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retested it a short time later
(09:24 AM) sb17:
it held
(09:25 AM) latkinso:
It is the sample template in ensign, correct?
(09:25 AM) sb17:
this morning 1078 retested again...it held
(09:25 AM) Buffy_04364:
the one obtained through ensign internet services is
(09:25 AM) sb17:
ES globex high 1084
(09:25 AM) Buffy_04364:
let me qualify last I knew
(09:25 AM) tippet:
sb no volume on this ah nq bounce ... watching for short
(09:26 AM) BrainStorm:
morning all...time flies when messing with indicators almost late !
(09:26 AM) sb17:
have no idea what NQ is doing
(09:26 AM) sb17:
volume doesn't matter in globex
(09:27 AM) Buffy_04364:
can draw a triangle on the 133T too
(09:27 AM) tippet:
is the rumor true that Abbey is bearish now ..calling for a retest....
(09:27 AM) sb17:
ES 13 min chart 5ema < 15ema but 5 pointing up
(09:27 AM) Buffy_04364:
hadn't heard that one tippet
(09:27 AM) dave_b_quik:
g'morning traders
(09:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi dave
(09:28 AM) Tom_B:
(09:28 AM) tomsurf:
morning dave
(09:28 AM) tippet:
heard it at Don Sews chat last night...
(09:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
for all who where not here this link goes to pyra with numbers on the lines so you have it for the day if I am not at machine
(09:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:29 AM) tomsurf:
tip-, lol....was wondering if CNBC would parade her on to help prop up the market, lol
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
Trgt 30-36
(09:30 AM) ppusa:
PnF usual pattern says unlikely to gete above the current HOD until a low is in..
(09:30 AM) sb17:
and they'e off
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
res 52-55
(09:30 AM) sb17:
ES low retest expected
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
64 run
(09:34 AM) tippet:
SOX up alitle to the 20ema5
(09:35 AM) Tom_B:
hldng shrt
(09:35 AM) prakso3:
anyone of you having problems with e-signal datafeed this morning??
(09:35 AM) Buffy_04364:
none here
(09:35 AM) dave_b_quik:
yesterday i had to contact esignal and get them to turn GLOBEX back on
(09:35 AM) p_8:
nq #f is not working well, nq h2 is OK
(09:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
1330 is bos not showing on url
(09:36 AM) ppusa:
es bounce
(09:36 AM) tippet:
SOX repelled by 20ema5
(09:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
esignal said a problem with it on si pp
(09:37 AM) tippet:
lil buy diver nq 5min? rsi
(09:37 AM) Tom_B:
(09:37 AM) Tom_B:
(09:38 AM) BrainStorm:
flat too +3 and +4.5
(09:38 AM) Tom_B:
I'm SOOOO slow
(09:38 AM) BrainStorm:
I have very little faith in these java platforms..compared to the equity ones like realtick and cyber
(09:39 AM) BrainStorm:
funnily enough I get better fills when its wild
(09:40 AM) Tom_B:
res rt hre
(09:40 AM) ppusa:
PnF is nicely oversold...looking for some indication it's safe to buy?
(09:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
none here pp
(09:40 AM) ppusa:
SP bouncing nicely
(09:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
maybe if goes through tos
(09:41 AM) ppusa:
probably just retracement
(09:41 AM) Tom_B:
Getting fish ready
(09:41 AM) ppusa:
i think the HOD is in so i don't know about PnF
(09:42 AM) ppusa:
so i have to be wrong about one or the other
(09:43 AM) Tom_B:
I shd write a book, "Anatomy of A Trade, Gone Bad"
(09:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
ggood title tom
(09:43 AM) Tom_B:
(09:44 AM) ppusa:
went long and out
(09:44 AM) ppusa:
looks good
(09:45 AM) ppusa:
i would like to see the market trade in a range for several months
(09:45 AM) ppusa:
this could explain what may happen next
(09:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
as long as big enough range pp
(09:46 AM) ppusa:
1350 to 1550 area
(09:47 AM) ppusa:
anyway for today if all the PnF are going to reverse the low should be in
(09:47 AM) scorp:
exactly buffy
(09:47 AM) tippet:
50% lleg
(09:47 AM) scorp:
range is good as long as its a big fat range
(09:49 AM) tippet:
(09:49 AM) scorp:
i got long 1344, took +1.5 on the trade; oy
(09:49 AM) tippet:
also 79% lleg
(09:49 AM) tomsurf:
1358 NQ globex high ES was 1084
(09:51 AM) ppusa:
if nq gets above 64 i think that would be very positive
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
or it could be the head on a 4m pp
(09:52 AM) ppusa:
64 is low from a few days ago
(09:52 AM) tomsurf:
Daily pivot is 1086.5 ES and 1366 NQ
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
tks tom
(09:53 AM) paul_441:
does anyone have a recommendation to a broker offering the Best Online trading platform?
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
that is what I use
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
more than ib but answer the phone
(09:54 AM) paul_441:
what is their commission?
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:55 AM) paul_441:
any one i should contact?
(09:57 AM) oddplayer:
I use J-Trader, works good...thats the platform thru an IB $8
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
well so far market hasn't got above 64
(09:58 AM) paul_441:
With ib...is there more than one platform or is it just J-Trader?
(09:58 AM) tippet:
invert h on nq poss rt shoulder forming now
(09:58 AM) tomsurf:
tip- lol, was just seeing same
(09:59 AM) sb17:
ES almost reached globex high
(09:59 AM) tomsurf:
inverted H&S on ES too
(09:59 AM) tippet:
i m pres short and making up for earlier bad short but we'll see
(09:59 AM) tomsurf:
possible forming that is
(09:59 AM) oddplayer:
bounced off resistance of late yesterday retrace
(10:00 AM) oddplayer:
probably let it sell down for long entry
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(10:01 AM) tomsurf:
if inverted H&S plays out??? then 1380 target
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
my feeling is if this doesn't make a new high it will be down all day
(10:01 AM) oddplayer:
cannontrading has a number of different platforms you can use
(10:02 AM) tippet:
neckline repel
(10:03 AM) BrainStorm:
not sure wether to play for chop or a morning trend
(10:04 AM) tippet:
SOX at prev afternoon resis
(10:04 AM) oddplayer:
I am not looking for a trend.....
(10:04 AM) tippet:
still stalking inv h&s
(10:04 AM) oddplayer:
hoping for a trading range to set up
(10:04 AM) Buffy_04364:
umbrella on 1m
(10:04 AM) p_8:
WR7 yesterday, so we may have a choppy range day today
(10:04 AM) oddplayer:
1076-1083 is my hope, and I'll work the long side
(10:05 AM) Buffy_04364:
not as reliable as on larger tf
(10:05 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:05 AM) oddplayer:
unless the bottom collapses of course
(10:05 AM) ppusa:
gonna take it down...maybe late day turn arond
(10:06 AM) oddplayer:
got a target?
(10:06 AM) Buffy_04364:
conflickting signals
(10:06 AM) ppusa:
not here
(10:06 AM) ppusa:
wherever the low is
(10:06 AM) ppusa:
(10:06 AM) oddplayer:
this support is critical
(10:07 AM) tomsurf:
TomB...have to be on buddy list to repley ;-)
(10:08 AM) Tom_B:
(10:08 AM) Tom_B:
(10:08 AM) oddplayer:
come on, give me a 1077 as entry
(10:09 AM) latkinso:
How do you highlight on this chat?
(10:09 AM) Buffy_04364:
no idea
(10:09 AM) latkinso:
me either, lol
(10:10 AM) oddplayer:
whats the question?
(10:10 AM) latkinso:
how do you highlight a persons incoming comments?
(10:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
rally for right shoulder? on 4M
(10:12 AM) Tom_B:
This is the retrace that refreshens
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
(10:14 AM) ppusa:
es at HOD
(10:14 AM) paul_441:
pp....i agree
(10:15 AM) Tom_B:
aggress lng
(10:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
50ema holding
(10:16 AM) tippet:
es lil stronger
(10:16 AM) tippet:
smax buy?
(10:17 AM) Tom_B:
if we get ovr 64, 71 trgt ttmar, CT TRde
(10:17 AM) ppusa:
(10:17 AM) tippet:
long term chimp ema flatttttt chop area
(10:18 AM) ppusa:
es came off new high rather quickly
(10:19 AM) Tom_B:
2.5 risk...definitely an agg CTrnd trde
(10:19 AM) oddplayer:
yeah, they're not suppsed to go up there...they have a job to keep
(10:19 AM) Tom_B:
(10:20 AM) tippet:
poss bear flag 15min..right below trndline
(10:20 AM) Tom_B:
tnx tipp
(10:22 AM) Tom_B:
(10:22 AM) tippet:
(10:22 AM) Tom_B:
missed me stp by .5, so far
(10:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
coming to neckline
(10:23 AM) oddplayer:
a pearl necknace
(10:23 AM) Buffy_04364:
now what
(10:23 AM) BrainStorm:
pulled mine out tom and got wiggled out :(
(10:23 AM) Buffy_04364:
test of high of day
(10:23 AM) BrainStorm:
pulled up rather
(10:24 AM) ppusa:
the hour chart looks like nq could get an up hour next hour but might just then be a flag setup
(10:24 AM) oddplayer:
maybe lunchbunch will buy it up big
(10:25 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:25 AM) oddplayer:
gotta walk my pup, brb
(10:26 AM) Tom_B:
stp B/E
(10:26 AM) Tom_B:
(10:27 AM) jimbo_320:
good morning all
(10:27 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi jimbo
(10:27 AM) Tom_B:
hi Jim
(10:27 AM) BrainStorm:
hey jimbo
(10:28 AM) Tom_B:
(10:28 AM) oddplayer:
flat 0 trades
(10:30 AM) ppusa:
possibly a new high coming up based on hour chart
(10:30 AM) ppusa:
i went short but flat
(10:31 AM) ppusa:
keep tight stops on shorts
(10:31 AM) BrainStorm:
good call Tom
(10:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
M top on 1M
(10:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
they are pp
(10:32 AM) paul_441:
edge of triangle now
(10:32 AM) Tom_B:
must watch 4 bot of tri, ttmar /
(10:32 AM) Buffy_04364:
already below TL I posted
(10:32 AM) ppusa:
my feeling is if it goes down from here it will come back or if it goes up first will be down later
(10:33 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:33 AM) Buffy_04364:
what tf tom
(10:34 AM) tippet:
tri brk
(10:34 AM) ppusa:
es still holding an upchannel
(10:35 AM) Tom_B:
out +5.5
(10:35 AM) Tom_B:
(10:35 AM) ppusa:
choppy and could stay like this
(10:35 AM) Tom_B:
If 1 had 2lot wud cash 1 hre & B/E second
(10:36 AM) BrainStorm:
good play Tom what are you using for entries ?
(10:36 AM) ppusa:
Buffy you said inside day maybe and what i am sayiing is somewhat similar.........lots of sideways
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
tagging TL
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
true pp
(10:36 AM) Tom_B:
I shd still be shrt but am afraid of triangle
(10:36 AM) tippet:
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
same one tippet?
(10:37 AM) Tom_B:
(10:37 AM) tippet:
watching spx if it gives up we should get weaknesss
(10:38 AM) tippet:
yes buffy
(10:38 AM) tippet:
es breaks trdnlin
(10:38 AM) Tom_B:
shrt 48, dah, stp b/e
(10:39 AM) jimbo_320:
chart of 1083.75 short
(10:39 AM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/autotrader1.gif
(10:39 AM) ppusa:
several things i am looking at suggest lots of sideways......big butterfly
(10:40 AM) tippet:
time frame?
(10:40 AM) ppusa:
1 min
(10:40 AM) jimbo_320:
thats what a love a screen of RED .. yeeha
(10:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
bline below 20 on everything inc 133T not 3m though
(10:40 AM) Tom_B:
Hve trgt 32-7
(10:41 AM) Buffy_04364:
1330.83 is bos
(10:41 AM) Buffy_04364:
1338 bos tagging it now
(10:41 AM) Tom_B:
thn agn, might put it on auto pilot & trail :) ?
(10:41 AM) ppusa:
6 point looking for a bounce
(10:41 AM) jimbo_320:
covered 1
(10:42 AM) tippet:
some little kid trying to pullbutterflies right wing off
(10:42 AM) oddplayer:
I'm short
(10:42 AM) jimbo_320:
9800 first dow target
(10:42 AM) Tom_B:
(10:42 AM) ppusa:
that's a first for Tom
(10:43 AM) tomsurf:
nice TomB
(10:43 AM) Tom_B:
Kiss my petunia :)
(10:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
bear flag?
(10:43 AM) ppusa:
when did you start buying low?
(10:43 AM) BrainStorm:
3rd spot on today by my rekoning
(10:43 AM) Tom_B:
+ 11.5
(10:43 AM) ppusa:
(10:44 AM) Tom_B:
Hit my trgt frm yest...must see now...running out of trgts :)
(10:44 AM) ppusa:
lotta down hours on hour chart
(10:44 AM) tomsurf:
1327 is S1
(10:45 AM) ppusa:
not looking for a turn around but i wonder how that will get resolved
(10:45 AM) Tom_B:
Tom my #'s are projected a little diff bt close 1322-23
(10:45 AM) tomsurf:
ES holding critical level so far
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
you know everyone will short all the way up to a new high...maybe this was needed to change the psychology
(10:46 AM) Tom_B:
a "bottom picker" likee pp is prob thinkng this is "the"spot :)
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
yea i am thinking a little more down
(10:46 AM) tomsurf:
TomB- yes...just put it out there to see if diff. numbers are in similar area ;-)
(10:46 AM) S and P:
careful possible big down side breakout here !!
(10:46 AM) S and P:
later guys
(10:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
trading like a flag
(10:47 AM) tomsurf:
S and P...hang for awhile
(10:47 AM) BrainStorm:
first fib at 1328
(10:47 AM) Tom_B:
Maybe the autopilot trail stp wud be a good idea :( darn 1 lots
(10:47 AM) jimbo_320:
sp new lows
(10:48 AM) Tom_B:
32 low side of range..
(10:48 AM) jimbo_320:
big vol on sell side
(10:48 AM) tomsurf:
sox- new LOD
(10:49 AM) jimbo_320:
coming up on the 500 tom
(10:49 AM) Buffy_04364:
tagged bos
(10:49 AM) oddplayer:
if it goes....it blows
(10:49 AM) Buffy_04364:
1323.54 next bos
(10:50 AM) Buffy_04364:
1327.19 diag x
(10:50 AM) ppusa:
about to go long
(10:50 AM) Tom_B:
not taken, stirred
(10:51 AM) Tom_B:
let the cowboys cash in
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
PnF looks great here for long but i am tired this am
(10:52 AM) ppusa:
trend to steep down right now
(10:52 AM) ppusa:
but i am looking
(10:52 AM) Tom_B:
pp imvho...besides hi risk...if this retrace hlds hre little pop
(10:53 AM) ppusa:
yes but i am also wondering if this will turn around based on what i see
(10:53 AM) oddplayer:
it responded 2 days ago
(10:53 AM) Tom_B:
or btr...nvr can tell with btm pickng, at least i can't
(10:53 AM) oddplayer:
wouldn't bet on today
(10:54 AM) ppusa:
for example an up hour in here would mean a new high so it's either not gonna happen or the market will turn
(10:54 AM) tomsurf:
always find it interesting that on what could be a big day, at least important that LBR is doesn't have an SP chart up, lol
(10:54 AM) Tom_B:
contrary ind ?
(10:55 AM) tomsurf:
(10:55 AM) Tom_B:
32 area was my trgt...who knows if it's worth the ...its written on
(10:56 AM) ppusa:
i try to come up with a scenario that will make all the charts happy
(10:56 AM) ppusa:
hour chart could be 3 pushes
(10:56 AM) tomsurf:
this last push down looks like 2push on the 15min chart
(10:56 AM) Tom_B:
Thnkng a set up coming for a reas retr ..scalp
(10:57 AM) ppusa:
i am gonna take a quick nap and see if this rounds and holds
(10:57 AM) jimbo_320:
coming up on dow 20ema
(10:57 AM) oddplayer:
sellers took down tuesday at lunch before the rally off lows
(10:58 AM) oddplayer:
or was it wednesday
(10:58 AM) sb17:
BLine is great...i'm slow..at the moment...but i'll get faster
(10:58 AM) jimbo_320:
30s holding trendline
(10:58 AM) Tom_B:
sb, join da club, i'm always chasing da train
(10:59 AM) scorp:
i just called IB, they are so unfriendly
(10:59 AM) ppusa:
so far i think this is only retracement but keep my other thoughts in mind
(10:59 AM) sb17:
new system always takes me a little time
(10:59 AM) tomsurf:
heck, I feel like the cabose sometimes
(10:59 AM) jimbo_320:
+green vol
(10:59 AM) Tom_B:
sb glad u hve an xcuse...i hvn't figured a good one out yet :)
(11:00 AM) sb17:
got in TOO early at the open...lost a little...needed to wait for BLine to show its hand
(11:00 AM) lionsss:
what tf sb?
(11:00 AM) tomsurf:
TomB, lol
(11:00 AM) Buffy_04364:
tagging 50 3ma on 133T
(11:00 AM) scorp:
sb, Bline with ES? what timeframes?
(11:00 AM) Tom_B:
Coming to quick shrt scalp area, ttmar
(11:00 AM) jimbo_320:
dow 20ema5
(11:01 AM) sb17:
need a retest here
(11:01 AM) scorp:
from what i have seen, Bline is not as clear with ES as it is with NQ
(11:01 AM) jimbo_320:
vol surge
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(11:01 AM) sb17:
Bline very clear with ES today
(11:02 AM) scorp:
yeah, ES 1M Bline does look good
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
testing this tl now - price above it and pulled back
(11:03 AM) sb17:
on ES I'm writing down my own little rules that aren't in the Buffy instructions
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:03 AM) sb17:
Such as how to separate a great trade from a good one
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
maybe you can share what you have come up with for es
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
sounds good
(11:04 AM) tomsurf:
sb- all righty ;-)
(11:04 AM) jimbo_320:
end of retrace ? http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/autotrader3.gif
(11:04 AM) tippet:
hit 50%
(11:05 AM) Tom_B:
lng 41.5
(11:05 AM) sb17:
just got one
(11:06 AM) sb17:
(11:06 AM) sb17:
love the bline...and stop entry
(11:07 AM) tippet:
20ema5 on bothe nq and es
(11:08 AM) Tom_B:
(11:08 AM) Tom_B:
(11:09 AM) Tom_B:
i'm chicken but it hld 37 on retr which was top of band so i went lng...just vry SLOW thought 47 reas trgt..
(11:11 AM) Tom_B:
anybody counting hmps on 1m i see 2nd hmp on that hih
(11:11 AM) jimbo_320:
volume dry up
(11:11 AM) Buffy_04364:
it is there
(11:12 AM) Tom_B:
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
depends on what you count also
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
tl is broken
(11:13 AM) Buffy_04364:
plus RO4 and wedge on 55T
(11:13 AM) sb17:
I'm using the note feature on Ensign for the first time today...want to keep track of ideas
(11:14 AM) Tom_B:
tnx Buff..so much to watch :)
(11:14 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:14 AM) jimbo_320:
mom leaving chop time?
(11:14 AM) Buffy_04364:
that isn't a 133T it is a 55T
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(11:15 AM) Buffy_04364:
that is why we are a team tom :-)
(11:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
lower high
(11:16 AM) jimbo_320:
(11:16 AM) Tom_B:
Maybe da scalpers will come out of da wdwrk now & shw & tell :)
(11:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
not easy in here
(11:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
conflicting signals again
(11:17 AM) Tom_B:
(11:18 AM) Tom_B:
I thnk bot might be in for NOW but might just chop
(11:19 AM) Buffy_04364:
test of last swing high
(11:20 AM) tippet:
trying to post chart of huge falling wedge on nq#f todays high is under the lower wedge line ... (hod in place?)
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
hmmm first one had # in it so won't work
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
waiting to see if second try works
(11:21 AM) tippet:
second one?
(11:21 AM) paul_441:
Buffy..do you have a contact at pfg that i could call?
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
yes nqf falling
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
instead of nq#f falling
(11:22 AM) tippet:
62% 49
(11:22 AM) tippet:
20ema5 and200ema1 here
(11:23 AM) ppusa:
i am back
(11:23 AM) ppusa:
autographs anyone?
(11:23 AM) tippet:
RO 4 on 5min off 13:25 yest
(11:24 AM) scorp:
(11:24 AM) tippet:
anyone else see it
(11:24 AM) dave_b_quik:
i fixed it, tippet
(11:24 AM) ppusa:
i noticed Mr. Petunia went long........didn't like the bottom so had to try it here
(11:24 AM) tippet:
thanks dave what did i do wrong
(11:25 AM) Tom_B:
(11:25 AM) dave_b_quik:
the # sign
(11:25 AM) dave_b_quik:
the 2nd one was just a name with no chart, so i deleted that and changed the name on the one that worked
(11:25 AM) ppusa:
lots of retracement i think this is setting up for an hour with a higher high
(11:26 AM) tippet:
(11:26 AM) tippet:
have the rule of 4 plus buy diver on 5min nq ?
(11:27 AM) ppusa:
i like long
(11:27 AM) ppusa:
i liked it better lower but the hour chart
(11:28 AM) Tom_B:
out -4...first Bad trde of da day
(11:28 AM) tippet:
chart posted on RO4
(11:29 AM) Tom_B:
thnk i jumped at top of retr
(11:29 AM) ppusa:
lower high there
(11:29 AM) ppusa:
(11:29 AM) tippet:
RO4 vs humps up?
(11:29 AM) ppusa:
watching SP
(11:30 AM) ppusa:
about to break to up????
(11:30 AM) ppusa:
new high sp
(11:30 AM) ppusa:
not daily high but breaking out of this lower congestion
(11:30 AM) tippet:
1st crack trndlne RO4
(11:30 AM) tippet:
es 40ema5
(11:30 AM) p_8:
(11:31 AM) ppusa:
either this is the end of the up or
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(11:31 AM) tippet:
15 min bear flag on the line here
(11:31 AM) ppusa:
new hour just started
(11:32 AM) ppusa:
52.5 is previous hour high
(11:32 AM) tippet:
path of least resis is??? would have to bet down if i were betting
(11:34 AM) scorp:
we are near the mas
(11:34 AM) Buffy_04364:
ib 4m
(11:34 AM) Tom_B:
shrt 45
(11:35 AM) scorp:
this is too messy to be playing with; but i am short too
(11:35 AM) Tom_B:
(11:35 AM) tippet:
threw my hat in as well
(11:36 AM) tippet:
damn 144t still holding ever so
(11:37 AM) p_8:
chop zone?
(11:37 AM) scorp:
buffy, you here?
(11:37 AM) Buffy_04364:
right on the 50 ema
(11:37 AM) Buffy_04364:
and trapped
(11:37 AM) scorp:
(11:37 AM) ppusa:
i am looking for a long still from somewhere
(11:37 AM) scorp:
is this a no trade area? in your opinion?
(11:37 AM) tippet:
(11:37 AM) ppusa:
yikes es jumping again
(11:37 AM) Tom_B:
(11:37 AM) tippet:
(11:38 AM) scorp:
exactly, careful
(11:38 AM) Buffy_04364:
range is big enough but need to be real careful
(11:38 AM) scorp:
i got lucky there
(11:38 AM) ppusa:
nq is quite below 20 bar ma
(11:38 AM) ppusa:
means oversold still
(11:38 AM) scorp:
is that 1M, pp?
(11:38 AM) oddplayer:
long the 5m 20ma
(11:38 AM) tippet:
on 15? but now over 20 and RO4
(11:38 AM) ppusa:
(11:38 AM) ppusa:
(11:39 AM) ppusa:
i am not ready to buy but
(11:39 AM) tomsurf:
odd- that ES?
(11:39 AM) oddplayer:
(11:39 AM) tomsurf:
looks good
(11:40 AM) ppusa:
i am not going to say anymore about long.....said enough. watching
(11:41 AM) Tom_B:
(11:42 AM) scorp:
still, LS
(11:42 AM) scorp:
on 2M NQ chart, is that a triple divergence?
(11:42 AM) eblaster:
hey, is this a free group?
(11:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
don't have 2m up
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:43 AM) eblaster:
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
we only type during the day
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:43 AM) eblaster:
(11:43 AM) scorp:
(11:44 AM) scorp:
thats the chart for 2M
(11:44 AM) sb17:
ES very nice up trend line...just waiting to be broken
(11:44 AM) Tom_B:
Stp B/e
(11:44 AM) Tom_B:
(11:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
sure looks it scorp
(11:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
nice charts tippet
(11:45 AM) Tom_B:
(11:46 AM) eblaster:
everyone in here trade eminis?
(11:46 AM) dave_b_quik:
(11:46 AM) eblaster:
(11:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
we all do both the nq and es
(11:46 AM) sb17:
missed that divergence ES 1-min
(11:46 AM) tippet:
still hshort damn it die
(11:46 AM) sb17:
need one more little bounce
(11:46 AM) eblaster:
also, divergence on 15 min
(11:47 AM) Tom_B:
esig data ?
(11:47 AM) sb17:
i'm on esig
(11:47 AM) scorp:
(11:47 AM) Tom_B:
it belched
(11:48 AM) eblaster:
usually will not retrace more than 5/8 from peak if valid, confirmation is a break of 82.5
(11:48 AM) scorp:
now this is pod racing!
(11:48 AM) tippet:
(11:49 AM) sb17:
come on...need another bar or two 1-min on ES
(11:49 AM) Tom_B:
Scalptro...not my thing :(
(11:49 AM) scorp:
sb, you looking for a bline bounce?
(11:50 AM) sb17:
yep...short the bounce
(11:50 AM) sb17:
on 1-min
(11:50 AM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/autotrader5.gif
(11:50 AM) sb17:
oh yes...this might be very good
(11:50 AM) scorp:
noon bunny hop, coming up
(11:50 AM) eblaster:
so, i take it everyone uses his/her own methodology
(11:50 AM) Buffy_04364:
nice jimbo
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364:
yes and contributes observations to the room
(11:51 AM) eblaster:
no, "monitor" giving siganls?
(11:51 AM) eblaster:
(11:51 AM) tippet:
es above the 20ema5
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364:
most hang around to answer ?s after market closes
(11:51 AM) scorp:
we are learning to trade together
(11:51 AM) eblaster:
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364:
the motto of the room is to teach you to fish :-)
(11:51 AM) scorp:
so we can rely on our own "calls"
(11:52 AM) ppusa:
i wanna catch a whopper
(11:52 AM) eblaster:
(11:52 AM) eblaster:
just found out about paltalk
(11:52 AM) scorp:
i just don't want to be like "The Old Man and the Sea"
(11:52 AM) sb17:
there it is...79.50
(11:52 AM) sb17:
a little tentative
(11:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
in triangle on 1M
(11:53 AM) scorp:
1M ES had an umbrella; nice signal
(11:53 AM) eblaster:
actually run a subscrption site, and thinking of adding voice chat to it
(11:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
:-) scorp
(11:53 AM) Tom_B:
42 supp
(11:53 AM) sb17:
looking to exit
(11:54 AM) Tom_B:
then 37
(11:54 AM) jimbo_320:
head and shoulders on es 30second
(11:54 AM) ppusa:
nice spike on es helped determine the actual time to go short
(11:54 AM) sb17:
(11:54 AM) eblaster:
don't want to offend anyone ;), or take you out of game
(11:54 AM) sb17:
didn't like that hesitation
(11:55 AM) sb17:
now watch, it will head south
(11:55 AM) Tom_B:
sb, nice ttmar
(11:55 AM) Tom_B:
got supp hre
(11:55 AM) dave_b_quik:
which site, blaster?
(11:57 AM) eblaster: www.eminidaytrading.com
(11:57 AM) scorp:
sb, smart exit
(11:57 AM) Tom_B:
messed that trade up 4 6pts...stp TOO CLOSE, grrr
(11:57 AM) ppusa:
good trades there on entry too
(11:57 AM) dave_b_quik:
since you made me ask for it, it's not spam LOL
(11:57 AM) eblaster:
(11:58 AM) jimbo_320:
big bear flag on 30min dow with apex at 9900
(11:58 AM) Tom_B:
getting da fish
(11:59 AM) Buffy_04364:
bouncing off bos
(11:59 AM) ppusa:
scorp what are the settings you are using in the stochastics window on the chart you posted?
(11:59 AM) jimbo_320:
looking short
(11:59 AM) sb17:
ES if short,,here's the place
(12:00 PM) sb17:
i'm not taking it...price action too slow
(12:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
looks like bline pp
(12:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
bos didn't hold
(12:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:01 PM) jimbo_320:
red is the colour lol
(12:02 PM) tippet:
need to start a fish farm ...C R A P
(12:02 PM) Tom_B:
(12:03 PM) tippet:
(12:03 PM) tomsurf:
tip- ooh, being slapped w/a carp would be bad ;-)
(12:03 PM) p_8:
(12:03 PM) sb17:
ES...anybody in on that short call?
(12:03 PM) tippet:
144t hump trndline brk posted
(12:04 PM) tomsurf:
SOX test of low
(12:04 PM) sb17:
guess i should have kept my original short at 79.50
(12:04 PM) Tom_B:
I fell off da NQ train
(12:04 PM) ppusa:
higher low?
(12:04 PM) tippet:
79% l leg
(12:05 PM) ppusa:
(12:05 PM) Tom_B:
THIS is the test imvho
(12:05 PM) Tom_B:
(12:05 PM) tomsurf:
humm....HL ES and NQ??
(12:05 PM) ppusa:
still eaarly they may get the low by a little but i am looking
(12:06 PM) Tom_B:
DEath wish 2002
(12:07 PM) Tom_B:
I don't recommend this trde
(12:07 PM) Tom_B:
just fyi
(12:08 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy- are those Citizens envelopes on the 1min chart you posted earlier?
(12:08 PM) jimbo_320:
50% of down channel right here
(12:09 PM) jimbo_320:
76 break yields 70 ?
(12:09 PM) tippet:
1700 naz gonna brk
(12:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
yes they count waves well
(12:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
that is about all I get out of them
(12:11 PM) tomsurf:
look very interesting...heck and colorful if nothing else ;-)
(12:11 PM) p_8:
compq lod
(12:11 PM) FrankT:
ES trying not to break low
(12:12 PM) Buffy_04364:
2.34 trinq
(12:12 PM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/autotrader6.gif
(12:13 PM) tomsurf:
SOX- new LOD
(12:14 PM) tippet:
watch 500 sox
(12:14 PM) tomsurf:
tip- you see that as the edge of the cliff?
(12:15 PM) sb17:
turning up here
(12:15 PM) sb17:
(12:15 PM) tippet:
should bounce first touch then well see
(12:15 PM) scorp:
es has to prove to me it really wants up
(12:15 PM) Tom_B:
My theory, if it's gonna be any good, don't know yet :) buy it at the edge of the canyon
(12:15 PM) sb17:
(12:16 PM) jimbo_320:
if dow breaks 9830 we have a measured move to 9700 dow
(12:17 PM) tippet:
naz is too close to 62% retrace and gaps think if were gonna get buying it will be because some technical buy progr is hit off a tech signal anything else seems like nervous shorts covering
(12:17 PM) sb17:
ES 3 pts off bottom at this point
(12:17 PM) sb17:
that's pretty strong considering the trading range of today
(12:17 PM) jimbo_320:
found some support at 67% of days es down-channel
(12:17 PM) Tom_B:
(12:18 PM) sb17:
looking for Bline retracement for long
(12:18 PM) sb17:
on 1m
(12:18 PM) oddplayer:
volley the market till the close
(12:18 PM) scorp:
thats what i am waiting for on es
(12:19 PM) sb17:
ok..scorp..here's one observation so far... on 1m
(12:19 PM) sb17:
....the best retracements on a long come back below 50
(12:19 PM) sb17:
or around 50
(12:19 PM) sb17:
also consider Teresa's 4-6 bar retracement rule
(12:19 PM) sb17:
let's see what happens here
(12:20 PM) sb17:
right now we're on the 1st retracement bar
(12:20 PM) sb17:
now second
(12:21 PM) sb17:
that stoch is dropping toward 50
(12:21 PM) Tom_B:
(12:21 PM) sb17:
now on 3rd retrace bar
(12:21 PM) Tom_B:
(12:21 PM) jimbo_320:
74 is import es number
(12:21 PM) jimbo_320:
(12:21 PM) sb17:
come one..want the stoch to go lower
(12:22 PM) sb17:
4th retrace bar coming up
(12:22 PM) sb17:
here is it
(12:22 PM) scorp:
sb, if it does reverse, it will be a bounce off the bline
(12:22 PM) sb17:
it's going to bounce
(12:22 PM) sb17:
watch this
(12:23 PM) sb17:
now on 5th bar
(12:23 PM) sb17:
showing strength
(12:23 PM) scorp:
very nice
(12:23 PM) sb17:
this will be good for 1-2 pts
(12:23 PM) sb17:
look at that!!!
(12:24 PM) scorp:
wheres the fish?
(12:24 PM) sb17:
you can pay me after the close
(12:24 PM) sb17:
(12:24 PM) sb17:
how's that for a guided trade?
(12:24 PM) scorp:
yeah, well, i wish i didn't papertrade it
(12:24 PM) Paxton1:
can i know anyone in this room using man financial to trade online? facing problems 2day?
(12:24 PM) Buffy_04364:
It has been reported that Osama bin Laden was captured
(12:24 PM) scorp:
nice one
(12:24 PM) scorp:
uh oh
(12:25 PM) sb17:
here we go
(12:25 PM) ppusa:
no way
(12:25 PM) p_8:
buffy, the real one? he has many look alike
(12:25 PM) ppusa:
don't blame rally on that
(12:25 PM) scorp:
buffy, where did you hear that?
(12:25 PM) sb17:
if traders believed such a story, there would be a rally
(12:25 PM) Buffy_04364:
that was a lie
(12:25 PM) Tom_B:
(12:25 PM) Buffy_04364:
someone sending using cnn format
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
already said there would be a rally. don't give credit to news
(12:27 PM) sb17:
I tell you...BLine has renewed my confidence in trading over lunchtime
(12:27 PM) Buffy_04364:
you learned it fast sb
(12:27 PM) scorp:
bline is really good once you get it down
(12:28 PM) jimbo_320:
if this is all the market can market on big laden capture watch out sept lows
(12:28 PM) tippet:
if rumor worth 5 up when denied itll be worth 20down
(12:28 PM) jimbo_320:
market can manage
(12:28 PM) sb17:
I wouldn't say that I have it down yet....but I'm loving it given the fact i lost money earlier in the week using other strategies
(12:29 PM) BrainStorm:
hands sit....last couple of trades on lousy volume
(12:29 PM) Buffy_04364:
it was a hoax using cnn format for breaking news email jimbo
(12:29 PM) sb17:
scorp,...now here's a retracement to avoid
(12:30 PM) ppusa:
knock it off or you all go on ignore
(12:30 PM) sb17:
somebody will take it of corse
(12:30 PM) sb17:
(12:30 PM) ppusa:
anyone long?
(12:31 PM) oddplayer:
(12:31 PM) BrainStorm:
worried about the overhead MA's on the 5 pp
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:31 PM) jimbo_320:
forming descending triangle with support at 74
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(12:31 PM) BrainStorm:
need not have been it seems
(12:31 PM) ppusa:
we are in a little triangle from LOD to recent swing high
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
could also be one big bear flag never know
(12:32 PM) sb17:
scorp....here's my second great truth about the BLine...
(12:32 PM) sb17:
ES...on the 3m chart...the Bline is a lagging indicator of trend...
(12:33 PM) sb17:
..better to use "bunched" crossover of Stoch lines an initial indicator of trend
(12:33 PM) sb17:
following a reversal
(12:33 PM) sb17:
also keeps one out of bad trades on the 1m
(12:33 PM) sb17:
case in point...
(12:33 PM) sb17:
the 3m stoch lines just crossed
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
3 hills on 1M
(12:34 PM) sb17:
in that case...good to stay out of long on 1m,..
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:34 PM) sb17:
even though stoch 1m went below 50
(12:34 PM) scorp:
sb, of course, that is why we look at multiple time frames with Bline
(12:34 PM) sb17:
of course BLIne on the 3m is still indicator of trend overall
(12:35 PM) sb17:
but it lags stoch lines
(12:35 PM) sb17:
now...may the force be with you...lol
(12:36 PM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/autotrader7.gif
(12:36 PM) ppusa:
(12:36 PM) Tom_B:
as much as u might like a lng...is it really worth it ?
(12:36 PM) sb17:
no long here
(12:36 PM) ppusa:
new HOD
(12:37 PM) scorp:
tom, that is exactly what i was thinking
(12:37 PM) ppusa:
50 point PnF
(12:37 PM) sb17:
one of these days, i'm going to try that upload chart feature on ensign
(12:37 PM) scorp:
reward might not be there
(12:37 PM) ppusa:
5 days down
(12:38 PM) ppusa:
might want to reconsider
(12:38 PM) ppusa:
has to be the right long from the right place
(12:38 PM) tippet:
pp u long?
(12:38 PM) scorp:
right, and i am only thinking of now
(12:38 PM) scorp:
but maybe this is the right place?
(12:38 PM) Tom_B:
When i was picking bott earlier it was not a smart trade...evn if this goes to the moon , doesn't matter, imho...for the few times ur right u more than make up for it in greater losses...btr to wait for confirm...always spots to get in along the way
(12:39 PM) ppusa:
i agree Tom which is why watching
(12:39 PM) Tom_B:
at least that's MY PERSONAL EXP, i'm sure others hre r more successful at it
(12:39 PM) ppusa:
not implying jump blind but if this starts to move it shold be ahold and add
(12:40 PM) tippet:
hmm better opp may be the short coming up at the 20ema15 IF it makes it there..and volume remains low
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
right now nq has a successful test of the low
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
i think the bigger picture is being overlooked
(12:40 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- I think succesful bottom picker may be oxymorn, lol
(12:40 PM) Tom_B:
which is ?
(12:41 PM) Tom_B:
(12:41 PM) Tom_B:
pp, wht's biggr pict ?
(12:41 PM) tippet:
u think bigger picture is "bullish"?? or just that were tech oversold and need to relieve some of this
(12:41 PM) sb17:
pp..are you leaning on your Ctrl key?
(12:41 PM) sb17:
your mic is open
(12:42 PM) scorp:
pp, your mic is open
(12:42 PM) jimbo_320:
anyone see GB win gold in curling last night ?
(12:43 PM) sb17:
thanks pp
(12:43 PM) Tom_B:
We're into res, hve dwn chnl & triangle, any takers ?
(12:43 PM) Tom_B:
(12:44 PM) jimbo_320:
s 79.25 here
(12:45 PM) tomsurf:
bbands getting tight on 5min charts ES and NQ
(12:45 PM) jimbo_320:
v. low volume though
(12:47 PM) Tom_B:
(12:47 PM) Tom_B:
(12:48 PM) jimbo_320:
might get a spike blowoff - dow not overbought enough yet
(12:51 PM) Tom_B:
apprs my stp was 1 tic too close
(12:52 PM) jimbo_320:
3 legs up on bear flag or a break upside ?
(12:53 PM) Tom_B:
Good Ques Jimbo
(12:53 PM) ppusa:
Tom for me i have found always best to wait for a lower high
(12:53 PM) Tom_B:
wht tfrme
(12:53 PM) ppusa:
1 min
(12:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
net has problems for me today
(12:53 PM) Tom_B:
got it
(12:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
data doing that stopping and then bursting stuff agan
(12:54 PM) ppusa:
i got fed up with turning chicken at the top of the last move
(12:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
anyone else?
(12:55 PM) Tom_B:
thnk same hre Buffy but then i hve computer probs
(12:55 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tom
(12:55 PM) Buffy_04364:
tracert told me net
(12:55 PM) ppusa:
(12:56 PM) sb17:
had to get lunch....
(12:56 PM) oddplayer:
have dsl or cable Buffy?
(12:56 PM) sb17:
ES...look like there was a sell diverg on 1m about 6 mins ago
(12:56 PM) Tom_B:
had not to ttmar if shrt
(12:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:56 PM) Tom_B:
(12:56 PM) sb17:
still looking weak
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
(12:57 PM) tippet:
desc triangle .. bottom of pattern looking for contin of trend....
(12:58 PM) Tom_B:
(12:58 PM) Buffy_04364:
last hourly inside bar
(12:58 PM) sb17:
anothg shorting opp on 1m es coming up if it ticks up another bar
(12:58 PM) sb17:
may not get it
(12:58 PM) sb17:
here it is
(12:59 PM) Tom_B:
Propeller on Beanie says shrt
(12:59 PM) BrainStorm:
e-mini nas spread out at a buck on ocasion there
(12:59 PM) BrainStorm:
thin market beware
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
rule of 3 15 min chart in steep decline
(12:59 PM) sb17:
hope you're short on es
(01:00 PM) tomsurf:
pp- what is rule of 3???
(01:00 PM) Tom_B:
All ind hre are NEG...right now
(01:00 PM) ppusa:
sorry rule of 4
(01:00 PM) Tom_B:
Need to bust TRngle of course
(01:00 PM) ppusa:
have 3
(01:00 PM) sb17:
forgot to mention...entry was about 77.25
(01:01 PM) Tom_B:
(01:01 PM) scorp:
globex down on IB
(01:01 PM) sb17:
78.50 was a better entry on the divergence, but the current trade may work
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(01:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks scorp
(01:01 PM) Tom_B:
(01:01 PM) tippet:
nice sb
(01:02 PM) Buffy_04364:
glad flat
(01:02 PM) BrainStorm:
covered for a scalp
(01:02 PM) p_8:
sox lod
(01:02 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks p_8
(01:03 PM) tippet:
suspect we bounce off 500 initially
(01:03 PM) sb17:
another short on ES coming
(01:03 PM) lionsss:
IB ssays globex unavailable
(01:03 PM) p_8:
stealth bear flag?
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(01:03 PM) sb17:
my feed is fine
(01:04 PM) sb17:
oh...this one is good
(01:04 PM) tomsurf:
IB says Globex trading
(01:04 PM) lionsss:
It was a message not about the feed
(01:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tom
(01:04 PM) sb17:
3rd bar of retrace
(01:04 PM) tomsurf:
lioness- thx for heads up :-)
(01:04 PM) sb17:
pretty interesting
(01:05 PM) oddplayer:
I love the way minis trade
(01:05 PM) sb17:
the story will be told here
(01:05 PM) BrainStorm:
flipped long35
(01:05 PM) sb17:
BLine going flat on 1m es
(01:05 PM) sb17:
short questionable
(01:05 PM) oddplayer:
like stop dead @ 1079.5
(01:05 PM) tomsurf:
nothing but range compression taking place imo
(01:06 PM) sb17:
no short
(01:06 PM) sb17:
3m stoch lines crossed up
(01:06 PM) BrainStorm:
out 1.5 no stomach for it
(01:06 PM) ppusa:
SP bounced to equivalent of 1340 nq
(01:08 PM) sb17:
Stoch on 3m ES is long
(01:08 PM) sb17:
could see chop in here though
(01:08 PM) Tom_B:
38 stp
(01:08 PM) tippet:
triangle getng pretty tight
(01:08 PM) BrainStorm:
moment of truth
(01:09 PM) jimbo_320:
ticks falling trin rising
(01:10 PM) Tom_B:
stp b/e
(01:10 PM) BrainStorm:
thanks jimbo
(01:10 PM) jimbo_320:
500 sox could find buyers
(01:11 PM) jman206:
question regarding the march contracts: They expire the 3rd friday of March, correct?
(01:11 PM) sb17:
long here es
(01:11 PM) sb17:
not a bad spot
(01:11 PM) tippet:
agree jimbo at least bounce initially
(01:11 PM) Tom_B:
(01:11 PM) sb17:
(01:12 PM) sb17:
price bounced after 4 bars retrace
(01:12 PM) oddplayer:
yes jman, but rollover thursday week before
(01:12 PM) sb17:
(01:12 PM) ppusa:
es at equivalent 1344 nq
(01:12 PM) tippet:
diabolical set up would be... long?
(01:12 PM) ppusa:
es took out last swing
(01:13 PM) sb17:
i just love those things
(01:13 PM) pmtrader:
buy divs all over the place
(01:13 PM) scorp:
great, IB back; oy
(01:13 PM) p_8:
tip, there was T's pop in manhole pattern there
(01:13 PM) ppusa:
tripple bottom so far
(01:14 PM) sb17:
(01:14 PM) jimbo_320:
not much volume on spike
(01:14 PM) tippet:
sox got buyers
(01:15 PM) ppusa:
high of this hour is 44.5
(01:15 PM) jimbo_320:
considering 4 point move
(01:16 PM) tippet:
RO4 ? sloppy ?
(01:17 PM) jimbo_320:
they cant afford to fail this here
(01:17 PM) Tom_B:
maybe a test
(01:17 PM) tippet:
hmm have one on the 144t that is sweet.. just hit for 4 do or die
(01:17 PM) Tom_B:
(01:18 PM) sb17:
ES 3m stoc still long
(01:18 PM) BrainStorm:
not managing stops so well this pm :\
(01:19 PM) tippet:
20ema40 44.5
(01:19 PM) Tom_B:
looks like a lng , still 50-52 res
(01:20 PM) tippet:
20ema15 48.5
(01:21 PM) Tom_B:
i'm flat... confused & dazed
(01:21 PM) ppusa:
what is confusing?
(01:22 PM) Tom_B:
can't type that much
(01:22 PM) ppusa:
the markets could run up to 1380 and still come down again monday
(01:23 PM) Tom_B:
This dwnsid eis not ovr, YET imvho
(01:23 PM) tippet:
nervous shorts covering
(01:24 PM) tippet:
need volume buyers to push this up and create squeeze so far is not there
(01:24 PM) BrainStorm:
compressing higher lows ...lower highs
(01:24 PM) alan123:
(01:24 PM) Buffy_04364:
unlesss something changes will be another ib on hourly
(01:24 PM) Tom_B:
y, Brain obsv compression..seed will pop, or shd i say pp's zitt
(01:25 PM) p_8:
it seems like this just created a bigger triangle
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
not zitt - poisin oak
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
ready to try long
(01:26 PM) oddplayer:
no real reason for them not to buy it
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
20 bar ma here
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
could be a problem
(01:27 PM) jimbo_320:
needs to take high
(01:27 PM) Tom_B:
GEttng warm
(01:28 PM) ppusa:
went in and bailed
(01:28 PM) jimbo_320:
9900 dow coming up
(01:29 PM) p_8:
hit 200ema1
(01:29 PM) ppusa:
gonna wait a bit
(01:29 PM) sb17:
ES Looking toppy
(01:29 PM) ppusa:
i think it looks very good but not good enough
(01:29 PM) Tom_B:
Me too
(01:29 PM) tippet:
hate getting caught buying brk of triangle
(01:29 PM) oddplayer:
we've seen this before
(01:29 PM) tippet:
(01:30 PM) ppusa:
50 bar ma on 5 is here and 20 bar ma on 15 and the approach is flat
(01:30 PM) Tom_B:
37 now sme NQ supp
(01:30 PM) sb17:
need another push up
(01:30 PM) p_8:
15min grail sellers may show up at 47-46, if we ever reach that high
(01:30 PM) ppusa:
i would like to see them come running at the ma's not like this
(01:30 PM) oddplayer:
can go either way....as it has all day
(01:31 PM) Buffy_04364:
divergences on this last high
(01:31 PM) dave_b_quik:
ES under big TL resistance, NQ on top of small triangle support, so... ?
(01:31 PM) ppusa:
well i made 68 cents
(01:31 PM) sb17:
ES 3m Stoch turning
(01:31 PM) Tom_B:
dbq, wish you'd tell us sometime wht u do :)
(01:31 PM) sb17:
ideall, we need another little push up for a short
(01:32 PM) oddplayer:
that was one SB
(01:32 PM) sb17:
no short yet
(01:32 PM) sb17:
i wouldn't call that an obvious divergence on 1m
(01:33 PM) ppusa:
let's go on paltalk strike until dave adds some input
(01:33 PM) sb17:
need one more try up
(01:33 PM) Tom_B:
Considering time of day, r we at the apex yet ?
(01:33 PM) Tom_B:
careful pp, he might like that :)
(01:34 PM) sb17:
come on baby...up
(01:34 PM) sb17:
a couple of more bars
(01:34 PM) Tom_B:
getting rdy
(01:34 PM) jimbo_320:
es at 50% of upchannel
(01:34 PM) BrainStorm:
NQ horrible thin again
(01:35 PM) sb17:
i hope this doesn't break and then edge lower
(01:35 PM) sb17:
come on ...bounce
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
never did like triple bottoms
(01:35 PM) jimbo_320:
bk later
(01:35 PM) Tom_B:
hldng mini supp hre
(01:35 PM) Tom_B:
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
hour chart says it is going
(01:36 PM) sb17:
ok here it comes
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
i'm gonna take another nap
(01:36 PM) BrainStorm:
safest pp ;-)
(01:36 PM) tippet:
what??? traders scalping each other
(01:37 PM) tippet:
globex trading unvail again IB
(01:37 PM) Tom_B:
(01:38 PM) ppusa:
watching horizontally
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
1 minute great cup and handle
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
saw it horizontally
(01:39 PM) Tom_B:
-4 shrt
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
has to hold the handle to be good of course
(01:40 PM) tippet:
do 3 lateral indians count
(01:40 PM) Tom_B:
Slapping self Heavily...I shd just trade with da trnd , let u pioneers catch the falling knife, DAH
right, don't get caught chasing one
(01:41 PM) Tom_B:
Scalping like drugs...the adreneline thing..like it...expensive bad habit
(01:43 PM) jimmer49:
Hi everyone
(01:43 PM) p_8:
hi Jimmer
(01:43 PM) Tom_B:
Hi Jim, welcome
(01:44 PM) jimmer49:
hope everyone has had a good week
(01:44 PM) jimmer49:
was a challenging week in many ways
(01:44 PM) Tom_B:
Vry int week..a lot of good collaboration hre
(01:44 PM) jimmer49:
good to hear
(01:45 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer :-)
(01:46 PM) jimmer49:
Hi tomsurf
(01:46 PM) FrankT:
Hi jimmer
(01:46 PM) BrainStorm:
heloo Jimmer!
(01:46 PM) tomsurf:
nice to see you jimmer...thx for dropping in
(01:46 PM) jimmer49:
smax has had some good days and some only fair days
(01:47 PM) jimmer49:
I have been thinking about that bb rule and think it needs changing
(01:47 PM) jimmer49:
anyone still working with smax?
(01:47 PM) tomsurf:
bbands still getting tighter on 5min min charts here
(01:47 PM) Tom_B:
(01:48 PM) BrainStorm:
always watching jimmer though looking for a good general rule to filter out chop
(01:48 PM) jimmer49:
bb rule has prevented some good trades lately
(01:48 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- think some are and I have a template of it.
(01:48 PM) jimmer49:
so, what I have begun to do is apply the rule by looking at a higher time frame
(01:49 PM) sb17:
3m ES stoch crossing again....up
(01:49 PM) jimmer49:
so, if trading on 2m will look at bb on 5m. if in upper 1/3 on 2m, but not on 5m then trade is allowed
(01:49 PM) jimmer49:
this would have helped a lot
(01:49 PM) jimmer49:
still working with it though
(01:49 PM) tippet:
message trading still unavail on IB globex
(01:50 PM) p_8:
they can be unavailable until we clear this dreaded triangle
(01:50 PM) jimmer49:
I'm not stricly trading smax, but keep the same screen setup and always watch it
(01:50 PM) tippet:
volume increasing over last 30min
(01:51 PM) sb17:
really big triangle....all day...ES
(01:51 PM) p_8:
y, sb and it just keeps getting bigger
(01:51 PM) jimmer49:
(01:51 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- thank you for your insights
(01:51 PM) sb17:
we're coming to the apex
(01:52 PM) tomsurf:
tip- my IB said trading OK now?
(01:52 PM) tippet:
nq no longer a triangle really just sideway consolidation
(01:53 PM) Tom_B:
Data in & out hre on Esig
(01:53 PM) tippet:
just had the message minutes ago wonder whether its not everynoe
(01:53 PM) sb17:
still long ES 3M Stoch
(01:53 PM) FrankT:
Jimmer been doing similar - I use the bb on 3m if looking at 2m cross
(01:53 PM) sb17:
BL flat on 3M
(01:53 PM) sb17:
but bias up
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
Hldng shrt but this is trash to trde
(01:54 PM) pete77_1:
ro4 coming up?
(01:55 PM) tomsurf:
ro4 looking like ro6 on my 3min chart, lol
(01:57 PM) tippet:
trin and tick in triangle as well
(01:57 PM) Tom_B:
wud xpect shrt cvrng
(01:57 PM) BrainStorm:
is $TRIN extraordinarily high or is it just me ?
(01:58 PM) Tom_B:
but ind's say shrt so i'm shrt
(01:58 PM) Tom_B:
(01:58 PM) BrainStorm:
$TRIN is a wierdy one high trin is bearish
(01:59 PM) Tom_B:
IB 15m
(01:59 PM) tippet:
trin breaking up outside of triangle now
(01:59 PM) sb17:
3m ES Stoch rolling over
(01:59 PM) tf_3:
3 inside bars on the 60m
(02:00 PM) sb17:
BLine bias down
(02:00 PM) tippet:
20ema15 going to be right on top of price in little while
(02:00 PM) sb17:
ES has tested 80.50 several times on the upside
(02:01 PM) p_8:
(02:01 PM) tippet:
SOX is in desc wedge big pattern that appears to be breaking up now
(02:01 PM) sb17:
trying again
(02:01 PM) p_8:
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
gonna hit it running this time?
(02:03 PM) sb17:
es still 80.50 R
(02:03 PM) tippet:
follow thru?
(02:03 PM) p_8:
volume is not good so far
(02:04 PM) p_8:
need more participant to sustain it
(02:04 PM) ppusa:
this was a much different approach
(02:04 PM) tippet:
sox break at next trednline looks good so far
(02:04 PM) jimmer49:
was nice buy divergence back there on nq - arou;nd 38
(02:04 PM) Tom_B:
rev 45
(02:04 PM) p_8:
(02:04 PM) ppusa:
in and out here
(02:05 PM) sb17:
dog pile
(02:05 PM) tomsurf:
after range compression comes expansion
(02:06 PM) ppusa:
cold end here?
(02:06 PM) ppusa:
(02:07 PM) Tom_B:
52 - 55 potential
(02:07 PM) sb17:
ES R 82.50
(02:07 PM) jimmer49:
I think we may have seen the bottom for a few days
(02:07 PM) jimmer49:
economic news has been mostly good and market will begin to factor it in
(02:08 PM) jimmer49:
has been ignoring while hand wringing over Enron, etc.
(02:09 PM) jimmer49:
longs threw in the towel yesterday and there is money to buy
(02:10 PM) tomsurf:
Enron- gonna change name, LOL. Hey that'll make everyone forget, ...not!
(02:10 PM) ppusa:
that is only the first up hour in how many?
(02:11 PM) Tom_B:
Lotta shrts may want to cash in
(02:11 PM) ppusa:
6 point
(02:11 PM) jimmer49:
shorts will want to be flat for weekend I suspect
(02:12 PM) Tom_B:
y...hldng mini supp 4 the moment
(02:12 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- think so, once they see it's not gonna crack today...if that's the way it plays out.
(02:13 PM) ppusa:
if the setup was different i would go back to pounding the table but the way this pop formed i am flat
(02:13 PM) sb17:
ES i feel a short coming
(02:14 PM) sb17:
need a bounce on 1m
(02:14 PM) tippet:
nervous short need quik follow thru
(02:15 PM) ppusa:
there is 6 point
(02:16 PM) jimmer49:
a lot of stops just hit
(02:16 PM) ppusa:
almost...... .5 to go
(02:17 PM) ppusa:
jimmer are you long?
(02:17 PM) ppusa:
are you short?
(02:17 PM) jimmer49:
(02:17 PM) jimmer49:
tempted to go long
(02:18 PM) jimmer49:
no follow thru after stops hit
(02:18 PM) jimmer49:
up bias in longer tf's
(02:19 PM) sb17:
just got one of those data feed jilts...that was weird
(02:19 PM) BrainStorm:
15 min bumped its head on the 20ema
(02:19 PM) Tom_B:
This is brutal, apprs like alng thou
(02:19 PM) sb17:
no short...yet
(02:20 PM) tomsurf:
sb- careful
(02:20 PM) Tom_B:
1m ovr 200ema
(02:20 PM) Tom_B:
bull sign
(02:21 PM) Tom_B:
hld 200ema on retrace so far
(02:21 PM) Tom_B:
i'm hldng lng
(02:22 PM) Tom_B:
unfort, don't hve a good trgt
(02:22 PM) jimmer49:
forget the long imo
(02:22 PM) jimmer49:
sell diverge now
(02:24 PM) Tom_B:
tenuous at best
(02:24 PM) BrainStorm:
think Ill wait to see what happens at the 5min 20 & 50 ema (though a way above at the moment)
(02:24 PM) jimmer49:
range too constrained here for me
(02:24 PM) latkinso:
Buffy, still around?
(02:24 PM) jimmer49:
bb that is
(02:25 PM) ppusa:
could get more up
(02:25 PM) Tom_B:
1 m flaf, poss..agree
(02:25 PM) BrainStorm:
Ive been playing with a hh & ll (highest high) fo various periods good for detecting range bound when they tighten
(02:26 PM) ppusa:
i get buy signals slightly higher but the 6 point is shouting reversal here
(02:26 PM) ppusa:
so you are probably gonna have to sit through 42
(02:26 PM) Tom_B:
(02:28 PM) ppusa:
if the market had gone straight through the HOD awhile ago i would have maintained my bullish bias but this up hour here is not exactly what i was looking for when discussing the big one
(02:29 PM) Tom_B:
took a good morng & turned it into chop suey..gotta look that ovr :(
(02:29 PM) ppusa:
this is more like the third hump break
(02:30 PM) BrainStorm:
1343 62% of last swing
(02:31 PM) sb17:
3m BLStill showing long
(02:31 PM) sb17:
(02:32 PM) sb17:
ES retest 83
(02:32 PM) sb17:
high of Day 84.75
(02:32 PM) oddplayer:
squeeze on
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
just had a little earthquake in So. Cal
(02:34 PM) ppusa:
little where i am maybe bigger somewhere else
(02:34 PM) oddplayer:
did your room shake?
(02:34 PM) ppusa:
(02:34 PM) jimbo_320:
some big blocks on es t+s
(02:35 PM) tippet:
(02:35 PM) oddplayer:
I bought
(02:35 PM) jimbo_320:
620 ticks
(02:37 PM) BrainStorm:
$TRIN back into 'normal' territory
(02:37 PM) tippet:
nice pop
(02:38 PM) jimbo_320:
all green
(02:38 PM) sb17:
i stay out of this sort of thing
(02:39 PM) oddplayer:
too much money to make?
(02:39 PM) sb17:
people get hurt in dog piles
(02:39 PM) ppusa:
oh well
(02:39 PM) tippet:
sno ball
(02:39 PM) ppusa:
(02:39 PM) oddplayer:
this is a squeezy
(02:39 PM) sb17:
it's a little early to have a run at the high
(02:39 PM) ppusa:
gotta leave some for others
(02:39 PM) tomsurf:
tick +1000
(02:39 PM) scorp:
well, i ruined another day; crap
(02:40 PM) ppusa:
foiled by a .5 a tick
(02:40 PM) Tom_B:
Hey, I was long45...bailed
(02:40 PM) tippet:
that finally paid for the earlier chop earlier
(02:40 PM) jimbo_320:
1063 ticks
(02:41 PM) tomsurf:
well, there was the move of the day
(02:41 PM) p_8:
es is very nice
(02:41 PM) Tom_B:
scorp...so did i...all you can do is study it and try to see some patterns or repetive mistakes and connet a cattle prod & try not to repeat them, GRRRR
(02:42 PM) oddplayer:
I make 6 then out
(02:42 PM) sb17:
tomsurf thanks for the TICK reminder...i forgot about that little indicator
(02:42 PM) p_8:
nice odd
(02:42 PM) tomsurf:
sb- ;-)
(02:42 PM) tomsurf:
I learned about ticks the hard way, lol
(02:43 PM) oddplayer:
tom you see the tick for only the dow?
(02:43 PM) tomsurf:
odd- I'm strange...only watch NYSE ticks
(02:43 PM) oddplayer:
I used to love that
(02:44 PM) oddplayer:
so fast a call
(02:44 PM) oddplayer:
they have one for just the indu
(02:46 PM) oddplayer:
every bull has his day
(02:46 PM) BrainStorm:
tested 62 twice now
(02:47 PM) oddplayer:
its reasting
(02:47 PM) BrainStorm:
nice run down to 300 again would really finish the week nicely
(02:47 PM) oddplayer:
traders have to check with managers
(02:51 PM) tomsurf:
odd_??? check what
(02:51 PM) oddplayer:
my view...they come to work with certain #'s they can trade to, depending...once hot, they need authority to move it
(02:52 PM) oddplayer:
just my views though
(02:52 PM) tomsurf:
k, thanks
(02:52 PM) p_8:
right odd, they violate that they r fired
(02:52 PM) oddplayer:
why there are so common support and resistance level pauses
(02:53 PM) BrainStorm:
dunno if the index moves they gotta cover it
(02:53 PM) BrainStorm:
or by sell basket stocks
(02:53 PM) oddplayer:
should move up
(02:53 PM) BrainStorm:
(02:53 PM) tippet:
pennant forming es llooks like it wants to give it a go?
(02:53 PM) sb17:
we'll see if NY Tick confirms a push on ES
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
Hve some crazy trgts 71 & 90...:)
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
90 seems best !!
(02:54 PM) tippet:
(02:55 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- Thx
(02:55 PM) BrainStorm:
guess da boss says Ok :-)
(02:55 PM) Tom_B:
Don't hld me to it :)
(02:56 PM) tomsurf:
If not hit a big Carp is commin your way, LOL ;-)
(02:56 PM) Tom_B:
(02:56 PM) Tom_B:
Which one 71 or 90 ?
(02:56 PM) oddplayer:
(02:56 PM) tomsurf:
(02:56 PM) jimmer49:
1366 is pivot
(02:57 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- thx for reminder
(02:57 PM) Tom_B:
Take out 72 i'll evn get lng , lol
(02:57 PM) sb17:
small sell tick divergence on Es
(02:58 PM) oddplayer:
I need 3 more pts today
(02:59 PM) tippet:
tick pullback buy triggers working on nq
(02:59 PM) sb17:
ticks still pushing
(02:59 PM) sb17:
still small divergence
(03:00 PM) oddplayer:
(03:00 PM) sb17:
have to say...this has been the wildest three dow days that i've seen in awhile....even though the trading range on ES has not be super tremendous
(03:00 PM) tomsurf:
sb- you watching NYSE ticks?
(03:01 PM) tippet:
DOW going for 10k
(03:01 PM) oddplayer:
was true wild
(03:02 PM) oddplayer:
I was setting my plan for trading this week, and my friend in heaven said make to plan....I wondered why
(03:02 PM) oddplayer:
not to make a plan
(03:02 PM) tippet:
last hi nq not confimred by higher tick 20ema60here
(03:02 PM) tippet:
good short on any other occasion
(03:03 PM) oddplayer:
let it run
(03:03 PM) oddplayer:
2 sides both with bucks
(03:05 PM) tippet:
DOW thru 10k
(03:05 PM) tomsurf:
well, the News can say the market is OK now.....buy, buy, buy, LOL
(03:06 PM) ppusa:
(03:06 PM) BrainStorm:
(03:06 PM) oddplayer:
remember wednesday
(03:07 PM) Tom_B:
(03:07 PM) jimmer49:
Street Smarts 80-20 thing played out perfectly today
(03:07 PM) tippet:
good for u dont have the nerves for it but looks like a great short
(03:07 PM) BrainStorm:
not as happy as selling the covering bulls as buying covering bears pp
(03:07 PM) BrainStorm:
dunno why
(03:07 PM) ppusa:
(03:08 PM) BrainStorm:
good play though
(03:08 PM) Tom_B:
nice pp
(03:08 PM) ppusa:
due for 15 point pb
(03:09 PM) BrainStorm:
nicest scalp there is (imho) people covering
(03:09 PM) oddplayer:
another regroup
(03:09 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- sure was.
(03:09 PM) FrankT:
Jimmer- what is the Street smart?
(03:10 PM) oddplayer:
at least back to high
(03:10 PM) p_8:
LBR's street smart
(03:10 PM) jimmer49:
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
this is not done, not sure if another swng dwn 1st
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
1 more wave on 1m then new high orrr :))
(03:12 PM) jimmer49:
80-20 predicts mid day reversal on day after market opens in top 80% of range and closes in bottom 20%
(03:12 PM) ppusa:
i can't believe after waiting all day that i missed the buy
(03:12 PM) oddplayer:
set those wild buyin stops
(03:13 PM) sb17:
well, i just put adx back on my chart
(03:13 PM) tomsurf:
3 humps on 3min chart
(03:13 PM) sb17:
(03:13 PM) Tom_B:
I reserve the right to chnge my mind on the last comment :)
(03:14 PM) tippet:
return to 20ema3 at 60?
(03:15 PM) BrainStorm:
58 62% of days range
(03:15 PM) jimmer49:
grail buy on 3m
(03:15 PM) tippet:
(03:16 PM) tippet:
down to the 5min
(03:16 PM) tomsurf:
may turn into grail on 5min?
(03:16 PM) jimmer49:
(03:17 PM) alan123:
tom i am looking at that
(03:17 PM) ann_87:
1358 is the 38% retrace area
(03:17 PM) jimmer49:
buyers may be out of gas
(03:17 PM) tippet:
anyone buying
(03:17 PM) tippet:
(03:17 PM) ann_87:
hi tippet
(03:17 PM) jimmer49:
many will wait for next week to see how wind blows
(03:17 PM) BrainStorm:
nicer feel to buying...some much more liesurely
(03:17 PM) Tom_B:
Watch this cud be a W:4 of W:5 dwn
(03:18 PM) tippet:
looks like don sew may get his class 1 buy signal
(03:18 PM) ann_87:
ticks pulled back to 0
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
come on...back to the open
(03:19 PM) jimmer49:
i notice a distnct improvement in quality of the comments from when I was here last
(03:19 PM) Tom_B:
Either u buy it hre or look to shrt if it takes out 50 i'm shrt
(03:19 PM) tomsurf:
better focus for the most part jimmer :-)
(03:20 PM) BrainStorm:
thats cause Ive been quite to day Jimmer :) though made over the daily range so very very pleased
(03:20 PM) Tom_B:
shrt now
(03:20 PM) ppusa:
15 point pb
(03:21 PM) oddplayer:
both sides with bucks...scary
(03:21 PM) p_8:
y, interesting day
(03:22 PM) Tom_B:
(03:24 PM) tomsurf:
looking so far like 3 humpers happy and 5min grailers happy
(03:25 PM) jimmer49:
are you a grailer or a humper?
(03:25 PM) p_8:
tom, it wasn't quite a grail since adx was still below 30 but it was a good bounce anyway
(03:26 PM) tomsurf:
p_8, thx...adx was a guess on my part being that Bline was ahigh.
(03:26 PM) tomsurf:
I shouldn't do that.
(03:27 PM) p_8:
adx is high on 3 min but the bounce did not happen until it hit 5min's 20ema
(03:29 PM) ppusa:
5 days down
(03:29 PM) tomsurf:
have noticed Bline moves alot faster than ADX at it's norm setting.
(03:30 PM) p_8:
y tom
(03:30 PM) jimbo_320:
nice move huh
(03:31 PM) ppusa:
new highs
(03:31 PM) p_8:
unlike bline, adx has to absorb yesterday's big down move before going up again
(03:31 PM) ppusa:
50 point says up before lower
(03:32 PM) jimbo_320:
another 10,000 test on a fri afternoon?
(03:32 PM) ppusa:
probably monday
(03:32 PM) tomsurf:
looks like it jimbo
(03:33 PM) ann_87:
tom it wasn't a grail on 5 mn but it was a first cross buy
(03:33 PM) ppusa:
how come when i was mentioning this earlier no one believed me?
(03:34 PM) ppusa:
(03:35 PM) tomsurf:
pp- musta been in the timing ;-)
(03:36 PM) oddplayer:
who can buy the most?
(03:36 PM) jimbo_320:
needs to hold here for pop into close
(03:37 PM) BrainStorm:
indecision...can see it on T&S too
(03:38 PM) BrainStorm:
OK my call is that we will go up down or sideways next week PP
(03:40 PM) oddplayer:
good brainstorming there
(03:40 PM) BrainStorm:
though looks like we are due a few up days before the bear continues
(03:40 PM) Tom_B:
running out of time
(03:40 PM) oddplayer:
can't put more that 2 up days together on ES since 01/04
(03:41 PM) oddplayer:
pray for a time squeeze too
(03:41 PM) tomsurf:
yep- Bear market...weak up swings with strong down swings
(03:41 PM) Tom_B:
cud be a quik shrt hre
(03:42 PM) jimbo_320:
strange that dropped straight of the 10,000 dow
(03:42 PM) mj200:
too many spikes on a dime last hr lately
(03:42 PM) jimmer49:
I think the bear is over and we are in a consolidation phase that could last up to 2 years
(03:43 PM) Tom_B:
(03:43 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- sideways would work off exess on both sides....just hope there is enough of a trading range.
(03:43 PM) jimbo_320:
big article in the London times that more and more investors are shunning equitys due to bad accounts and buying bonds - so therefore market is doomed
(03:44 PM) jimbo_320:
Big paper say that might just happen
(03:44 PM) Tom_B:
if 50 goes
(03:44 PM) Tom_B:
(03:45 PM) Buffy_04364:
1352.54 tom :-)
(03:45 PM) Buffy_04364:
wonder why we are off today
(03:45 PM) Tom_B:
well...fudge factor just in case a fake :)
(03:45 PM) fooliosbrother:
isnt that a show fudge factor
(03:46 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- some nice heads ups and trades today, congrats :-)
(03:46 PM) Tom_B:
tnx today my worst of week..in fact not good aft this am..old habits, grrr
(03:46 PM) BrainStorm:
yeah you where kicking particulalrly early on
(03:47 PM) tomsurf:
sometimes old habits die a slow death....they tend to come so naturally
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
very verry true tomsurf
(03:48 PM) Tom_B:
like throwing $ away on BAD trades :(
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
my jumping the gun always likes to show up once in a while
(03:48 PM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-22/auto-trader2.gif
(03:49 PM) Tom_B:
well Buffy we got 51.5 sooooo...
(03:49 PM) tomsurf:
Gotta look at the whole picture (week) TomB and you made alot of positive changes from my seat here :-)
(03:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
split the diff LOL
(03:49 PM) BrainStorm:
had some problems with stops too tight today
(03:50 PM) Tom_B:
y...gotta review notes...same darn mistakes ovr & ovr It's that entry/exit thing :)
(03:51 PM) BrainStorm:
Nice chart Jimbo !
(03:51 PM) jimbo_320:
thanks some support here bs
(03:51 PM) oddplayer:
give me a 1079 now
(03:52 PM) BrainStorm:
my only concern is full mechinical has strengths but also weaknesses
(03:52 PM) Tom_B:
this trdecud get to 41 or lwr..if enough time 4 it... got 2.5 locked in
(03:53 PM) BrainStorm:
the code you have for IB submission Jimbo you think that could be ported to Ensign. I belive it can call custom DLL's ?
(03:54 PM) jimbo_320:
bs why bother - trading real time es is like trading with open eyes after trading just indexes !
(03:54 PM) BrainStorm:
nice thing about ESPL is once you get to grips you can mess with mechanical systems really quick and easy
(03:55 PM) BrainStorm:
for instance stumbled across a system that uses a MA support / resistance hybrid knocked it up in ESPL in about an hour
(03:55 PM) Tom_B:
out +6.5
(03:55 PM) Buffy_04364:
bline below 20 up to 133T
(03:56 PM) BrainStorm:
Still keen to test it Jimbo what sort of fills you getting with auto submission ?
(03:57 PM) jimbo_320:
good as with ib
(03:57 PM) Tom_B:
Looking at this right now without doign my homewrk..this is NOT rdy for a meaningful upmve...just 4 da record
(03:57 PM) jimbo_320:
better becuase i have one interface
(03:57 PM) BrainStorm:
apologies room for this chat I sorta quit early for the day
(03:57 PM) jimbo_320:
not a very successful dow 10,000 test
(03:57 PM) fooliosbrother:
well some of us are still tryin to lose money here
(03:58 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- done here
(03:58 PM) Buffy_04364:
bet smax has been doing well jimmer
(03:58 PM) Tom_B:
Thanks everyone ... for all ur hlp & sharing... maybe some lurkers will come out & share their recipe's with us... see u all soon
(03:59 PM) jimmer49:
smax is happy
(03:59 PM) BrainStorm:
love to stay and chat but my son here for the weekend...good w/e all
(03:59 PM) Buffy_04364:
bye tom
(03:59 PM) Buffy_04364:
have a good weekend
(03:59 PM) jimbo_320:
1000 ticks on close is something
(03:59 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- have a good one. You gonna be around this weekend?
(03:59 PM) Tom_B:
(03:59 PM) Tom_B:
Sat aft wrk
(03:59 PM) Tom_B:
2:30 cst
(04:00 PM) mj200:
good weekend all first time here 30 min ago
(04:00 PM) jimbo_320:
bye all have a great weekend
(04:00 PM) tippet:
adios Tom thanks
(04:00 PM) tomsurf:
(04:00 PM) Tom_B:
see ya jimbo
(04:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tom
(04:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
thanks to all
(04:00 PM) Tom_B:
u too tipp...good info
(04:00 PM) fooliosbrother:
anyone have any idea if esignal supplies a straight AD line for NYSE rather than that crazy ISSU thing the got going on
(04:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
don't know foolio
(04:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
tagged tos
(04:01 PM) fooliosbrother:
thnx buffy
(04:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
ticks stillover 1000
(04:03 PM) jimmer49:
bye all - nice visiting
(04:03 PM) fooliosbrother:
are you still running your custom symbol buffy...(disclaimer. answer only if you are no longer trading)
(04:03 PM) Emaestro:
emaestro here
(04:03 PM) fooliosbrother:
(04:03 PM) Buffy_04364:
(04:03 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks for coming by
(04:04 PM) tomsurf:
jimmer- take care
(04:04 PM) eblaster:
hi emaestro
(04:04 PM) Emaestro:
(04:04 PM) eblaster:
Hey everyone
(04:05 PM) fooliosbrother:
(04:05 PM) eblaster:
Spoke with dave a little while ago
(04:05 PM) Emaestro:
lots of people in here
(04:06 PM) eblaster:
and we wanted to invite everyone to a free chat session at our site
(04:06 PM) eblaster:
on Monday 6:00 ET
(04:06 PM) sb17:
bye all...i'm pooped
(04:06 PM) eblaster:
nite, have a nice w/e
(04:07 PM) sb17: