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(09:15 AM) Tom_B:
On a slightly bigger picture...Yest was EOW:5:3 of a larger dwn wave which means we are going to go into a correction W:4 OR that was EOW:5 & we will start upmove... I hve no idea..
(09:16 AM) Tom_B:
Buffy uses Pyra & she is vry familiar wit that so she shld explain it to you.. I do notice that we get a lot of the same #'s so whatever wrks :)
(09:16 AM) Bob Cole:
(09:17 AM) Tom_B:
Either way I'm biased somewhat to the upside but have to give it some time to see a test or retrace or something to lean on...trnd still dwn so who really knows..
(09:17 AM) ppusa:
Tom i don't understand your EOW posts
(09:18 AM) Tom_B:
Wave counts pp EOW=End of Wave
(09:18 AM) ppusa:
(09:18 AM) tippet:
(09:18 AM) ppusa:
end of wave 5 of 3?
(09:18 AM) Tom_B:
EOW 5:3
(09:19 AM) Tom_B:
waves have 5 legs to them so it is the end of the last leg of the 5th wave within the 3rd wave
(09:19 AM) ppusa:
3rd from?
(09:19 AM) ppusa:
(09:20 AM) Tom_B:
(09:20 AM) Bob Cole:
GM ppusa
(09:20 AM) ppusa:
(09:20 AM) Tom_B:
1512 was a poss EOW:4 correction
(09:21 AM) ppusa:
i think hour chart suggests corrective wave 4
(09:21 AM) Tom_B:
Now in a W3 dwn W:3:5
(09:22 AM) Tom_B:
What is madening abt ELL is waves change based on time frame & perspective.. I base my wave counts a lot on mkt chacteristics... we've been in a W:3 dwn...impulsive, imho
(09:23 AM) Tom_B:
If I look at Daily it shows something else, but I don't trade Daily charts
(09:25 AM) biglargra:
Can anybody tell me why I would be getting bars on an ensign intraday chart that is set for day session only on the ES?
(09:25 AM) ppusa:
looking at daily i think lower low today but unsure
(09:25 AM) Tom_B:
That's why within the contxt of really not knowing until you've been there, I consider several possibilities EOW:5 which wud tie into ur w:$ eow:c oor eow 5:3 going into W;4 before contin dwn...
(09:26 AM) Tom_B:
ur w:4
(09:26 AM) ppusa:
w:$ eow:c oor eow 5:3??????
(09:26 AM) ppusa:
secret code?
(09:26 AM) biglargra:
Can anybody help me with an Ensign charting issue?
(09:26 AM) Tom_B:
pp..u might need to read a little on it...darn confusing until u get used to the lingo :)
(09:27 AM) ppusa:
i think i just don't understand your abbreviations
(09:27 AM) Tom_B:
BIl..right clk on chart & make sure day session is ckd
(09:28 AM) BrainStorm:
(09:28 AM) Tom_B:
I bet most others who r familiar with ell do...if it's not understandable I won't post it if it doesn't make sense
(09:29 AM) ppusa:
what is w:$
(09:29 AM) dave_b_quik:
g'morning all
(09:29 AM) Tom_B:
w:$ is typo for w:4
(09:29 AM) tomsurf:
morning dave :-)
(09:29 AM) Tom_B:
hi dave
(09:29 AM) biglargra:
Tom, not sure where that is by right clicking, but unde r set-up and mkt hrs, day session is checked
(09:29 AM) knight37:
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
big rt clk on individ chrt/properties...ck box day session
(09:30 AM) tippet:
if u look at the continuous nq chart we bounced off the expanded falling wedge lower trendline at lod yest (connect lows of12/20 & 2/08)
(09:30 AM) ppusa:
translation = end of wave corrective wave c or 5:3
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
w-h-a-t ?
(09:30 AM) Tom_B:
(09:31 AM) Bob Cole:
10-4 tippet
(09:31 AM) tippet:
bounce now to 50% fib offyest highs
(09:32 AM) tippet:
above the 20ema15 pretty diabolical to open above the ema
(09:32 AM) biglargra:
Tom, I have show DS only checked
(09:32 AM) ppusa:
i would like to see n q go above 7.5
(09:32 AM) tippet:
09.5 62%
(09:32 AM) Tom_B:
on individ chart ?
(09:33 AM) Tom_B:
res 14-15
(09:33 AM) tippet:
semi bto b better than expected last nt
(09:33 AM) tomsurf:
tip- thx for the info.
(09:33 AM) ppusa:
PnF 3 thru 15 could reverse soon down
(09:34 AM) tippet:
10 am leading econ indicators for jan?
(09:35 AM) Tom_B:
tnx tipp
(09:35 AM) tippet:
outside upper bb 5min
(09:35 AM) biglargra:
Tom, think dave just helped me....my time zone was incorrectly set.....but thank you!
(09:36 AM) Tom_B:
u welc :)
(09:36 AM) S and P:
1083.50 sell, stop mini s&p
(09:37 AM) ppusa:
(09:38 AM) ppusa:
25 and 30 point PnF could use a reversal so i would like to see a pb then another high then maybe down
(09:40 AM) S and P:
81.75 big sell o on daily chart matching lows
(09:41 AM) tomsurf:
SOX testing yest. low
(09:41 AM) tippet:
watching sox selling news? at yest low
(09:41 AM) tippet:
oops nice tom
(09:42 AM) ppusa:
6 point PB here
(09:43 AM) tippet:
need sox for any rally ... will short any pullback if weak
(09:43 AM) tippet:
sox take out yest lod
(09:43 AM) tomsurf:
tip- agree, sox is key to NQ
(09:44 AM) S and P:
1084.00 c/r sell mini s&p
(09:45 AM) tippet:
kissback to a downtrendline on nq 15min which we opened above ...
(09:46 AM) Buffy_04364:
morning all
(09:46 AM) dave_b_quik:
hi buffy
(09:46 AM) tomsurf:
morning Buffy
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
late start this morning
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364:
(09:47 AM) Bob Cole:
lost connection
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(09:47 AM) tippet:
at 62% yest low today hi
(09:48 AM) S and P:
87..25 prot stop target 78.00
(09:48 AM) tippet:
2pushes down 3rd to come?
(09:48 AM) ppusa:
support here is 20 bar ma on 5
(09:48 AM) Bob Cole:
made that 1393 Tom
(09:48 AM) Tom_B:
(09:48 AM) Tom_B:
was just looking at buying 90 but report shy
(09:49 AM) tippet:
backside bounce to 20ema15
(09:49 AM) Tom_B:
shd say 90ish :)
(09:50 AM) Tom_B:
not clt to me so PATIENCE..4 the moment
(09:50 AM) ppusa:
if you bought what would be your plan? are you looking for a new high or test or?
(09:50 AM) Tom_B:
not clr
(09:50 AM) ppusa:
(09:51 AM) Tom_B:
If it's good hre then 1455
(09:51 AM) ppusa:
daily's look bad but i could build a case for a lot of sideways
(09:51 AM) tippet:
holding above the downtrendline
(09:51 AM) S and P:
p[ossible trading range breakout becareful on long here
(09:52 AM) Tom_B:
thnk lng but i'll pay up 4 it...pioneers theory :)
(09:52 AM) tippet:
(09:52 AM) ppusa:
that pullback has reversed all the charts i was referring to earlier.
(09:53 AM) Tom_B:
Bob had the # so far
(09:53 AM) Bob Cole:
got 3 1/2 ... flat again
(09:54 AM) Tom_B:
(09:54 AM) Bob Cole:
need courage to hold
(09:54 AM) Tom_B:
(09:55 AM) Tom_B:
(09:55 AM) ppusa:
the only reason i like long is because on an intraday hour chart there is only pne up bar...not a compelling reason to jump in
(09:56 AM) Tom_B:
90 was da spot du jour
(09:56 AM) oddplayer:
cause of the gap up
(09:56 AM) ppusa:
yea where is it going?
(09:56 AM) S and P:
stop hit flat on short
(09:57 AM) oddplayer:
let it establish intraday high / low then trade
(09:57 AM) Tom_B:
1st res 1415
(09:57 AM) tippet:
number soon......12 20ema30
(09:57 AM) tomsurf:
humm....I see no mention of report at 10:00
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
i cold see a flag formation nuilt on the daily but more inclinded to think just gonna put in the HOD then down
(09:58 AM) ppusa:
nuilt = built
(09:58 AM) tippet:
have it on calendar from ATrader...will check briefing
(09:59 AM) S and P:
- 1.50 on last trade
(09:59 AM) tomsurf:
tip- not at briefing...unless I'm blind, which I am at times, lol
(09:59 AM) tippet:
dont see it either hmmm maybe Atrader got it wrong
(09:59 AM) oddplayer:
I set my resistance @ 1091
(10:00 AM) ppusa:
i have to decide what to do with the q's from yesterday
(10:00 AM) tippet:
62% from yest hod todays lod
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
this is 62% here?
(10:01 AM) S and P:
1083.50 saell stop
(10:01 AM) tippet:
y 09.5
(10:01 AM) ppusa:
thanks tip
(10:02 AM) ppusa:
i have buy signals on the 10, 12, 15 and don't expect a lot higher
(10:02 AM) BrainStorm:
this little pullback will tell a tale
(10:03 AM) oddplayer:
if it gives us a 4 point range, could be good to us
(10:03 AM) FrankT:
2m smax doing better than 3m this am
(10:03 AM) Tom_B:
BRB must reboot
(10:03 AM) S and P:
1085.25 c/r sell stop
(10:06 AM) ppusa:
so far done as i predicted - pullback and new high....would still like to see a little higher but struggling here
(10:07 AM) ppusa:
25 point PnF has reversed...30 reverses at 1420
(10:07 AM) jimbo_320:
morning all, auto trader going well so far, auto-trading - integration and time and sales looking good. Working on charts now
(10:07 AM) ppusa:
1420 seems like a long shot unless the report can move the market
(10:08 AM) tomsurf:
pp- reports are done
(10:08 AM) jimbo_320:
the proxy broker works as a great trainer
(10:08 AM) ppusa:
oh yea...sorry...guess we are on our own
(10:08 AM) jimbo_320:
for 10$ a month
(10:08 AM) ppusa:
hey jimbo
(10:09 AM) jimbo_320:
hi pp
(10:09 AM) jimbo_320:
trying it out today - trainer that is
(10:11 AM) Tom_B:
(10:12 AM) BrainStorm:
excelent jimbo
(10:12 AM) qatwo:
es above 15m20
(10:12 AM) ppusa:
indu +72
(10:12 AM) tippet:
starting to look like rising wedge on 3min
(10:13 AM) tippet:
brk coming???
