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(09:24 AM) Rose0001: If the market trades back down to the BUY levels, we would look to purchase in that area for a possible reversal. Hopefully there will be some confirmation with one of google's patterns, etc.
(09:25 AM) raz_62:
(09:25 AM) Rose0001: We would expect the LOD to be made first today and then for the market to go up based on LSS. But always be ready for it to be wrong.
(09:26 AM) tippet:
futs rally on HP news after getting down to 18 hmmmm
(09:27 AM) Tom_B: Wish low put in during regular mkt
(09:28 AM) ppusa: may still get wish?
(09:28 AM) ppusa: premarket says choppy
(09:29 AM) sb17: someone mentioned "one of goggle's patterns"...where are these?
(09:30 AM) raz_62:
some at dacharts
(09:30 AM) ppusa: da chARTS
(09:31 AM) sb17: where on dacharts? i'm looking
(09:31 AM) raz_62:
charts patterns i think
(09:32 AM) ann_87: for anyone interested LBR having another free day today
(09:33 AM) tomsurf:
thx ann
(09:33 AM) sb17: i found goggle, thanks
(09:33 AM) sb17: LBR had chat room problems on friday
(09:34 AM) Buffy_04364: guess they all do at some point
(09:37 AM) maya_245: .
(09:38 AM) tomsurf:
Naz ans semi's going diff. directions, may not last long.
(09:39 AM) sb17: with the Chimp, was that the first downswing on ES?
(09:40 AM) tippet:
looks like resis on sox at 563.5... trip top 15min
(09:50 AM) tomsurf: 1516 was globex low
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364: If you missed the short the 1M and 89T gave you a couple of retracement bars to jump on board if you wanted to. just an FYI so you can see how it works
(09:52 AM) Buffy_04364: not saying it was right to do so
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364: room quiet today
(09:54 AM) raz_62:
shocked into trance from superbowl lol
(09:54 AM) Buffy_04364: LOL as are many
(09:55 AM) tippet:
comp at its 200mea daily
(09:56 AM) tippet: ma
(09:57 AM) Buffy_04364: tks tippet
(09:57 AM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-04/Buffy-300T1.gif
(09:59 AM) Tom_B:
lng 16.5, 14 stp
(10:00 AM) Buffy_04364: nice tom TF?
(10:00 AM) raz_62:
fast stoch had that hook huh buffy
(10:00 AM) Tom_B: 55T
(10:00 AM) tippet:
50% of this am dump ding ding
(10:00 AM) Buffy_04364: yep
(10:01 AM) Buffy_04364: don't know how far will go
(10:01 AM) Tom_B: Ques is , is this bot ?
(10:01 AM) Buffy_04364: no reanchor in pyra
(10:01 AM) Tom_B: If test holds, will add
(10:01 AM) Buffy_04364: doesn't mean I will get one though
(10:01 AM) ppusa: 50% retracement
(10:02 AM) dave_b_quik:
Rose's buy envelope stopped the downswing.
(10:02 AM) Buffy_04364: it sure did dave
(10:02 AM) Buffy_04364: tks for pointing it out
(10:02 AM) Rose0001: Downswing stopped at the buy envelope!
(10:03 AM) raz_62:
did ya did ya
(10:04 AM) Buffy_04364: could be a flag?
(10:04 AM) ppusa: yes
(10:04 AM) ppusa: could
(10:04 AM) Tom_B: hve stp B/E & add @ 24.5
(10:05 AM) ppusa: probably a little better than b/e be ok
(10:05 AM) ppusa: either low or gone?
(10:06 AM) tippet:
(10:06 AM) tippet: hit 62%
(10:07 AM) Tom_B: out, grrr
(10:07 AM) Tom_B: 19.5
(10:07 AM) ppusa: hey you played
(10:07 AM) raz_62:
that took out gully huh
(10:07 AM) raz_62: tlbreak
(10:07 AM) ppusa: at least you tried to add
(10:08 AM) Tom_B: y
(10:08 AM) Tom_B: even if this is good, stp..wrong spot
(10:08 AM) ppusa: would like to see a 1-2-3 new low
(10:09 AM) sb17: ppusa, how many swings down so far?
(10:09 AM) sb17: 2, 3?
(10:09 AM) ppusa: 5 min chart high of bounce top of what should be a down trend channel for am
(10:10 AM) ppusa: good question sb
(10:10 AM) ppusa: maybe a 1=2=3=4?
(10:10 AM) ppusa: 1-2-3-4
(10:10 AM) ppusa: better at counting them in hindsight
(10:10 AM) sb17: Buffy...did you short right off the open?
(10:11 AM) Buffy_04364: nope
(10:11 AM) Buffy_04364: waited until high
(10:12 AM) Buffy_04364: bline stoch divergences along with pyra indicators still down
(10:13 AM) ppusa: you short chimp Buffy?
(10:13 AM) Buffy_04364: short off flag yes
(10:13 AM) ppusa: now at 24 area?
(10:14 AM) Buffy_04364: one more down bar on 4M and pyra should give reanchor
(10:15 AM) tomsurf:
Buffy- thx for the pyra heads up
(10:15 AM) Buffy_04364: short off TL poke bar pp if that is what you are asking
(10:16 AM) ppusa: price?
(10:16 AM) Buffy_04364: 55T
(10:16 AM) Buffy_04364: 1520.5
(10:16 AM) ppusa: gotcha
(10:17 AM) Buffy_04364: %D not below 20 for true reanchor
(10:17 AM) Buffy_04364: yet
(10:18 AM) alan123:
buffy and ppusa GMTA--great minds think alike-short off tl
(10:18 AM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(10:19 AM) ppusa: gmta?
(10:19 AM) Buffy_04364: great minds think alike
(10:19 AM) alan123:
great minds think alike
(10:19 AM) alan123: gmta
(10:19 AM) ppusa: ?
(10:19 AM) ppusa: duh
(10:19 AM) ppusa: long scalp
(10:24 AM) Tom_B: lng
(10:26 AM) tippet:
bounce off 1/22 lod
(10:26 AM) Rose0001: Nice trades, Tom.
(10:26 AM) Buffy_04364: tks tippet
(10:26 AM) Buffy_04364: yes tom very nice
(10:26 AM) Tom_B: not yet :)
(10:27 AM) Buffy_04364: ok down to test low and we have our reanchor if rsi goes down too
(10:27 AM) Buffy_04364: might not do it as low was bounce of bos
(10:29 AM) ppusa: i think 1-2-3-4 now
(10:30 AM) tomsurf:
ann- move down this am looks like your waterfall
(10:32 AM) Tom_B: y, tom, i went ovr the falls without the barrell
(10:32 AM) Tom_B: lng 08
(10:33 AM) ppusa: flag?
(10:34 AM) Buffy_04364: might be pp
(10:34 AM) Buffy_04364: treating it as such
(10:34 AM) ppusa: if this is the first hump?
(10:34 AM) Buffy_04364: bline below 20 on some tf
(10:34 AM) sb17: MACD and price showing some buy divergence on 3-min chart ES
(10:34 AM) ppusa: 2 more lows due
(10:34 AM) ppusa: this looks like the middle of a wave 3
(10:35 AM) ppusa: from HOD
(10:35 AM) Buffy_04364: no google arc either
(10:35 AM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(10:36 AM) google_2: morning
(10:36 AM) Buffy_04364: hi google
(10:36 AM) Rose0001: I keep losing connectivity this AM. Darn!
(10:36 AM) tomsurf:
mornin googs
(10:36 AM) google_2: l10
(10:36 AM) scorp:
me too Rose
(10:36 AM) ann_87: hi google
(10:37 AM) Rose0001: Comcast.
(10:38 AM) google_2: flat
(10:38 AM) ppusa: hour high here?
(10:38 AM) google_2: brb
(10:38 AM) google_2: having technical problems all over the place
(10:40 AM) Daniel X: wassup yall!!
(10:41 AM) Daniel X: TOMB sry i wasn't on Pal Talk since NOV/DEC so i didn't see your msg.
(10:41 AM) ppusa: don't recognize this person...put on ignore
(10:41 AM) Tom_B: PM me
(10:42 AM) Daniel X: lol
(10:42 AM) Tom_B: lol
(10:42 AM) sb17: we need one more test of low
(10:43 AM) ppusa: hour chart high
(10:44 AM) dave_b_quik:
hey, danX, good to see you remembered us
(10:44 AM) Daniel X: oh yes lol
(10:44 AM) dave_b_quik:
you gonna be back now?
(10:45 AM) Daniel X: yes full time
(10:45 AM) dave_b_quik:
great news
(10:45 AM) Daniel X: thnx
(10:46 AM) Daniel X: under 1530 our 1rst target of 1504 was hit
(10:46 AM) ppusa: buying somewhere near
(10:47 AM) Daniel X: next it has to go through 1500 bounce and stay below 1507 and target is 1584
(10:47 AM) scylnx: google - my sympathies - totally w/o options on DTN this morning
(10:47 AM) Daniel X: 1484
(10:47 AM) Daniel X: sry
(10:47 AM) Tom_B: I've got a potential 72 trgt here... :)
(10:48 AM) Daniel X: that far..good
(10:48 AM) Daniel X: PPUSa buy and bounce it for us
(10:48 AM) Tom_B: of crse 90-92 might do it also...?
(10:49 AM) sb17: anybody have pyra time for change in direction on ES?
(10:50 AM) ann_87: 1496 84% retracement
(10:51 AM) Daniel X: 1498 support
(10:51 AM) ppusa: long
(10:51 AM) ppusa: scaslp only
(10:52 AM) Daniel X: not me.sold 21.50 covered 11.50
(10:52 AM) Daniel X: do what u do best..Master scalper
(10:53 AM) Daniel X: i coud never keep up with you!
(10:53 AM) ann_87: ticks did not confirm the 4 th push
(10:53 AM) Daniel X: let it stay below 7
(10:54 AM) ppusa: out already
(10:54 AM) ppusa: looking again
(10:55 AM) ppusa: thanks ann
(10:55 AM) Daniel X: will test 7
(10:55 AM) Daniel X: should
(10:56 AM) Tom_B: Jimmer, does this qual for SMax Diverg ?
(10:57 AM) ppusa: lots ofd divergence, etc.
(10:57 AM) ppusa: looking for an entry
(10:58 AM) ppusa: if another low 3 humps
(10:58 AM) Daniel X: sox has to clear 563 before i go long
(10:58 AM) ppusa: would confirm my wave count
(10:58 AM) ppusa: tomorrow
(10:58 AM) ppusa: dan
(10:58 AM) tippet:
may get a 4th test of trendline coming up
(10:58 AM) google_2: ;01.5
(10:58 AM) ppusa: today let's go takeout the high then come back down
(10:59 AM) google_2: long
(10:59 AM) ann_87: dow did not confirm the low...
(10:59 AM) Daniel X: it has to test 7 if it cnat make through then more downside
(11:00 AM) google_2: flat-2
(11:01 AM) ppusa: patience is being tested
(11:01 AM) tippet:
sox still selling
(11:01 AM) ppusa: everything i see says buy
(11:02 AM) ppusa: close
(11:03 AM) fredrickson: long 95.50
(11:03 AM) google_2: 1492-94 possible support
(11:03 AM) ppusa: 3 humps 5 waves?
(11:05 AM) anny44: is everyone here trading NAZ? I see no ES H2 posts....
(11:05 AM) Tom_B: l 97.5
(11:05 AM) sb17: i'm on ES
(11:05 AM) google_2: l98
(11:05 AM) anny44: k
(11:06 AM) sb17: i'm with you...would like to see more ES posts
(11:06 AM) ann_87: rule of 4
(11:06 AM) tippet:
4test of trendline here
(11:07 AM) Daniel X: looking for the 07 again
(11:07 AM) sb17: i think we hit bottom, but it's going to struggle a bit here
(11:09 AM) Tom_B: Might be EOW:5:3
(11:10 AM) fredrickson: out 03 +7.50
(11:10 AM) Daniel X: Retro stop @1504.50
(11:10 AM) google_2: measured move from friday hi
(11:10 AM) Daniel X: from 1521.50
(11:10 AM) scorp:
daniel, you trade retro?
(11:10 AM) sb17: Chimp 65ema1 line is flat
(11:11 AM) Daniel X: Retro?Smax combo with key support and res #s
(11:11 AM) tippet:
could go put in a rt shoulder for inv bottom .....
(11:11 AM) google_2: out 1 +5
(11:11 AM) Daniel X: ?=/
(11:12 AM) sb17: tippet,..are you talking about ES?
(11:12 AM) ppusa: gonna speak
(11:12 AM) tippet:
(11:13 AM) ppusa: hear?
(11:13 AM) sb17: ES could use a little right shoulder also
(11:13 AM) Tom_B: tnx
(11:13 AM) Daniel X: nope but it must be me
(11:13 AM) Tom_B: pp
(11:13 AM) mattis_3:
could hear fine
(11:13 AM) scorp: i hear you
(11:13 AM) qatwo: fine pp
(11:13 AM) scorp:
but, having big internet problems today
(11:13 AM) Daniel X: i gotta hera this
(11:14 AM) sb17: well that 's the rule in here...no talking during the day
(11:14 AM) Tom_B: pp lkng for up 15m bar for those lng
(11:14 AM) Tom_B: still lng here
(11:14 AM) Daniel X: oh well no time to fiddle..sry PP i'll get it working during lunch
(11:15 AM) Tom_B: addng
(11:15 AM) ppusa: i exited looking re-enter
(11:16 AM) tippet:
volume not really there on retrace....yet/
(11:16 AM) ppusa: up 15 min bar
(11:16 AM) Tom_B: out
(11:16 AM) ppusa: trend steep down
(11:17 AM) ppusa: 10 and 15 PnF need correction
(11:17 AM) ppusa: biased long
(11:17 AM) Daniel X: up on lousy volume
(11:18 AM) ppusa: another low?
(11:18 AM) ppusa: rounded bottom?
(11:18 AM) Daniel X: 84 ultimate for the day..
(11:18 AM) Daniel X: so far
(11:19 AM) ppusa: still in lower part of an oversold channel
(11:19 AM) sb17: i'm little confused on website help...what does pma stand for?
(11:19 AM) tippet:
got 38 % for shoulder
(11:19 AM) ppusa: the only thing that is stopping me is i think trend is to sloped down
(11:19 AM) raz_62:
period ma i think
(11:20 AM) ppusa: not so much the price or area, just the trend based on ma's
(11:20 AM) ann_87: it has been very symetrical
(11:20 AM) sb17: thanks raz
(11:20 AM) Daniel X: sox holding this up
(11:20 AM) sb17: i agree...ES looks like the bottom of a bowl
(11:21 AM) Daniel X: volume nearing untradable zone
(11:21 AM) ppusa: last bounce repelled at 20 bar ma on 5 min
(11:22 AM) ppusa: the slope of this ma is steep down
(11:22 AM) ppusa: but PnF is looking for a bounce
(11:22 AM) ppusa: lots of air on 15 min chart
(11:23 AM) google_2: lift moses lift
(11:23 AM) ppusa: smax flat 20 point rule
(11:23 AM) google_2: :-)
(11:23 AM) sb17: ppusa...do you use smax?
(11:23 AM) sb17: i've been looking for a smax user
(11:24 AM) raz_62:
higher low on stoch for smax i think
(11:24 AM) Daniel X: yes it is higher
(11:24 AM) Daniel X: if sox drops hold short
(11:24 AM) Tom_B: l 02.5 00 stp
(11:25 AM) Daniel X: lol
(11:25 AM) Doctor Zaius:
(11:25 AM) Daniel X: if we stay under 1530 it's sell every rally
(11:25 AM) ppusa: for those using 2/20 BB setting on 5 min chart...like to see test oif lower BB
(11:26 AM) ann_87: 5 min grail sell..maybe we will get higher low
(11:26 AM) ppusa: no smax short imo 'cos lower BB
(11:27 AM) Daniel X: although if the MA cross zero along with histogram...down we go
(11:27 AM) johnl96: gm all
(11:28 AM) fredrickson: google you hoping moses will lead you to the promised land? :)
(11:28 AM) ppusa: ann i thought that means new low but i will ask u later
(11:29 AM) raz_62:
shes probably looking at some part the sea pattern
(11:29 AM) ppusa: looks long to me
(11:29 AM) google_2: just made an airhead move this morning - miscalculated targets
(11:29 AM) google_2: and cost me
(11:29 AM) raz_62:
l 03.5
(11:30 AM) Daniel X: watch 07
(11:30 AM) ppusa: new hour bar
(11:30 AM) ppusa: see how the highs and lows shape up
(11:31 AM) raz_62:
think that was a smax cont long
(11:31 AM) ppusa: top 1/3 of bb
(11:32 AM) raz_62:
dont matter for cont
(11:32 AM) ppusa: yea but it is the top 1/32
(11:32 AM) ppusa: probably not the best one
(11:33 AM) Daniel X: PPUSA u still think theres enough volitility for a test of high and then go back down..gosh we're off 20/30% in volitility from last year
(11:33 AM) ppusa: not really
(11:33 AM) Daniel X: short answer!
(11:33 AM) ppusa: but u never know
(11:33 AM) Daniel X: lol
(11:33 AM) ppusa: PnF says due significant bounce.
(11:33 AM) ppusa: but
(11:34 AM) tippet:
asc wedge or inv h&s ?
(11:34 AM) ppusa: sometimes they do not come where i think they will
(11:35 AM) ppusa: test of bb then if break the 20 ma on 5, long
(11:35 AM) google_2: flat
(11:35 AM) raz_62:
out -5
(11:35 AM) raz_62: so much for smax and raz
(11:36 AM) Daniel X: my SMAX says down...
(11:36 AM) Daniel X: XMAX
(11:36 AM) ppusa: yes
(11:37 AM) ppusa: last break was better 'cos away from the smax bb
(11:37 AM) ppusa: but overall still osold imo
(11:38 AM) sb17: i knew they'd have to try it (retest) one more time
(11:38 AM) ppusa: not so that it can't go lower
(11:38 AM) ppusa: stickin to what i said about 5 min chart
(11:39 AM) google_2: l94
(11:39 AM) ppusa: rounding out in here
(11:39 AM) ppusa: jumping on a new low or a confirmation of some sort
(11:40 AM) Daniel X: no longs for me untill we take out 1530
(11:40 AM) google_2: flat
(11:40 AM) ppusa: i agree in larger time frame dan
(11:40 AM) ppusa: but not in the scalpeteria
(11:40 AM) Daniel X: till then i'm shorting the bounces
(11:40 AM) Daniel X: lol
(11:41 AM) Daniel X: scalpeteria
(11:41 AM) Daniel X: scalpers gotta eat!
(11:41 AM) ppusa: long
(11:42 AM) ppusa: exit soon
(11:42 AM) Daniel X: has to get through97 now
(11:42 AM) Daniel X: sox fell hold shorts
(11:42 AM) tippet:
(11:43 AM) ppusa: nasty job
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364: hi Daniel!
(11:43 AM) Buffy_04364: still no perfect reanchor in pyra
(11:43 AM) Daniel X: hey Buffy!
(11:44 AM) Daniel X: 90support
(11:44 AM) Buffy_04364: so going to stay around a while?
(11:45 AM) Daniel X: full time yes
(11:45 AM) Buffy_04364: have missed you
(11:45 AM) Daniel X: thnx
(11:45 AM) Buffy_04364: yippee!
(11:45 AM) google_2: l92
(11:46 AM) Tom_B: There some supp @ 90 -92 ..1472 potential
(11:46 AM) Daniel X: started trading again only mid Jan...since mid Dec
(11:46 AM) Buffy_04364: well welcome back
(11:47 AM) Daniel X: thnx good to be back
(11:47 AM) Buffy_04364: I bet
(11:48 AM) Daniel X: well it bounced off support @90 like it was supposeto and now lets see if 97 keeps it down
(11:48 AM) ppusa: blow through 97
(11:49 AM) Daniel X: damn y did you buy that?
(11:50 AM) google_2: out 1 +2
(11:50 AM) Buffy_04364: I amwaiting for pyra to confirm bottom
(11:50 AM) Buffy_04364: tagged tos with last 4m bar
(11:50 AM) ppusa: it's close
(11:51 AM) ppusa: no real confirmation and i am only long one but
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364: pyra indicators look like waiting for rsi before doing something besides flat below 20
(11:51 AM) ppusa: at this point it's more just a question of principles
(11:51 AM) Buffy_04364: 1488 maybe?
(11:52 AM) Buffy_04364: possible guys with what you see?
(11:52 AM) Buffy_04364: hmmm that would make it a 2b
(11:52 AM) Daniel X: 84
(11:52 AM) ppusa: are we gonna let some nobody come in here and tell us how to trade or are we gonna stick to our old bad habits of being early
(11:53 AM) google_2: flat
(11:53 AM) Daniel X: still short
(11:53 AM) Tom_B: 72
(11:53 AM) Tom_B: shrt
(11:53 AM) Tom_B: gotta mke soem $
(11:53 AM) Daniel X: let 90 crack
(11:53 AM) Daniel X: done
(11:54 AM) ppusa: daily chart would show bottom of next low as third hump
(11:55 AM) ppusa: that could be down to 1550 area or ?
(11:56 AM) ppusa: and doesn't have to be today
(11:56 AM) tippet:
ndx gap to fill from11/02 1440
subtvshow1: buffy, hows it going? where is steve today?
(11:58 AM) google_2: l90
(11:58 AM) Buffy_04364: don't know sub
(11:59 AM) subtvshow1: deos he come in here anymore?
(11:59 AM) Buffy_04364: this sideways can go on for a while
(11:59 AM) Buffy_04364: yes he does
(11:59 AM) subtvshow1: ok
(12:04 PM) google_2: been going long because I have 92-94 and 86-88 as 2 support levels
(12:05 PM) Buffy_04364: tks google
(12:05 PM) Buffy_04364: for explaining
(12:05 PM) google_2: if they don't hold I'll re-evaluate
(12:05 PM) ppusa: this is test of lower bb on 5
(12:05 PM) ppusa: lower part of down trend channel
(12:05 PM) ppusa: should jump to upper
(12:06 PM) ppusa: like to see a reversal low in here
(12:06 PM) Buffy_04364: this might just beanother flag
(12:06 PM) ppusa: some kind of definaitive signal the low is in
(12:07 PM) ppusa: keep eyes open for some kind of reversal bar
(12:07 PM) pkwood: hello everyone
(12:07 PM) Daniel X: well i got 15.5 for the day ..so i'll be back after lunch :-P
(12:07 PM) pkwood: looks like an interesting room
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: bye dan
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: hi pk
(12:07 PM) ppusa: maybe off a little rally then a test again that holds
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: maybe back to tos
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: ?
(12:08 PM) pkwood: from wendesdays low
(12:08 PM) Buffy_04364: then test
(12:08 PM) pkwood: to fridays high, .618 retracement stands at 1099
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364: nq here pk
(12:09 PM) pkwood: just nq or you guys do both?
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364: BTW welcome to the room
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364: roomdoes both
(12:09 PM) pkwood: ok great thanks
(12:10 PM) Buffy_04364: I am usually nq is what I meant sorry
(12:10 PM) Tom_B: lkng 4 shrt
(12:10 PM) Buffy_04364: hitting 50ema on 133T
(12:11 PM) ann_87: equal legs in es would be 1095
(12:11 PM) ppusa: could use another 15 min up bar
(12:12 PM) pkwood: stochastics not looking pretty on any time frame
(12:12 PM) Tom_B: Test of lo
(12:12 PM) Tom_B: or poss bkdwn
(12:13 PM) Buffy_04364: we need one of googles arcs
(12:13 PM) ppusa: still looking for a reversl bar of some sorts
(12:13 PM) Buffy_04364: with pyra reanchor
(12:13 PM) google_2: many stops just below where we're at right now
(12:14 PM) ann_87: could get lunchtime correction
(12:14 PM) pkwood: NYSE tick made higher low on last push down
(12:15 PM) jimbo_320: good evening or morning
(12:15 PM) google_2: flat
(12:16 PM) Buffy_04364: potential gartley google if test holds?
(12:17 PM) tippet:
have lod at 162% FIB OFF 2/01 HI
(12:17 PM) ann_87: this would be a smax buy too
(12:17 PM) google_2: l90
(12:17 PM) Buffy_04364: bline says bottom near at hand many divergences
(12:17 PM) jimbo_320: 1100 es = 9750 dow
(12:18 PM) fredrickson: hi jimbo
(12:19 PM) google_2: I still like this area
(12:19 PM) jimbo_320: hi fred 9700-9750 is 50% retrace of highs
(12:19 PM) google_2: for potential support that is
(12:20 PM) jimbo_320: sox under 550
(12:20 PM) Buffy_04364: tks jimbo
(12:21 PM) google_2: I have to trust my plan
(12:22 PM) ann_87: nq and sox make a higher low
(12:23 PM) jimbo_320: steady institutional selling
(12:24 PM) google_2: out 1 +
(12:24 PM) google_2: 3
(12:24 PM) ppusa: that smax down bar was what i was looing for
(12:25 PM) ppusa: reversal vbar
(12:25 PM) ppusa: hammer
(12:25 PM) ppusa: now we will see
(12:25 PM) jimbo_320: 3.03 trin
(12:25 PM) ppusa: ?
(12:26 PM) sb17: this is my adjustment to new trading methods...haven't traded much...but I've made .46 so far...ha, ha
(12:27 PM) fredrickson: short 97.00
(12:29 PM) sb17: boy, they really want to see this sucker today
(12:29 PM) fredrickson: dow es new lows
(12:29 PM) jimbo_320: i love down days
(12:30 PM) ann_87: backside of rule of 4 line
(12:31 PM) jimbo_320: 9750 not providing much support
(12:31 PM) jimbo_320: sox is trying
(12:33 PM) raz_62:
rose you are very quiet
(12:33 PM) fredrickson: out +2
(12:33 PM) Rose0001: I'm having ISP problems today, so I'm offline more than on.
(12:34 PM) google_2: spaghetti charts problems here
(12:34 PM) google_2: what's going on??
(12:34 PM) Rose0001: Mercury is retrotrading.
(12:35 PM) johnl96: not again!!!
(12:35 PM) Rose0001: LOL...retrograding...
(12:36 PM) swimmer_17_1: what's "sox"
(12:36 PM) tomsurf:
semiconductor indeex
(12:37 PM) swimmer_17_1: thx
(12:40 PM) SP Steve: hey all
(12:40 PM) tomsurf:
hi Steve
(12:40 PM) google_2: hey you
(12:41 PM) SP Steve: How about " The Silence of the Rams"
(12:41 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy, did you reanchor pyra?
(12:41 PM) SP Steve: 1099.75 is a 61.8% retracement of that last spike low
(12:42 PM) SP Steve: Should be good support in the sp anyway
(12:42 PM) ppusa: to bad Mr. X
(12:43 PM) fredrickson: lol steve on silence of the rams
(12:43 PM) ppusa: looking for a short entry back to trendline then higher
(12:43 PM) ppusa: scalp
(12:44 PM) ppusa: after being so early on long side not in a hurry to jump short
(12:45 PM) ppusa: still biased long
(12:46 PM) ppusa: any short is scalp
(12:46 PM) ppusa: what is everybody doing?
(12:46 PM) ppusa: i had to switch computers
(12:46 PM) google_2: still long 1 here
(12:47 PM) ppusa: holding well
(12:47 PM) jimbo_320: sox still rising
(12:47 PM) Tom_B: lng here
(12:47 PM) anny44: long from 62% level 1199 area---waiting to go thru 1103
(12:47 PM) ppusa: entries?
(12:49 PM) Tom_B: 93
(12:50 PM) google_2: out +8 flat
(12:50 PM) ann_87: great
(12:50 PM) raz_62:
wtg google
(12:51 PM) google_2: tough day so far
(12:51 PM) scorp:
trade envy
(12:51 PM) Tom_B: nice gooogle
(12:51 PM) scorp:
yeah, it is tough
(12:51 PM) scorp: so that makes the trade even more nice
(12:51 PM) raz_62: make them pay for treating me this way lol
(12:52 PM) pkwood: so just curious here... how many here believe that the 9/11 lows was the end to the bear market?
(12:53 PM) raz_62:
i would be shocked if those lows were not tested
(12:54 PM) google_2: short-term or secular bear you're talking about?
(12:54 PM) johnl96: no opinion here pk
(12:54 PM) SP Steve: I don't think so
(12:54 PM) pkwood: secular bear
(12:54 PM) pkwood: my target is actually 561 for the S&P by 2004
(12:54 PM) google_2: I'm no expert - sorry
(12:55 PM) SP Steve: Man, do I ever hope your wrong
(12:55 PM) pkwood: I hope so too steve
(12:55 PM) jimbo_320: sox pulling back
(12:56 PM) perry8:
it's ok either way for us, pk, we are day traders..
(12:56 PM) google_2: perry nice response
(12:56 PM) raz_62:
well im sure some have lt ira's and 401k's
(12:56 PM) raz_62: i know i do
(12:56 PM) jimmer49: not ok with me because it would be very bad for the country
(12:57 PM) perry8:
my 401k have been busted so bad that i don't care anymore :(
(12:57 PM) raz_62: lol
(12:57 PM) raz_62: mine has a black eye
(12:58 PM) SP Steve: Mine is a 101 K
(12:58 PM) jimbo_320: didnt someone tell me years ago pension were a bad investment?
(12:59 PM) jean2: sometimes it is better to put 401 or IRA in cash - tried to tell Mom to sell ENE at 70.00, but she held on till like 28 cents - because it was in her IRA
(01:00 PM) johnl96: not exactly "buy low, sell high", jean
(01:01 PM) jean2: lol
(01:01 PM) jean2: Her "broker" encouraged her all the way.
(01:01 PM) jimmer49: didn't take long to bust that trendline
(01:02 PM) jean2: Even had her buy more at $2.80
(01:02 PM) raz_62:
oh know
(01:02 PM) google_2: on 15 we have 3 waves
(01:02 PM) google_2: might suggest another wave down?
(01:02 PM) raz_62:
sounds like i wud make a good broker
(01:02 PM) Buffy_04364: maybe this time get my reanchor??
(01:03 PM) jean2: unfortuneately some of the older people are pretty set in their ways, and like buy and hold
(01:03 PM) johnl96: jean, your mom may want to look for a new broker.
(01:03 PM) google_2: if these levels break I'm looking at 1464
(01:03 PM) jimbo_320: 550 sox again, dow 40 test
(01:03 PM) Buffy_04364: bounced off bos so far
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(01:04 PM) jean2: yea - I told her that also - showed her links of the news- told her that her broker was stupid...didn't get any pat on the back for that though
(01:05 PM) anny44: out
(01:05 PM) ann_87: 84 100% retrace
(01:05 PM) johnl96: btw, you know why they call them "brokers", don't you? Because they're broker than you are!!
(01:06 PM) jean2: lol john
(01:06 PM) raz_62:
but want to correct that and make you broker
(01:07 PM) johnl96: really
(01:08 PM) jimmer49: Apart from trading I am very disappointed to see this action today - I hope it changes, but have no real expectation
(01:09 PM) raz_62:
hey you are online now anyway
(01:10 PM) google_2: 1484 is last swing low
(01:11 PM) jimbo_320: maybe the only way they will end the bear market is the prohibit short selling :)
(01:11 PM) Buffy_04364: selling showing up on ticki
(01:11 PM) raz_62:
that will increase it'
(01:11 PM) raz_62: there will be no buyers then
(01:12 PM) jimmer49: not gonna happen jimbo
(01:13 PM) jimbo_320: but maybe it is affecting the economy, then they have a legit reason to do it
(01:13 PM) tk-15:
jimbo, maybe just let the executives sell
(01:14 PM) raz_62: shorts stop the down drafts
(01:14 PM) raz_62: gotta have them
(01:14 PM) jimbo_320: covered half at 98.5 from 06
(01:15 PM) perry8:
jimbo, talking about bear market, i read over the weekend, japan nikkei went down from around 40,000 to lower than dow last week
(01:16 PM) Tom_B: 72 still trgt # here
(01:16 PM) raz_62:
74 my next gann line down
(01:16 PM) jimbo_320: hope not jimmer or else i am going ot have to retrain
(01:17 PM) Tom_B: Interesting raz
(01:17 PM) Buffy_04364: time line in pyra
(01:17 PM) raz_62:
i have 79 on 5min and 74 on 60 min
(01:17 PM) Buffy_04364: tks raz
(01:18 PM) jimbo_320: can we see 9700 dow?
(01:18 PM) jimmer49: Tom - what is basis of 72 target/
(01:19 PM) google_2: 268% fib
(01:19 PM) jimbo_320: perry us is next japan ? the bigger they are the harder they fall
(01:20 PM) perry8:
gosh, no hope not...
(01:20 PM) perry8: and I think we won't be, we have much more sound infrastructure and regulations
(01:21 PM) Tickaholic: we are also gearing up for war time economy and that may keep US from deep deep recession
(01:21 PM) jimmer49: Japan is just one great big Enron
(01:21 PM) perry8:
short covering soon...?
(01:22 PM) raz_62: i think that was the low really
(01:22 PM) raz_62: but who knows
(01:22 PM) perry8: agree, jimmer
(01:23 PM) jimmer49: Japan wrote the manual on cooking the books
(01:24 PM) google_2: cooking - that's something I know about
(01:25 PM) jimbo_320: sound like most companies are getting pretty good at it too
(01:25 PM) jimbo_320: the books that is
(01:27 PM) jimmer49: been going on at an increasing rate for the last few years jimbo, that's why I am no longer a stock investor
(01:27 PM) scorp:
it is quiet today
(01:27 PM) raz_62: bbbbbbbuffy what you see
(01:28 PM) perry8: y, too much punishment for short term earning shortfall, and unreasonable reward for meeting short term earning distorted businesses' priorities
(01:28 PM) scorp: lol, i was wondering if buffy was here
(01:28 PM) Buffy_04364: yep
(01:28 PM) Buffy_04364: just got back to check things out
(01:28 PM) Buffy_04364: did some other stuff while this is trying to find its low
(01:28 PM) ppusa: maybe if we put social security funds into the market things will change
(01:29 PM) jimbo_320: yeah whats a billion here billion there after all its not there money
(01:29 PM) ppusa: i agree
(01:32 PM) moses_13:
can anyone give me VIX:X at this moment, trying to determine if mine is late as it starts late
(01:32 PM) Buffy_04364: 25.94
(01:32 PM) knight37: ENRON/ excessive negative reaction occuring nationwide
(01:32 PM) Buffy_04364: +3.07
(01:32 PM) moses_13:
thanks buffy
(01:32 PM) Buffy_04364: u welc
(01:33 PM) plevin:
hi Buffy
(01:33 PM) Buffy_04364: hi Plevin
(01:35 PM) Buffy_04364: well guess find something else to do for a bit - don't trust this as bottom yet
(01:36 PM) Buffy_04364: and not in the mood to scalp
(01:36 PM) ppusa: gartley 1 minute?
(01:37 PM) google_2: time symmetry on 60 minutes
(01:39 PM) ppusa: short
(01:39 PM) Daniel X: doing nothing here until volume picks up above my min tradable
(01:39 PM) ppusa: scalp
(01:39 PM) ppusa: only
(01:39 PM) jimmer49: seeing gartleys on 1min strikes me as a sign of either desperation or boredom
(01:39 PM) ppusa: not doing very well at it either
(01:40 PM) QSuzy: Daniel.....what's your min tradeable vol?
(01:40 PM) Daniel X: 200
(01:40 PM) ppusa: out
(01:40 PM) QSuzy: tx
(01:40 PM) ppusa: nice short pp
as far as u know pp
(01:44 PM) jean2: where else would you be pp?
(01:44 PM) Daniel X: i don't have a target under 84 till 55 and then 1425
(01:44 PM) ppusa: installed a router over weeekend and having problems staying connected
Daniel X: linksys?
(01:45 PM) Daniel X: PP?
(01:45 PM) ppusa: yes
(01:45 PM) jimbo_320: hi dan x, thought you'd given up
(01:45 PM) ppusa: comments?
(01:45 PM) Daniel X: lol..no why should ?
(01:45 PM) Daniel X: i?
(01:46 PM) ppusa: thought maybeyou knew something
(01:46 PM) Daniel X: no that was for Jimbo..lol
(01:46 PM) ppusa: this going up?
(01:46 PM) ppusa: lower tomorrow?
(01:46 PM) ppusa: that last sell off was an arc
(01:46 PM) Daniel X: for you i do have comments
(01:47 PM) ppusa: it didn't make a new low but it was an arc
(01:47 PM) Daniel X: check your firmware
(01:47 PM) ppusa: all ears Dan
(01:47 PM) ppusa: take after
(01:47 PM) ppusa: talk
(01:47 PM) Daniel X: ok
(01:48 PM) ppusa: didn't install any
(01:48 PM) ppusa: this looks like up
(01:48 PM) Daniel X: 97 needs to go 1rst
(01:48 PM) ppusa: 1500
(01:48 PM) ppusa: high of last swing
(01:49 PM) ppusa: i am hoping for a new low to buy
(01:49 PM) ppusa: this last bounce i think wold have drawn in some swing traders
(01:49 PM) raz_62:
bline flattening and stochs turning down
(01:49 PM) ppusa: higher low, higher high
(01:49 PM) Daniel X: not time for that other 6 week rally until we take out 1600
(01:50 PM) ppusa: definately ma's have been flattening
(01:51 PM) ppusa: 3 and 6 due for downside reversal?
(01:51 PM) ppusa: all these bounces suggest limited downside
(01:52 PM) Daniel X: the pit will short every bounce until1600
(01:52 PM) ppusa: this week major chop
(01:52 PM) Daniel X: 1530 sorry
(01:52 PM) tippet:
buy in sox ??
(01:52 PM) jimbo_320: 9700 breakthough should see mm of 9950 on dow
(01:52 PM) ppusa: like we've never seen
(01:53 PM) ppusa: i think short here
(01:53 PM) Daniel X: watch for 97
(01:54 PM) ppusa: why?
(01:54 PM) Daniel X: key support/res
(01:55 PM) Daniel X: notice how it failed right there
(01:55 PM) Daniel X: so far
(01:56 PM) ppusa: what is that number based on
(01:56 PM) Daniel X: i think 1507 is the cover #
(01:56 PM) jimbo_320: res on sox at 554, break would indicate W bottom upside 562
(01:57 PM) ppusa: short 96
(01:57 PM) ppusa: looking for 6 point retracement
(01:57 PM) Daniel X: yes Jimbo and no longs untill 563
(01:58 PM) ppusa: covering 95.5
(01:59 PM) Daniel X: as long as we hold 94 it looks good for at least a 150 test
(01:59 PM) jimbo_320: considering sox upgrade we should be flying
(01:59 PM) ppusa: turned back up
(01:59 PM) Daniel X: 1500
(02:00 PM) Daniel X: nope
(02:00 PM) ppusa: hate those tests
(02:00 PM) Daniel X: 97 was the #
(02:00 PM) Daniel X: lol
(02:00 PM) Daniel X: u still short right?
(02:00 PM) ppusa: of course
(02:00 PM) Daniel X: good
(02:00 PM) ppusa: not
(02:01 PM) Daniel X: ah mann
(02:01 PM) ppusa: 92 was cover number
(02:01 PM) Daniel X: i told u 97 was the #
(02:01 PM) Daniel X: oh ok
(02:01 PM) ppusa: who red dotted me?
(02:01 PM) google_2: no "I told you so" pls.
(02:01 PM) google_2: we got enough of them already lol
(02:01 PM) Daniel X: lol
(02:01 PM) Daniel X: i'm the real one though!
(02:02 PM) ppusa: you sure are?
(02:02 PM) Daniel X: trust me
(02:02 PM) Daniel X: on paper
(02:02 PM) ppusa: google i wasn't sure if anyone noticed
(02:02 PM) jimbo_320: banks are due a sell off
(02:02 PM) ppusa: a lot of PnF says this is going up after it quits messing around
(02:03 PM) Uncle-:
I am a Kuwaiti importer,I need some American exporters to work with,please contact me on(supersources@hotmail.com)
(02:03 PM) ppusa: okay uncle
(02:04 PM) Daniel X: sox down..hold shorts
(02:04 PM) ppusa: this looks like a sideways move to work off an oversold ...nq is starting to bump some key ma's
(02:04 PM) google_2: and for those who wear skirts?
(02:04 PM) google_2: should we hold?
(02:04 PM) google_2: :-)
(02:04 PM) ppusa: ih no
(02:04 PM) ppusa: oh
(02:04 PM) tomsurf:
googs ;-)
(02:05 PM) raz_62: bet your not wearing a skirt
(02:05 PM) Daniel X: only Jimbo has the right to wear sox with a skirt
(02:05 PM) ann_87: lol googs
(02:06 PM) jimbo_320: haha dan
(02:06 PM) Daniel X: volume down again :-(
(02:06 PM) google_2: l93
(02:06 PM) raz_62:
follow the skirt
(02:08 PM) Daniel X: not till 97 goes
(02:08 PM) ppusa: google is long at 93?
(02:08 PM) ann_87: yes PP
(02:08 PM) ppusa: oh yea she is
(02:09 PM) ppusa: i didn't see her post but i recognized her buy
(02:09 PM) google_2: out 1 +4
(02:10 PM) Daniel X: now 03.5 and 07
(02:10 PM) ppusa: possibility of turning down here based on a lot of PnF buy signals
(02:10 PM) ppusa: it either has to keep going or new low
(02:10 PM) ppusa: decision time
(02:11 PM) ppusa: enough sideways
(02:11 PM) ppusa: hour chart looking for a higher high says up...trend says down
(02:12 PM) ppusa: price has crossed the 20 bar ma on 5....usually a positive sign
(02:13 PM) Daniel X: when the Ma touch it will pop...
(02:13 PM) ppusa: touch what?
(02:13 PM) Daniel X: 20 touches the 40
(02:13 PM) ppusa: obot here?
(02:13 PM) tomsurf:
what MA's and TF?
(02:13 PM) Daniel X: 5 min
(02:14 PM) google_2: +3 flat
(02:14 PM) tomsurf:
OK, thx Daniel
(02:14 PM) google_2: this reminds me of 1/22
(02:15 PM) google_2: pls. check charts
(02:15 PM) ppusa: shiort!
(02:15 PM) ppusa: means nervous
(02:15 PM) ppusa: out
(02:16 PM) ppusa: i wanna see a lower high before i go in and sell 10
(02:16 PM) ppusa: don't forget the hour chart is looking for a higher high
(02:17 PM) ppusa: all the lows are holding in this channel
(02:18 PM) Daniel X: we need to test 1507 come back and hold 1500 before it continues
(02:18 PM) Daniel X: up
(02:18 PM) ppusa: did you check the bonds?
(02:18 PM) google_2: agree
(02:18 PM) tippet:
02 the 20ema15 3.5-38%retrace of the day
(02:18 PM) ppusa: u need to check the bonds
(02:19 PM) ppusa: just hit the 20 bar ma on the 15
(02:19 PM) ppusa: TIPPET
(02:20 PM) ppusa: short
(02:20 PM) ppusa: rule of 4?
(02:20 PM) ppusa: gee room for a stop
(02:21 PM) scorp:
pp, i see that on 3min chart
(02:21 PM) Daniel X: i dont go past 3
(02:21 PM) tippet:
luv that short
(02:22 PM) google_2: plenty of congestion
(02:22 PM) google_2: 3 humps on 5 min
(02:22 PM) ppusa: flat
(02:22 PM) Daniel X: this was the 4th?
(02:23 PM) Daniel X: 3rd no/
(02:23 PM) Daniel X: ?
(02:23 PM) ppusa: why hasn't anyone said 3 humps?
(02:23 PM) raz_62:
dang if i can see that googs
(02:23 PM) google_2: raz
(02:23 PM) ppusa: this is so funny
(02:23 PM) raz_62:
kinda do
(02:23 PM) Daniel X: lol
(02:23 PM) google_2: the range is just terrible
(02:23 PM) ppusa: i didn't see your post google
(02:23 PM) ppusa: sorry
(02:24 PM) raz_62:
looks like 4 to me
(02:24 PM) ppusa: rule of 4, 3 humps, PnF
(02:24 PM) ppusa: 20 bar ma on the 15
(02:24 PM) ppusa: what do they need to do hold up a sign?
(02:24 PM) ppusa: sell here?
(02:24 PM) ppusa: with an arrow
(02:24 PM) ppusa: duh
(02:25 PM) raz_62:
for me they may
(02:25 PM) ppusa: me too
(02:25 PM) ppusa: you were suppose to remind about three hmps
(02:25 PM) google_2: hve my reasons not to
(02:25 PM) Daniel X: sell here >>>>>>1496.50<<<<<<<<<
(02:26 PM) ppusa: that's better
(02:26 PM) raz_62:
i see 4 with no symetry
(02:26 PM) raz_62: but looks better on 5min
(02:28 PM) Tom_B: grrr
(02:28 PM) google_2: ok here's what I see
(02:28 PM) Daniel X: any skirts short here?
(02:28 PM) google_2: stealt trend day
(02:28 PM) google_2: have 80s as support
(02:28 PM) Daniel X: or short skirts?
(02:28 PM) google_2: 60 min suggests tight trading range
(02:29 PM) tbmsu: linda ratchke?
(02:29 PM) google_2: no google
(02:29 PM) Daniel X: i have no real target after 84
(02:29 PM) tbmsu: oh
(02:29 PM) Daniel X: anything further down is icing
(02:29 PM) Tom_B: 72
(02:30 PM) Daniel X: i didnot expect to go lower than 84
(02:30 PM) Tom_B: rav, ur gann # chnge ?
(02:30 PM) Daniel X: so i have 55 and 25
(02:30 PM) fredrickson: google why do you say "stealth" trend day
(02:30 PM) google_2: if 80s go
(02:31 PM) google_2: Im looking at 72, 64
(02:31 PM) Daniel X: thnx
(02:31 PM) Buffy_04364: 1480 next bos after 1488
(02:31 PM) google_2: fred
(02:31 PM) Daniel X: thats what i have untilmaely
(02:31 PM) Daniel X: Buffy
(02:31 PM) ppusa: don't get real bearish on me
(02:31 PM) google_2: because it looks different than a normal trend day
(02:32 PM) ppusa: still need some up
(02:32 PM) google_2: they have different patterns
(02:32 PM) google_2: most difficult to trade btw
(02:32 PM) google_2: unless one is in scalp mode
(02:32 PM) Tom_B: Triangle here
(02:33 PM) ppusa: smax continuation long?
(02:33 PM) fredrickson:
The index futures have the Narrowest Range of the past 4 days while also an Inside RDay. This pattern often leads to a TREND day.....according to LBR
(02:33 PM) ppusa: maybe not
(02:34 PM) Daniel X: don't yell
(02:35 PM) fredrickson: sorry....was a cut and paste....didn't know was big font
(02:35 PM) tomsurf:
fred- np ;-)
(02:35 PM) google_2: happened to me too :-)
(02:36 PM) raz_62:
i didnt get a big font
(02:36 PM) raz_62: wonder why
(02:36 PM) google_2: smaller monitor?
(02:36 PM) google_2: :-)
(02:36 PM) raz_62:
(02:37 PM) ppusa: smax continuation sell ? bottom of bb?
(02:37 PM) Daniel X: anyone still short?
(02:38 PM) Tom_B: Did the Chimp fall out of the tree today ?
(02:39 PM) Buffy_04364: LOL
(02:39 PM) Buffy_04364: rose have connectivity problems today I think
(02:40 PM) Tom_B: :(
(02:40 PM) Tom_B: Chimp choppy...
(02:40 PM) fredrickson: yea, she mentioned that earlier buffy
(02:40 PM) sb17: Chimp worked well this morning
(02:40 PM) ppusa: chimp long here
(02:41 PM) Tom_B: y
(02:41 PM) Tom_B: how pp, wht TF ?
(02:41 PM) tomsurf:
don't see chimp long yet
(02:42 PM) google_2: raz yes
(02:42 PM) Tom_B: bit of vol on 2 m rev bar
(02:42 PM) tippet:
chimp says show me the banana baby before i play emas flattening
(02:44 PM) ppusa: end of day buy
(02:44 PM) Tom_B: chimp lng ?
(02:44 PM) ppusa: not now
(02:44 PM) ppusa: chimp banana very flat here
(02:44 PM) Tom_B: want to b lng
(02:45 PM) ppusa: same here
(02:45 PM) ppusa: maybe a lower high?
(02:45 PM) ppusa: flag?
(02:46 PM) Daniel X: doubt a 5 point stop will keep you long though
(02:46 PM) ppusa: PnF 3 due
(02:46 PM) Tom_B: got a hunch, bet a bunch..of bananas
(02:47 PM) ppusa: new hour high too
(02:48 PM) ppusa: 95 i think is buy stop area
(02:48 PM) ppusa: almost went short
(02:48 PM) sb17: Tom_B...what method do you use?
(02:48 PM) Daniel X: im still short from 96.50
(02:49 PM) ppusa: basedon 3 point
(02:49 PM) Tom_B: none today
(02:49 PM) Daniel X: and if we bounce off 87 again im out
(02:50 PM) Tom_B: grrr
(02:51 PM) Daniel X: im out at 90.50
(02:51 PM) Daniel X: enuff already
(02:51 PM) Tom_B: dwn
(02:52 PM) Daniel X: ouch my neck hurs
(02:52 PM) mettallicca: hi everybody
(02:52 PM) Daniel X: hurts
(02:52 PM) Tom_B: gotta go soon
(02:52 PM) Tom_B: orrrr
(02:53 PM) Tom_B: Try a little spikeyness
(02:55 PM) Daniel X: well usually after the day's target get s hit the day cchops
(02:56 PM) Tom_B: assuming Daniel it's been hit :)
(02:56 PM) Daniel X: llo
(02:56 PM) Daniel X: lol
(02:57 PM) Tom_B: 72 target
(02:57 PM) Tom_B: all day
(02:57 PM) Daniel X: it was 84 for me
(02:57 PM) Daniel X: started chopping since
(02:57 PM) Tom_B: i'll take urs...no more anxiety ovr shrts
(02:57 PM) Daniel X: lol
(02:58 PM) Tom_B: waiting on bonds
(02:59 PM) Tom_B: getting ready to runn or add...:)
(03:01 PM) sb17: ES...after today, we're going to see a big, fat triangle on the daily chart
(03:02 PM) Buffy_04364: not only that sb but............
(03:02 PM) Tom_B: ren
(03:02 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-04/Buffy-ES_Daily2.gif
(03:03 PM) Daniel X:
everyone's trading the 1 and 2 min
(03:03 PM) Buffy_04364: just tagged bos
(03:03 PM) Tom_B: may resell
(03:03 PM) Tom_B: out of position though
(03:03 PM) Buffy_04364: even if I reanchor it will still be bos
(03:04 PM) Buffy_04364: I think
(03:04 PM) Tom_B: scared myselfout :)
(03:04 PM) Daniel X: just locals scapling since we hit 85.50
(03:04 PM) Tom_B: shrt
(03:04 PM) ppusa: 90.5 is high of this 15 min bar
(03:04 PM) ppusa: now lower?
(03:05 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-04/Buffy-ES_Daily3.gif
(03:05 PM) Tom_B:
pp, hope so
(03:05 PM) Buffy_04364: been short a while waiting for it
(03:05 PM) Daniel X: from Buffy?
(03:06 PM) Buffy_04364: ?
(03:06 PM) Daniel X: i'm no touch between 1501 or 1484
(03:06 PM) Daniel X: short from?
(03:06 PM) ppusa: take a couple of these bad boys long?
(03:06 PM) Tom_B: cm'on 72
(03:07 PM) google_2: buffy did you go short?
(03:07 PM) Tom_B: hve head cold, taking meds...trading has been vry "interesting"
(03:07 PM) Daniel X: lol TOM
(03:07 PM) Buffy_04364: 1473.35 close enough :-)
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364: yep
(03:08 PM) Tom_B: can't say it helped :)
(03:08 PM) google_2: from where?
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364: 1491.50
(03:08 PM) ppusa: selling
(03:08 PM) google_2: I just have missed your post
(03:08 PM) google_2: must
(03:08 PM) google_2: did you post this?
(03:08 PM) Buffy_04364: don't call trades just setups
(03:09 PM) google_2: oh ok
(03:09 PM) google_2: thanks
(03:09 PM) Daniel X: in from 83.50 but volitilitymay stop me
(03:09 PM) Tom_B: here's that spikey thing
(03:09 PM) Buffy_04364: if I say short and then get distracted by phone, company and don't say flat - well it has caused problems in the past
(03:09 PM) Buffy_04364: so just call setups now
(03:10 PM) Buffy_04364: have for months
(03:11 PM) Buffy_04364: short is all that made sense whilestill looking for pyra reanchor
(03:11 PM) google_2: sure
(03:11 PM) google_2: thanks
(03:11 PM) ppusa: ma's are very steep down but PnF is overdone
(03:11 PM) Buffy_04364: ]u welc
(03:11 PM) ppusa: trying long
(03:11 PM) Buffy_04364: btw flat
(03:11 PM) Tom_B: out
(03:12 PM) ppusa: 84 minimum bounce
(03:12 PM) ann_87: when did you call the set up buffy?
(03:12 PM) Tom_B: ppcowboy
(03:12 PM) ann_87: i missed it
(03:12 PM) ppusa: yea i do not like this cowboy stuff
(03:12 PM) ppusa: more like circus
(03:13 PM) Tom_B: good vol spike...more or done ?
(03:13 PM) ppusa: i don't like buying into steep downtrend ma's
(03:13 PM) ann_87: buffy?
(03:13 PM) Tom_B: I'm done bad r/r with 72 trgt
(03:13 PM) perry8:
limit down soon..
(03:13 PM) Daniel X: leaving stop b/e this is extra filling for me
(03:14 PM) raz_62:
limit is 80 right
(03:14 PM) raz_62: or wrong
(03:14 PM) Tom_B: they may spike it again since limits come off at 2:15 cst
(03:14 PM) qatwo: yes 1455
(03:14 PM) perry8:
i thought it's -60
(03:14 PM) perry8: ok
(03:14 PM) qatwo: -80
(03:15 PM) perry8:
(03:15 PM) tomsurf: -55ES and -80NQ so LD is a ways still
(03:15 PM) qatwo: -55 on es
(03:15 PM) raz_62:
(03:15 PM) tbmsu: no limits in last hour
(03:16 PM) Tom_B: 2:30cst
(03:16 PM) tbmsu: oh ..
(03:16 PM) Buffy_04364: no limitdownafter 3:30 right?
(03:16 PM) Buffy_04364: tks tom missed that
(03:16 PM) ppusa: right
(03:16 PM) Daniel X: after a little calculation..77 was the target
(03:16 PM) Buffy_04364: flag ann
(03:17 PM) Buffy_04364: pp also said on this last one I think
(03:17 PM) Daniel X: expect 5 mins more of chop
(03:17 PM) Daniel X: before a direction
(03:17 PM) Buffy_04364: tks daniel
(03:17 PM) ppusa: i said no limit
(03:17 PM) Tom_B: y Buffy
(03:17 PM) raz_62:
out E
(03:17 PM) raz_62: bummer
(03:17 PM) Tom_B: pp...u nvr daid that
(03:18 PM) ppusa: you lost me
(03:18 PM) Buffy_04364: this could be another retracement also
(03:18 PM) ppusa: trading now
(03:18 PM) Daniel X: locals have been buying the dips ...dealers had sell stops at 1481
(03:18 PM) Buffy_04364: I am lost too pp guess I shouldn't of gone for coffee missed something
(03:18 PM) ppusa: 88 area resis
(03:18 PM) ppusa: nolimit after 3:30
(03:18 PM) Buffy_04364: the last low tagged the diag cross
(03:18 PM) ppusa: that's what i said
(03:18 PM) Buffy_04364: yep
(03:19 PM) ppusa: high of this 15 min bar here
(03:19 PM) Buffy_04364: talking about the flag you called way way back
(03:19 PM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(03:19 PM) ppusa: would like to see a little higher but i think down first???
(03:19 PM) Buffy_04364: I think so
(03:19 PM) Buffy_04364: pyra headed for below 20
(03:19 PM) ppusa: well any flag i called i called correct haha
(03:19 PM) Buffy_04364: %D
(03:20 PM) Buffy_04364: yep
(03:20 PM) ppusa: need air between 20 ma and price on 15 min
(03:20 PM) Buffy_04364: bline below 20 on 3M now
(03:20 PM) Buffy_04364: and 300T
(03:20 PM) Buffy_04364: still respecting tos
(03:21 PM) ppusa: lower
(03:21 PM) ppusa: got to break 82
(03:21 PM) ppusa: break 82, go to 66?
(03:21 PM) Daniel X: roughly 1 min before a move
(03:21 PM) ppusa: sorry 88
(03:22 PM) ppusa: 15 says down
(03:22 PM) Buffy_04364: not going to happen yet pp
(03:22 PM) Tom_B: shrt
(03:22 PM) gusishere: pardon me for intrupting, but does anyone know where gunner is now?
(03:22 PM) Buffy_04364: maybe in Ts room?
(03:22 PM) Daniel X: come on ..do the nasty
(03:22 PM) raz_62:
(03:22 PM) Buffy_04364: he is on paltalk
(03:23 PM) gusishere: hi buffy, he is on paltalk?? in teresa lo's room?
(03:23 PM) Buffy_04364: don't know
(03:23 PM) Buffy_04364: just know pallist shows him on
(03:23 PM) Buffy_04364: somewhere
(03:24 PM) gusishere: thanks, by the way I remember reading some of you'r work and trading systems - good show!
(03:25 PM) Buffy_04364: tks
(03:25 PM) Daniel X: bounced twice off 77 so i'm looking to cut
(03:26 PM) brandon_131: gunner may be in coffee shop, gus
(03:26 PM) Daniel X: out 80
(03:28 PM) Tom_B: rev
(03:29 PM) Daniel X: i expected 10 mins of chop...we have nearly 20
(03:30 PM) Tom_B: out
(03:30 PM) raz_62:
out 80
(03:31 PM) Buffy_04364: I want my reanchor! It would be so so unusual to have such a downtrend and not get it
(03:31 PM) gusishere: thanks brandon - his old room was called the coffee shop - that makes sense
(03:32 PM) gusishere: thanks to all
(03:32 PM) ann_87: x
(03:33 PM) Daniel X: if 77 goes...55 is next
(03:33 PM) Tom_B: c'mon 72
(03:33 PM) ann_87: 91 is 79 % in es
(03:33 PM) Daniel X: Tom baby here itcomes
(03:33 PM) Tom_B: shrt 79.5
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364: 1473 is going to have to go to give me reanchor
(03:34 PM) fredrickson: buffy does no reanchor mean more down tomorrow for you?
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364: don't know fred
(03:34 PM) Tom_B: out
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364: reanchor can come overnight
(03:35 PM) raz_62:
69 coming up
(03:35 PM) Buffy_04364: bounced off bos
(03:35 PM) Tom_B: y quibble of a few pts :)
(03:35 PM) Buffy_04364: trinnq 3.30
(03:35 PM) Daniel X: tre
(03:35 PM) Daniel X: true
(03:35 PM) Buffy_04364: tick not confirming this low
(03:36 PM) fredrickson: k thx
(03:36 PM) Buffy_04364: once again rsi only one - stayed above 20
(03:36 PM) Buffy_04364: bline stillbelow 20
(03:37 PM) ppusa: 6 point reversed at 83 instead of 84
(03:37 PM) Buffy_04364: 3M
(03:37 PM) ppusa: went into sell now needs another bounce
(03:37 PM) Buffy_04364: flatt on 1M
(03:38 PM) Buffy_04364: than I get my reanchor pp?
(03:38 PM) ppusa: don't know about anchors
(03:38 PM) google_2: someone find her an anchor
(03:38 PM) Buffy_04364: 1474 go?
(03:38 PM) Buffy_04364: LOL google
(03:38 PM) google_2: lol
(03:38 PM) raz_62:
i wanted to buy her anchor but not this late
(03:38 PM) ppusa: sell signal on the 25 point PnF is a very negative type
(03:38 PM) ppusa: but the 15 point is due for bounce
(03:38 PM) google_2: raz
(03:38 PM) google_2: not today
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364: I think 1474 has to go for a bar to give it to me
(03:39 PM) raz_62:
no way
(03:39 PM) google_2: 1464
(03:39 PM) ann_87: x
(03:39 PM) Daniel X: never say never
(03:39 PM) raz_62:
(03:39 PM) raz_62: much better target imo
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364: that would give it to me raz
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364: np there
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364: will takeit
(03:39 PM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364: just want somethinglower than 1474 for one 4M bar and close lower than open
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364: that isn't asking formuch LOL
(03:40 PM) Daniel X: the longer we stay below 77 the more inevitable
(03:40 PM) raz_62:
I am taking my 21 bucks and calling it a day
(03:40 PM) Daniel X: if that helps any!
(03:40 PM) Buffy_04364: sure dan
(03:42 PM) ppusa: all those little sell scalps i thought would amount to nothing?????
(03:42 PM) Buffy_04364: IB 4M
(03:43 PM) Tom_B: 1 more push imho
(03:44 PM) Buffy_04364: all opinions welcome tom
(03:44 PM) Daniel X: locals have show some interest here
(03:44 PM) sb17: nasdaq holding key support...barely
(03:44 PM) Tom_B: Just as a point of int, is this a Smax buy ?
(03:44 PM) Daniel X: in covering that is
(03:44 PM) Buffy_04364: if this is 2nd IB almost too late to play
(03:44 PM) google_2: 1472 is 268% fib
(03:45 PM) google_2: but not a critical support level
(03:45 PM) Buffy_04364: tks google
(03:45 PM) google_2: the critical one will come at 1440 or so
(03:45 PM) Tom_B: knew i had that # for a good reason google
(03:45 PM) google_2: big players positioned there
(03:46 PM) Tom_B: some shrt cvrng now, anyone ?
(03:46 PM) Buffy_04364: would think so tom
(03:46 PM) Daniel X: locals have t want to cove
(03:46 PM) Tom_B: cheap shot lng here
(03:46 PM) Buffy_04364: blinedoesn'tseemto think a reanchor point today
(03:47 PM) raz_62:
careful 50 ma
(03:47 PM) Buffy_04364: bline still below 20 largerTF too
(03:47 PM) Buffy_04364: maybe test tos
(03:47 PM) google_2: bline can predict reanchor points in time?
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364: predict noe
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364: whether it might happen soon or not sometimes
(03:48 PM) ppusa: going for this hour high?
(03:48 PM) Buffy_04364: bline sometimes reverses before pyra
(03:49 PM) google_2: sorry - you typed seems to think, my mistake
(03:49 P(03:50 PM) scorp:
jimmer, you trade SMAX today at all?
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364: all bline said was a tradeable rally
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364: odds were on one
(03:50 PM) Buffy_04364: scalp mode type one
(03:50 PM) Tom_B: lng
(03:51 PM) Buffy_04364: is that a pattern on the 1M google?
(03:51 PM) ppusa: resis here minor
(03:51 PM) raz_62:
predict close at 87
(03:51 PM) ppusa: 3 point pnf
(03:51 PM) Buffy_04364: ok raz
(03:52 PM) ppusa: through 83.5 i wold consider bullish
(03:52 PM) ppusa: hour chart high on a chart that needs an up hour
(03:52 PM) Tom_B: out
(03:52 PM) Tom_B: +2
(03:53 PM) ppusa: might be worth holding any longs
(03:54 PM) raz_62:
can you smell a gap
(03:54 PM) Daniel X: well thats it for me ..i'll see everyone in the morning
(03:54 PM) Buffy_04364: I have divergence on buy and sell side on 55T
(03:54 PM) raz_62:
(03:54 PM) Buffy_04364: bye daniel
(03:54 PM) Buffy_04364: greatseeing you back
(03:54 PM) Daniel X: bye all
(03:54 PM) ppusa: bye
(03:54 PM) google_2: bye dan
(03:55 PM) Buffy_04364: still respecting tos
(03:55 PM) ann_87: bye daniel
(03:56 PM) Buffy_04364: gravestone candle on 5M
(03:57 PM) Buffy_04364: sorry should of saidsell divergence
(03:57 PM) Buffy_04364: trying to remember
(03:57 PM) Buffy_04364: basically if goes buy side sell side it is sell
(03:57 PM) Buffy_04364: if sell side buy side it is long
(03:58 PM) jimmer49: heard you indexpro
(03:59 PM) google_2: rule of 4
(03:59 PM) AMayzing:
long too
(03:59 PM) google_2: support
(03:59 PM) ppusa: where is the trendline?
(04:00 PM) raz_62:
(04:00 PM) google_2: pp from 2:17
(04:00 PM) ppusa: lucky me here
(04:00 PM) ppusa: out
(04:01 PM) ppusa: this could be the end of the pb from the highs. doubt it but???
(04:02 PM) raz_62:
have a nice evening everyone
(04:02 PM) ppusa: hour chart looks hammered
(04:04 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy, did we get that pyra reanchor?
(04:06 PM) Buffy_04364: you 2 raz
(04:08 PM) ppusa: buffy what kinda router do you have?
(04:08 PM) qatwo: good call on 87 raz
(04:08 PM) raz_62:
not yet
(04:09 PM) raz_62: close enuff
(04:10 PM) ppusa: 88 was suppose to get hit from 77 not 74
(04:11 PM) ppusa: anyone using a router?
(04:12 PM) Buffy_04364: I have a DLink pp
(04:13 PM) Tom_B: y
(04:14 PM) ann_87: great call google on rule of 4 etc
(04:15 PM) ppusa: yes google
(04:15 PM) ppusa: my chart was slid over
(04:15 PM) raz_62:
i had to buy 300 contracts to close it on 87 lol
(04:15 PM) Buffy_04364: lol
(04:15 PM) ppusa: haha
(04:15 PM) qatwo: good job
(04:15 PM) Buffy_04364: 87 is back into the square
(04:15 PM) Buffy_04364: so tos did not hold
(04:15 PM) ppusa: Buffy did you have problems with PalTalk
(04:15 PM) ppusa: and the router
(04:16 PM) Buffy_04364: only one bar closed above it
(04:16 PM) tomsurf:
Buffy- no pyra reanchor?
(04:17 PM) Buffy_04364: nope
(04:17 PM) tomsurf:
ok, thank you
(04:17 PM) scylnx: PP- I use Linux box w/strict custom firewall as router - had to open up 1 port for PalTalk
(04:17 PM) Buffy_04364: there is an iffy one but not going to reanchor on it
(04:17 PM) Buffy_04364: bar13:06
(04:17 PM) ppusa: i can only either talk or hear
(04:18 PM) ppusa: not both
(04:18 PM) google_2: after a retracement of 268%
(04:18 PM) google_2: expect some counter move
(04:18 PM) Buffy_04364: I assume you did your advanced sounds setting in paltalk?
(04:18 PM) ppusa: i tried
(04:19 PM) Buffy_04364: all checked but second one?
(04:19 PM) ppusa: i will look
(04:19 PM) Buffy_04364: if you change anything have to exit paltalk
(04:19 PM) Tom_B: pp ?
(04:19 PM) ppusa: y
(04:19 PM) ppusa: going to exit and return with new settings
(04:20 PM) Buffy_04364: I don't have a linksysthough pp
(04:20 PM) ppusa: i don't get that what do you want to do box when i log on
(04:20 PM) AMayzing:
did you hear him? I didnot
(04:21 PM) ppusa: i just spoke too so i guess no one heard
(04:21 PM) Tom_B: pp, hve linksys 4 port router
(04:21 PM) AMayzing:
yes sb
(04:21 PM) jean2: yes
(04:21 PM) ppusa: y i hear
(04:21 PM) Buffy_04364: brb I didn't
(04:21 PM) ppusa: tom i have linksys
(04:21 PM) ppusa: i spoke
(04:21 PM) ppusa: yea that tester doesn't come up when i log on
(04:22 PM) ppusa: probably indicates problem
(04:22 PM) TheBigD: which port do you open up for PalTalk. Have the same prob with my Linksys
(04:22 PM) ppusa: if i need to open a port does anyone know how?
(04:23 PM) scylnx: Let me look up port# in my firewall, hold on
(04:23 PM) Buffy_04364: help gives info on that pp
(04:23 PM) TheBigD: it uses the browser to control the ports
(04:23 PM) ppusa: have it checked
(04:23 PM) ppusa: thanks
(04:24 PM) Buffy_04364: their usual attitude is no help with router
(04:24 PM) ppusa: hummm
(04:25 PM) google_2: I see 65 people here
(04:25 PM) google_2: so it's a good time to recommend a book
(04:25 PM) google_2: for pattern traders or anyone interested in knowing more about the art of trading with fib levels
(04:26 PM) google_2: the title of the book is
(04:26 PM) google_2: "Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders"
(04:26 PM) AMayzing:
or I have 2090,2091,2090,2091,1096,1098
(04:26 PM) google_2: auther "Robert Fischer"
(04:26 PM) google_2: author
(04:26 PM) Buffy_04364: ok google
(04:26 PM) AMayzing:
and check that you are behind firewall
(04:27 PM) google_2: the book is quite comprehensive
(04:27 PM) hanksterr: thx google
(04:27 PM) google_2: and has valuable lessons in measuring and projecting waves
(04:27 PM) Buffy_04364: tittle not showing here
(04:27 PM) google_2: have to say it helped me a lot
(04:27 PM) perry8:
is that where u get most of your pattern google?
(04:27 PM) tomsurf: googs, sounds good :-)
(04:27 PM) google_2: no those patterns are mine
(04:27 PM) perry8:
(04:27 PM) google_2: I'm talking about measuring waves
(04:27 PM) google_2: with fibs
(04:27 PM) Buffy_04364: google I have the tittle of the book is
(04:27 PM) perry8:
(04:27 PM) google_2: where to enter, exit etc.
(04:28 PM) Buffy_04364: and the next from you is auther "Rober Fischer"
(04:28 PM) google_2: ok
(04:28 PM) Buffy_04364: paltalk did one of its little hiccups
(04:28 PM) google_2: once again
(04:28 PM) google_2: Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders"
(04:28 PM) Buffy_04364: tks
(04:28 PM) Buffy_04364: will send it out in email to the emini yahoo group
(04:29 PM) Buffy_04364: anyone can use that to recommend a good book or a good website link
(04:29 PM) FrankT:
$44 at BAMM Google
(04:29 PM) FrankT: http://www.booksamillion.com/ncom/books?isbn=0471585203&AID=42121&PID=216178
(04:29 PM) fooliosbrother: We Are The Champions. And they said it couldnt be done.
(04:30 PM) Buffy_04364: hi foolio
(04:30 PM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(04:30 PM) fooliosbrother:
(04:30 PM) fooliosbrother: we were nuts and we were right
(04:31 PM) hanksterr: he has a new one on amazon google, the new fibonacci trader
(04:32 PM) google_2: ok thanks hank
(04:32 PM) google_2: but there aren't so many ways IMO to trade with fibs
(04:32 PM) google_2: each of the waves has certain characteristics in terms of extension
(04:33 PM) Buffy_04364: there is a workbook to go with that book too hanksterr
(04:33 PM) fooliosbrother:
buffy, overlay charts should be updating in realtime with the host chart, no?
(04:33 PM) google_2: the book is deep
(04:33 PM) google_2: it's about 160 pages