opened that at 7:30 EST there was a breakout on all sessions chart that set the tone for today. So after open i thought pullback then higher. I mentioned the 15 minute chart flag and the 50 bar ma on the 5 minute all sessions chart that nq has been using as a guide. BUT all the while i have been hedging because i've been looking for PnF reversals (like the 6 point).
(12:54 PM) ppusa:
maybe it doesn't help the room to be so wishy washy
(12:55 PM) Tom_B:
Mkt's wishy washy..
(12:55 PM) Tom_B:
Got res right hre
(12:55 PM) 9r:
short 85.00
(12:55 PM) tippet:
h&s top possible
(12:55 PM) ppusa:
maybe that's the answer Tom because i have stressed chop
(12:56 PM) ppusa:
hopefully the room understands and what i have said benefits
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
I hope my longer trm gives a contxt for your dancing in between the waves
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
I'm just not a good scalper
(12:57 PM) scorp:
i lost esigna;
(12:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
ok here
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
ok hre
(01:01 PM) Tom_B:
Buffy u getting data /
(01:02 PM) Tom_B:
it's bk
(01:02 PM) thoff:
buffy, how do I get on your email list?
(01:02 PM) tippet:
es laggnign
(01:02 PM) scylnx:
(01:02 PM) Buffy_04364:
An Instant Dating session has just started. If interested, come join one of the lobbies in the Instant Dating category now.
(01:03 PM) Tom_B:
nq 86 ?
(01:03 PM) tippet:
(01:03 PM) dave_b_quik:
(01:04 PM) Tom_B:
(01:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
that link shows it testing the tl
(01:04 PM) Tom_B:
Buffy, ur data drop in & out ?
(01:04 PM) jimbo_320:
added time, tick and volume charts to my software, anyone think of any other ?
(01:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
yes but tracert says net problem
(01:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
it freezes then bursts
(01:05 PM) Tom_B:
(01:05 PM) Tom_B:
helps the bld prssure :)
(01:05 PM) Tom_B:
still lng :)
(01:05 PM) oddplayer:
I wasn't receive HQ data most of the morning....kept looking and wondered why the targets
(01:06 PM) oddplayer:
(01:06 PM) oddplayer:
personally...I don't see how you can cover comissions trading NQ's
(01:07 PM) Tom_B:
(01:07 PM) tippet:
(01:07 PM) Tom_B:
Depends wht u define as "trading'
(01:07 PM) scorp:
wish i was long
(01:07 PM) Tom_B:
spkng of which i need to do
(01:08 PM) oddplayer:
yes....trading the big ND cost so much less if you're risking that much money
(01:09 PM) Tom_B:
hve 95-1400 as close trgt for unloading 1
(01:09 PM) Tom_B:
odd, sry, ur not making any sense to me..
(01:10 PM) tippet:
1400 38% off 2/14
(01:10 PM) Tom_B:
tnx tipp
(01:11 PM) tippet:
es no new hig and poss sell diver on nq if we pull back here
(01:11 PM) tippet:
creating larger rising wedge
(01:11 PM) Tom_B:
tiipp, ur scaring me :)
(01:12 PM) tippet:
u know im too bearish for my own good right now
(01:12 PM) tippet:
nice long entry earlier
(01:13 PM) oddplayer:
1st trade on the day is the most important...thats when you find out if you put you head on backwards or right
(01:14 PM) Tom_B:
i came in bearish but have to listen to the mkt...
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
5 days down and you were a bear?
(01:14 PM) Tom_B:
that means dwn, pp
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
(01:14 PM) Tom_B:
yep...wht makes u thnk it cudn't go dwn 6 ?
(01:15 PM) ppusa:
you came in bearish and have been buying......i came in bullish and have been selling
(01:15 PM) Tom_B:
(01:15 PM) oddplayer:
(01:15 PM) ppusa:
my 50 poiint PnF chart said no 6 days down
(01:15 PM) oddplayer:
i hate doing that
(01:15 PM) Tom_B:
I come in with a set of possibilities & whn they change, I change
(01:16 PM) ppusa:
i came in long from friday
(01:16 PM) Tom_B:
Unerstand but this is omly another correction to me..