(10:13 AM) BrainStorm:
123 bottoms in on 1 3 & 5 now
(10:13 AM) ppusa:
SP looks like it is taking a rest
(10:13 AM) jimbo_320:
posted chart to todays directory of trainer - no charts sorry
(10:14 AM) tippet:
2min smax sell?
(10:14 AM) BrainStorm:
shame we stopped at 62% rather than bounced off it
(10:14 AM) Tom_B:
SHRT scalp
(10:14 AM) tippet:
(10:15 AM) FrankT:
(10:15 AM) tippet:
did smax just sell
(10:15 AM) FrankT:
but too close to bb]
(10:15 AM) tippet:
(10:15 AM) ppusa:
1410 hit the 50 bar ma on the all sessions hour chart
(10:16 AM) S and P:
1086.00 c/r sell stop
(10:16 AM) Bob Cole:
short 14.2.5
(10:16 AM) Bob Cole:
something like that
(10:16 AM) S and P:
60 m/c still in owntrend
(10:17 AM) ppusa:
support here
(10:17 AM) tomsurf:
S and P what's m/c?
(10:17 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:18 AM) oddplayer:
minute chart
(10:18 AM) S and P:
min chart sorry
(10:18 AM) tomsurf:
(10:18 AM) S and P:
86.00 sell stop
(10:19 AM) Fabul:
ensign_1 do you know what todays topic will be
(10:19 AM) Bob Cole:
long 1401 scalp again
(10:19 AM) scorp:
there is somewhat of a RR pattern on NQ
(10:19 AM) Tom_B:
1403.5 TBStp
(10:19 AM) Buffy_04364:
been busy doing emails to Howard with clues on beta problems
(10:20 AM) Buffy_04364:
now maybe can focus on trading
(10:20 AM) ppusa:
that last push on es looks like a top is in
(10:20 AM) ppusa:
spikey top
(10:20 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:21 AM) tippet:
what tf scorp... wedge break valid
(10:21 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:21 AM) Tom_B:
Wud like to see LOD out, then shanges picyure
(10:22 AM) scorp:
3M the best, but also on 5M
(10:22 AM) scorp:
i am wondering if anyone agrees
(10:22 AM) S and P:
89.50 prot stop target 80..00
(10:22 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:23 AM) ppusa:
PnF doesn't look very good
(10:23 AM) S and P:
using the 15 m/c give one better idea what is really going on
(10:23 AM) Tom_B:
scorp on ?
(10:24 AM) S and P:
covering some here
(10:24 AM) Buffy_04364:
have channel as posted on 133T
(10:25 AM) S and P:
1087.25 c/r prot stop on rest
(10:25 AM) oddplayer:
you mean the Trend of market...S & P ? with 15m or 60m charts
(10:26 AM) oddplayer:
techinical bounce today....we'll see how much gas it has
(10:26 AM) tippet:
liking this wedge pattern brk
(10:26 AM) Bob Cole:
there ya go tom
(10:26 AM) S and P:
82.50 new terget no 1 will get out of some there too
(10:26 AM) Buffy_04364:
1389.86 bos
(10:26 AM) Buffy_04364:
1393.54 tos
(10:27 AM) S and P:
c/r stops moving to 86.00 break even entry no
(10:28 AM) ppusa:
waiting to see how the hour chart shapes up
(10:28 AM) Bob Cole:
(10:28 AM) tippet:
got target bse of wedge on 3min.. bigger one on 5 min-target bse yest lod..if it were to work
(10:29 AM) S and P:
81.50 big no. if broken 60 m/cv
(10:29 AM) 9r:
good morning
(10:29 AM) Buffy_04364:
1382.50 is another bos
(10:30 AM) Buffy_04364:
(10:30 AM) tippet:
hmmm recent low at 62% today hi - yest lod
(10:31 AM) 9r:
looking for a buy at 1390.... to hold rest of the day..maybe :)
(10:31 AM) S and P:
if stays in trading range buy ok but possible downside breakout makes it a very dangerous trad if breakout does occur
(10:32 AM) tippet:
Z day up down for retest? up later maybe
(10:33 AM) S and P:
stops on shorts still at 86.00
(10:33 AM) Tom_B:
take out 89 with any conviction then this was just a hiccup in dwn trnd
(10:33 AM) tippet:
5min wedge working ...79% 1387
(10:33 AM) S and P:
next target82
(10:33 AM) Tom_B:
supp right rnd hre
(10:34 AM) tippet:
yup hit 71% 9.5
(10:34 AM) Tom_B:
to ttmar or hld ? Grrr
(10:34 AM) S and P:
1083.00 are big sell no on 60 m/c watch it closely
(10:34 AM) 9r:
long 1390 :)
(10:34 AM) tippet:
internals? trin tick???
(10:35 AM) Buffy_04364:
trinq .94
(10:35 AM) Buffy_04364:
tick-13 nyse
(10:36 AM) 9r:
stop at b/e
(10:36 AM) ppusa:
i believe that top was to definitive and yesterday's low will go
(10:36 AM) 9r:
(10:37 AM) ppusa:
if it was a sloppy top i wouldn't feel this way
(10:37 AM) S and P:
stop holding so far at 66
(10:37 AM) S and P:
86 sorry
(10:37 AM) Bob Cole:
ya buying tom?
(10:38 AM) S and P:
83.50 could take it down out of the trading range
(10:38 AM) tippet:
sox still selling anyone see buy diver here i dont
(10:38 AM) Tom_B:
hldng shrt but watchng hre, 4 a ttmar
(10:38 AM) S and P:
82 first target
(10:38 AM) tippet:
(10:39 AM) S and P:
prot stop at entry 86
(10:39 AM) oddplayer:
I want em to save this for the afternoon
(10:39 AM) Tom_B:
I'll take 75-6
(10:41 AM) S and P:
cashing more at 82.00 area now
(10:41 AM) S and P:
(10:42 AM) Tom_B:
Hrd to imagine they won't take this low
(10:42 AM) S and P:
remaing two stops at 86.00 trailing high of 15 m/c high last bar
(10:42 AM) Tom_B:
yest l
(10:42 AM) Buffy_04364:
low breaks TL on 60M
(10:43 AM) tippet:
daily nq continuos lower wedge line is67.5
(10:43 AM) S and P:
78 still target if stop at 86 holds
(10:43 AM) Buffy_04364:
1378.86 bos
(10:44 AM) ppusa:
wake me
(10:44 AM) Buffy_04364:
1.12 trinq
(10:44 AM) scorp:
pp, you long, short, or waiting?
(10:44 AM) ppusa:
(10:45 AM) ppusa:
the opportunity i saw was shorting when the SP topped and i missed it
(10:45 AM) Tom_B:
Going to get a decent rotation, grrr
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
this low is a decent low
(10:46 AM) Tom_B:
might get lkd into a trge hre ??
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
i could see it holding awhile
(10:46 AM) ppusa:
weekly chart and PnF is keeping me overly bearish
(10:47 AM) ppusa:
i am still hoping for a clean buy signal on the 5 and 15 maybe later
(10:47 AM) S and P:
5th hit of downtrend line 30m/c from 13:30 high on 2/14 trend still in tact for now down
(10:47 AM) BrainStorm:
200 day ema just about intact
(10:48 AM) S and P:
real support at 77.00 area lows of 2/6 30 m/c lows of 2/7 and 2/8 too 30m/c
(10:49 AM) ppusa:
what is intact?
(10:49 AM) S and P:
down trend line longer time frame 30 m/c from connecting highs from 2/14 down to now
(10:50 AM) BrainStorm:
nas 200day ema price sitting on it
(10:50 AM) scorp:
2M SMAX making me cry
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
Brain nas is below the 200 on every chart i have
(10:51 AM) scorp:
its up like 35 points; oy
(10:51 AM) Tom_B:
TBStp 98, GRRR
(10:51 AM) qatwo:
have daily 200 nas at about 1690
(10:51 AM) ppusa:
this is the high for this hour
(10:52 AM) ppusa:
post it
(10:52 AM) Tom_B:
Gotta do somethng abt riding this all the way bk up :(
(10:52 AM) ppusa:
not even close according to my junk
(10:53 AM) 9r:
scorp, why crying?
(10:53 AM) scorp:
because SMAX doing well and I didn't trade it
(10:53 AM) BrainStorm:
thats odd pp I have it penetrating but correcting above...possibly screwy cause ensign plotted presidents day (I added it as a holiday after the fact)
(10:53 AM) 9r:
(10:53 AM) ppusa:
1 day doesn't matter
(10:53 AM) S and P:
stop hit on last tweo flat now
(10:54 AM) Tom_B:
stp out...+4.5
(10:54 AM) S and P:
83.50 sellstop NOW
(10:54 AM) ppusa:
someone post that 200 daily so i can look??????
(10:54 AM) qatwo:
(10:55 AM) oddplayer:
0 trades today...hoping for 1088 to short
(10:55 AM) tippet:
200 on what
(10:55 AM) qatwo:
(10:55 AM) S and P:
(10:55 AM) tippet:
daily what?
(10:56 AM) qatwo:
(10:56 AM) qatwo:
200 ma on daily nas
(10:56 AM) Tom_B:
(10:56 AM) ppusa:
to many abbreviations, conflicting info ...can't follow ... can't thinl
(10:56 AM) tippet:
(10:57 AM) tippet:
up in stratosphere
(10:57 AM) Tom_B:
shrt 94
(10:57 AM) qatwo:
ndx not compx
(10:57 AM) tippet:
1590 ndx
(10:57 AM) ppusa:
agree tippet
(10:58 AM) shoog_17:
(10:58 AM) BrainStorm:
hmmm trying to delete the bar I have for presidents day
(10:58 AM) Bob Cole:
easy for you to say
(10:58 AM) ppusa:
shoog hang on a second
(10:58 AM) ppusa:
i have a present for you
(10:58 AM) ppusa:
(10:58 AM) ppusa:
(10:58 AM) S and P:
well enjoyed it folks wore out my welcome
(10:58 AM) tippet:
SOX trying to hold/break downtrendline on 5min
(10:59 AM) tomsurf:
S and P ???
(11:00 AM) Tom_B:
Don't see anyhting worn ovr hre
(11:00 AM) oddplayer:
guess the comment about abbrev's and conflicting statements got to him
(11:00 AM) Tom_B:
Most of us do it frm time to time :)
(11:00 AM) ppusa:
sorry ... guess i need to own up to that one
(11:01 AM) Tom_B:
I just let my trdng get to me :)
(11:01 AM) tippet:
SOX could be setting up h & s (right shoulder)
(11:01 AM) ppusa:
drives me nuts when get distracted
(11:01 AM) ppusa:
back to trading
(11:01 AM) Tom_B:
Tiip, H&S bot ?
(11:01 AM) oddplayer:
I'm not rading till after 1:30, unless the lunch-bunch starts buying, may follow them
(11:02 AM) tippet:
bottom? SOX has been holding better than almost any index ...
(11:03 AM) tippet:
in short term agree looks oversold but bigger picture we could seee a nice swoon
(11:03 AM) Tom_B:
I can't look at more than 1 thing..I figure evrythng is right hre, reflected in NQ.. :)
(11:03 AM) Tom_B:
HLdng Shrt
(11:04 AM) oddplayer:
bigger picture...downtrend since 01/07
(11:05 AM) tippet:
1/09 high and sept low SOX hasnt even retraced 38%
(11:06 AM) ppusa:
SOX interesting. could break huge either way
(11:07 AM) oddplayer:
come on hold....
(11:07 AM) tippet:
like your short tom
(11:07 AM) oddplayer:
save it for later today
(11:08 AM) ppusa:
SP new low
(11:08 AM) oddplayer:
77 is the stronghold
(11:08 AM) Tom_B:
p...this is supp hre
(11:08 AM) tomsurf:
geez- the one guy focusing on the SP and we lose him :-(
(11:08 AM) Tom_B:
tnx tip..of coure profits wud be nice too
(11:09 AM) oddplayer:
I want a short from 1088....will wait and hope
(11:10 AM) tippet:
SOX lod
(11:10 AM) oddplayer:
they should support this, this early
(11:10 AM) Tom_B:
odd..they may step aside too..
(11:10 AM) tippet:
gapped it up to sucker everyone in on b to b news
(11:10 AM) ppusa:
they sure are messing with Tom
(11:11 AM) Tom_B:
y...but i'm shrt
(11:11 AM) 9r:
LL 1381.50
(11:11 AM) Tom_B:
Thing bout ELL is u need to put it in contxt of mkt and its just possible tracks to me
(11:11 AM) ppusa:
81 yesterday's low?
(11:12 AM) scorp:
ES at yesterdays low
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364:
1.37 trinq
(11:12 AM) Tom_B:
tnx scorp
(11:12 AM) qatwo:
y 81
(11:12 AM) oddplayer:
Tom...that sounds like me, saying they stand aside and wait for their day
(11:12 AM) tippet:
tame trin
(11:13 AM) oddplayer:
ok setting sell @ 1085.5
(11:14 AM) ppusa:
gotta go lower....just trying to wear Toom out
(11:14 AM) Tom_B:
if we pop this Low then yikes
(11:14 AM) oddplayer:
gotta walk the dog...brb
(11:14 AM) ppusa:
nap here brb
(11:15 AM) tippet:
have buy diver here not taking it though
(11:15 AM) Tom_B:
Gotta gett btr at either ttmar or my stps my stp on orig shrt frm 1402 was 98, HI OF RETRACE, GRRR
(11:17 AM) Tom_B:
resld 94 but grabbing $ wud hve been nice 4 reshrt... NEED HLP !!
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(11:17 AM) goldseller_1:
i am looking for ppls interested in gold jewellery trade
(11:18 AM) Tom_B:
Gold we trde STK MKT here
(11:19 AM) goldseller_1:
(11:19 AM) tippet:
Tom B can u put me on your buddy list
(11:19 AM) Tom_B:
(11:19 AM) Tom_B:
critical hre
(11:21 AM) Tom_B:
coming u with some weird trgts 74-75 & then 65
(11:21 AM) sb17:
hi all
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364:
hi sb
(11:21 AM) Tom_B:
hi sb
(11:21 AM) Tom_B:
tipp just wait a min
(11:22 AM) tomsurf:
TomB - nothing weird about 1375 ;-)
(11:22 AM) Tom_B:
it's the 65
(11:22 AM) tomsurf:
1360 is today's s2 pivot number
(11:23 AM) tippet:
daily lower wedge line on contin nq is 68.5 ish
(11:23 AM) Tom_B:
(11:23 AM) Tom_B:
(11:24 AM) 9r:
got long 81.50
(11:24 AM) Tom_B:
can't let it take though, still NEG on mkt
(11:24 AM) tippet:
we just hit the 127% of fib off recent daily swing hi ... an initial google target from yest i was told
(11:25 AM) sb17:
9r..you trading ES?
(11:25 AM) 9r:
no nq
(11:25 AM) Tom_B:
ok tipp
(11:25 AM) Laura-28:
9r what r u trading
(11:26 AM) Laura-28:
k thanks
(11:26 AM) Laura-28:
anyone here trading the
(11:26 AM) Laura-28:
(11:26 AM) sb17:
i'm trading ES
(11:26 AM) tomsurf:
Laura- at times
(11:27 AM) Laura-28:
k what indexes do u follow
(11:27 AM) Laura-28:
i follow the indu and compx
(11:27 AM) p_8:
trade es at times when it has more orderly pattern than nq
(11:28 AM) oddplayer:
I follow the ES charts and the A / D line.....setting up support and resistance levels to trade off of
(11:28 AM) tippet:
anyone comf with gartleys we are at 162% off top from the 9:50 swing low..
(11:28 AM) Laura-28:
thanks player
(11:28 AM) qatwo:
some trade es most trade nq
(11:30 AM) tomsurf:
looking good sb
(11:31 AM) tomsurf:
opps- meant 9r
(11:31 AM) oddplayer:
laura...I also listen to SP calls from the pit...I determine strength of push from that
(11:31 AM) Laura-28:
(11:32 AM) oddplayer:
looking for short from 1085.5 right now
(11:33 AM) Tom_B:
I might be sniffing the lng side but res hre 91 ish
(11:34 AM) Laura-28:
i am long es at 81 guess i need to be careful
(11:34 AM) Buffy_04364:
1.21 trinq
(11:36 AM) oddplayer:
resistance is 1088 excluding down trend adjustment
(11:36 AM) Tom_B:
Buffy, hw does Pyra look off this Low ?
(11:37 AM) sb17:
ES...still think we might see a bounce...maybe in the pm
(11:37 AM) 9r:
sold one 86.50 +5.....2nd @ b/e
(11:39 AM) Tom_B:
This was a sell hre at 89 but getting diverg on 15m
(11:39 AM) Tom_B:
so this is a pbk to watch
(11:40 AM) scorp:
when were we suppose to wake pp
(11:40 AM) scorp:
(11:40 AM) oddplayer:
the market plays chicken all day hoping to get their best prices....
(11:40 AM) Tom_B:
cud still get to 75 OR...
(11:41 AM) ppusa:
WARNING nq is very close to getting the 5 and 15 buy signal i have been ranting about
(11:41 AM) Tom_B:
Don't like picking bottoms BUTWe've held yest Band so far
(11:41 AM) qatwo:
pos ro4 on 3m nq, tar 1398 or 1407 not sure I believe it
(11:41 AM) scorp:
possible continuation long on SMAX 2M
(11:41 AM) ppusa:
i don't think it will happen from this leg as it looks a little over bought but looks close
(11:42 AM) scorp:
(11:42 AM) scorp:
bline bounce on 2M?
(11:42 AM) oddplayer:
could be Tom....not acting like many buyers....I want to see the direction at lunch
(11:43 AM) Tom_B:
if this last little SWL holds on 1m I might go for it
(11:44 AM) Tom_B:
Prefer to see test in lrgr TFrme though
(11:45 AM) Tom_B:
I'm going t practice PATIENCE
(11:46 AM) ppusa:
Tom only suggestion i have is when you exit re-enter and stay wioth the trend
(11:46 AM) tippet:
watching 3min for rule of 4
(11:46 AM) oddplayer:
0 trades...0 gain
(11:47 AM) ppusa:
i think you tend to get out and then get back in worse off area
(11:48 AM) Tom_B:
It's a stp issue saw retrace coming this morn...let 12 pts get away & stpd at high of rotation... can't quantify whether ttmar or hld a postion
(11:48 AM) 9r:
little triangle
(11:49 AM) ppusa:
what time frame are you watching Tom?
(11:49 AM) 9r:
tom_b if your entries are good , trade 2 and do both
(11:49 AM) tomsurf:
tip- you counting 3 hits so far on ro4?
(11:50 AM) tippet:
weird im seeing plenty hits on 3min with poss brek here coming but on 144t line is higher
(11:50 AM) Tom_B:
9r that really wud be the solution...right now all or nothing
(11:50 AM) Tom_B:
pp..30, 15,5,3,1
(11:51 AM) BrainStorm:
indicators like Avergae True Range (ATR) can help give confidence in a position Tom
(11:51 AM) BrainStorm:
has worked well in the past for me
(11:51 AM) ppusa:
you can't see the overextensions on the 1 minute?
(11:51 AM) Tom_B:
lng scalp hre
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:52 AM) tippet:
brk of 3min on crappy volume
(11:52 AM) scorp:
volume is a problem
(11:52 AM) ppusa:
nq is flirting with the 20 ma on the 5
(11:52 AM) tippet:
144t rule of 4 looks valid on brek of 90
(11:52 AM) ppusa:
now above it
(11:53 AM) ppusa:
this is the high of this hour
(11:53 AM) oddplayer:
looks like we may get a lunch run up....lets see where they buy to
(11:53 AM) ppusa:
this may be the end
(11:54 AM) oddplayer:
not yet
(11:54 AM) ppusa:
i think it is fwiw
(11:55 AM) scorp:
i appreciate that pp; helped me save a trade
(11:55 AM) BrainStorm:
5 min made a higher low just struggling to put in a higher high now
(11:55 AM) ppusa:
oddplayer in this room you find out very quickly who's your daddy
(11:55 AM) oddplayer:
(11:55 AM) 9r:
the end of what?
(11:55 AM) ppusa:
the end of this little correction
(11:56 AM) ppusa:
new low around the corner?
(11:56 AM) oddplayer:
I just think the buyers are fool enough, or instructed to buy this some more
(11:57 AM) oddplayer:
I hope for a selloff myself
(11:57 AM) ppusa:
if this does go any higher it seems like it would be breaking a downtrend line
(11:57 AM) tippet:
144 t poss rule of 4 failure
(11:57 AM) Tom_B:
(11:57 AM) oddplayer:
breaks M/A
(11:57 AM) ppusa:
but this high is not only the high of this hour but was hitting 20 bar ma resis on the 15
(11:57 AM) Tom_B:
(11:58 AM) Tom_B:
chart on 144t posted
(11:58 AM) sb17:
Buffy...do you trade off of Pyra?
(11:59 AM) ppusa:
okay draw trendline off 1410 and 1389 highs
(12:00 PM) Tom_B:
still getting that 75-76
(12:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
I use it for exits many times sb
(12:01 PM) Tom_B:
I don't get my #'s frm pivots but when they tie in with a pivot..that's my trgt
(12:01 PM) 9r:
flat on 2nd
(12:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
leaving now back about 6PM
(12:01 PM) Buffy_04364:
enjoy the day guys
(12:01 PM) Tom_B:
BYe Buffy
(12:01 PM) 9r:
bye buffy
(12:01 PM) p_8:
bye buffy
(12:01 PM) BrainStorm:
I have trendline through 1410 and 1398 results in much the same
(12:02 PM) ppusa:
did everyone who wants to draw the trendline i mentioned?
(12:02 PM) BrainStorm:
same but different :-)
(12:02 PM) BrainStorm:
short from the strong push back down through it
(12:03 PM) BrainStorm:
out for a scalp
(12:03 PM) ppusa:
leg and arc
(12:04 PM) ppusa:
now if 1389 was a cycle high then the next cycle should not occur for awhile
(12:04 PM) tippet:
Carpino has cycle lows fri-mon
(12:05 PM) squalo_1: http://www.analisti.org/~fast/fast.htm
(12:05 PM) squalo_1: http://www.analisti.org/~fast/fast.htm
(12:06 PM) sb17:
Chimp would be doing well today
(12:07 PM) Mavrick99:
anyone trading Chimp in here?
(12:07 PM) sb17:
nice cough pp
(12:07 PM) sb17:
(12:07 PM) ppusa:
(12:07 PM) ppusa:
mic was on
(12:07 PM) ppusa:
glad i didn't do something else
(12:08 PM) BrainStorm:
hehe asleep on the <cnrl> key ?
(12:08 PM) scorp:
2M smax doing ok; i need to trust
(12:08 PM) sb17:
scorp do you use 2M as large time for SMAX regularly?
(12:09 PM) 9r:
tippet which fri-mon?
(12:09 PM) scorp:
jimmer liked 2M for SMAX
(12:09 PM) FrankT:
2m doig well today- not as well as 3m on Tues
(12:09 PM) scorp:
so i have been watching it
(12:09 PM) scorp:
i use it to guide my trading
(12:09 PM) BrainStorm:
what has become of jimmer btw ?
(12:09 PM) scorp:
he has moved on
(12:09 PM) BrainStorm:
thats a shame
(12:09 PM) sb17:
i've been using 3, but considering 2M...wondering how others view it
(12:10 PM) oddplayer:
I use 2m/5m
(12:10 PM) FrankT:
I like the 3 with the 1 for early entries
(12:10 PM) scorp:
i also have the 1M up too
(12:10 PM) sb17:
With 2M, do you take crossovers or wait for a retracment?
(12:10 PM) scorp:
on 1M i have citizens envelope up
(12:11 PM) FrankT:
!m often has good exits for 3m
(12:11 PM) FrankT:
(12:11 PM) scorp:
i like retracements
(12:11 PM) scorp:
i think it is something you have to get use to and feel
(12:12 PM) ppusa:
interesting if that was a leg and an arc?
(12:12 PM) tippet:
we are soooo close to lower wedgeline on daily continuous nq
(12:12 PM) tippet:
1pt +/-
(12:13 PM) ppusa:
and if one drew a trendline from 1410 thru 1398 instead of 89...then this low retraced to this broken trendline
(12:13 PM) BrainStorm:
another of topic question did DB move on too ?
(12:13 PM) BrainStorm:
indeed pp
(12:13 PM) ppusa:
i have seen db in different places
(12:14 PM) BrainStorm:
does he hang ouit in other rooms too ?
(12:14 PM) BrainStorm:
seem to rember something about him having paltalk problems
(12:14 PM) scorp:
where is DanielX?
(12:14 PM) ppusa:
i think nq is going to see 1300
(12:15 PM) ppusa:
dan is offline
(12:16 PM) tippet:
any decent bounce before your target is hit pp
(12:16 PM) BrainStorm:
cant see an awful lot to make the market go up....re-read trader vics chapters on macro economics money supply etc. very interesting
(12:17 PM) ppusa:
if today doesn't turn around and 1410 was a major cycle high like a wave 4 high then nq is going a lot lower
(12:18 PM) ppusa:
it looks like 1410 was the first touch to the ma which usually occurs in the first half of the move
(12:19 PM) Tom_B:
pp, looks like we're still in W:5:3
(12:19 PM) Tom_B:
or 3 of 5 of 3, can't tell
(12:20 PM) ppusa:
whatever it is i don't like loong
(12:20 PM) Tom_B:
Me neither
(12:20 PM) scorp:
is anyone short? because i feel silly for missing this
(12:20 PM) ppusa:
same here
(12:20 PM) tippet:
on the lower trendline now and it doesnt look good sox selling still
(12:21 PM) BrainStorm:
no scorp though managed to get reasonable chunks out of the first 2 down swings
(12:21 PM) ppusa:
i have to say PnF looks like it is ready to bounce but the trend is steep down and determines whether this will happen... not PnF determining the trend.
(12:21 PM) BrainStorm:
trying to find some criteria to give me confidencet to hold through the corrections
(12:22 PM) Tom_B:
(12:22 PM) scorp:
brain, i think that is a common issue here
(12:22 PM) ppusa:
i better not say anything because PnF thnks this is a bottom
(12:23 PM) Tom_B:
Brain...prob only solution is multiple contracts... i think s8 & others hve sugg it...no body knows if a retrace is trnd rev or what so...
(12:23 PM) BrainStorm:
to be honest Id rather pay the broker but be 'safe'
(12:24 PM) BrainStorm:
(of course you give up a fair old chunk of the move too)
(12:24 PM) oddplayer:
no hint of support
(12:25 PM) BrainStorm:
of course a correction is an ideal place to add a contract
(12:25 PM) Tom_B:
Brain with mulktiple you get the sure $ & then trail for a trnd trde...prob best is 3 lot but that's beyond me for the moment
(12:25 PM) sb17:
those who use 1M Citizen..do you use it for exits, entries, both?
(12:25 PM) tippet:
wedge breaking
(12:26 PM) tippet:
as p8 says watch for manhole
(12:26 PM) oddplayer:
gonna give up new low for 2002 on the SP minis soon
(12:26 PM) Tom_B:
I hve a 65 supp # hre...hve no idea what it's signifig is, if any
(12:26 PM) ppusa:
es looks oversold
(12:26 PM) tippet:
btw manhole is fake break
(12:27 PM) ppusa:
i said earlier high 60's...who wants to be first
(12:27 PM) Tom_B:
Be right behind u pp
(12:27 PM) BrainStorm:
same as yesterday this is a prety classic down trend with tretraces to the 20ema on the 5 so easy with hindsight of course
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(12:28 PM) ppusa:
that's exactly what i saw at 89
(12:28 PM) ppusa:
shoulda woulda coulda
(12:29 PM) sb17:
ES wants to test inter-day low
(12:29 PM) ppusa:
(12:30 PM) tomsurf:
sb- what low is that?
(12:30 PM) ppusa:
stop at 66.5
(12:30 PM) tippet:
(12:30 PM) tippet:
trin hod
(12:31 PM) oddplayer:
flat +4
(12:31 PM) ppusa:
out -1
(12:31 PM) ppusa:
had to try
(12:31 PM) tippet:
SOX lod
(12:31 PM) sb17:
ES 75.50
(12:32 PM) Tom_B:
Bottom picker get smelly fingers
(12:32 PM) oddplayer:
new territory on ES
(12:33 PM) FrankT:
smax 20 pt rules
(12:33 PM) ppusa:
(12:33 PM) BrainStorm:
refresh my memory on that Frank ? no new position after a 20 point move in same direction or something like that ?
(12:34 PM) ppusa:
no counter trend move
(12:34 PM) Tom_B:
Doing some number crunching hre..today's hi as pp said is a W:4 of this wave 3 dwn
(12:34 PM) FrankT:
yes unless retraces more than 6 3m bars or HL
(12:34 PM) sb17:
oddplayer...not new territory on ES
(12:34 PM) p_8:
pp, or anyone, is ro4 for short the same as for long?
(12:34 PM) sb17:
a little poke through doesn't count as a break in support
(12:34 PM) sb17:
on ES
(12:35 PM) ppusa:
PnF thinks that's a low
(12:35 PM) ppusa:
or darn close
(12:35 PM) Tom_B:
(12:35 PM) Tom_B:
65 my #
(12:35 PM) BrainStorm:
p_8 I believe Ro4 is only for getting long...3 hills for short
(12:35 PM) oddplayer:
I showed 1075.5 low for 2002
(12:35 PM) p_8:
thanks brainstorm..
(12:35 PM) BrainStorm:
noy suire though so check :)
(12:35 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- that is correct
(12:35 PM) BrainStorm:
not sure that is
(12:36 PM) ppusa:
ro4 applies to shorts too
(12:36 PM) p_8:
(12:36 PM) ppusa:
any trendline
(12:36 PM) tomsurf:
pp- no it doesn't
(12:36 PM) Tom_B:
going to wait 4 a retrace & might try it but DEFINITELY swimming upstream
(12:36 PM) tomsurf:
check out Mondays transcript
(12:36 PM) p_8:
do u think there is a potential ro4 short for hourly ES chart, pp?
(12:37 PM) Tom_B:
RO4 long only
(12:37 PM) alan123:
what is ro?
(12:38 PM) tomsurf:
ro= rule of 4
(12:38 PM) p_8:
looks like ro4 is for long is the majority opinion .. thx
(12:38 PM) alan123:
(12:38 PM) tomsurf:
p_8...no majority- it just is. Discussed per googs on Monday. ;-)
(12:38 PM) ppusa:
i have seen ro4 for short entry
(12:39 PM) ppusa:
i have used ro4 for short entry
(12:39 PM) Tom_B:
(12:39 PM) p_8:
gotcha, thanks. i was not sure about the rule aplicability for short
(12:39 PM) BrainStorm:
if you draw the trendline pp described an upwards breach of theat would be a perfect Ro4 (caveat...Im no expert on Ro4)
(12:39 PM) ppusa:
yes i did
(12:39 PM) tomsurf:
pp- don't confuse things
(12:39 PM) Tom_B:
Call it PP4
(12:39 PM) ppusa:
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
(12:40 PM) tomsurf:
(12:40 PM) p_8:
i remember google saying that for short it's different but she did not elaborate, did she?
(12:40 PM) Tom_B:
of course a bk of a trnd line counts but this is referring to a specific pattern
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
back to trading
(12:40 PM) ppusa:
is it possible that the LOD is in?
(12:41 PM) p_8:
thx guys..
(12:41 PM) BrainStorm:
she didnt P8 but when I scanned the transcripts yesterday lunch time I got the impression 3 hills was the short entry equivalent
(12:41 PM) Tom_B:
Y, imho...see a test coming
(12:41 PM) Tom_B:
y Brain
(12:41 PM) tomsurf:
pp- cound be but ES in a danger zone
(12:42 PM) ppusa:
(12:42 PM) BrainStorm:
what would make me happy would be another 10+ points of short covering at the end of the day
(12:42 PM) tippet:
right now i have a backside bounce / kissback to broken wedge on 144t other time frames look different...the SOX is rt above uptrendline of its last two swing lows at 520
(12:42 PM) Tom_B:
Best is prob just sell retrace until COT
(12:42 PM) p_8:
thx Brain
(12:42 PM) ppusa:
es broke old low though
(12:43 PM) ppusa:
if dow were to hold??? es and nq broke...could turn here for awhile
(12:43 PM) oddplayer:
s 1075.5
(12:43 PM) ppusa:
still waiting for a buy signal but i may scalp
(12:43 PM) Tom_B:
if i didn't hve 65 as a wild # I'd hve sld this retr BUT how this test goes is key, imvho
(12:44 PM) ppusa:
got a 6 point rally there so 6 point is working
(12:47 PM) tippet:
selling is very orderly today.long side just doesnt look appealling till we get a real dumping with volume....what are people waiting for???? SELL already
(12:47 PM) sb17:
It's interesting how the major market indices don't reflect much action, but the futures tell a different story
(12:48 PM) BrainStorm:
it is....any one watch fair value ?
(12:48 PM) tomsurf:
Dow sitting on yest LOD
(12:49 PM) oddplayer:
cover @1075 +.5
(12:49 PM) ppusa:
we should azll be short from am 10 contracts
(12:50 PM) tippet:
SOX at uptrendline
(12:50 PM) ppusa:
to early to turn
(12:50 PM) ppusa:
(12:52 PM) Tom_B:
(12:52 PM) Tom_B:
(12:53 PM) ppusa:
is this the old 6 point reverse and sell
(12:54 PM) BrainStorm:
6 point reverse and sell ? is that a six point scalp ?
(12:54 PM) oddplayer:
3 more pts and I'll be happy with today
(12:55 PM) Tom_B:
This trde is so aggressive i've already got the fish out of the freezer
(12:55 PM) BrainStorm:
Im pretty happy ...trying to work out how Id have stayed through the first wiggle which was a 12 point pullback virtauly to where youd enter
(12:56 PM) BrainStorm:
youd = I'd
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
Brain let me know what u find :)
(12:57 PM) ppusa:
stochastics maxed here
(12:57 PM) BrainStorm:
think its called the grail lol
(12:57 PM) ppusa:
(12:57 PM) Tom_B:
You mean the Hail Mary Pass ?
(12:58 PM) BrainStorm:
bit of volume carrying ypu through Tom nice
(12:58 PM) Tom_B:
Not going to fall in luv with this lng BUT cud get to near 80
(12:58 PM) ppusa:
very short term stochastics are extremely high on smax at last low
(12:59 PM) Tom_B:
But i'm in ttmar mode
(12:59 PM) p_8:
brain, there is a grail sell setting up on 3min es and nq
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
major buy divergence
(12:59 PM) scorp:
nice long Tom
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
Tom i have buy signal on 6 point
(12:59 PM) oddplayer:
true tech bounce
(12:59 PM) BrainStorm:
hehe meant the holy grail really p8 (un optainable)
(12:59 PM) ppusa:
means exit soon and buy back with initial stop????
(01:00 PM) scorp:
this is the 1:00 bunny hop
(01:00 PM) BrainStorm:
actually ive worked out one of things that Im not doing diligently enough
(01:01 PM) sb17:
told you we'd bounce
(01:01 PM) tippet:
trendlne off hod and 20ema5 just above anyone selling this
(01:01 PM) ppusa:
if i did it wold only be to reverse the 6 p[oint and then long
(01:02 PM) ppusa:
resis here
(01:02 PM) oddplayer:
approaching trendline
(01:02 PM) alan123:
20 3ma 5 worked twice before today
(01:02 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- entry looking real good now :-)
(01:02 PM) Tom_B:
(01:02 PM) alan123:
20 ema 5
(01:02 PM) Tom_B:
(01:03 PM) BrainStorm:
yes and 3 or more times yesterday alan
(01:03 PM) alan123:
(01:03 PM) Tom_B:
80 trgt but ttmar
(01:03 PM) Tom_B:
tnx Tom
(01:03 PM) tomsurf:
Dow, flew off that bot test
(01:03 PM) ppusa:
may go short here...watching
(01:04 PM) ppusa:
only for scalp
(01:04 PM) Tom_B:
(01:04 PM) alan123:
(01:05 PM) ppusa:
nice trade Tom
looks like i will miss the short scalp
(01:06 PM) Tom_B:
tnx pp i knew that 65 # i had was imp't but cudn't tie it in with anything else...made it difficult to take
(01:06 PM) BrainStorm:
3 up bars on th 15 min too
(01:07 PM) BrainStorm:
actually talking rubbish ignore me...just the 2
(01:07 PM) Tom_B:
Actually thnkng shrt now but 80 wud be btr
(01:08 PM) Tom_B:
Makes up for some of this mornings blunders :)
(01:09 PM) ppusa:
i think LOD
(01:09 PM) ppusa:
any short is a scalp only better long??????
(01:10 PM) tomsurf:
pp- very possible
(01:10 PM) ppusa:
(01:10 PM) p_8:
(01:10 PM) p_8:
(01:11 PM) ppusa:
don't want others thinking this room has to get slapped with a fish to recognize a bottom/
(01:11 PM) Tom_B:
I've got one for u pp if you've run out
(01:11 PM) ppusa:
what makes you think i have run out?
(01:11 PM) ppusa:
who told you?
(01:12 PM) Tom_B:
u've benn using them up
(01:12 PM) BrainStorm:
trens is still down to me
(01:12 PM) ppusa:
+8 will buy you a few more
(01:12 PM) Tom_B:
(01:12 PM) ppusa:
i wonder what dave b quiet is doing?
(01:13 PM) BrainStorm:
(01:13 PM) Tom_B:
FLown in frm LK Tahoe
(01:13 PM) scorp:
(01:13 PM) Tom_B:
Scorp wat's LS
(01:13 PM) scorp:
looking short
(01:14 PM) Tom_B:
(01:14 PM) sb17:
ES..part of the reason we bounced...i counter three pushes down
(01:14 PM) scorp:
i am always a tick late
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
71 is target
(01:14 PM) scorp:
market orders, use should I?
(01:14 PM) ppusa:
who's yur dad
(01:15 PM) scorp:
there was divergence on 1M bline stochs
(01:15 PM) Tom_B:
Good shrt
(01:16 PM) scorp:
see, i am better at play by play than i am a player
(01:16 PM) oddplayer:
(01:16 PM) ppusa:
that was an easy 6 ticks
(01:16 PM) ppusa:
(01:17 PM) Tom_B:
Going to make myself a cup of tea, will brb
(01:17 PM) scorp:
sounds good, maybe i'll do the same
(01:17 PM) ppusa:
everyone notice that this last high hit the downtrendline i mentioned earlier?
(01:17 PM) Tom_B:
good ppp, get some fish
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(01:18 PM) sb17:
see IM Bline divergence but price is sitting there
(01:18 PM) tippet:
if we get higher low we have a valid r o4 setting up on 3min
(01:18 PM) scorp:
sb, that divergence was good for 5points, no?
(01:18 PM) tippet:
and rising bline on 3mn
(01:18 PM) scorp:
and 3M bounce maybe too?
(01:20 PM) ppusa:
how about one more low so da greedy little floor traders can grab some stops and then take this straight up
(01:21 PM) tippet:
(01:21 PM) tippet:
trendline is around 74.5 ish
(01:23 PM) Tom_B:
Tipp good call on RO 4
(01:23 PM) tippet:
5min ema is there ugh and 5min trndlne doesnt look promising
(01:24 PM) Tom_B:
pp ur gonna get ur wish
(01:25 PM) Tom_B:
maybe not a low but lower
(01:25 PM) BrainStorm:
Doji on the 15
(01:25 PM) ppusa:
which one
(01:25 PM) BrainStorm:
turning into a hammer :\
(01:26 PM) tippet:
still active as google said the nicer ro4 develop over time
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
3 hills
(01:26 PM) Tom_B:
teasing. may hve to buy
(01:26 PM) tippet:
trying it
(01:26 PM) ppusa:
10 tick chart.....grab the microscope
(01:27 PM) Tom_B:
(01:27 PM) FrankT:
volume poor here
(01:27 PM) BrainStorm:
yeah it has that nast fake feeling to it
(01:27 PM) ppusa:
(01:28 PM) tippet:
long 75
(01:28 PM) Tom_B:
going 4 80
(01:28 PM) FrankT:
es looking good though...
(01:28 PM) tippet:
(01:29 PM) tippet:
am low
(01:29 PM) tippet:
(01:29 PM) BrainStorm:
good trade tippet
(01:29 PM) tippet:
(01:30 PM) Tom_B:
out 77.5
(01:30 PM) Tom_B:
(01:30 PM) Tom_B:
gd job
(01:30 PM) tippet:
finally a r04 that worked
(01:30 PM) tippet:
(01:31 PM) FrankT:
smax entry on 3m
(01:31 PM) BrainStorm:
in the envelpe between 20 and 50 ema's on the 5min
(01:32 PM) BrainStorm:
Ro4 would have this continuing to the upside I guess
(01:32 PM) Tom_B:
res 83-4 scalptro...i thnk
(01:32 PM) tippet:
yes ... will try and reenter on retrace
(01:33 PM) Tom_B:
thought RO4 godd for 5-7 pts ?
(01:33 PM) tippet:
the entry was 74 brk i got in late trying to avoid the 20ema5 sellers
(01:34 PM) Tom_B:
If i had my light bulbs screwed in i'd be shrt for a scalp but ...NOT
(01:34 PM) tippet:
think google said 5 conservative
(01:34 PM) Tom_B:
(01:34 PM) p_8:
google'd have 1/2 her position out bye now and hold the rest
(01:34 PM) BrainStorm:
not sure tom...subsequent chat talks about fibonacci levels on the original swing as potential profit targets I think
(01:34 PM) tippet:
but this developed over long time and should be strong er
(01:34 PM) tippet:
see if trndline is support
(01:35 PM) scorp:
pp, are you at a zoo?
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
did you hear that?
(01:35 PM) scorp:
(01:35 PM) Tom_B:
k, Brain tnx
(01:35 PM) tippet:
38% 82
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
there is this little game called fenced in
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
that was for Tom
(01:35 PM) ppusa:
(01:35 PM) scorp:
or was that fish flapping around on the floor?
(01:35 PM) BrainStorm:
usual disclaimer
(01:35 PM) BrainStorm:
<---sometimes talks BS too
(01:36 PM) Tom_B:
(01:36 PM) scorp:
oh, "yeehaw"
(01:36 PM) ppusa:
takes 3 hands to make that noise
(01:37 PM) BrainStorm:
incidentaly anyone read the new Fib trader by Fischer ? ...just ordered it today
(01:37 PM) Tom_B:
Tight sclpng op hre frm shrt side..not doing wish i was more nimble
(01:37 PM) scorp:
bull flags out there?
(01:37 PM) Tom_B:
Ck out his website brain
(01:38 PM) oddplayer:
yesterday's support is resistance
(01:38 PM) BrainStorm:
who fischers ?
(01:38 PM) tippet:
1 more up would get 3 hlls ??
(01:38 PM) Tom_B:
(01:38 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- been reading it, I like it.
(01:39 PM) Tom_B:
I need simple...DAH
(01:39 PM) tomsurf:
tip- that's what I see
(01:39 PM) BrainStorm:
ordered a whole bunch of books today actualy ..douglas' second...Van Tharp...strong phsycology content
(01:40 PM) FrankT:
Tharp's book very good
(01:40 PM) tomsurf:
must be cause you're the 'Brain', lol
(01:40 PM) tippet:
hey tom s what about the litle hump at bottom could that be 1
(01:40 PM) scorp:
(01:40 PM) tomsurf:
tip- that one has me wondering too
(01:41 PM) BrainStorm:
in the past I have confused myself by reading to mcuh lol
(01:41 PM) Tom_B:
lkng to shrt with 83-4 res
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
nq could use a 6 point pb i think from higher. if it occured here it looks like a new low would occurnd the low may be in
(01:41 PM) ppusa:
occur and
(01:42 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- that's 15min ema also
(01:42 PM) ppusa:
(01:42 PM) ppusa:
(01:42 PM) Tom_B:
hmm...if takes out then 1400 area
(01:42 PM) scorp:
whos your daddy?
(01:42 PM) BrainStorm:
aproaching 38% on days range YL and 50ema5 good place for resistance
(01:43 PM) ppusa:
the approach to the 20 on the 15 min is looking positive...not wishy washy
(01:43 PM) Tom_B:
(01:43 PM) sb17:
ES...RT of near term high
(01:43 PM) tippet:
yest am low
(01:43 PM) tippet:
missed reenter at78
(01:43 PM) Tom_B:
good res hre
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
this hour has a higher high
(01:44 PM) tippet:
38% 82 then the 20ema15
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
PnF isn't through
(01:44 PM) BrainStorm:
volume lending a bit of wieght to there being interest at this level
(01:44 PM) Tom_B:
band of res to 92
(01:44 PM) ppusa:
PnF correctly called this rally
(01:45 PM) ppusa:
3 hills?
(01:46 PM) Tom_B:
(01:46 PM) BrainStorm:
think I ve change my mind
(01:46 PM) ppusa:
think i will stick withg PnF and wait
(01:47 PM) Tom_B:
(01:47 PM) Tom_B:
-2, jumpd the gun
(01:47 PM) scorp:
i need a fish
(01:48 PM) Tom_B:
me too
(01:48 PM) ppusa:
i thought you guys were going to re-enter long?
(01:48 PM) Tom_B:
I'm still on the shrt side for now
(01:49 PM) scorp:
my problem is that i didn't enter long at 76 when i was looking long
(01:49 PM) tippet:
did u?
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
this is minimum PnF correction
(01:49 PM) scorp:
the second time today
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
i still think more
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
r u serious tippet
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
me trade?
(01:49 PM) scorp:
we don't trade here, we just watch charts
(01:49 PM) ppusa:
trade others
(01:49 PM) tippet:
i know ure holding from the bottom the pnf call right???
(01:50 PM) ppusa:
actually i am as long as i want to be right now with some q's
(01:50 PM) tippet:
just dont want to make us feel bad
(01:50 PM) BrainStorm:
a lot of interest at this level
(01:50 PM) Tom_B:
I"m waiting for a bit took out some res so prob higher
(01:51 PM) ppusa:
i will say this...i didn't lose a point down there on that buy i said at 67
(01:52 PM) tippet:
pp .....
(01:52 PM) tippet:
(01:52 PM) tippet:
(01:52 PM) tippet:
(01:52 PM) tippet:
good call
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
was one move to early
(01:52 PM) ppusa:
Tom was da man
(01:53 PM) ppusa:
i always forget to wait for the higher low
(01:53 PM) Tom_B:
still wnt to shrt, grrr
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
may get another chance
(01:54 PM) Tom_B:
not sure if this was it ..
(01:54 PM) ppusa:
that hit the 20 on the 15
(01:54 PM) oddplayer:
had selling pressure before lunch
(01:55 PM) Tom_B:
Pass da fish
(01:55 PM) ppusa:
one thing that makes me think lower is nq doesn't look like it has gone sideways far enough. other than this look out above
(01:56 PM) Tom_B:
(01:56 PM) tippet:
3 humps watching trendline
(01:57 PM) Tom_B:
might hve stepped in frnt of train hre ??
(01:57 PM) tippet:
1st broke 2nd below
(02:00 PM) dave_b_quik:
who let that yeehaw in here
(02:00 PM) ppusa:
i can't hear it
(02:01 PM) ppusa:
finally woke you up eh?
(02:01 PM) Tom_B:
(02:01 PM) ppusa:
that was another 6 point reversal
(02:01 PM) Tom_B:
-5...2 fish
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
if that's all we are gonna get then COT is up
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
up reverse...up reverse... no downs
(02:02 PM) Tom_B:
(02:02 PM) ppusa:
instead of who's your daddy i am gonna give you yeehaws
(02:04 PM) scorp:
2:00 bunny hop
(02:05 PM) sb17:
darn...i'm missing all these little retracements
(02:05 PM) scorp:
same here
(02:05 PM) scorp:
but, they are all on the chart, plan as day
(02:05 PM) scorp:
(02:06 PM) sb17:
yep....the Chimp knows
(02:06 PM) sb17:
i tell you...that system works
(02:06 PM) BrainStorm:
chimp ?
(02:07 PM) scorp:
if naz touches green, is that it?
(02:07 PM) tippet:
in a trend chimp works but the actual chimp longer term ema still hasnt allowed to trade long
(02:07 PM) sb17: http://www.enthios.com/trading/the_cross.htm
(02:07 PM) BrainStorm:
ty sb
(02:07 PM) scorp:
good point tippet
(02:08 PM) scorp:
NAZ green
(02:08 PM) Tom_B:
(02:08 PM) sb17:
had a feeling today was going to be long
(02:08 PM) ppusa:
going to unch
(02:08 PM) scorp:
nice Tom
(02:08 PM) BrainStorm:
powerful move
(02:08 PM) scorp:
(02:08 PM) Tom_B:
(02:08 PM) ppusa:
(02:08 PM) scorp:
very powerful, i really wasn't expecting it
(02:08 PM) sb17:
my chimp indicators turned long awhile ago
(02:09 PM) scorp:
long term mas, sb?
(02:09 PM) ppusa:
20 ma on 60 min
(02:09 PM) tippet:
what do u use sb? when the 5ema on 13 trends up
(02:09 PM) Tom_B:
makes up for my BAD shrt in frnt of that..
(02:09 PM) ppusa:
can i do more yeehaws?
(02:09 PM) Tom_B:
(02:10 PM) BrainStorm:
when we tes HoD pp hows that ?
(02:10 PM) ppusa:
50 bar ma on 15
(02:10 PM) tippet:
nice tom
(02:10 PM) ppusa:
looks obot here
(02:11 PM) Tom_B:
Top of my res was 92 so we're there unless.... retrace now...
(02:11 PM) oddplayer:
be great if the Dow mwant much
(02:11 PM) ppusa:
they say looks aren't everything
(02:11 PM) oddplayer:
(02:11 PM) tippet:
20ema30 95
(02:12 PM) ppusa:
that worked off a lot of the oversold
(02:12 PM) Tom_B:
I'm showing a W:4 hre but this can go a ways
(02:12 PM) Tom_B:
got a lot of stps up hre
(02:12 PM) ppusa:
i would still like to see the 30 reverse which hits at 1400
(02:13 PM) oddplayer:
this was my desired entry
(02:13 PM) oddplayer:
came way too late
(02:13 PM) Tom_B:
tipp, hw did RO4 wrk on this one ?
(02:13 PM) oddplayer:
guess the low volume at lunch allowed the selloff
(02:14 PM) tomsurf:
ro4 long from 1372.5/73 or so
(02:14 PM) sb17:
looks like 3rd push up here
(02:15 PM) Tom_B:
nice, tnx tipp
(02:15 PM) ppusa:
i don't think this will do a 180 back down even though the charts look overbought
(02:15 PM) Tom_B:
thnk i took 2.5 pts out of that :)
(02:15 PM) ppusa:
i don't think that would be logical
(02:15 PM) scorp:
come on
(02:16 PM) Tom_B:
(02:16 PM) oddplayer:
once the stampede starts...
(02:16 PM) tippet:
ro4 i would say due to the time it took to develop got 25 pt if you entered at 04 google prolly got itall
(02:16 PM) sb17:
humongous V
(02:16 PM) tippet:
need to respect the longer term developing patterns
(02:17 PM) ppusa:
where was the rule of 4?
(02:17 PM) Tom_B:
hve a shot to 14-15...rough trgt
(02:17 PM) tippet:
at 74 on the 3min chart
(02:17 PM) ppusa:
hey speaking of rules of 4 look at the daily
(02:17 PM) tippet:
1st touch occured at 10:54
(02:17 PM) Tom_B:
i shd be flogged for dumping my lng at 67.5
(02:18 PM) ppusa:
thanks tip...i see it ...now
(02:18 PM) tippet:
4th at 13:30
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(02:18 PM) BrainStorm:
just red the chimp Sb interesting
think slipage would kill it
let 2 fridays ago
(02:19 PM) FrankT:
ought to be a short in here pp
(02:19 PM) august45:
what's the rule of 4?
(02:19 PM) Tom_B:
Gotta know they're gonna get those stps at HOD
(02:19 PM) oddplayer:
market with no conviction....can go anywhere
(02:20 PM) BrainStorm:
Katz tested a whole variety of MA cross systems in encylopedia of trading systems not sure they where more than marginaly profitable
(02:20 PM) oddplayer:
only thing up is the Dow
(02:20 PM) BrainStorm:
recomended reading for anyone thinking of mechanical systems
(02:21 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- that's true but Chimp has alittle more going for it than just MA cross...still chop is a problem.
(02:21 PM) Tom_B:
Hldng lng think cud pbk to 90 but hldng lng
(02:23 PM) ppusa:
6 point is overbought
(02:23 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- if you're using Ensign Buffy has a Chimp template on the emini yahoo site
(02:24 PM) Tom_B:
(02:25 PM) BrainStorm:
thanks I'll check it out..incidentaly a MA cross can be seen on MACD as fast line crossing zero
(02:25 PM) Tom_B:
(02:26 PM) BrainStorm:
tomsurf which yahoo group its called emini ?
(02:27 PM) ppusa:
every chart that needed to correct has done so
(02:27 PM) tomsurf:
Brain, let me get address for ya....
(02:27 PM) ppusa:
i don't play the 50
(02:28 PM) tippet:
15mn shooting star
(02:28 PM) 9r:
Tomsurf where's the transcript for Monday you mentioned earlier?
(02:29 PM) tomsurf:
9r- it's at dacharts site
(02:29 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- here ya go http://groups.yahoo.com/group/e-mini_traders_anon/
(02:29 PM) ppusa:
i hope this goes higher but it could turn around...Dow +113
(02:30 PM) BrainStorm:
many thanks tom
(02:30 PM) 9r:
tomsurf I don't see it there...what folder?
(02:30 PM) Tom_B:
(02:30 PM) tomsurf:
(02:32 PM) 9r:
many thx
(02:32 PM) Tom_B:
(02:32 PM) tomsurf:
(02:33 PM) Tom_B:
(02:33 PM) Tom_B:
(02:34 PM) Tom_B:
rev 98
(02:35 PM) tippet:
20ema60 9.5
(02:35 PM) FrankT:
es looking strong
(02:36 PM) oddplayer:
well can we get to 1091?
(02:36 PM) ppusa:
dow is leading
(02:37 PM) oddplayer:
normally it runs
(02:37 PM) tippet:
SOX breaks downtrdlne off 2/15
(02:37 PM) Tom_B:
tnx tipp
(02:38 PM) FrankT:
ES pivot 1091
(02:38 PM) tippet:
200ema5 7.5
(02:38 PM) sb17:
i can't do it...no long...too far into move
(02:38 PM) p_8:
pamplona here..
(02:39 PM) oddplayer:
I doubled up took a quick gain
(02:39 PM) oddplayer:
but left some it seems
(02:40 PM) ppusa:
hate to put damper on things but 10 and 12 point PnF are a little obot...look for an exit??
(02:40 PM) Tom_B:
I don't wan tto get carried away, this is , IMVHO, a correction... BUT 1415's in the bag...(I believe) 1430-40 possible
(02:40 PM) FrankT:
pp where is the 6 pt retrace?
(02:40 PM) sb17:
retracement patterns have been a little uneven on ES
(02:40 PM) oddplayer:
panic buying...hitting stopsw
(02:40 PM) ppusa:
6 points from whatever the high turns out to be
(02:40 PM) sb17:
is there good news or something?
(02:41 PM) FrankT:
(02:41 PM) ppusa:
keep an eye on things Tom and exit when happy
(02:42 PM) Tom_B:
This is some res but hve 16 trgt
(02:42 PM) p_8:
long, watch for 60min grail sell
(02:43 PM) ppusa:
03 reverses 6 point
(02:43 PM) oddplayer:
nice to see the selldown to 1075....gives us a target
(02:44 PM) Tom_B:
(02:44 PM) Tom_B:
+5 same %&$#
(02:44 PM) ppusa:
the 10 is a bit obot too
(02:44 PM) oddplayer:
dow retraced yesterday, SP won't by far
(02:45 PM) BrainStorm:
5min made 2b
(02:45 PM) tomsurf:
TomB... well, I got out early with similar results :-(
(02:46 PM) Tom_B:
Tom we hve more in common then our names :)
(02:46 PM) tomsurf:
(02:46 PM) Tom_B:
Wud like to see them take some stps up there
(02:47 PM) ppusa:
hey guys you know when the price exceeds the previous step
(02:47 PM) ppusa:
maybe try to exit and then buy back at step
(02:47 PM) oddplayer:
darn...I thought it was about the close...I'm an hour off
(02:47 PM) Tom_B:
we hit the 5m 200ema
(02:48 PM) alan123:
pp right i wish i would have
(02:48 PM) Tom_B:
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(02:48 PM) tippet:
semi conference today TXN at 13:10 posetive coments ..14:22 LU reaffirms .... got squeeze
(02:48 PM) Tom_B:
05 still got 15 - 16 as trgt
(02:49 PM) FrankT:
ES not had a retrace yet
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(02:49 PM) sb17:
My word...must have been a lot of people short
(02:50 PM) sb17:
bet this is a short covering
(02:50 PM) Tom_B:
shd be more
(02:51 PM) FrankT:
NQ acting tired
(02:52 PM) tomsurf:
sb- think market went low enuff to suck more in....also believe that today was end of minor down cycle
(02:52 PM) oddplayer:
curbs coming up
(02:53 PM) scorp:
i can't trade and make money; all my money goes to the broker
(02:53 PM) oddplayer:
I owe 2 points
(02:53 PM) sb17:
lol....CNBC just said a lot of short covering
(02:53 PM) tippet:
trade what they give us .. today was nice as OJ has said numerous times our job is not to predict mkt but play caboose
(02:54 PM) scorp:
of course its short covering; we have been down for some time
(02:54 PM) Tom_B:
& lay on the tracks in frnt of da train
(02:54 PM) ppusa:
dow has higher high
(02:54 PM) tomsurf:
tip- LOL, that's good and true.
(02:54 PM) tippet:
poll 10 cycle guys 5 say hi coming 5 say low up ahead
(02:55 PM) oddplayer:
would'a could'a should'a....well....it was ok
(02:55 PM) ppusa:
only thing i can say for sure is PnF said buy and ride to 1400
(02:55 PM) Tom_B:
(02:55 PM) tomsurf:
tip- I only follow one and he's good...but does alot more than cycles... Support/Resistance, Price is king.
(02:56 PM) Tom_B:
(02:56 PM) Tom_B:
(02:56 PM) BrainStorm:
price and volume ist all there
(02:56 PM) BrainStorm:
(02:56 PM) tippet:
serious sell diverg here
(02:56 PM) p_8:
2B top here
(02:57 PM) tomsurf:
I don't trade off cycles...just keep in back of head for
(02:57 PM) Tom_B:
Vry uncomf with shrt hre wud like to see a stp run or something
(02:57 PM) ppusa:
SP still ok
(02:57 PM) oddplayer:
I don't risk my money at the right times...I tell myself to
(02:57 PM) tippet:
3 humps!!!???
(02:57 PM) oddplayer:
make money reverse @ support
(02:58 PM) ppusa:
have double tops on nq which usually means higher so after a pb of 10 to 12 points maybe up???
(02:58 PM) Tom_B:
agree pp
(02:59 PM) ppusa:
es up again
(02:59 PM) p_8:
nq bounced off the uptrendline
(03:00 PM) p_8:
no follow thru
(03:00 PM) tomsurf:
1098.5 yest. HOD ES
(03:00 PM) Tom_B:
(03:01 PM) Tom_B:
(03:02 PM) Tom_B:
(03:02 PM) Tom_B:
Swan Dive trade
(03:04 PM) ppusa:
sitting on 50 bar ma 1 min
(03:08 PM) ppusa:
PP R4 there
(03:09 PM) tippet:
144t trndlne here
(03:09 PM) ppusa:
es off highs
(03:09 PM) tippet:
watching sox
(03:09 PM) oddplayer:
come on 1091
(03:10 PM) tippet:
still weak
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
(03:11 PM) tippet:
sox holding trndline
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
out +4
(03:11 PM) tomsurf:
yes, and just above 15min20ema
(03:11 PM) Tom_B:
(03:15 PM) tippet:
SWEDEN loses to belarus mens hockey HUGE upset
(03:16 PM) moses_13:
wayne an the boys looking good
(03:17 PM) Tom_B:
out -4
(03:18 PM) oddplayer:
S 1094
(03:18 PM) oddplayer:
if I fill
(03:18 PM) oddplayer:
got it
(03:18 PM) Tom_B:
I"m no good at scalpng :(
(03:19 PM) Tom_B:
shd just belng
(03:19 PM) scorp:
same here; and then i get way out of control
(03:19 PM) Tom_B:
lng 1400.5
(03:19 PM) scorp:
i had an ok day that i just wiped away
(03:20 PM) Tom_B:
A real Chimp wud do btr...i'm getting bk to ovrtrdng...so THAT's got to stop
(03:21 PM) oddplayer:
is it "chimp" or "chump"?
(03:22 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- you have been doing well, maybe just keep the cowboy surpressed ;-)
(03:22 PM) oddplayer:
come on overbought market...
(03:22 PM) BrainStorm:
ensign group not run anymore ?
(03:23 PM) Tom_B:
Going to start taking Medication :)
(03:23 PM) tomsurf:
Brain- sure is...class today
(03:23 PM) sb17:
well, is it going to take a run to high toward the close
(03:23 PM) tippet:
hmm jam into close LL .5
(03:24 PM) tomsurf:
TomB- essence of smelt should do the trick ;-0
(03:24 PM) Tom_B:
(03:25 PM) Tom_B:
flat...done 4 day
(03:26 PM) oddplayer:
short from 1094
(03:26 PM) tomsurf:
humm....H&S on 3min??
(03:27 PM) brach:
what's the point of posting charts like this (other than to brag): http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-20/what%20a%20day%20616.jpg
(03:27 PM) tomsurf:
at neckline now
(03:27 PM) Tom_B:
Still made close to 20 pts in spite of dropping the ball many times
(03:27 PM) ppusa:
good job
(03:27 PM) tkay_1:
hi all
(03:28 PM) Tom_B:
hi t
(03:28 PM) ppusa:
someday we will short the high and sit all the way to the low
(03:28 PM) ppusa:
adding along the way
(03:28 PM) ppusa:
jingle bells
(03:28 PM) ppusa:
jiongle bells
(03:28 PM) Tom_B:
Hope we can, SOMEDAY :)
(03:29 PM) scorp:
i down a blankin 7 points
(03:29 PM) ppusa:
i actually thought you were going to do it the last couple days
(03:29 PM) tomsurf:
brach- have no idea who did that post???
(03:29 PM) tkay_1:
well recently if you short the open and cover the close
(03:29 PM) tkay_1:
like 1 out of 5 times you'll hit a homerun
(03:30 PM) ppusa:
almost bot just there
(03:31 PM) ppusa:
didn't want to ruin my day of napping
(03:31 PM) Tom_B:
Well my prob i fig is trdng a 1 lot it comes bk & I get pennies after hvng most of a swing... that wud elim the ttmar issue or hld & give bk prob can't hve it both ways with a 1 lot..so I'll hve to go bk to multi's but since I've mvd away frm scalping I'm trying to adjust & the ttmar is an issue
(03:31 PM) ppusa:
that drop satisfied PnF pullback
(03:32 PM) Tom_B:
(03:33 PM) tippet:
jam baby!!!!
(03:33 PM) ppusa:
yikes why didn't we buy
(03:34 PM) Tom_B:
Hld 38% retr on pbk
(03:34 PM) ppusa:
did it hit 38?
(03:34 PM) ppusa:
i'll have to do the math
(03:34 PM) Tom_B:
y give or tke .5
(03:35 PM) ppusa:
yes seems like exceeded by 2 points
(03:35 PM) Tom_B:
still shootng for 15 - 16
(03:36 PM) Tom_B:
Still wundrng why i'm still trdng today...
(03:36 PM) tippet:
it formed a little bullish flag on the 144t on end of pole broke the flag to upside at 6. got in late at .5
(03:36 PM) tippet:
took 2
(03:36 PM) ppusa:
i recalculated and seems it hit exact
(03:37 PM) ppusa:
that was a no brainer buy for a scalp
(03:37 PM) Tom_B:
It appears that it's pushing against a 15m cycle but it's so osld & stps upside seems like reasonable lng
(03:38 PM) Tom_B:
If any good it'll go at the end, imvho
(03:39 PM) ppusa:
es is good
(03:40 PM) Tom_B:
the 38% ret was a W:4 of this upmve so, shld/cud be one more to equal or exceed last hi
(03:40 PM) ppusa:
darn q's are lagging a bit
(03:41 PM) ppusa:
they should be 10 cents higher
(03:41 PM) Tom_B:
5m 200ema a block
(03:41 PM) Tom_B:
5m 200ema a block
(03:42 PM) Tom_B:
Intrnals (not the usual) vry positive
(03:42 PM) ppusa:
yes on it here
(03:43 PM) ppusa:
are positive?
(03:43 PM) tippet:
cup and handle here?? 5min whole day
(03:43 PM) tomsurf:
tip- ya, I can see that
(03:44 PM) tippet:
to bad end of day
(03:44 PM) tippet:
volume seems to confirm pattern
(03:44 PM) Tom_B:
Scortp..whn i cut dwn my trdes my Net went WAY up...starving my bkr
(03:44 PM) ppusa:
tomorrow's low 1388
(03:45 PM) Tom_B:
(03:45 PM) ppusa:
nasdaq q's are not comfirming...sometimes that's good sign because they will explood
(03:45 PM) ppusa:
explode...yes i did finish high school
(03:47 PM) oddplayer:
more covering coming up, bet
(03:47 PM) Tom_B:
Trgt now 16-20
(03:47 PM) ppusa:
at what point does covering turn to buying
(03:47 PM) ppusa:
why didn't we buy at 94
(03:48 PM) ppusa:
target 1425
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(03:48 PM) Tom_B:
pp, r u throwing the glove dwn ?
(03:49 PM) ppusa:
(03:49 PM) tippet:
need a push here
(03:49 PM) ppusa:
if you can step over all your used fish
(03:49 PM) Tom_B:
(03:50 PM) brach:
no. 1621
(03:50 PM) Tom_B:
Hi brach...hw u doing ?
(03:50 PM) brach:
i just jumped in shortly after noon PST
(03:51 PM) brach:
i'm on my lunch break
(03:51 PM) Tom_B:
brach see 21 hre also but with 1 lot need to ttmar
(03:51 PM) brach:
i'm already out
(03:51 PM) Tom_B:
+11 on the last 1
(03:52 PM) brach:
could happen
(03:52 PM) ppusa:
lots of buy signals
(03:53 PM) Tom_B:
15-16 seemed pretty sure bets
(03:53 PM) ppusa:
some of them on charts that use blocks of 5 points
(03:55 PM) ppusa:
should i sell q's or hold a bit?
(03:55 PM) Tom_B:
Done 4 today 4 sure...thank all of u for all your help & insights.. I had a good day, in spite of myelf :)
(03:56 PM) BrainStorm:
what a nice volatile day
(03:56 PM) ppusa:
(03:56 PM) BrainStorm:
Im outa here too have a good evnin all
(03:56 PM) Tom_B:
Is their a Q-Fish for u pp ?
(03:56 PM) ppusa:
wait what about my q's?
(03:57 PM) tippet:
ndx daily put in a hammer with top rt under the last uptrendline (we broke thru yest)off the sept lows
(03:57 PM) Tom_B:
brach knows best but looks like at least a a,b,c or more but at least a correction
(03:58 PM) Tom_B:
(03:58 PM) tomsurf:
bye Tom
(03:58 PM) ppusa:
(03:58 PM) tippet:
see ya tom
(03:59 PM) Tom_B:
(03:59 PM) ppusa:
es outside day
(04:00 PM) p_8:
4:01 ramp?
(04:01 PM) p_8:
(04:03 PM) oddplayer:
LOL I sold 4 of those 1100's
(04:03 PM) oddplayer:
(04:04 PM) dave_b_quik:
nice hammer on the daily for the bulls
(04:05 PM) oddplayer:
SPX closed at 1098
(04:06 PM) ppusa:
sold some q's try to buy back tomorrow