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(09:20 AM) tippet:
(09:20 AM) Buffy_04364:
morning tippet
(09:21 AM) BrainStorm:
ahh thanks buffy they are really slow sometimes ...makes you wonder if fully automated
(09:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
sure does
(09:21 AM) tomsurf:
good morning all
(09:21 AM) elly_34:
esignal does not accept my username,
(09:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
never saw that one before
(09:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
sorry elly
(09:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi tom
(09:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:24 AM) tippet:
gap down hmmm... see CIEN warns accding to Briefing 10:00 Jan leading eco indicators and PHIL fed
(09:25 AM) tippet:
rising wedges everywhere...
(09:26 AM) tippet:
90 is 50% of yest entire move... 98 is 79% last leg
(09:27 AM) Tom_B:
Elly call their cust serv..you need to set up your acct maintenace page then you can make application for mini's
(09:27 AM) Tom_B:
(09:28 AM) Tom_B:
I'mm assuming Esig :)
(09:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(09:30 AM) prakso3:
good morning to all
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
morning prakso
(09:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
Europe had 3 bad reports this morning too according to cnnbc
(09:31 AM) tippet:
got 79%
(09:31 AM) scorp:
anyone having problems with IB?
(09:32 AM) FrankT:
ok today Scorp
(09:32 AM) Bob Cole:
Good Morning
(09:32 AM) lionsss:
Ib ok here
(09:32 AM) tippet:
but below lower wedge line looking for kissback and failure or snap up
(09:34 AM) tippet:
wedge line holding SOX weak
(09:34 AM) biglargra:
Good Morning
(09:35 AM) dave_b_quik:
eSignal mini's down here
(09:35 AM) Tom_B:
ok hre
(09:35 AM) tippet:
SOX at 50%
(09:36 AM) tomsurf:
dave- did you tell em OK to charee $10 /month for mini feed?
(09:36 AM) Tom_B:
dbq...did u sign up ??
(09:36 AM) dave_b_quik:
something new?
(09:36 AM) tomsurf:
yes, it's CME related
(09:36 AM) biglargra:
Anyone available to help me with a chart problem in Ensign?
(09:37 AM) Buffy_04364:
will try big
(09:38 AM) ppusa:
es still up
(09:38 AM) Buffy_04364:
lets do pms
(09:38 AM) tippet:
backside to the 20ema5 LS???
(09:39 AM) tippet:
SOX isnt participating in up yet
(09:39 AM) p_8:
esignal ends the 6-min free emini
(09:39 AM) p_8:
(09:40 AM) elly_34:
they will not add me for some reason
(09:40 AM) Tom_B:
elly , did u call ?
(09:41 AM) elly_34:
20 min wait time
(09:41 AM) elly_34:
i will in awile
(09:41 AM) r7:
Is esignal out?
(09:41 AM) Tom_B:
(09:41 AM) elly_34:
the live rep would not tell me why they won't add me
(09:42 AM) tippet:
down we go
(09:42 AM) tippet:
thanks sox
(09:42 AM) elly_34:
makes me reconsider qcharts
(09:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
they are still having their problem too elly
(09:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
1395.43 bos
(09:43 AM) Tom_B:
ELLY the info on the CME emini has been avail for quite a while... of course you're not the only one who didn't get their email & letter
(09:43 AM) tippet:
20ema15 here
(09:44 AM) tippet:
also 38% entire move yest
(09:44 AM) Buffy_04364:
I would find another rep
(09:44 AM) Buffy_04364:
or are they working on it
(09:45 AM) elly_34:
he would not answer me
(09:45 AM) tippet:
anyone still short
(09:45 AM) elly_34:
buffy, he just said cannot add you
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
find another rep elly
(09:45 AM) elly_34:
so i called
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:45 AM) elly_34:
but the wait is 20 min
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364:
because others didn't get their email either
(09:45 AM) p_8:
same here elly and account manintenance page is slow to a crawl
(09:46 AM) BrainStorm:
wow nice fill 2 whole points better than I expected
(09:46 AM) elly_34:
both times on the live rep it was the same person, first time no response, second time, i cannot add you and then silence
(09:46 AM) elly_34:
and the account maintenance page does not accept my ID
(09:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
I tmar at bos
(09:46 AM) elly_34:
yet it is the one they sent me
(09:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
that maintenance page can be a problem if not checked right
(09:47 AM) jean2:
elly - possibly you should just call them - after the hold you will talk with them and find out the problem
(09:47 AM) dave_b_quik:
elly, the liverep sent me to a web page, but looks like it's overloaded, takes minues for each page to come up
(09:47 AM) wicre:
anyone having problem with ensign ES and NQ feed?
(09:47 AM) wicre:
frozen here..
(09:47 AM) elly_34:
i was at the page dave, but it says my information is invalid
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
it is with esignal and you not being signed up for the ten dollar charge wicre
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
many are having that problem
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
free days are over
(09:48 AM) dave_b_quik:
ya, wicre, they turned off a lot of people's GLOBEX data without warning
(09:48 AM) mattis_3:
Elly, I am waiting on the phone for a Eurosignal rep at the moment! I added The E-mini a few weeks ago and it is on my product page, but am not getting it.
(09:48 AM) p_8:
they ends the 6 month free emini a bit early
(09:48 AM) tippet:
have SOX doing kissback to downtrend line it broke yest
(09:48 AM) wicre:
(09:48 AM) tippet:
from below
(09:48 AM) sb17:
Chimp is flat
(09:48 AM) elly_34:
yes i have not had it for six months
(09:48 AM) Buffy_04364:
glad I signed up last fall when email came out
(09:48 AM) Tom_B:
(09:49 AM) ppusa:
yesterday i mentioned 88 as low,,,didn't expect to see it in first few minutes
(09:49 AM) tippet:
SOX continues decline after kissback
(09:49 AM) qatwo:
(09:50 AM) Buffy_04364:
1380.69 bos
(09:51 AM) bassano:
any body here getting commisssions under $12 per r/t ES
(09:51 AM) Tom_B:
Shrt frm 93...had computer freeze ...85 1st pivot
(09:51 AM) jean2:
bassano - IB
(09:52 AM) fooliosbrother:
(09:52 AM) bassano:
jean2 you are a IB????
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
pullback soon pp?
(09:52 AM) tippet:
62% yest move
(09:52 AM) jean2:
trading right now - very busy
(09:52 AM) fooliosbrother:
anybody here haviing prob with esignal
(09:52 AM) fooliosbrother:
im not gettting any data
(09:54 AM) sb17:
esignal good here
(09:55 AM) fooliosbrother:
thans sb
(09:55 AM) ppusa:
people not paying 10 dollars are
(09:55 AM) fooliosbrother:
(09:56 AM) p_8:
hmm, suddenly for some reason i am having the emini data back online just now but cannot refresh to fill the missing data
(09:56 AM) ppusa:
(09:56 AM) fooliosbrother:
ive got no data at all
(09:56 AM) tippet:
62% holding
(09:56 AM) tippet:
watch SOX
(09:56 AM) Bob Cole:
(09:56 AM) sb17:
chop chop chop
(09:57 AM) scorp:
10am numbers coming out
(09:57 AM) Tom_B:
out 87 +&
(09:57 AM) Tom_B:
(09:57 AM) ppusa:
good Tom
(09:57 AM) ppusa:
scalped a long here
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
daily does not look great
(09:58 AM) Tom_B:
Left 7 pts on table compter froze arnd 1400 :(...but rang the register
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
but may test the high
(09:58 AM) dave_b_quik:
esignal liverep was able to get my data working
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
LOD or at least am?
(09:58 AM) Tom_B:
This is behaving like a W:4 correction to the dwntrnd
(09:59 AM) p_8:
dave can u refresh and fill the missing data?
(09:59 AM) ppusa:
is downtrend had 5 waves then this is a 2 in new up trend
(09:59 AM) ppusa:
(09:59 AM) Tom_B:
Yest run was posss A this morn poss B , 3 wave dwn a,b,c or 1,2,3 then 3 or 5 waves up THEORTICALLY to test yest high
(10:00 AM) BrainStorm:
what timeframe pp ?
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
head and sholders possible on hour chart
(10:00 AM) Bob Cole:
long 1392.5
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
all brain
(10:00 AM) tippet:
50% move down
(10:00 AM) scorp:
leading indicators coming
(10:00 AM) tf_3:
E Signal rep says Ive got to change from ESignal Delayed @
(10:00 AM) Tom_B:
OR YEST WAS ABC & it's all dwn hill frm herte :)
(10:01 AM) sb17:
pretty wild in ES
(10:01 AM) scorp:
(10:01 AM) tf_3:
$99 a month to ESignal Futures @ $129 month plus EMini $10 month
(10:01 AM) scorp:
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
good chance of testing high because nq has had 4 lower high days
(10:01 AM) dave_b_quik:
yes, p8, right click and select "refresh"
(10:01 AM) scorp:
(10:01 AM) fooliosbrother:
thanks guys got it working
(10:02 AM) Tom_B:
coming rt to res hre for a shrt
(10:02 AM) ppusa:
if nq made a new high it would have a 1-2-3 correction here on hour chart
(10:02 AM) scorp:
phlly fed at noon today
(10:02 AM) ppusa:
fill gap too
(10:03 AM) ppusa:
PnF says new high realistic
(10:04 AM) ppusa:
hey yesterday i said 20 to 25 high ... does night session count?
(10:04 AM) Tom_B:
(10:05 AM) sb17:
market still looking for direction
(10:05 AM) sb17:
(10:06 AM) tippet:
79% last leg
(10:07 AM) Bob Cole:
added long
(10:09 AM) ppusa:
long here
(10:10 AM) BrainStorm:
flat ..couple of scalps
(10:10 AM) ppusa:
gonna exit and buy back above 95
(10:10 AM) ppusa:
exit above 95
(10:10 AM) Tom_B:
out -6
(10:11 AM) Bob Cole:
ah.. there breathing easier
(10:11 AM) ppusa:
es new high
(10:11 AM) Bob Cole:
sorry tom
(10:11 AM) ppusa:
(10:11 AM) tippet:
20&40ema5 here
(10:12 AM) Tom_B:
I had bad location... that was me , not u...congrat's on good trade
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
i wanted 1400 but
(10:12 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:12 AM) Bob Cole:
nice pp
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
es is romping
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
i wanted to sell above the high of the previous 15 min bar
(10:13 AM) ppusa:
(10:13 AM) ppusa:
next trade
(10:13 AM) sb17:
ES tested globex low...now testing globex high
(10:14 AM) sb17:
and yesterday high
(10:14 AM) Bob Cole:
going short at 1400 ? PP
(10:14 AM) ppusa:
no short yet
(10:15 AM) ppusa:
might try a short somewhere but i think the high is gonna go
(10:15 AM) Tom_B:
I'm waiting 4 a shrt
(10:15 AM) ppusa:
why short?
(10:15 AM) ppusa:
why not go long
(10:15 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:15 AM) Tom_B:
(10:16 AM) Bob Cole:
1/2 hour chart says long but...
(10:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
at 1400 PP?
(10:16 AM) Tom_B:
W:4's a tricky
(10:16 AM) Tom_B:
1410 seems like an int #
(10:16 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:17 AM) tippet:
pb to 95 38%
(10:17 AM) Tom_B:
shrt scalp hre is int but not taking
(10:17 AM) Bob Cole:
1400 worked though
(10:17 AM) Bob Cole:
me neither
(10:18 AM) ppusa:
kindaq tied up for a moment
(10:18 AM) ppusa:
(10:18 AM) ppusa:
but 6 point PnF says reverse down
(10:18 AM) Buffy_04364:
1395.54 bos
(10:19 AM) ppusa:
but does anyone think the high is going to go...i seem to be all alone on this
(10:19 AM) BrainStorm:
last half dozen (more actualy) shorts of the 20ema on the 5 have been very profitable
(10:19 AM) Bob Cole:
bos Buffy?
(10:20 AM) Tom_B:
(10:20 AM) Buffy_04364:
only missed by 4pts pp right?
(10:20 AM) Buffy_04364:
bottom of square
(10:20 AM) Buffy_04364:
in pyra
(10:20 AM) ppusa:
missed what?
(10:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
the high
(10:21 AM) Bob Cole:
thank you
(10:21 AM) ppusa:
i have no idea what is going on in the room
(10:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
pp you asked about taking out high
(10:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
I was responding
(10:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
we talking about different highs?
(10:22 AM) Tom_B:
shrt 95
(10:22 AM) Tom_B:
i'm slow :)
(10:23 AM) Tom_B:
had 1400 in sights also but above 1m 200ema..
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(10:23 AM) tippet:
like to see another move up give us 3..may not get it
(10:24 AM) Buffy_04364:
50 and 200 ema right there on many charts
(10:24 AM) tippet:
3rd lil indian working
(10:25 AM) ppusa:
high of the day
(10:25 AM) Tom_B:
(10:25 AM) tippet:
no juice
(10:25 AM) ppusa:
the 6 point has reversed
(10:26 AM) ppusa:
so now if it wants to go up it can
(10:26 AM) Buffy_04364:
lower high
(10:26 AM) Bob Cole:
long for scalp
(10:27 AM) Buffy_04364:
short here
(10:27 AM) Tom_B:
4 min i'll hve a btr reading
(10:27 AM) tippet:
(10:27 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:28 AM) ppusa:
short long - you guys trading against each other?
(10:28 AM) tippet:
ss 3.5 brk even stop
(10:28 AM) ppusa:
maybe i should act as clearing agent here
(10:28 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:28 AM) Tom_B:
By the time i read Buffy's shrt she's ringing the register :)
(10:28 AM) tippet:
broke trndline and got mini 3rd hump
(10:29 AM) Bob Cole:
I should have just given it directly to Buffy
(10:29 AM) Buffy_04364:
stoch divergence on 1M stop tight
(10:30 AM) Tom_B:
(10:30 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:30 AM) p_8:
(10:30 AM) tippet:
(10:30 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:30 AM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-21/trader2.gif
(10:31 AM) Tom_B:
(10:31 AM) jimbo_320:
hi posted a chart showing the integration of auto-trader with interactive brokers
(10:31 AM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-21/trader.gif
(10:31 AM) jimbo_320:
Shows a 15 second chart formed from ib data stream
(10:32 AM) FrankT:
looks highly kool Jimbo>>>
(10:32 AM) tippet:
kissback rt shoulder now h&s
(10:32 AM) dave_b_quik:
impressive, jimbo
(10:32 AM) jimbo_320:
together with time and sales etc
(10:33 AM) tomsurf:
TomB- no moss is gonna grow on Buffy mouse for sure
(10:33 AM) Tom_B:
OK, u triangle players where do u sell this thng ?
(10:33 AM) tippet:
(10:33 AM) FrankT:
Jimbo U using for data for for order management also?
(10:34 AM) jimbo_320:
thanks dave, frank
(10:34 AM) tippet:
brk neckline
(10:34 AM) scorp:
buffy, you there?
(10:34 AM) jimbo_320:
both, integrates with real account at interactive brokers
(10:34 AM) Buffy_04364:
y bk
(10:34 AM) Buffy_04364:
lower high was the setup tom
(10:34 AM) tippet:
(10:34 AM) Tom_B:
wht neckine
(10:34 AM) Tom_B:
(10:34 AM) jimbo_320:
the window at bottom is the real IB account
(10:34 AM) scorp:
on, 1M, that is 2nd divergence of stoch??
(10:34 AM) tippet:
144t nice h&s
(10:34 AM) FrankT:
kool...if you'd like other beta testers...I have some experience...lol
(10:34 AM) scorp:
bounce off bline
(10:35 AM) Bob Cole:
Looks real nice Jimbo
(10:35 AM) tippet:
even 3min shows it at neckline now just above
(10:35 AM) Buffy_04364:
both did right
(10:35 AM) Tom_B:
I see it, tnx
(10:35 AM) jimbo_320:
any 15 second scalpers out there ?
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
"umbrella" over two
(10:36 AM) jimbo_320:
guess not lol, i get to trade a timeframe all too my self, wicked
(10:36 AM) Bob Cole:
just till I'm out of money Jimbo
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364:
15 sec? what tick is that jimbo?
(10:37 AM) jimbo_320:
bar drawing is customisable from 1second to 1 day
(10:37 AM) tippet:
chart posted of h&s
(10:37 AM) tippet:
give feedback
(10:37 AM) Tom_B:
(10:38 AM) tippet:
working now
(10:38 AM) Tom_B:
"turtle trader - S-L-O-W
(10:38 AM) ppusa:
does anyone think this will turn up?
(10:38 AM) BrainStorm:
jimbo you gonna want beta testerd ?
(10:38 AM) Tom_B:
s 88.5
(10:38 AM) jimbo_320:
dow is being bolstered today by sox which is a dogs breakfast
(10:38 AM) Bob Cole:
pp yes
(10:39 AM) jimbo_320:
brainstorm maybe...
(10:39 AM) ppusa:
slanted head and shoulders 4 minute chart
(10:39 AM) tippet:
see chart pp
(10:39 AM) BrainStorm:
I'll send you an email :-)
(10:39 AM) ppusa:
what chart?
(10:39 AM) tippet:
on the site 144t h&s
(10:39 AM) Buffy_04364:
nice Jimbo
(10:39 AM) jimbo_320:
You really my software to trade automatically with your money as a beta tester , kool
(10:40 AM) jimbo_320:
any more volunteers
(10:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:40 AM) BrainStorm:
certainly risk a contract at a time provided I can use nice tight stops :)
(10:40 AM) Buffy_04364:
beta testing ensign now jimbo or I would
(10:40 AM) Bob Cole:
ME...send an e-mail yesterday
(10:41 AM) Buffy_04364:
there is another reason I can't would have to set one up
(10:42 AM) Bob Cole:
Tippet, why 144 tick? Is that like a Gann magical number?
(10:42 AM) ppusa:
so maybe this is a buy at 78 to 80?
(10:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
fib number
(10:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
I believe
(10:43 AM) tippet:
144t shows action a little better than 3min nicer chart pattern
(10:43 AM) tippet:
use both
(10:43 AM) jean2:
Jimbo - FrankT said he was interested and experienced in beta testing
(10:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
depending on how it gets there pp might be reanchor then
(10:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
might be retracing to the hs tl
(10:43 AM) ppusa:
looks like a 1-2-3 wold complete around there
(10:44 AM) Bob Cole:
Jimbo, I have an IB account
(10:44 AM) ppusa:
how come my u's never type???sholda wolda colda
(10:45 AM) jimbo_320:
Its not ready yet
(10:46 AM) jimbo_320:
i still need to integrate the strategies and write the retro and smax rules
(10:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
I think that was one of Ts stealth flags
(10:46 AM) sb17:
ES testing low of day
(10:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
missed it
(10:46 AM) Bob Cole:
Tom can I pm you about something?
(10:47 AM) Tom_B:
Computer hvng prob
(10:48 AM) Tom_B:
i'll hve to reboot frst Bob..Aft this shrt
(10:48 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:48 AM) tippet:
Tom good hold
(10:49 AM) ppusa:
scrolled back through chat to try and figure out what the thinking is here...you know the hour chart does look like a completed wave 4??????
(10:49 AM) tippet:
71% here ....75 ..79% yest
(10:49 AM) ppusa:
on the other hand here is a nice symmetrical decline
(10:50 AM) BrainStorm:
at tuesdays low (81)
(10:50 AM) ppusa:
(10:50 AM) ppusa:
at least for bounce
(10:50 AM) tippet:
SOX at the trdlne that stopped declne yest
(10:51 AM) Tom_B:
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
what took ya so long?
(10:51 AM) jimbo_320:
520 important number
(10:52 AM) Tom_B:
(10:52 AM) Tom_B:
(10:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
not a true reanchor
(10:52 AM) jwand:
great hold Tom
(10:52 AM) Tom_B:
(10:52 AM) BrainStorm:
shorts off the 20 ema (5 min) still working for 10 point moves (some earlier in the week much more)
(10:52 AM) Buffy_04364:
nice tom
(10:52 AM) ppusa:
very nice symmetrical decline 1-2-3
(10:53 AM) BrainStorm:
nice trade tom
(10:53 AM) Tom_B:
Now depending on W:4 's we cud hve just completed B dwn now up for test or exceed HOD
(10:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
could also be inverted hs
(10:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
that would give me my reanchor
(10:54 AM) Bob Cole:
wtg Tom
(10:54 AM) Buffy_04364:
we will see
(10:54 AM) Tom_B:
B's are usually 3 waves which we just had
(10:55 AM) BrainStorm:
you anchor off major high/low or is it more subtle than that ?
(10:55 AM) Tom_B:
BRB got to reboot
(10:55 AM) Buffy_04364:
reanchor when indicators say to
(10:55 AM) Buffy_04364:
not price
(10:56 AM) BrainStorm:
need to read the book to find out about re-anchoring ?
(10:56 AM) ppusa:
i am wondering if yesterday's low will go and complete a wave 5...surprise everyone
(10:56 AM) Buffy_04364:
no let me get an example to link
(10:56 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:57 AM) Buffy_04364:
that is what indicators look like when I reanchor
(10:57 AM) BrainStorm:
thanks kind of you many gems on dacharts now
(10:57 AM) tippet:
3min had buy diver and smax buy which 20pt rule prolly voided
(10:57 AM) ppusa:
anyway i placed a buy order at 84 but it never went
(10:58 AM) Buffy_04364:
u welc
(10:58 AM) BrainStorm:
ahh OK I see...oe of those indicators being the B-line ?
(10:59 AM) Buffy_04364:
no they are pyra indicators, rsi asi and stoch
(10:59 AM) jwand:
short below 97.5 and long above, what do you think??
(11:00 AM) Tom_B:
(11:02 AM) Bob Cole:
Tom, it says I ain't on your Buddy list...
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364:
3 indians 1M?
(11:03 AM) Tom_B:
(11:03 AM) tippet:
(11:04 AM) jwand:
at the line
(11:04 AM) tippet:
3kisses 3min chart
(11:04 AM) Tom_B:
Diff to tell where we r..at least 4 me...beginning of W;5 dwn or more correction... Sine we've been dwn so hrd...suspect more shrts need to get squeezed , imvho
(11:05 AM) tippet:
next touch is Ro4
(11:05 AM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(11:05 AM) Tom_B:
y, tipp
(11:06 AM) Tom_B:
Off yest hi, tipp ?
(11:06 AM) tippet:
10:18 bar 1st touch
(11:07 AM) Tom_B:
(11:07 AM) tippet:
on 3min see yours on 5min
(11:07 AM) Tom_B:
(11:07 AM) tippet:
didnt even see that off hod LL
(11:08 AM) tippet:
SOX are a drag here
(11:08 AM) Tom_B:
(11:08 AM) BrainStorm:
this current turn up exactly on 162% of the first wave using the time of the first complete down up cycle as the seed
(11:09 AM) tomsurf:
sox- playing role of anchor today
(11:09 AM) Tom_B:
(11:10 AM) tippet:
520 watch it
(11:10 AM) Tom_B:
(11:10 AM) tippet:
like long but need sox
(11:10 AM) Buffy_04364:
mas flat
(11:10 AM) ppusa:
50 bar ma 1 min 1389
(11:11 AM) tomsurf:
2 IB's on 4min
(11:11 AM) tippet:
(11:11 AM) Tom_B:
(11:11 AM) tippet:
(11:12 AM) ppusa:
1 min chart ma's crossing from down to up...see what happens
(11:12 AM) tippet:
(11:12 AM) ppusa:
not going anywhere until new hour starts
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
sorry cat
(11:12 AM) BrainStorm:
(11:12 AM) scorp:
(11:12 AM) tomsurf:
(11:13 AM) BrainStorm:
I new you had a secret method of trading in addition to the charts....buffy's 4 paws
(11:13 AM) tippet:
SOX held 520 cmon
(11:13 AM) Buffy_04364:
this could be one big flag
(11:13 AM) tippet:
being bought here
(11:13 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:14 AM) BrainStorm:
gut says narrowish day
(11:14 AM) Buffy_04364:
trinq 1.66
(11:15 AM) scorp:
we had a really wide day yesterday; much larger than it has been
(11:15 AM) ppusa:
i think the market would catch a lot of traders by surprise if yesterday's low went..
(11:15 AM) Buffy_04364:
true pp
(11:15 AM) ppusa:
as a final low
(11:16 AM) BrainStorm:
11.45 am is an 'event' based on fib and the time to complete the first high low swing on a 5 min chart
(11:16 AM) scorp:
actually, from what i hear, no one is expecting to take out yesterday's high
(11:16 AM) ppusa:
that's what i didn't understand until i thought about Tom's shorting
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:17 AM) scorp:
buffy, is there a name for that bline pattern, on 1M, where short stochs hug the Bline?
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364:
no scorp
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364:
got one
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364:
threading thebline
(11:18 AM) scorp:
no, but i don't recall ever seeing that
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364:
:-) that is what they say about mas
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364:
true scorp
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364:
very unusual
(11:18 AM) scorp:
yuch range here
(11:19 AM) scorp:
we should get some movement with the noon report from philly fed
(11:19 AM) Buffy_04364:
paul is making good progress programing one setup in bline
(11:19 AM) Bob Cole:
8:45 ... is it always a significant time? Where would I find out about others?
(11:19 AM) scorp:
actually, id like to watch that with NQ live
(11:19 AM) scorp:
but, guess i can't when arrows disappear
(11:21 AM) ppusa:
i like shorting against the 91 high but i ain't doing it
(11:22 AM) Tom_B:
I'm playing lng for W:C:4 but if this fails SHRT
(11:23 AM) ppusa:
i like the fact that yesterday's high looks like the top of a flag
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(11:24 AM) Tom_B:
(11:24 AM) Buffy_04364:
test of low
(11:25 AM) tippet:
got munched on the RO4 sorry..looks like googles schneitzen ??
(11:25 AM) ppusa:
Tom you are very good at entering early in the am in the direction of the trend....you might consider staying with this and when you cover, re-enter at a better price with an add until COT
(11:25 AM) Tom_B:
(11:26 AM) Tom_B:
Tnx, W:4's r the hrdst 4 me too many possibilities
(11:26 AM) ppusa:
some long hour bar here
(11:26 AM) ppusa:
(11:27 AM) Bob Cole:
just coverd Tom... speak more quickly please. ;)
(11:27 AM) Tom_B:
I'm NOT a good person for ideas...today i'm behind
(11:28 AM) Tom_B:
so far :)
(11:28 AM) Bob Cole:
covered at 81... looking long now
(11:29 AM) ppusa:
that spike to 91 looked like a top
(11:30 AM) ppusa:
also 91 retraced 50% of last leg
(11:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
TL 1M hit 3 times
(11:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
4th coming up
(11:31 AM) Tom_B:
78.5 pivot trgt
(11:31 AM) Tom_B:
still shrt
(11:31 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:32 AM) ppusa:
anyone like long here
(11:32 AM) Tom_B:
(11:32 AM) tippet:
SOX held bottom "for now " 520 key
(11:33 AM) Tom_B:
86 res
(11:34 AM) tomsurf:
Div. on 3min but not excited about it yet
(11:35 AM) ppusa:
new hour
(11:38 AM) ppusa:
how is it that i have 162 pieces of junk mail in 2 days?
(11:39 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:39 AM) tippet:
days pattern looks like bullish desc wedge but sox is major weight on ankles here
(11:39 AM) qatwo:
higher low
(11:39 AM) scorp:
philly fed coming up; i just keep reminding so everyone is aware that some volatility may occur here
(11:40 AM) qatwo:
at 11 yes thx
(11:40 AM) tomsurf:
thx scorp
(11:40 AM) qatwo:
(11:42 AM) plevin:
anyone here? I'm not seeing any text.
(11:42 AM) Tom_B:
(11:42 AM) plevin:
hi tom
(11:42 AM) plevin:
(11:43 AM) plevin:
thought I was going deaf
(11:43 AM) Tom_B:
flat -7....grrrr out of sync hre
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
tks scorp
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
appreciate it
(11:43 AM) plevin:
Hi buffy
(11:44 AM) BrainStorm:
thx scorp ...lots of reports today
(11:45 AM) tippet:
wedge poke up??
(11:46 AM) Tom_B:
If dwn trnd to cont, 97 shd hld retr
(11:46 AM) scorp:
7.5 range on ES
(11:47 AM) Wes89:
boy, the Dow really want's to hang on this Morning!
(11:47 AM) ppusa:
if ever there was a day to use caution...has to be buyers left over from yesterday as today has a higher high. Not short here until yesterday's low goes
(11:47 AM) scorp:
17 range on NQ
(11:47 AM) ppusa:
and then only for scalp
(11:48 AM) scorp:
for the ES, we are trading above the 50% line of yesterdays range
(11:48 AM) scorp:
and have been all day
(11:49 AM) ppusa:
3 pushes down i see in hindsight
(11:49 AM) tippet:
wedge working sox up off bottom
(11:50 AM) BrainStorm:
all my trades been short today so far still not convinced to concider long
(11:50 AM) BrainStorm:
except maybe for a quick scalp
(11:50 AM) Tom_B:
Twiddling thumbs, licking wounds
(11:51 AM) BrainStorm:
lots of twidling here too
(11:51 AM) scorp:
i'm just waiting to find out where the report will take us
(11:51 AM) ppusa:
(11:52 AM) BrainStorm:
safest flat but if I was a betting man Id say no surpirses in it
(11:52 AM) pete77_1:
Buffy's ro4 right on
(11:53 AM) BrainStorm:
Treasury budget at 14:00 too
(11:53 AM) ppusa:
resis here
(11:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi Howard
(11:53 AM) Buffy_04364:
pmd you
(11:54 AM) ppusa:
need a 6 point pb
(11:55 AM) Tom_B:
whn rept: 5 min ? Any others ?
(11:56 AM) BrainStorm:
treasury budget at 2pm too tom
(11:58 AM) MarkCA:
Philadelphia Fed rpt in 3 min.
(11:58 AM) Tom_B:
(12:01 PM) sb17:
ES stop run? news?
(12:01 PM) scorp:
*DJ Philadelphia Fed Feb Business Index 16.0 Vs Jan 14.7 [12:01] <noma> darn it.
(12:02 PM) scorp:
DJ Philadelphia Fed Feb New Orders 13.7 Vs Jan 12.6
(12:02 PM) sb17:
didn't think that report was very important...lol
(12:03 PM) ppusa:
huge hour chart bars
(12:03 PM) scorp:
*DJ Philadelphia Fed Feb Employment -14.7 Vs Jan -9.3
(12:03 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks scorp
(12:03 PM) scorp:
actually, this report is more important than 10am report
(12:03 PM) BrainStorm:
guess this is where I should have cnbc on
(12:03 PM) BrainStorm:
too distracting mainly
(12:03 PM) Buffy_04364:
rsidivergence on this high
(12:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
not on here brainstorm
(12:04 PM) ppusa:
nonew highs
(12:04 PM) qatwo:
cnbc not convering it
(12:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
sell the news like usual?
(12:04 PM) Tom_B:
This is whn u mus tdecide...sell hre or wait & buy retr
(12:05 PM) Buffy_04364:
now there are two schools of thought
(12:05 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:05 PM) BrainStorm:
quite enjoy cnbc sometimes light entertainment more than valuable info
(12:05 PM) Tom_B:
Tough on me :(
(12:06 PM) scorp:
divergence on 2M?
(12:07 PM) Tom_B:
Came uo to resis BUT we also compl a,b,c dwn which wud fit scenario for new highs ltr on aft retrace... it will prob be one orothe other..hate w:4 's
(12:07 PM) tippet:
91 38%
(12:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
going to be gone about 30M
(12:08 PM) qatwo:
cnbc finally gets to philly fed, lol
(12:08 PM) Tom_B:
if we go up aft retrace then 1425 area
(12:08 PM) tippet:
bllomberg much faster with eco news
(12:09 PM) Tom_B:
if not, see u at 1340
(12:12 PM) tippet:
indu brk 10k didnt hold
(12:13 PM) ppusa:
6 point reversed
(12:13 PM) ppusa:
how about a ten point reversal here then up?
(12:14 PM) ppusa:
a little flag from 88?
(12:15 PM) ppusa:
nap time
(12:15 PM) Tom_B:
pp, lokks like chop, too early for any gas tho hve waek buys
(12:16 PM) Tom_B:
We're up agnst my res hre, time 4 retr
(12:18 PM) Tom_B:
u nimble scalpers cud prob grab a few pts..not me
(12:18 PM) Tom_B:
(12:19 PM) ppusa:
might hold 88 area
(12:19 PM) Tom_B:
y pp
(12:19 PM) tippet:
88.5 50%
(12:20 PM) ppusa:
i consider myself lucky for no losses today...especially coming in as bullish as i was
(12:20 PM) Tom_B:
I'm smelt slap hpy..
(12:20 PM) Wes89:
The Dow has been leading all Morning, just seems like it want's to close over 10,000. My reasoning is UVol leads DVol, Trin is Bullish, ADV leads DECL had to fight tape.
(12:21 PM) ppusa:
bullish pullbacks...meaning pullsback before it gets overbought soit can run
(12:22 PM) ppusa:
or maybe it's because it isn't going to run...didn't think of that
(12:23 PM) Tom_B:
pp, it's going to get squeezed, like a zitt & pop
(12:23 PM) ppusa:
yikes i was just playing with my poisin oak
(12:24 PM) ppusa:
popped a few
(12:24 PM) scorp:
(12:24 PM) Tom_B:
which way ?
(12:24 PM) Tom_B:
82-85 supp..depending whn
(12:25 PM) ppusa:
how about 88?
(12:25 PM) Tom_B:
hw do u read this thng ?
(12:25 PM) ppusa:
82 to 85 is down there a ways
(12:25 PM) scorp:
looks strong here
(12:26 PM) Tom_B:
86 is abt 62%
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
i think it's a fkag
(12:26 PM) tippet:
got 50% fib
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
a fkag is a fakey flag that goes both ways
(12:27 PM) ppusa:
the recent high stopped dead at the 20 ma on the hour chart
(12:28 PM) ppusa:
because the hour chart bars are so wide ranged this pb means nothing
(12:28 PM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-21/trader4.gif
(12:28 PM) jimbo_320: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-21/trader5.gif
(12:29 PM) jimbo_320:
heres a couple more charts
(12:29 PM) tippet:
kissback to lil flag
(12:29 PM) jimbo_320:
es nq 10sec and 15sec with volume and order ticket
(12:30 PM) Tom_B:
(12:30 PM) tomsurf:
Jimbo- do you have any plans for an Ensign version?
(12:30 PM) tippet:
hmm prev flag brk a fake?
(12:32 PM) jimbo_320:
not currently - ib users only
(12:33 PM) tomsurf:
so doesn't need a charting platform?
(12:33 PM) jimbo_320:
(12:33 PM) tomsurf:
oh, cool....IB here
(12:33 PM) fooliosbrother:
what is it if i might ask
(12:34 PM) fooliosbrother:
i musta missed somthing
(12:35 PM) jimbo_320:
works on any security tradeable on ib including options
(12:35 PM) tippet:
did trading stop??
(12:35 PM) fooliosbrother:
(12:35 PM) tippet:
can u say molasssssessssssssss
(12:35 PM) jimbo_320:
including all foreign markets
(12:35 PM) sb17:
Chimp signal is long, but i'm not taking it...no price action
(12:35 PM) fooliosbrother:
is it a DDE or Active X interface or somthing jimbo
(12:36 PM) sb17:
(12:36 PM) scorp:
this is a sit back area, imo
(12:36 PM) fooliosbrother:
charts of IBs data
(12:36 PM) scorp:
there is that double top on ES 5M
(12:36 PM) Maverick-Trader:
sb....are you trading chimp?
(12:36 PM) scorp:
continuation sell on 2M SMAX?
(12:36 PM) sb17:
market is chop so far
(12:38 PM) Jr_Steggy:
any one that is trading with me on j-trader the system is up just need to log off and log back in and it should be working fine thanks Jr steggy
(12:38 PM) scorp:
this new fish repellent is not working today
(12:38 PM) tippet:
no trade zone as Daniel would say volume is yuckkkk
(12:39 PM) elly_34:
is howard around?
(12:41 PM) BrainStorm:
was easrlier elly
(12:41 PM) Tom_B:
This da slopateria but i'm hldng lng until mkt says wrong
(12:42 PM) BrainStorm:
sitting on hands trying to prevent doing anything foolish in da chop
(12:42 PM) elly_34:
(12:42 PM) fooliosbrother:
dont do anything foolish
(12:43 PM) tippet:
an interesting idea i read last night off the phantom trader - always assume your wrong and make the mkt prove you right if it doesnt gtf out
(12:43 PM) jimbo_320:
9999 dow
(12:43 PM) jimbo_320:
probably chop right through it
(12:43 PM) alan123:
tippet he always says rule 1 fear the market
(12:44 PM) tippet:
(12:44 PM) tomsurf:
tip- lotta interesting stuff from the phantom
(12:45 PM) tippet:
good hold tom
(12:45 PM) Wes89:
Dow has everything going for it to close ove 10,000 today, up vol beating dn vol +12 , trin bullish Adv beating Decl hard to fight the tape.
(12:45 PM) Tom_B:
need 1402 to go...then , i smile
(12:45 PM) tippet:
50% retrace bounce worked well
(12:46 PM) tippet:
200ema5 at 1.5
(12:47 PM) sb17:
Chimp was right...dang
(12:48 PM) Tom_B:
1430-35 trgt
(12:48 PM) Tom_B:
(maybe ,lol)
(12:48 PM) tomsurf:
1424 was globex high
(12:48 PM) scorp:
(12:49 PM) tippet:
geez ... inv h&s looking brk you r rocking
(12:50 PM) Tom_B:
Certainly seems that was B wave retrace so 3 or 5 waves up now...usuallly 5 but anthing goes
(12:50 PM) tippet:
20is 38% off 2/14 hi
(12:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
wish it had been a little earlier
(12:51 PM) tippet:
at 79% off yest hi
(12:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
oh well nice tohave lunch with son
(12:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks tippet
(12:52 PM) Tom_B:
The ultimate greed trgt if this is new wave up which I DON'T expect..at least now 1460 if the game changed..but fantasy...still bear until it proves itself diff
(12:52 PM) jimbo_320:
v. overbougt
(12:52 PM) tippet:
20ema60 here
(12:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
yes but this is strong might just go sideways a bit
(12:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
and not retrace much
(12:53 PM) ppusa:
3 thru 10 could reverse
(12:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
we will see
(12:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
1402.81 bos
(12:53 PM) Tom_B:
I'm putting my stp in & going to watch
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(12:53 PM) ppusa:
the 10 missed by 1/2 a point at 88
(12:54 PM) ppusa:
Tom u are long from?
(12:54 PM) Tom_B:
92.5...was on the phone with tax guy missed best location but not bad
(12:55 PM) ppusa:
watch for roll over here
(12:55 PM) ppusa:
if this goes higher and gives a clean sell i may try a short scalp
(12:56 PM) Tom_B:
I see it...still paddling upstream but shrts need to get plucked a little btr
(12:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
nice pp
(12:56 PM) ppusa:
i hate to step in on the first push with ma's steep up
(12:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
a flag though?
(12:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
or more?
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
Got da gap, got stps ovr yest hi...to me that gives fuel for upmove & hve pattern sugg up...other than that , GOT FISH in hand :)
(12:57 PM) ppusa:
well grab it by the light end
(12:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:57 PM) ppusa:
'cos you are in for a heavy handed smack
(12:58 PM) Buffy_04364:
(12:58 PM) ppusa:
Tom if you would exit up there and now buy back 2??
(12:58 PM) scorp:
that run up may have been news driven
(12:58 PM) Tom_B:
Cud be...if anyone knows FOR SURE, plse share
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
oh hello
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
the 6 point almost never fails
(12:59 PM) Buffy_04364:
lots of "air" too pp
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
the only time it fails is when crossing midrange
(01:00 PM) ppusa:
(01:00 PM) ppusa:
the only time it fails is when crossing midrange...if that makes sense because then it runs to the other side
(01:00 PM) Tom_B:
By the time i get out at 03 & if it's good i get bk worse than whr i got it...same solution trade multi...then i wud
(01:01 PM) tippet:
think the rumor was neg... troop deployment to iraq and denied
(01:01 PM) Tom_B:
To mee it just stopped whr it shd
(01:01 PM) tippet:
anyone see large inv h&s pattern on 15min
(01:01 PM) ppusa:
well regardless you still r doing okay
(01:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
can see it on 4m
(01:02 PM) Tom_B:
Tady behind made a lot of errors this morn...W:4's are hard for me
(01:02 PM) tippet:
bigger that is the rt shoulder
(01:02 PM) ppusa:
i see it but can't call everything like that a true H&S imho
(01:03 PM) ppusa:
i will tell you what i see here...the 6 point reversed...somewhere the 10 and 15 are going to
(01:03 PM) ppusa:
15 could run but that 10??????
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(01:03 PM) ppusa:
so if anyone sees a good short entry i wold like to know about it
(01:04 PM) Tom_B:
Time is getting shrt 4 da shrts...
(01:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
stalk this flag pp for short maybe
(01:04 PM) ppusa:
if you see a lower high?????
(01:05 PM) Buffy_04364:
that is what I am expecting to happen now pp
(01:05 PM) Tom_B:
thn agn, retr cud hpn too
(01:05 PM) ppusa:
sure looks like it
(01:05 PM) tippet:
in a channel on the 3min bounced off upper trndline now could go to lower and bounce up good for a few pt
(01:05 PM) ppusa:
i might wait for another high just to be stubborn
(01:05 PM) tippet:
direction is ultimatley up though this would be second hump
(01:06 PM) ppusa:
almost 3rd hump
(01:06 PM) tippet:
neckline buffy? 5min
(01:06 PM) ppusa:
buffy did you go?
(01:07 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:07 PM) ppusa:
94 reverses 10
(01:07 PM) FrankT:
ES broke uptrend line
(01:08 PM) ppusa:
i shoulda when i saw that spike bar at 1401.5...came off that in a hurry
(01:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
flat on ib on 1m after tagging 50 ema
(01:08 PM) ppusa:
support at 96 is 50 bar ma on 1 min
(01:09 PM) ppusa:
Tom are you ready fora fish?
(01:09 PM) Tom_B:
(01:10 PM) jimbo_320:
is the 10,000 gonna hold hmm
(01:10 PM) Tom_B:
if good this is just the retr it needed
(01:11 PM) Tom_B:
Stp bken
(01:11 PM) Tom_B:
(01:12 PM) Tom_B:
94-95 supp
(01:12 PM) Tom_B:
actually a hair higher
(01:13 PM) ppusa:
i would like to see what the next hour high is going to be
(01:13 PM) tippet:
es kissback
(01:13 PM) ppusa:
sorry was working on a fish
(01:13 PM) Tom_B:
Save da fish 4 urself pp
(01:14 PM) Tom_B:
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
i have a nice one ready to go
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
sorry working on da fish
(01:15 PM) ppusa:
es barely holding up trendline
(01:16 PM) Tom_B:
hldng is hldng
(01:18 PM) ppusa:
going opposite nq
(01:19 PM) Wes89:
10,000 could hold Jimbo breath still Pos Uvol still leading down vol +14 adv still leading Decl and trin still bullish.
(01:20 PM) Tom_B:
(01:21 PM) ppusa:
what's wrong tom?
(01:21 PM) ppusa:
stop at b/e and kick it
(01:21 PM) Tom_B:
It's the time thing...getting a bit tight

(01:22 PM) Tom_B:
(01:24 PM) ppusa:
nq double top es dragging
(01:24 PM) Tom_B:
If we get thru 10 - 10.5 then 25-30 in da sights
(01:25 PM) ppusa:
nq had 2 9 point pullbacks so that is as good as a 10...basically just shows good consolidation
(01:25 PM) ppusa:
like you said holding is holding but es just dropped
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
es look out
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
lower high
(01:26 PM) Tom_B:
(01:26 PM) tippet:
3rd hump[?
(01:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
and short off it pp
(01:27 PM) tippet:
15min wedge gonna brk
(01:27 PM) ppusa:
yea es hit recent low
(01:28 PM) ppusa:
es gone thru
(01:29 PM) ppusa:
i have no idea what the eventual pattern will be but it does seem the market loves pullbacks
(01:29 PM) jimbo_320:
see if 10,000 holds this time
(01:30 PM) BrainStorm:
As is often the case when things are drifting Ive lost the plot!!
(01:31 PM) ppusa:
right here 5 min chart 20 bar ma
(01:31 PM) ppusa:
breaking it
(01:31 PM) Tom_B:
(01:31 PM) ppusa:
neck line 88 for double H&S 5 min
(01:31 PM) Buffy_04364:
1395.38 bos
(01:32 PM) BrainStorm:
does look quite double toppy in the short term
(01:33 PM) ppusa:
if i was short i would shoot for 10 point minimum which is still 94...after all that's what started this whole thing
(01:34 PM) ppusa:
that was 10.5 points but hasn't registered a reversal because the box size is 2 and works off even numbers
(01:34 PM) jimbo_320:
anyone buying the 10,000 pullback?
(01:35 PM) BrainStorm:
where you get filled tom ?
(01:35 PM) Tom_B:
shrt 6.5
(01:36 PM) Tom_B:
exited lngs 1400
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
new hour low?
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
10 reversed
(01:37 PM) Tom_B:
Key supp hre
(01:37 PM) tomsurf:
scalped a couple ES..will wait now
(01:37 PM) ppusa:
Tom i would not give this an inch
(01:38 PM) Tom_B:
1 .5 pts
(01:38 PM) tippet:
kissback to neckline of h&s from below
(01:39 PM) ppusa:
if this is a step?
(01:39 PM) tomsurf:
ES sittin on that big ole 15min ema
(01:39 PM) tippet:
below the trendline still
(01:40 PM) Tom_B:
1 pt risk
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
i guess
(01:41 PM) tippet:
cmon sox weakening
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
tighten to no risk
(01:42 PM) Tom_B:
b/e :)
(01:42 PM) BrainStorm:
nice tom
(01:42 PM) Buffy_04364:
1388 bos
(01:43 PM) tippet:
88.5 62%
(01:43 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:43 PM) BrainStorm:
88.5 is fib from a couple of todays waves
(01:43 PM) ppusa:
previous hour low was 89
(01:44 PM) BrainStorm:
a strugle today compared with yesterday (for me at least)
(01:45 PM) ppusa:
i question whether the high is in for this hour
(01:45 PM) tomsurf:
some days like that Brain....human in us gets in the way ;-)
(01:45 PM) ppusa:
aside from that the recent rally stopped dead at the BB i have on my 5 min chart
(01:46 PM) Buffy_04364:
tippet you are really good on those charts :-)
(01:46 PM) Tom_B:
so now wht ? :(
(01:46 PM) Tom_B:
y tippp vry helpful
(01:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
maybe another step?
(01:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
shelf whatever
(01:47 PM) tomsurf:
tip- I can read words all day and not have a clue...but a picture :-)
(01:47 PM) ppusa:
i think the hour high will get replaced
(01:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
pyra indicating might be pullback pp pnf say the same
(01:47 PM) tippet:
thanks tom ur giving me confid to take trigger
(01:47 PM) ppusa:
pullback which direction?
(01:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:48 PM) ppusa:
is nq going up or down?
(01:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
this should be either shelf or retracement
(01:48 PM) ppusa:
6 point says up
(01:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:48 PM) ppusa:
but it has a double bottom...tough call
(01:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
same here
(01:49 PM) sb17:
Buffy...you using the BLine today?
(01:49 PM) sb17:
If so, how's it going?
(01:49 PM) scorp:
(01:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
going well sb
(01:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
always the bline
(01:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
and pyra
(01:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
with price action
(01:49 PM) tippet:
sb chimp go short up there
(01:49 PM) scorp:
buffy not use the bline is like Mr Gann not using gann lines
(01:50 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:50 PM) Tom_B:
My stps b/e because the mkt will hve to prove itself but this , so far is NOT doing what a W:$ shd do...test yest highs ..if it fails it will be a big mve dwn
(01:50 PM) Tom_B:
(01:50 PM) ppusa:
before the open i figured today would be a wave 2 correction and a tough day of consolidation.
(01:50 PM) Buffy_04364:
it was a shelf
(01:51 PM) tippet:
(01:51 PM) scorp:
i guess there is a 2pm treasury report
(01:51 PM) BrainStorm:
buffy I know you did Bline stuff last w/e is there any text stuff anywhere ...couldnt see anything ?
(01:51 PM) Tom_B:
Got supp 85 area
(01:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:52 PM) Buffy_04364:
always in room to do bline :-)
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
lower bb here 5 min
(01:52 PM) sb17:
Buffy...is this revised?
(01:52 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
at this point i am thinking the HOD is in and no where to go but down
(01:53 PM) tippet:
79% 84
(01:53 PM) Tom_B:
pp, now wht ?
(01:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
1384.19 diag x
(01:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
1380.63 bos
(01:53 PM) Tom_B:
tnx tipp
(01:53 PM) scorp:
beautiful umbrella on 3M
(01:53 PM) ppusa:
Tom i have seen about 1/2 of this today...the other half yikes
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(01:54 PM) ppusa:
i suppose this is a cover here
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
6 point says bounce
(01:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
also triangle on hour chart so play the odds and cover??????
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
(01:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
higher volume but don't see an arc yet anyone else?
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
I'm slow
(01:55 PM) ppusa:
nice trades
(01:55 PM) Tom_B:
(01:55 PM) ppusa:
i cannot trade and watch........
(01:55 PM) BrainStorm:
good job tom
(01:56 PM) ppusa:
send me a Christmas present
(01:56 PM) Tom_B:
(01:56 PM) ppusa:
triangle on hour chart i assume everyone sees
(01:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
had not noticed pp
(01:57 PM) Buffy_04364:
(01:58 PM) ppusa:
i think this is going lower but i don't know when or from where
(01:58 PM) Buffy_04364:
LS again
(01:58 PM) tippet:
thanks pp focuse on rising wedge
(01:59 PM) tippet:
SOX gonna go test 520 area again hmmm
(01:59 PM) Buffy_04364:
filled 86.50
(01:59 PM) ppusa:
(01:59 PM) MarkCA:
Treasury Budget release momentarily
(01:59 PM) Tom_B:
85.5 big #
(02:00 PM) ppusa:
es still weak
(02:00 PM) ppusa:
kinda steep
(02:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks mark
(02:00 PM) Buffy_04364:
stop 87.50
(02:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
out -1
(02:01 PM) ppusa:
you know this is kinda just a test of the LOD
(02:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
think gong lower and yoru?
(02:01 PM) ppusa:
es jumping
(02:02 PM) Tom_B:
jmpng whre pp
(02:02 PM) Buffy_04364:
still respecting tos and no reanchor yet
(02:02 PM) tippet:
want to see sox break 520
(02:02 PM) tomsurf:
ES just a little bounce of 45min ema
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
same as nq
(02:02 PM) Buffy_04364:
will consider long if takes out tos
(02:02 PM) tippet:
still holding that area
(02:03 PM) tomsurf:
tip- sox is a soap opera today, lol
(02:03 PM) ppusa:
the situation is a lot of up bias and they just run everyone out
(02:03 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:03 PM) scorp:
(02:03 PM) ppusa:
everytime the market shows signs of a bottom the pickers jump in and they kill them
(02:03 PM) Tom_B:
(02:04 PM) Tom_B:
stp rev 85
(02:04 PM) Buffy_04364:
hasn't closed above tos
(02:04 PM) Tom_B:
Don't like it but it's that # that matters, imho
(02:06 PM) scorp:
(02:06 PM) BrainStorm:
would have liked to see this last pullback hold above 88 makes me bullish
(02:06 PM) Tom_B:
-4, shrt 85
(02:06 PM) Tom_B:
89 stp
(02:07 PM) Tom_B:
impatient unnec loss :(
(02:08 PM) ppusa:
there is a low bar close at 83.5 which might mean nothing
(02:08 PM) sb17:
Chimp system slow scalp
(02:08 PM) ppusa:
hour chart
(02:08 PM) sb17:
(02:08 PM) tomsurf:
SOX 520.8
(02:08 PM) ppusa:
looks like a completed sell off pattern??????????
(02:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
diag caught it so far
(02:09 PM) sb17:
looks like bottoming to me
(02:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:09 PM) ppusa:
taking as break...i can't help here
(02:09 PM) tippet:
519.15 yest lod sox
(02:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
divergences are there this time sb
(02:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
tradeable rally anyway or should be IMO
(02:10 PM) BrainStorm:
report out i presume ?
(02:11 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:11 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:13 PM) sb17:
buffy...what chart you trading? 55T?
(02:14 PM) scorp:
so where to?
(02:15 PM) qatwo:
top of triangle about 1399, but needs higher low first
(02:15 PM) Tom_B:
Wish i knew, still in big triangle
(02:16 PM) Tom_B:
hldng shrt...grrr
(02:16 PM) qatwo:
5m20, 15m20, 1m200 all about 1394
(02:17 PM) Tom_B:
Crummy but many roads point south need to get undr SWL to get going tho
(02:17 PM) tippet:
triangle on 60 seems to breaking ? is isit fake
(02:18 PM) ppusa:
es lower
(02:18 PM) tippet:
SOX going to test yest lod
(02:19 PM) BrainStorm:
traingle dint have enough touches for my liking
(02:19 PM) tippet:
someone call w/rumor of accting irreg on amat
(02:19 PM) Tom_B:
LOL, plse do
(02:21 PM) qatwo:
(02:22 PM) ppusa:
i had a couple good PnF 6 point signals today but the stuff inbetween.......if anyone could see through that....wow
(02:22 PM) tippet:
3 li?
(02:22 PM) qatwo:
3 little indians
(02:22 PM) ppusa:
6 point due here
(02:22 PM) ppusa:
wherever here is
(02:22 PM) sb17:
think we've bottomed here pretty much but would be nice to have a retest on ES
(02:23 PM) Tom_B:
GRRR, 88 TBStp
(02:23 PM) ppusa:
LL but frozen
(02:24 PM) ppusa:
i could have bot any of these dips and been in trouble
(02:24 PM) Tom_B:
It's gotta decide for the shrt trm now
(02:24 PM) ppusa:
new hour in 6 minutes
(02:24 PM) tippet:
for those that care Carpino has cycle low tomorrrow -mon
(02:25 PM) tomsurf:
tip- thx for info.
(02:25 PM) Tom_B:
y tip
(02:26 PM) Tom_B:
(02:27 PM) BrainStorm:
really shouldt look at depth of market...think it causes self doubt
(02:28 PM) Tom_B:
under 78 & the party might begin
(02:28 PM) Tom_B:
I hve enough trble just with nq, i watch it in a vacumn
(02:28 PM) tippet:
not shorting again till sox breaks
(02:30 PM) ppusa:
someone tell me which one of these lows is going to give me a 6 point bounce???
(02:30 PM) ppusa:
es leading up here
(02:31 PM) ppusa:
but still in channel
(02:31 PM) ppusa:
poking out??????
(02:31 PM) ppusa:
at the top now
(02:31 PM) ppusa:
(02:31 PM) BrainStorm:
looks pretty volatile on the 55t and 1 min...reminds me of how things used to play many many moons ago
(02:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
volume picking up
(02:32 PM) tippet:
jaws theme song here...dun dun dun dun..RULE of Many on 3min nq
(02:32 PM) sb17:
Buffy..please check my question?
(02:32 PM) tippet:
nervous shorts may get impatient and bale
(02:32 PM) ppusa:
es out
(02:32 PM) Tom_B:
(02:32 PM) ppusa:
6 point reversed
(02:33 PM) tippet:
got the rule of 4
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
rule of 4 there
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
(02:33 PM) Tom_B:
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
you beat me
(02:33 PM) ppusa:
new hour started and this is the high
(02:33 PM) tomsurf:
tip- true but think googs said best if 60mins or more
(02:34 PM) tomsurf:
in the forming that is
(02:34 PM) tippet:
i agree dont like it when it didnt take time to develop
(02:34 PM) p_8:
like yesterday
(02:34 PM) ppusa:
50 min ma on 1 here
(02:34 PM) tippet:
20 bar minimum she also said
(02:34 PM) tomsurf:
p8- yes- that was a beaut.
(02:35 PM) Tom_B:
If ur gonna buy might as well be at bot of tri
(02:35 PM) tippet:
have to go good luk y'all have a good one
(02:35 PM) tomsurf:
TomB-, lol true ;-)
(02:35 PM) tomsurf:
take care tip :-)
(02:35 PM) Tom_B:
Bye tipp, tnx
(02:36 PM) Buffy_04364:
byetippet and tks
(02:38 PM) Tom_B:
I misseed a supp calc arnd 82, dah... so, if this holds & we stay in tri (?) maybe 1400 ish or more if we bkout...gosh i don't know
(02:39 PM) Buffy_04364:
ib 4m
(02:41 PM) Tom_B:
Popping thru some dwntrnd lines
(02:42 PM) Buffy_04364:
trying to go through tos again too
(02:42 PM) BrainStorm:
flat again
(02:42 PM) Buffy_04364:
bounce off rising bline on 1m
(02:43 PM) Tom_B:
tnx Buffy
(02:43 PM) Buffy_04364:
nice increase in volume on that up bar
(02:44 PM) Buffy_04364:
trapped between 50 and 200 ema on 133T
(02:45 PM) Tom_B:
(02:45 PM) Buffy_04364:
wish that would of held
(02:46 PM) Buffy_04364:
never closed above tos
(02:46 PM) BrainStorm:
could should woulda maya flipped short
(02:46 PM) Tom_B:
(02:47 PM) BrainStorm:
still quite a lot of volatility in the short time frames
(02:47 PM) Tom_B:
_1 on lng shrt 83..
(02:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
tagged bos flat
(02:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
(02:48 PM) coyote_4: J
(02:48 PM) scorp:
that is so annoying
(02:49 PM) BrainStorm:
pm them
(02:49 PM) Tom_B:
SOme body ought to send this guy a dear coyote gram
(02:49 PM) tomsurf:
guy must be desperate
(02:49 PM) scorp:
i'm not an op/admin here; so i should let those guys decide what they want in the room
(02:49 PM) Tom_B:
Wud NEVER do buss with him
(02:50 PM) Tom_B:
bk at supp agn
(02:50 PM) Tom_B:
came off kinda hrd when we went up
(02:50 PM) BrainStorm:
stochastics on 1 min very clean
(02:52 PM) tomsurf:
SOX breaks lows
(02:52 PM) BrainStorm:
and nq
(02:52 PM) tomsurf:
a poke anyway
(02:52 PM) Tom_B:
whetting my appetitie to add
(02:53 PM) Tom_B:
(02:53 PM) BrainStorm:
was wiating for a pullback ...never one when you eant one
(02:53 PM) Tom_B:
I should wear a helmet
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(02:54 PM) BrainStorm:
aspestos underpants perhaps Tom ?
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
(02:55 PM) Rick_214:
(02:55 PM) BrainStorm:
wish this platform was easier to enter stop limit orders
(02:55 PM) Rick_214:
pp here for those that don't know
(02:55 PM) BrainStorm:
hows Ib for those ?
(02:56 PM) Rick_214:
anyone want to buy?
(02:57 PM) BrainStorm:
yeah out the money puts lol
(02:57 PM) Rick_214:
the BB i have on the 15
(02:57 PM) Rick_214:
hit the
(03:00 PM) stockGreat:
guys im going tyo make this simple
(03:00 PM) stockGreat:
wanna make 500% of the money you have now?
(03:00 PM) stockGreat:
well invest in EDG
(03:00 PM) stockGreat:
(03:00 PM) stockGreat:
make the money you deserver
(03:01 PM) stockGreat:
(03:01 PM) 9r:
(03:01 PM) stockGreat:
don't believe me look at the headlines
(03:01 PM) Tom_B:
Stock...we trade indxs hre
(03:01 PM) tomsurf:
thx stock- but Futures here
(03:01 PM) stockGreat:
he he he you will see
(03:01 PM) Tom_B:
1 st trgt hre 75
(03:01 PM) stockGreat:
don't buy it but keep track of it then kick you self for not investing
(03:01 PM) stockGreat:
(03:01 PM) Rick_214:
cwhat is EDG...a stock?
(03:02 PM) 9r:
he's hitting all the rooms
(03:02 PM) qatwo:
must be nice to get paid to promote garbage
(03:02 PM) Rick_214:
PnF doesn't look to bad here
(03:03 PM) oddplayer:
please close @ 1090
(03:03 PM) oddplayer:
as alway ....JSL
(03:04 PM) Tom_B:
If we get thru here then see u undr 40 some time soon
(03:04 PM) oddplayer:
hi tom
(03:04 PM) Tom_B:
(03:05 PM) Tom_B:
hi to Rick too
(03:05 PM) oddplayer:
I'll seel my csco..if it helps
(03:05 PM) oddplayer:
bye baby
(03:05 PM) Tom_B:
(03:06 PM) Tom_B:
71.5 is supp, grrr
(03:06 PM) oddplayer:
ger rabbit....I work the ES's
(03:06 PM) BrainStorm:
hmmm as the day goes on my plan goes further out the window
(03:07 PM) Tom_B:
75.5 TBstp
(03:07 PM) oddplayer:
(03:07 PM) oddplayer:
I need a dump starter
(03:07 PM) Tom_B:
(03:07 PM) Tom_B:
...maybe too tight ?
(03:08 PM) oddplayer:
1092 or below
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
got my reanchor
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364:
just don't know what bar
(03:09 PM) oddplayer:
hey....jesus is Lord today
(03:09 PM) Buffy_04364:
1506 so far
(03:09 PM) 9r:
just today?
(03:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
1373 bos
(03:10 PM) Tom_B:
if 71.5 goes will reshrt, Buffy u hve anything there ?
(03:10 PM) oddplayer:
next day I say the same
(03:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
1372 short ok too
(03:10 PM) Buffy_04364:
nothing for support tom
(03:11 PM) Buffy_04364:
1639.75 is diag x
(03:11 PM) oddplayer:
give me my clown hat
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
(03:11 PM) Buffy_04364:
1366 next bos
(03:12 PM) Tom_B:
(03:12 PM) oddplayer:
can they rally dump
(03:12 PM) oddplayer:
compx....dead today
(03:13 PM) Buffy_04364:
googles arc on 1m
(03:13 PM) Buffy_04364:
(03:13 PM) oddplayer:
hi buffy
(03:13 PM) Buffy_04364:
(03:13 PM) Tom_B:
GOt 66 as a pivot Buffy but hve Fib/Gann trgts at 36/37 so far but too late in day, imo
(03:14 PM) oddplayer:
show me 1090
(03:15 PM) tomsurf:
odd- why 1090?
(03:15 PM) oddplayer:
my target only
(03:15 PM) tomsurf:
yours or LT's?
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
doc david's
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
I just arived
(03:16 PM) tomsurf:
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
give me a fish
(03:16 PM) tomsurf:
odd- there ya go
(03:16 PM) oddplayer:
actually anything less than 1090
(03:17 PM) oddplayer:
and I smeile
(03:17 PM) oddplayer:
(03:17 PM) oddplayer:
I was so ....f'ed t'day without it
(03:18 PM) 9r:
without what?
(03:18 PM) oddplayer:
if you know him...you know L
(03:18 PM) Tom_B:
66, key pivot
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
(03:19 PM) oddplayer:
bye bye baby.....shouls set my buy syops at 1090
(03:20 PM) qatwo:
good call on yest low pp
(03:20 PM) Tom_B:
(03:20 PM) 9r:
pp is over at the profit pig room
(03:21 PM) jimbo_320:
this dow puppy wants to play :-)
(03:21 PM) oddplayer:
ARE you kidding ME?
(03:21 PM) Rick_214:
pp is here too
(03:21 PM) oddplayer:
I exited
(03:21 PM) Buffy_04364:
good reanchor now
(03:22 PM) tomsurf:
Thx Buffy :-)
(03:22 PM) oddplayer:
am happy for my day
(03:22 PM) Rick_214:
see it's me
(03:22 PM) jimbo_320:
shame i took my 1101 short out at 1095.5
(03:22 PM) scorp:
tomB, you added long or short
(03:22 PM) 9r:
gee no getting away from you pp/rick LOL
(03:23 PM) oddplayer:
Ok I'm not one to listen to...but WWJD
(03:23 PM) tomsurf:
pp- what's happening in pig room?
(03:23 PM) Rick_214:
they are watching
(03:23 PM) oddplayer:
noyhing believe me
(03:23 PM) scorp:
the pig is buying
(03:23 PM) Rick_214:
tried a buy and got stopped out
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(03:24 PM) Maverick-Trader:
and long again at 66
(03:24 PM) Buffy_04364:
same here rick for BE
(03:24 PM) oddplayer:
ok what chick wants a date?
(03:24 PM) Rick_214:
waiting to see 64.5 go
(03:24 PM) Rick_214:
if it doesn't will tomorrow
(03:25 PM) Tom_B:
added shrt scorp but vry hi risk hre
(03:25 PM) Buffy_04364:
your too far away from me I am sure oddplayer :-)
(03:25 PM) Buffy_04364:
this is acting almost like more downside
(03:25 PM) Buffy_04364:
pp your opinion or anyone else
(03:25 PM) Jack1110:
market is going to test the september lows
(03:25 PM) oddplayer:
I am FLAT now
(03:26 PM) oddplayer:
Just happy with the day
(03:26 PM) Rick_214:
lower but if you bought here sometime in the next 24 hours you could exit
(03:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
great glad a good one for you
(03:26 PM) Rick_214:
(03:26 PM) Rick_214:
i get sell signals on longer term PnF so the drop should be significant
(03:26 PM) Buffy_04364:
short just on not acting right
(03:27 PM) oddplayer:
maybe I'll trade more....need a rest
(03:27 PM) Buffy_04364:
will be divergence here but.........
(03:27 PM) jimbo_320:
9900 dow through like butter
(03:27 PM) Buffy_04364:
1362.31 diag x
(03:27 PM) Rick_214:
i don't expect it to happen in a few minutes but if the high oof the week is in>>>>>>
(03:27 PM) Tom_B:
Follwing dwn chnl
(03:27 PM) oddplayer:
if I turn on Pit floor can't here ur voices
(03:27 PM) Buffy_04364:
1358.75 bos
(03:28 PM) Buffy_04364:
we don't talk during market hours
(03:28 PM) Tom_B:
looking for 40ish :)...hopea, hopa...trailing stp
(03:28 PM) oddplayer:
oh...baby...we can't really see 1075
(03:28 PM) Buffy_04364:
out on tag of bos stalking
(03:29 PM) oddplayer:
I almost lost my weeks earnings....rhat's only why I stopped
(03:29 PM) Tom_B:
58 supp also
(03:29 PM) oddplayer:
up over 82% maybe 100% now
(03:29 PM) Buffy_04364:
flag maybe
(03:29 PM) jimbo_320:
9850 is 50% of yesterday late rally move
(03:30 PM) Buffy_04364:
or for real this time
(03:30 PM) oddplayer:
45's ....when I get my head on maybe I can trade again
(03:31 PM) Tom_B:
64.5 TBStp
(03:31 PM) oddplayer:
(03:31 PM) Buffy_04364:
guess a flag
(03:31 PM) Rick_214:
i have sell signals on all PnF so tomorrow will try to pick HOD and go short???
(03:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
or higher low
(03:32 PM) oddplayer:
there is no resistance
(03:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
this could get ugly
(03:32 PM) Tom_B:
It's a beautiful, ugly thing :)
(03:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
1355 diag x
(03:32 PM) oddplayer:
dear buffy
(03:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
1351.46 bos
(03:32 PM) Buffy_04364:
if this doesn't hold
(03:33 PM) Tom_B:
52-57 nxt supp hre then see u at 40
(03:33 PM) oddplayer:
this makes tomorrow good
(03:33 PM) oddplayer:
forget how much I've missed
(03:34 PM) p_8:
next daily target 40?
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
diag x held
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
so far
(03:34 PM) oddplayer:
bang abang....WHEN 1075 gives big time
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364:
rememberthat is bos in some other degreee
(03:35 PM) oddplayer:
if it walk like a duck
(03:35 PM) oddplayer:
was stopped out by a 1/4 points....glad I didn't set it
(03:36 PM) Buffy_04364:
was there news or something??
(03:36 PM) Buffy_04364:
diag not going to hold
(03:36 PM) oddplayer:
no darling....me myself and Iris
(03:36 PM) Rick_214:
sell signal on all PnF's
(03:37 PM) p_8:
volume just exploded
(03:37 PM) BrainStorm:
pretty relentless...arcing on most charts
(03:37 PM) Buffy_04364:
tks guys for input
(03:37 PM) oddplayer:
added a stoet
(03:38 PM) oddplayer:
(03:38 PM) Buffy_04364:
1.96 trinq
(03:38 PM) oddplayer:
what a sweet name
(03:38 PM) Tom_B:
50-51 nxt #
(03:38 PM) oddplayer:
(03:38 PM) oddplayer:
(03:38 PM) Buffy_04364:
another reanchor maybe this one will act right
(03:38 PM) BrainStorm:
trin 1.5 which many concider big time oversold
(03:38 PM) Rick_214:
should bounce
(03:39 PM) oddplayer:
no foget bounce....
(03:39 PM) oddplayer:
I'm flat though
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364:
1.91 for nq trin
(03:39 PM) BrainStorm:
now why was it it I dint hold hmmmm
(03:39 PM) Tom_B:
Big volitil hre
(03:39 PM) oddplayer:
right my 1090 was bad where was 1080
(03:40 PM) Tom_B:
slamming it
(03:40 PM) p_8:
it's a war right here
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364:
why didn't you reenter is the true ? isn't it brainstorm
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364:
took me a while to do that
(03:40 PM) Tom_B:
50 is the #
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364:
1351.46 has to hold
(03:40 PM) BrainStorm:
hmm looking for a scalp when the covering starts
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364:
no close belowit
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364:
(03:40 PM) scorp:
oddplayer, you play ES?
(03:41 PM) oddplayer:
(03:41 PM) scorp:
are you in a trade? if not, can I pm you?
(03:41 PM) Tom_B:
(03:41 PM) oddplayer:
I think more profit.....u cannnn I'm flat
(03:42 PM) Tom_B:
Looks like that 50was the #
(03:43 PM) Rick_214:
i just told profit pig pathetically oversold
(03:43 PM) Tom_B:
good news is it gives us a shot at 35-40 tomorrow
(03:43 PM) Rick_214:
it could come out ofhere
(03:44 PM) Rick_214:
daily chart looks better
(03:44 PM) Buffy_04364:
yes this reanchor acting right and had stoch divergence on 133T
(03:44 PM) p_8:
technically nq is toast, i think
(03:44 PM) Buffy_04364:
trinq falling and ticks nyse +
(03:44 PM) Rick_214:
5 days down daily not counting todat's true high
(03:45 PM) Buffy_04364:
should be higher low if this retraces
(03:45 PM) Rick_214:
i have sell signals on longer term and don't expect nq to go up but.......we will see tomorrow
(03:45 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy- that reanchor at 15:42 bar?
(03:46 PM) Buffy_04364:
(03:46 PM) Buffy_04364:
rsi moving up on 1542
(03:47 PM) Rick_214:
if this goes above 64??????
(03:47 PM) tomsurf:
k, thx so bar befow low.
(03:47 PM) Tom_B:
LKNG 4 shrt scalp
(03:47 PM) Buffy_04364:
trinq rising again
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364:
flat and watching
(03:48 PM) Tom_B:
64 is da #, agree
(03:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
1363.44 is dag cross now
(03:49 PM) Buffy_04364:
closs enough :-)
(03:49 PM) Tom_B:
(03:49 PM) oddplayer:
I was trading 4 contracts today...was happy to go below 1090
(03:50 PM) Tom_B:
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364:
not acting right again
(03:50 PM) Tom_B:
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364:
could be a shelf
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364:
we will see
(03:51 PM) Rick_214:
yesterday's low resis
(03:51 PM) Rick_214:
i could sure paint a bullish scenario but i am not going to
(03:51 PM) Buffy_04364:
nice chart of the daily
(03:51 PM) BrainStorm:
5 points of the covering
(03:52 PM) oddplayer:
I trade off resistance and support
(03:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
that is what pyra is in a way incorporating square of nine and time also
(03:53 PM) BrainStorm:
for a week following holiday w/e seems to be a fair bit of activity last couple of days
(03:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
true brainstorm
(03:53 PM) Buffy_04364:
is this the higher low
(03:54 PM) p_8:
or lower high?
(03:54 PM) oddplayer:
hello...why does america sell
(03:54 PM) Tom_B:
hung up in some supp hre
(03:54 PM) Buffy_04364:
flat and watching
(03:55 PM) Rick_214:
a close below 64 is bad news
(03:55 PM) Rick_214:
good news for shorts
(03:55 PM) Tom_B:
B/E Stp
(03:55 PM) Rick_214:
that sell at 1400.......wwwaahhhh
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
volume falling off on this retracement
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
but close to end of day too
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
no morefor me
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
didn't notice the time
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364:
coffee time
(03:56 PM) scorp:
there is something wrong when i can't make money on a day like today
(03:57 PM) Tom_B:
Tough day, I was beat up, by myself all morn
(03:57 PM) Rick_214:
scorp don't beat yourself up to bad
(03:58 PM) Rick_214:
there were some good signals
(03:58 PM) Tom_B:
If we take 50, ?? will spike
(03:58 PM) Rick_214:
we had plenty of waarning near HOD
(03:58 PM) scorp:
yes there were
(03:58 PM) oddplayer:
I was to lucky one...of course once again...lucky ducky
(03:59 PM) p_8:
bears still trying to catch a breath after that selling orgy and still tired...but keep selling
(03:59 PM) scorp:
but guys, i'm not making money; i really need to turn this around soon
(03:59 PM) oddplayer:
I made over 100% this week
(04:00 PM) scorp:
(04:00 PM) oddplayer:
and missed all the big action
(04:00 PM) oddplayer:
like yesterday
(04:00 PM) oddplayer:
only 4 points
(04:01 PM) Tom_B:
odd...u must be really good...y don't u help us all out & share ?
(04:01 PM) oddplayer:
today sets us up well for tomorrow
(04:01 PM) oddplayer:
I trade off support and resistance...
(04:01 PM) oddplayer:
and look at trend
(04:02 PM) p_8:
isn't everybody? lol
(04:03 PM) oddplayer:
Lookk....all have working for me is looking into the unknown
(04:03 PM) Tom_B:
trlng stp 55...wud like 35-40
(04:04 PM) oddplayer:
I set my limits for the week and was instructed not to
(04:05 PM) oddplayer:
so we'll see what happens tomorrow.....hopefully I'll gain some
(04:05 PM) scorp:
what does that mean?
(04:08 PM) Tom_B:
out 50 + 9.5
(04:08 PM) scorp:
nice one Tom
(04:09 PM) Tom_B:
tnx...turned this morning arnd...now I go to my second job see you all tomorrow & tnx for all the help
(04:09 PM) tomsurf:
take care Tom and congrats :-)
(04:09 PM) Tom_B:
(04:09 PM) p_8:
Great Job Tom_B, good day
(04:11 PM) oddplayer:
this is bleak for tomorrow
(04:11 PM) Rick_214:
hey tom
(04:11 PM) oddplayer:
1075 goes......watch out below
(04:11 PM) Rick_214:
where is Tom
(04:12 PM) Rick_214:
i have a very nice fish made
(04:12 PM) oddplayer:
painting the fence
(04:13 PM) Rick_214:
}}}<lllll'> for when he returns
(04:14 PM) Jack1110:
Anybody go to the New York trade show
(04:15 PM) p_8:
oddplayer, es doesn't look quite as bad as nq on daily chart, nq is really bleak
(04:16 PM) tomsurf:
market sitting on the enge of the abyss here it looks like.
(04:17 PM) jimbo_320:
wow what a day