(01:16 PM) ppusa:
hey i see a trendline on the 5 minute chart now
(01:16 PM) prakso3:
came in bearish - sold- at the wrong time - got out with $5
(01:17 PM) luciyao:
i shrot 1390
(01:17 PM) ppusa:
one thing nq hasn't had is a trendline to break
(01:17 PM) Tom_B:
wht's hrd about trying to hld these positions is knowing these retrace's wre going to happen
(01:17 PM) Buffy_04364:
this could be rO4 on 4M
(01:17 PM) Buffy_04364:
whoops 5M
(01:17 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:19 PM) ppusa:
5 minute 20 bar ma right here
(01:19 PM) ppusa:
es did not make a new high on that last push
(01:19 PM) ppusa:
hasn't broken down yet either
(01:19 PM) oddplayer:
all this noise....
(01:19 PM) Tom_B:
don't let it distract ya :)
(01:20 PM) tomsurf:
ES in a huge 4pt range
(01:20 PM) ppusa:
i am short 10 nq here on paper
(01:20 PM) Tom_B:
That'll fatten up ur bank acct :)
(01:20 PM) oddplayer:
it at an entry
(01:21 PM) ppusa:
i can paper trade....keep my mind occupied
(01:21 PM) Tom_B:
If we go sideways hre, which so far i see, then up
(01:21 PM) Tom_B:
Costs u $, ALL that paper
(01:21 PM) oddplayer:
we could play bridge online
(01:24 PM) Tom_B:
Time is wht ti'm watch ng now..Buffy hw does Pyra look ?
(01:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
think lower high
(01:26 PM) Tom_B:
DO u project a # 1399.75 ish ?
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
added to short 10 more
(01:27 PM) oddplayer:
(01:27 PM) oddplayer:
to recover...pp?
(01:27 PM) oddplayer:
buying happening
(01:27 PM) luciyao:
i stop from trade
(01:28 PM) ppusa:
i better sell 20 more
(01:28 PM) oddplayer:
so I could have this also
(01:28 PM) oddplayer:
100 soon PP
(01:28 PM) ppusa:
(01:29 PM) oddplayer:
this isn't blackjack
(01:29 PM) tippet:
upper wedge line
(01:30 PM) ppusa:
i haven't traded since this am other than selling q's
(01:31 PM) oddplayer:
if ur bullish...why sell Q's?
(01:31 PM) Tom_B:
out 1
(01:31 PM) ppusa:
let's watch and see how this plays out
(01:32 PM) scorp:
i traded and it was a major mistake
(01:32 PM) oddplayer:
see...I need a person secretary to help me obey my trading rules....by myself, I'm awful
(01:32 PM) oddplayer:
scorp....1099 was the entry
(01:33 PM) ppusa:
usually if the market doesn't pullback like i expect it means it is going to put in a top.
(01:34 PM) Tom_B:
out 1 +10
(01:34 PM) tomsurf:
just looks like a slow grind up here
(01:34 PM) oddplayer:
if I had more bucks, I'd trade heavier
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
top again?
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
coming off
(01:36 PM) oddplayer:
they are trading their numbers well
(01:36 PM) Tom_B:
out #2 +8.5 :)
(01:37 PM) FrankT:
ES may push thru here
(01:37 PM) oddplayer:
next quote
(01:38 PM) ppusa:
i've been watching es and it does look like needs to clear it's other daily highs by more
(01:38 PM) tippet:
es coming up to the 20ema daily at 4
(01:38 PM) oddplayer:
"not liquidating a losing position, even after you've acknowledged its potential is greatly diminished"
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
i am looking hard here for a short entry
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
hot that hard though
(01:40 PM) ppusa:
the 20 bar ma is slopped up on the 15 min chart
(01:40 PM) Tom_B:
I shd still be lng on 2nd unit has not hit trgt yet but there was res at 94.5ish
(01:40 PM) Tom_B:
or tsp
(01:40 PM) oddplayer:
come on 1115
(01:40 PM) ppusa:
i guess Tom because i sure haven't seen a short entry
(01:41 PM) Tom_B:
96 is head banging for this
(01:41 PM) oddplayer:
I should set my target @ 1107
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
i had my pats system ready to see 25 nq
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
(01:41 PM) Tom_B:
hve shrt trm #'s there but don't pay too much attention to them
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
gonna try
(01:42 PM) ppusa:
(01:42 PM) ppusa:
(01:43 PM) oddplayer:
did that cover comissions
(01:43 PM) ppusa:
one more high?
(01:43 PM) ppusa:
93 to 91.5
(01:43 PM) oddplayer:
20 bucks a point ...right?
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
i am not going to stay in any short here that doesn't immediately drop
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
(01:44 PM) scorp:
i simply can't trade
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
i don't recommend trading here
(01:44 PM) oddplayer:
scorp....its easy to trade every trade wrong
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
not yet
(01:45 PM) ppusa:
not until a clear cut sell signal
(01:45 PM) oddplayer:
sell signal coming @ 1115
(01:46 PM) Tom_B:
scorp...need to find your thing...not try to be what evyone else is... a lot of diff stuff bantered abt hre... what pp "does" I absolutely can't do..& I've tried...just not my thing
(01:46 PM) ppusa:
my PnF doesn't say sell it says look for a sell
(01:47 PM) Tom_B:
Ex...I can't shrt this mkt..others can comforably do that for a quik scalp...for me there's no % in it...took me a long time to figure it out
(01:47 PM) oddplayer:
so easy to trade every trade wrong when you are learning
(01:48 PM) oddplayer:
(01:48 PM) ppusa:
yea and i can't enter long here
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
i have tried

(01:50 PM) Tom_B:
I thnk scalpng is the most demanding part of this..wish i cud do it ... so scorp...I sugg a Best Simulation acct...save ur $ if u don't hve a process that wrks than focus on defining a "simple" process than consetrate on flawless execution... just my 2cts :)
(01:51 PM) tippet:
144t says short shot here... rusubg wedge 3rd hump??
(01:51 PM) oddplayer:
I not calling any longs now....don't know what will happen
(01:51 PM) ppusa:
i am not trying to scalp here
(01:51 PM) ppusa:
i am trying to get a short off that willl trend
(01:51 PM) tippet:
actually not until trednline breaks 63.5
(01:51 PM) tippet:
holding though
(01:52 PM) Tom_B:
I let pp lead the charge, a pioneer...then i sell a retr or just wait for the dip & buy it :)
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
and although i like to do that i forget
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
i should follow Tom's lead
(01:52 PM) scorp:
ii'm thinking finding a job right now might be the more prudent thing to do
(01:53 PM) ppusa:
i always forget there will be another entry
(01:53 PM) Tom_B:
u shld tlk to me...:) I go to one aftr trdng :)
(01:53 PM) ppusa:
i don't hasve to pick the exact hgihg or low
(01:53 PM) oddplayer:
internals not strong enough....anything can happen
(01:54 PM) oddplayer:
I'm expecting selling
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
if nq stops at 1403 which is my fib number i am going to scream
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
Still got trgt, 4 now at 99.75
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
what is your target?
(01:55 PM) Tom_B:
actually poss tomorrow at 1427 :)
(01:56 PM) tippet:
at the apex of wedge here on 144t
(01:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
wedges all over the place today
(01:57 PM) tippet:
(01:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
lots of ib 5M
(01:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
and others
(01:57 PM) Tom_B:
Scorp...u & I shld tlk SOON, OK ?
(01:57 PM) Tom_B:
All chnls r up... :0
(01:58 PM) oddplayer:
I was to short @ 1103
(01:59 PM) oddplayer:
place trade just as PATS goes down
(02:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
data freezing agan
(02:00 PM) ppusa:
(02:00 PM) ppusa:
did you say you have a target?
(02:01 PM) tippet:
1400 38% off the 21st then 200ema15 at04
(02:01 PM) Tom_B:
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
short at 95
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
crummy entry
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
heading for an exit
(02:03 PM) oddplayer:
I beat the drum for long all day...now I'm Short,,,we'll see
(02:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
it is fighting this tos
(02:09 PM) ppusa:
(02:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
getting tired of sitting on hands but don't want to force anything that isn't there
(02:10 PM) tippet:
if we make it thru the 200ema15 there is a major trendline right above at 8ish
(02:11 PM) oddplayer:
maybe I should scalp the little noise
(02:11 PM) oddplayer:
but still short
(02:11 PM) ppusa:
again this looks like a completed pattern so should get at least a miimal correction
(02:12 PM) oddplayer:
hoping for 1099
(02:12 PM) ppusa:
about to get an outside bar on the 15 min chart too
(02:14 PM) tippet:
es hit the 20ema daily
(02:15 PM) ppusa:
i still don't see a clean clear cut sell
(02:16 PM) ppusa:
every pullback has been met with a rising trendline and an oversold stochastic
(02:17 PM) Tom_B:
(02:17 PM) tippet:
the 200ema15 now3ish
(02:17 PM) tippet:
2 humps on 3min
(02:18 PM) oddplayer:
out -1
(02:18 PM) tomsurf:
another new high
(02:18 PM) tomsurf:
nothing but HH's and HL's on 3min chart so far today
(02:20 PM) Tom_B:
(02:20 PM) Tom_B:
(02:22 PM) tomsurf:
ES filled gap down opening from last week, NQ not even close
(02:22 PM) Tom_B:
tnx TOm
(02:23 PM) ppusa:
91 is this hour's low and needs to get broken if any short is going to stand a chance
(02:24 PM) Tom_B:
Need another fish
(02:25 PM) ppusa:
that's anice one
(02:25 PM) tippet:
would short here but hate the fact 20ema5 right below
(02:26 PM) tippet:
3rd hump done if we go down
(02:26 PM) dejay_8:
hello all
(02:26 PM) tomsurf:
tip- ya and no COT down yet
(02:26 PM) Tom_B:
shrt, vry agg...stp hod
(02:26 PM) tippet:
right ugly trend day up
(02:26 PM) tomsurf:
lol, ya
(02:27 PM) ppusa:
sitting on the 20 bar ma on the 5 min
(02:27 PM) Tom_B:
shrt 97
(02:27 PM) ppusa:
i do not see any air
(02:27 PM) ppusa:
flat approach
(02:27 PM) tippet:
cowboy..tick may break a trendline to down side here
(02:27 PM) tippet:
it did
(02:28 PM) ppusa:
no indication i should sell except mid term PnF which can be wrong because short term can go either way and long term says up
(02:29 PM) tippet:
still above recent ptrendline on 3 mn
(02:29 PM) Tom_B:
This shrt is more of a cliff diver trde... vry Cntr trnd, low prob... but i'm leaning agnst #'s so if i'm gonna..this is where for a few pts
(02:30 PM) Tom_B:
(02:30 PM) tomsurf:
dejay- this is a futures trading room
(02:31 PM) Buffy_04364:
ibs again all over
(02:32 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy- I don't think we have enuff IB's today, lol
(02:32 PM) tippet:
trin lower recent highs
(02:32 PM) ppusa:
actually dejay you are in the wrong room.
(02:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
LOL tom
(02:33 PM) tippet:
200ema15 comin at u live 3
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
we are just futures (as in stock market) traders.
(02:33 PM) tippet:
hit it
(02:35 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(02:36 PM) Tom_B:
1402-3 15m 200ema
(02:37 PM) Tom_B:
so tipp, anymore ?
(02:37 PM) tippet:
u short tom
(02:37 PM) tippet:
trendline up ahead off 1/09
(02:37 PM) Tom_B:
NO..tried a scalp...not my thing against a number -3 :(...fish trade
(02:38 PM) tippet:
even the 200 only gave a few pts strong uptrend this trendlne will be tellng
(02:39 PM) tomsurf:
the grind continues
(02:39 PM) Tom_B:
we cud "potentially " hit 1430ish today :)
(02:39 PM) tippet:
also the 50ma 60min is piggybacked with trednline
(02:39 PM) ppusa:
i picked 1403...........do you suppose?
(02:39 PM) Buffy_04364:
1403.87 tos
(02:40 PM) tomsurf:
1430 would be about the bottom of gap Tom...interesting.
(02:40 PM) Tom_B:
Tom, hmmm 27-36 actually
(02:40 PM) tippet:
es squeeze coming?? pushing te 20emadaily sox at the 20ema daily
(02:40 PM) tomsurf:
I'd sure ne surprized to see it
(02:41 PM) Tom_B:
looking for a place to buy, grrr
(02:42 PM) oddplayer:
someone reignite my dream of 1115
(02:42 PM) Buffy_04364:
this could be reanchor point in pyra
(02:43 PM) ppusa:
hey remeber that flag this am on the 15 minute chart??????grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
(02:43 PM) tippet:
trednline off 1/09 here +/- 2
(02:43 PM) tippet:
ya u shoudve gone long and held
(02:43 PM) Tom_B:
(02:43 PM) tippet:
good call
(02:44 PM) Tom_B:
did some recalc 25-6 lkng btr
(02:44 PM) oddplayer:
that was my plan...but when did I ever trade my plan
(02:44 PM) tippet:
60min trendline chart posted
(02:44 PM) ppusa:
i base a lot of my stuff off PnF and on a day like this I really shows it's weakness
(02:44 PM) oddplayer:
PP is that in ur software?
(02:44 PM) ppusa:
I really show my weakness
(02:45 PM) ppusa:
no it's all subjective
(02:45 PM) Tom_B:
Just going to ride this up (hope) like a baloon
(02:45 PM) ppusa:
the flag call this am was a signal
(02:45 PM) ppusa:
other than that it's been guess here, guess there
(02:45 PM) oddplayer:
I should exit, but I'll hold on for my dream
(02:45 PM) Tom_B:
getting ovr 15m 200ema is imp't
(02:46 PM) oddplayer:
(02:46 PM) tippet:
this trendline isnt going to just rollover
(02:46 PM) Tom_B:
1408 some res
(02:46 PM) Tom_B:
but bih Kahuna , (tnx pp) is 25
(02:46 PM) Buffy_04364:
hitting two day old high
(02:46 PM) ppusa:
i have a friend who buys and holds and he bot q's on Thursday. Man am i gonna hear it from him
(02:47 PM) Tom_B:
Hope he bails on them today or tomorrow..(so far)
(02:47 PM) oddplayer:
I prefer buy and hold days......but you gotta be able to call them
(02:47 PM) sb17:
ES is really not a strong...it's a chop trend
(02:48 PM) ppusa:
i had 2 good PnF signals today......an early 6 point reversal and then just recently the 6 point said another buy signal should run
(02:48 PM) ppusa:
you know the if it doesn't go down it has to go up type signal
(02:49 PM) oddplayer:
I've been trading since 94 realtime feed...you see so many charts, you know what will happen
(02:49 PM) Tom_B:
Normally i'd hve 2 units but this is in the altitude sojust 1 & 8 is res
(02:49 PM) Tom_B:
Wht's gonna happen ?
(02:49 PM) ppusa:
Tom i need a fish here
(02:49 PM) tippet:
trendline holding so far trin dropping though
(02:49 PM) Tom_B:
i've got 1 on the desk
(02:50 PM) luciyao:
i short 1406
(02:50 PM) oddplayer:
my calls were for 1115, then dropped to 1107.....went short for awhile...
(02:50 PM) oddplayer:
now I'm holding long
(02:50 PM) ppusa:
es was a good indicator today because all day it has looked like it needed to go higher
(02:50 PM) Tom_B:
If i shrt i deserve a steam roller on my bk
(02:50 PM) Tom_B:
there goes 8
(02:51 PM) oddplayer:
internals are impoving
(02:51 PM) ppusa:
i want everyone in the room to send me a fish ... all the lurkers, etc. everyone.......we'll do it later
(02:51 PM) oddplayer:
buy MRS gorgon's and use dry ice
(02:52 PM) oddplayer:
I have a beautiful spreadsheet done. figured on 3 pts ES gain aday....
(02:53 PM) Tom_B:
(02:53 PM) oddplayer:
will make a man rich that can make only 3 points a day
(02:53 PM) oddplayer:
(02:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
ditto sb
(02:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
no followthrough just slow directional grind
(02:54 PM) ppusa:
es and dow daily charts price is above the 20 day ma.........bottom in place???????
(02:54 PM) oddplayer:
come on.....time hasn't expired
(02:54 PM) tomsurf:
grinding trend day is the hardest to trade
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
Trndday are so hrd just float
(02:54 PM) tomsurf:
for me anyway
(02:55 PM) tomsurf:
at night ya look at charts and say geez all I had to do was get long, lol
(02:55 PM) ppusa:
there were several good indicators today for grinding trend day
(02:55 PM) oddplayer:
when buyers come in and sellers reverse this market could skyrocket
(02:55 PM) ppusa:
just remember today
(02:56 PM) ppusa:
the breakout at 7:30 EST and the flag right off.........remember these.......patterns repeat
(02:57 PM) ppusa:
some of you lurkers print today's chart and make notes on it
(02:57 PM) tomsurf:
pp- tuff thing is all the talk about shorting....not till later in the day does everyone get it fogured out, lol
(02:57 PM) tippet:
16. trip top 60min
(02:57 PM) oddplayer:
ok...still looking for 1115
(02:57 PM) luciyao:
i loos 4 points
(02:57 PM) ppusa:
i agree Tom so the next time.........let's all try to remember
(02:58 PM) ppusa:
that's why i deserve multiple fishes
(02:58 PM) oddplayer:
I call trend days best
(02:58 PM) ppusa:
a school
(02:58 PM) tomsurf:
lol ;-)
(02:58 PM) ppusa:
es was a clear indicator today and i kept looking at it
(02:58 PM) oddplayer:
buyers still haven't come in....so squeeze not on
(02:59 PM) Tom_B:
GIve them some time
(02:59 PM) sb17:
alright you dogs, go ahead and take it up there
(02:59 PM) FrankT:
3:00 a good time to reverse...
(02:59 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- you've done a real good job today :-)
(02:59 PM) BrainStorm:
dint realy look like a trend set up to me NR7 ..several compressed days mind you had low volatility and volume I supose
(02:59 PM) oddplayer:
tomorrow too I expect....I'll have an idea on the open
(02:59 PM) mj200:
what fired this thing
(02:59 PM) Tom_B:
tnx Tom...only needed a few fishes
(03:00 PM) oddplayer:
no stopping till 1125
(03:00 PM) tomsurf:
Frank- fading a trend day can be tuff
(03:00 PM) mj200:
unless a setup to sell before greene on tues
(03:01 PM) oddplayer:
47 on the compx....that is big
(03:02 PM) sb17:
fueled idea that economy was turning
(03:02 PM) oddplayer:
right...they asked me to help on assembly
(03:02 PM) oddplayer:
(03:02 PM) Tom_B:
trnd days r intrstng because most ind don't wrk, at least osc type, got to look at da chart
(03:04 PM) sb17:
ES retracements on 1M are sideways...which indicate power
(03:04 PM) oddplayer:
geeez...stop looking @ 1m
(03:05 PM) sb17:
welcome to the room oddplayer...most people in here look at the 1m
(03:05 PM) oddplayer:
ok...sorry I don't......but thanks
(03:05 PM) oddplayer:
I'm watching 5m right now
(03:05 PM) BrainStorm:
whish I had a way of reliably trailing a top..Id leve now if there was
(03:05 PM) Buffy_04364:
what tf do you look at
(03:05 PM) oddplayer:
4m earlier
(03:06 PM) Tom_B:
out +3
(03:06 PM) sb17:
1m Isn't the only thing we look at, of course
(03:06 PM) Buffy_04364:
reanchor in pyra
(03:06 PM) oddplayer:
I follow 2m, 5m, 13m, 1hr
(03:06 PM) oddplayer:
and daily view
(03:06 PM) Buffy_04364:
(03:07 PM) ppusa:
this is why i would rather just sit because i know as soon as i get in because i figured out what was going on, everyone else figured it out too
(03:07 PM) Tom_B:
necc pbk hre.. can't say it's ovr yet, don't know
(03:07 PM) oddplayer:
true...but if its right you must go with it
(03:07 PM) Buffy_04364:
bar 15:02 is reanchor
(03:07 PM) oddplayer:
right now....I would not enter
(03:08 PM) oddplayer:
even though I expect some gain
(03:08 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy- great- Thx
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
u welc
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
leaving shortly hope to be back about nine
(03:09 PM) tippet:
kissback to the broken trdnline so far see if it holds
(03:09 PM) oddplayer:
I do not watch a 1m chart ever
(03:09 PM) BrainStorm:
probably very wise...easy to get wiggled if you do
(03:10 PM) Tom_B:
(03:10 PM) oddplayer:
I trade...setting support and resistance, then interday support and resistances
(03:11 PM) oddplayer:
sure the 15 min looks good
(03:12 PM) Tom_B:
lng 10, 07 stp...trgt 25ish
(03:13 PM) oddplayer:
this is so quiet
(03:13 PM) oddplayer:
for this time of day
(03:13 PM) ppusa:
went through 5.5 so high should be in
(03:13 PM) oddplayer:
Buffy...I just love that name
(03:14 PM) ppusa:
cold this run to 1440 area?
(03:14 PM) oddplayer:
blow through this 1115, but curbs will be in
(03:14 PM) Tom_B:
hve 36 on the hi side
(03:14 PM) BrainStorm:
funny went half lots this am...should be double or tripple now not though
(03:15 PM) oddplayer:
I went double lot
(03:15 PM) Tom_B:
i'm 1 lots because kind of chasing
(03:15 PM) BrainStorm:
still on half <doh>
(03:15 PM) ppusa:
nq is due for a week with a higher high (didn't expect it all today) and last weeks all sessions high was 27.5????
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
this market is DUE a reversal
(03:16 PM) tippet:
2/20hod.. trip top here 60min
(03:16 PM) ppusa:
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
shorts can't get buyers scared to sell at 1075
(03:17 PM) ppusa:
yes it is due......completed 62% retracement
(03:17 PM) BrainStorm:
before it crries on down you mean ?
(03:17 PM) ppusa:
this is a big day for markets
(03:18 PM) sb17:
let's see if ES has one more retracement left in her
(03:18 PM) brach: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-24/Brach_NQ_Daily.jpg
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
curbs coming up here
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
maybe exit longs
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
but I'm holding on
(03:19 PM) tomsurf:
branch- looked earlier, some nice charts. Thanks ;-)
(03:20 PM) Tom_B:
out lng for rotation
(03:20 PM) oddplayer:
look at the sell orders
(03:20 PM) Tom_B:
(03:20 PM) BrainStorm:
flat here prolly re-enter as son as it churns again
(03:20 PM) oddplayer:
they should remove curbs on the up side
(03:20 PM) BrainStorm:
wheres limit up at ?
(03:21 PM) Tom_B:
80 ?
(03:21 PM) oddplayer:
short could really cause a run....I'm hoping big time
(03:22 PM) tomsurf:
limits are 55ES and 80NQ
(03:22 PM) oddplayer:
I'm talking about the DOW
(03:22 PM) ppusa:
no limit in last 1/2 hour
(03:23 PM) oddplayer:
only happens about twice a year
(03:25 PM) oddplayer:
NQ's are so fart down.....used to be good action on them
(03:26 PM) Tom_B:
fart ?
(03:26 PM) oddplayer:
(03:26 PM) oddplayer:
r& t together on my keyboard
(03:26 PM) oddplayer:
and I can't type
(03:27 PM) oddplayer:
or talk, or wink, or fart
(03:27 PM) BrainStorm:
thats the trouble when the market is so low moves are that much smaller
(03:28 PM) oddplayer:
come on...give me my 11115...got so close
(03:29 PM) oddplayer:
internals still too weak
(03:30 PM) brach:
so trade more contracts
(03:30 PM) oddplayer:
I'd buy if I was looking for an entry.....still long
(03:31 PM) Tom_B:
hi brac
(03:31 PM) brach:
hi, tom
(03:31 PM) Tom_B:
(03:33 PM) Tom_B:
hve 27-36 trgt hre
(03:35 PM) Tom_B:
(03:36 PM) oddplayer:
I hate this curbs on the DOW
(03:37 PM) oddplayer:
Merrill L bought big time on the close Friady
(03:38 PM) brach:
and here's why: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-24/Brach_NQ_Daily.jpg
(03:39 PM) brach:
anyone short?
(03:39 PM) oddplayer:
not me...but I'm about to get shook out
(03:39 PM) luciyao:
hello brah
(03:39 PM) luciyao:
i short 1415
BULLS arew f'in diehards
(03:40 PM) Tom_B:
looking to see retrace hre & poss buy it agn
(03:40 PM) brach:
it always look most bullish at the top
(03:42 PM) sb17:
ES..they might try one more run at it
(03:43 PM) sb17:
starting to bttom a little
(03:43 PM) Tom_B:
Not worth it... always poss tomorrow morn if not today
(03:43 PM) oddplayer:
too late you them to change their minds...IMHO
(03:44 PM) sb17:
if Dow closes at high, ES tends to close at high
(03:44 PM) oddplayer:
they buy it just to have a victory close
(03:46 PM) Tom_B:
quik lng hre
(03:46 PM) oddplayer:
see..I broke another rule...exit at curbs in on the DOW
(03:46 PM) oddplayer:
ladies can kick me in the rear
(03:48 PM) BrainStorm:
thats me done...have a good evening all
(03:49 PM) tippet:
SOX still giving back a bit TOM
(03:49 PM) Tom_B:
out -1.5 done
(03:50 PM) oddplayer:
holding on for dear life....believe in the close
(03:50 PM) Tom_B:
Hve a GREAT EVE everyone..may the trend be with u :)
(03:52 PM) ppusa:
get us some pullbacks
(03:54 PM) oddplayer:
show us fear of tomorrow
(04:00 PM) oddplayer:
cable is failing me
(04:00 PM) oddplayer:
(04:00 PM) oddplayer: