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(09:32 AM) ppusa: Rose all your sell numbers are above yeswterday's high. Any chance of yesterday's high holding and down today?
(09:34 AM) Rose0001: Yes, that is possible. SELL SHORT normally means it will be taken higher so that it can go down.
(09:34 AM) Rose0001: But you have to let the market show you what it wants to do.
(09:35 AM) ppusa: well as i said originally i thought up but the 30 reverses under yesterday's low
(09:35 AM) Rose0001: The envelopes don't predict that the market will reach those numbers, just that resistance will be found there.
(09:36 AM) Tom_B: Hopefully this fall off here
(09:36 AM) Rose0001: And an expected direction...HOD is expected to be made first.
(09:37 AM) ppusa: 48 was high of middle of channel BB on 5
(09:38 AM) Rose0001: I'm still trying to figure out how premarket fits into the picture. Angell came up with his formulas before there was a premarket and he's revised it several times since...
(09:38 AM) tomsurf:
heads up for 2 more econ #'s this am
(09:38 AM) tomsurf: 1@9:45 and another@ 10
(09:39 AM) Rose0001: Thans, Tom.
(09:39 AM) ppusa: raz did you see the opening high of 48 at the top of the lower channel ?
(09:39 AM) tomsurf:
Rose- does he have a website?
(09:39 AM) Rose0001: No.
(09:39 AM) tomsurf:
(09:40 AM) Rose0001: He just came out with a new book, though which discusses his LSS system. SNIPER TRADER or SNIPER TRADING.
(09:40 AM) Buffy_04364: we have reports at 10 too
(09:40 AM) Rose0001: Haven't seen it.
(09:40 AM) Rose0001: It's available on Amazon.
(09:40 AM) tomsurf:
Rose, great, I'll take a look
(09:42 AM) scorp: michigan typically comes out early
(09:42 AM) scorp: so be prepared
(09:42 AM) Buffy_04364: tks scorp
(09:43 AM) ppusa: 43 premarket low from yester
(09:44 AM) tickershock:
Is Dave in today? (David Shedd)
(09:44 AM) tickershock: Can't see his handle..
(09:44 AM) Buffy_04364: they had a real bad ice storm last night
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364: power may be an issue
(09:45 AM) Rose0001: I lost my charts. @#$##&^!!!!
(09:45 AM) Buffy_04364: :-(
(09:45 AM) ppusa: gonna buy but reports
(09:46 AM) Tom_B: QC ?...grrr
(09:46 AM) Tom_B: lng
(09:46 AM) Rose0001: Yes. Who else?
(09:46 AM) Tom_B: EW here
(09:46 AM) ppusa: anyone long?
(09:46 AM) Tom_B: y
(09:46 AM) Rose0001: I have to look into it.
(09:46 AM) tickershock:
Ah!! Got it. Dont want to disturb anyone while trading.. I worked with Dave closely and finally completed coding Retro in TS2000i. Would love to compare results with someone who is trading that actively and see scope for improvement. I have identified some. So far promising.
(09:47 AM) Buffy_04364: great tickershock!!
(09:47 AM) Tom_B: Great
(09:47 AM) tomsurf:
ticker- that is fantastic
(09:48 AM) ppusa: yes sounds exciting
(09:48 AM) Tom_B: pp, might just be great spot to shrt ?
(09:48 AM) ppusa: not for me yet
(09:48 AM) Buffy_04364: 3 bumps?
(09:48 AM) ppusa: just made a low
(09:48 AM) Tom_B: y, but retr of gap..., etc
(09:48 AM) Buffy_04364: maybe on 1M
(09:48 AM) tickershock:
Hello Buffy. Dave actually i talk to you a lot for ideas. I work full time and don't often get on chat. Hopefully i can in future. I'll send the latest performance excel sheets to Dave, so he can post them in site. Would love a collective effort and make sure the goal is be profitable 4 out 5 days average. Good luck trading folks.
(09:49 AM) tickershock: suggested..
(09:49 AM) ppusa: could be LOD?
(09:49 AM) prakso: prica @ 200 ma 0n 55T
(09:49 AM) Buffy_04364: ok
(09:49 AM) ppusa: i doubt this but
(09:49 AM) tomsurf:
ticker- thanks!
(09:49 AM) Buffy_04364: will watch site foritto go up
(09:49 AM) scorp:
pp, i miss your ugly colors
(09:49 AM) scorp: i can see you that way
(09:49 AM) ppusa: need a spike
(09:50 AM) ppusa: ok
(09:50 AM) ppusa: different computer
(09:50 AM) scorp:
(09:51 AM) ppusa: good call Tom
(09:51 AM) ppusa: i think google would have taken it on the break
(09:51 AM) Buffy_04364: should of played the 3 bumps
(09:52 AM) Tom_B: i'm still lng :)
(09:52 AM) ppusa: which ones buffy
(09:52 AM) ppusa: highs or lows?
(09:52 AM) tomsurf:
kinda want to wait till all numbers are out here
(09:52 AM) tomsurf: let the dust settle
(09:52 AM) ppusa: there were 3 lows to the low and 3 highs here
(09:52 AM) scorp:
michigan out
(09:53 AM) scorp: *DJ Univ Michigan End Jan Sentiment Idx Said 93.0; 88.8 Dec
(09:53 AM) tomsurf: scorp- thx
(09:53 AM) ppusa: Buffy?
(09:53 AM) sb17: i hate these advertisements on PalTalk. Any way to get rid of them?
(09:53 AM) ppusa: okay today is chop day
(09:54 AM) jimmer49: economic numbers all good lately - market sentiment should soon reflect
(09:54 AM) ppusa: nice fakey drop
(09:54 AM) sb17: still waiting for construction
(09:55 AM) ppusa: well that was interesting
(09:55 AM) sb17: still chop
(09:55 AM) ppusa: i like taking the second high on the 3 minutre
(09:56 AM) ppusa: would have worked here
(09:56 AM) Tom_B: +5
(09:56 AM) ppusa: that was off the lower BB on the 5
(09:56 AM) scorp:
nice Tom, way to play em
(09:57 AM) Tom_B: dummy ind said up, but retr
(09:57 AM) prakso: good shot tom - wanted to take this run to - did not have the guts
(09:57 AM) jayscat: sb17.subscribe to the paltalk "non advertisement" deal and they go away. $10.00 a month I think.
(09:57 AM) Tom_B: no guts to hld it though
(09:57 AM) sb17: thanks jay...of course, they want to charge you
(09:58 AM) scorp:
thats ok, more numbers to come; may turn quick
(09:58 AM) jayscat: of course
(09:58 AM) ppusa: gee Tom why did you get out?
(09:58 AM) Tom_B: grrr
(09:59 AM) ppusa: it had just started the run
(09:59 AM) Tom_B: barnyard animal
(09:59 AM) ppusa: anyway PnF here 3 and 6
(09:59 AM) Tom_B: hit 79% retr 1556
(09:59 AM) ppusa: i was looking for the 10 mto reverse up which is why i said no short...it just did
(10:00 AM) ppusa: could drop from here
(10:00 AM) ppusa: spike i was looking for
(10:00 AM) ppusa: but
(10:00 AM) ppusa: so far LOD? or at least am
(10:00 AM) ppusa: there was 6
(10:01 AM) sb17: up 5.8% construction
(10:01 AM) ppusa: decision time high or low
(10:01 AM) ppusa: all charts ready to go up except 25 and 30
(10:02 AM) sb17: still chop
(10:02 AM) ppusa: this high hit top of BB on 5
(10:02 AM) ppusa: filled gap
(10:03 AM) ppusa: n i think is a little more bearish than bullish
(10:04 AM) Tom_B: shrt..chop i thnk /
(10:04 AM) ppusa: BUT i had today pegged as outside up
(10:04 AM) ppusa: i was thinking take out the low then takke out the high
(10:04 AM) raz_62: what makes you think that
(10:04 AM) raz_62: looks down to me
(10:04 AM) ppusa: pervert
(10:04 AM) ppusa: v bottom
(10:05 AM) Tom_B: +@
(10:05 AM) Tom_B: 2
(10:05 AM) Tom_B: Ind in conflict
(10:05 AM) ppusa: so far ping pong of the 5 min BB
(10:05 AM) ppusa: has to run down or up one of them when it breals this range
(10:06 AM) ppusa: raz that is kinda what i think PnF says....take out the low...take out the high
(10:07 AM) ppusa: perverted sort of thing
(10:07 AM) raz_62: cool
(10:07 AM) Rose0001: This is a perverted kind of business...
(10:07 AM) Tom_B: How's the chimp doing this am ?
(10:08 AM) raz_62: this am finished a gartley from yes on 5min didnt it
(10:08 AM) Rose0001: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-01/Photo_of_Chimp_Trader1.gif
(10:08 AM) Rose0001: He's studying SMAX for better entries.
(10:08 AM) Tom_B: LOL
(10:09 AM) ppusa: maybe take out the low then monday come back
(10:09 AM) raz_62: lol
(10:09 AM) raz_62: go Rose
(10:10 AM) ppusa: probably now take out the high and then take out the low just to make me look stupid
(10:10 AM) Rose0001: :-)
(10:11 AM) Tom_B: Of course Smax is lng..
(10:11 AM) Rose0001: Chimp went long at 51. I didn't :-(
(10:12 AM) jman206:
the question is: Is the triangle break a breakout or fakeout?
(10:12 AM) ppusa: smax would be long and just short of stopped out
(10:12 AM) Tom_B: This is going to be a tough day, imho..it will be nic eto see hw Chimp & Smax do :)
(10:13 AM) Rose0001: Is this a leg and arc forming on one minute? Reverse around yesterday's high? 61 ish? 127%
(10:14 AM) ppusa: let it run a bit?
(10:14 AM) jman206:
so if this breaks down then its a 2b top? just learning
(10:15 AM) johnl96: gm all
(10:16 AM) ppusa: raz see how this is pushing out of the BB
(10:16 AM) Rose0001: BTW, chimp still long.
(10:16 AM) prakso: gm john
(10:16 AM) raz_62: yes
(10:16 AM) ppusa: dumped q's here
(10:17 AM) Tom_B: smax lng too & 20pt rule in effect
(10:17 AM) ppusa: now you have to wait until it comes back in to BB
(10:17 AM) ppusa: lots of buy signals
(10:17 AM) ppusa: one of two things
(10:18 AM) sb17: dow / nas pressing highs, but futures don't want to go there
(10:18 AM) ppusa: either the 25 will reverse this down and the lows will go or it will run
(10:18 AM) Tom_B: res here...catching breath or..
(10:18 AM) ppusa: and don't give me the higher or lower thing
(10:18 AM) ann_87: 64 is 79% retrace
(10:19 AM) ppusa: 3 huge humps on 5 mion
(10:19 AM) ppusa: actually 4
(10:19 AM) Tom_B: nother push comin..
(10:20 AM) Tom_B: maybe, sry
(10:20 AM) ppusa: i woulgoogle would be long ast 52
(10:21 AM) Tom_B: quik shrt scalp
(10:22 AM) ppusa: 3 minute chart lower low...the next break of a bar after sideways i may go short
(10:22 AM) google_2: morning
(10:22 AM) johnl96: hi googs
(10:22 AM) tomsurf:
morning googs
(10:23 AM) Rose0001: Hi google.
(10:23 AM) google_2: I'm s63
(10:23 AM) prakso: good morning google
(10:23 AM) ann_87: hi google
(10:24 AM) google_2: per leg arc
(10:24 AM) sb17: ppusa...what are you trading?
(10:24 AM) ppusa: nq
(10:24 AM) sb17: thanks
(10:25 AM) ppusa: and qqq from the last couple days
(10:25 AM) Rose0001: LSS 1566 was low end of sell envelope. We'll see if that ends up being the HOD.
(10:25 AM) ppusa: sold them...will not re-enter until the 25 sorts itself out
(10:25 AM) Tom_B: +2.5
(10:26 AM) johnl96: Say, Rose, did you ever post the formulas for the numbers you post every day?
(10:26 AM) google_2: projected hod 1568
(10:26 AM) ppusa: looking like a barn
(10:26 AM) Rose0001: I don't really have formulas. I had to come up with my own formulas from about 30 pages of text. WOuld be great if someone found his formula in one of his other books.
(10:26 AM) raz_62: wish google and pp would agree
(10:27 AM) Tom_B: I ttmar
(10:27 AM) johnl96: k Rose, thx
(10:27 AM) ppusa: we do sometimes
(10:27 AM) raz_62: one says up day one says hod is in
(10:27 AM) ppusa: i am not saying up and she is short
(10:28 AM) google_2: I said "projected" not "it is"
(10:28 AM) ppusa: that is kinda agreement
(10:28 AM) raz_62: thats what i thought the market would go up and down
(10:28 AM) johnl96: raz!!! You broke the code!!
(10:28 AM) MartyJ01: hi google how do you determine your entries ? tx
(10:28 AM) ppusa: break of 58 was my entry but i am gonna wait
(10:29 AM) ppusa: i think there could be a fakey one more attempt
(10:29 AM) FrankT:
Looks like smax would have allowed sht as still in first hour...
(10:29 AM) prakso: ppusa - you mean entry for short??
(10:29 AM) Tom_B: reshrt
(10:29 AM) ppusa: i am short on paper
(10:29 AM) ppusa: yes
(10:30 AM) ppusa: 2nd break of a bar low on 3 min
(10:30 AM) Tom_B: out
(10:30 AM) ppusa: still holding trendline from this little runup
(10:31 AM) google_2: 1 +&
(10:31 AM) google_2: 7
(10:31 AM) Tom_B: Nice :
(10:32 AM) MartyJ01: good work
(10:32 AM) google_2: marty ans to your q
(10:32 AM) google_2: enter exit on sup resis
(10:32 AM) google_2: topping pattern
(10:32 AM) google_2: overal intraday pattern
(10:32 AM) google_2: fib
(10:32 AM) google_2: that's all
(10:33 AM) QSuzy: IB screwed up again today....anyone else??
(10:33 AM) google_2: pls. check dacharts for more info.
(10:33 AM) google_2: thnx
(10:33 AM) MartyJ01: tx
(10:33 AM) FrankT:
ok here q
(10:34 AM) google_2: I had 1568 and saw leg and arc
(10:34 AM) google_2: so took entry
(10:34 AM) prakso: fighting 200 ema on 55T
(10:34 AM) ppusa: good recognition there google
(10:34 AM) MartyJ01: what time frame google thnx
(10:34 AM) tomsurf:
Qsuzy- ya, just reconnected here
(10:34 AM) ppusa: i see it so clearly now too
(10:34 AM) sb17: ppusa...what are these three bumps you keeping talking about? Do you use them as a reversal sign?
(10:35 AM) raz_62: that pattern was called early in plenty of time
(10:35 AM) ppusa: 10:30 12:35 7:25 PST starting with yesterday
(10:36 AM) sb17: ES starting to show triangle signs
(10:36 AM) pete77_1: Q- Problem here also
(10:36 AM) google_2: 5 min
(10:36 AM) MartyJ01: tx
(10:38 AM) perry8:
is IB down, anyone?
(10:38 AM) pete77_1: Yes
(10:39 AM) johnl96: I'm cool here
(10:39 AM) jean2: some were able to log right back on though
(10:39 AM) perry8:
(10:39 AM) google_2: can't fight pattern
(10:40 AM) sb17: ES 5-min MACD buy divergence possible
(10:40 AM) johnl96: sb17, the 3 bumps are one of google's things. She trades a lot of pattern recognition stuff along with fib retrace support/resist. Recommend you look at ensign website
(10:40 AM) sb17: We'll know shortly
(10:40 AM) pete77_1: IB back here
(10:40 AM) prakso: could anyone tell me where I can learn more about pattern please
(10:41 AM) QSuzy: perry.....yes, had trouble logging back in but seems ok now.....
(10:41 AM) Rose0001: LSS--I can't tell you whether the numbers will be reached or not, but when there is a pattern like the leg and arc and it starts to look like a reversal around one of the LSS numbers, then take it. It will at worst give you a b/e trade and you might end up selling at HOD.
(10:42 AM) Tom_B: goog's, do u hve seperatte strat for chop/scalp ?
(10:42 AM) johnl96: prakso, there's tons of stuff out there, depends on what you're looking for
(10:43 AM) Rose0001: I just lost IB connection.
(10:43 AM) google_2: tom
(10:43 AM) google_2: same but on smaller timeframers
(10:43 AM) Tom_B: y
(10:43 AM) google_2: frames
(10:43 AM) Tom_B: ok, tnx
(10:44 AM) prakso: google for ex talks a lot about pattern - that he is trading "Pattern" obvioulsly pretty successfull - so I just want to learn - yesterday somebody put a link up - I copied it but did not save it - bad luck
(10:44 AM) Tom_B: So if i understan, u might scalp against, say this shrt but u inclined to look for sell setups within the lrgr pattern ?
(10:44 AM) johnl96: I'm long es, but I don't feel good about it. Wish ADD would do something.
(10:45 AM) google_2: prasko I'm a she :-)
(10:46 AM) raz_62: one of them
(10:46 AM) prakso: I'm so sorry google
(10:46 AM) raz_62: we are surrounded
(10:46 AM) Tom_B: +2.5..exit shrt
(10:47 AM) MartyJ01: women are good at this stuff : )
(10:48 AM) ppusa: H and S now i think HOD
(10:48 AM) google_2: out +13 flat
(10:49 AM) Tom_B: feel like apidgeon picking up crumbs
(10:49 AM) Tom_B: Nice Google
(10:49 AM) jimmer49: you give them the right to vote and they just take over
(10:49 AM) MartyJ01: nice G
(10:49 AM) sb17: i hate this kind of actino
(10:49 AM) sb17: still no trend
(10:50 AM) ann_87: lol jimmer
(10:51 AM) prakso: google - maybe I did not express myself correctly - just wanted to say that I did not know - and I think you are doing great trading - verxeih mir bitte
(10:52 AM) ppusa: you can only have so many PnF reversaals before you get a sell signal
(10:52 AM) amer_68: prakso: Look here: http://www.longorshort.com/bullishgartley.htm
(10:52 AM) raz_62: i really love them I owe my life to one
(10:52 AM) Tom_B: pp, do u see this as poss shrt trm rev ?
(10:53 AM) tomsurf:
IB's on 3 and 4min NQ
(10:53 AM) google_2: what's ib?
(10:53 AM) Rose0001: Interactive Brokers, google.
(10:53 AM) tomsurf:
inside bars
(10:53 AM) ppusa: let the chart talk
(10:53 AM) ppusa: hod
(10:53 AM) amer_68: prasko: And here: http://www.enthios.com/trading/patterns.htm
(10:53 AM) google_2: I'll regret my exit
(10:54 AM) Tom_B: it was mumbling
(10:54 AM) Rose0001: Chimp went short at 59 and is still short.
(10:54 AM) ppusa: who said there is no trend?
(10:54 AM) Rose0001: If anyone is following, if not, I won't post what I see as chimp entries and exits.
(10:54 AM) Doctor Zaius:
imvho I believe there's something to the mars/venus male/female thing wrt trading. I've seen too many v good female traders; their success seems related to a flexible outlook, v unlike mine; i tend to argue w/the mkt when wrong, and/or refuse to stop and ask for directions when lost.
(10:54 AM) google_2: I like chimp
(10:55 AM) amer_68: Rose Please do
(10:55 AM) Tom_B: i'm interested
(10:55 AM) tomsurf:
Rose- the chimp is great...like hearing
(10:55 AM) Rose0001: Okay. :-)
(10:55 AM) ppusa: i have been talking all morning about the reversals needed for the 25 and 30 point PnF charts
(10:56 AM) Doctor Zaius:
BTW those chimp pics posted last night were a hoot! thanks for the humor
(10:56 AM) Rose0001: You're welcome.
(10:56 AM) amer_68: Rose You don't wait for the 13 min ema's to cross?
(10:56 AM) mattis_3:
rose - I'm following and paper trading it - PS I'm another woman!
(10:56 AM) ppusa: if this doesn't go to 30 i am the rear end of a chimp
(10:56 AM) Rose0001: LOL
(10:56 AM) google_2: lol mat
(10:57 AM) Rose0001: Great Mattis.
(10:57 AM) google_2: you go girl :-)
(10:57 AM) Doctor Zaius:
anyway, my point wrt male/female was that perhaps we all can learn something wrt flexibility in our analysis/trading. editorial mode off/
(10:58 AM) mattis_3: An English woman as well - anyone else out there on this side of the Atlantic?
(10:58 AM) raz_62: I think I am learning gonna go find a job and let my wife trade
(10:58 AM) perry8:
and some of us here are ex-student of a women trader ...
(10:58 AM) Rose0001: Mattis, here you have to use discretion. Some people would get our when the ma's start converging, others would hold until the cross. Might be best to get out and get back in if there is no cross.
(10:58 AM) Doctor Zaius:
LOL!!! raz
(10:58 AM) Rose0001: Chimp still short.
(10:59 AM) ee_88: yes mattis
(11:00 AM) google_2: need to learn to hold hod or lod
(11:00 AM) ppusa: yes
(11:00 AM) ppusa: and add
(11:00 AM) raz_62: that would cost you money
(11:00 AM) Tom_B: Me too bot near low & pitched it same with sell... , grrr
(11:00 AM) mattis_3: Rose - have set up Ensign to show spread between 5 and 15 ema, easy to spot convergence - Hi ee 88
(11:01 AM) ppusa: that was a great sell...smax is short 57.5 and in love
(11:01 AM) jman206:
(11:01 AM) ppusa: continuation trade
(11:01 AM) Rose0001: Important support. Chimp's been studying TA and wants out at 44. Will get back in if 15 minute ma's cross.
(11:03 AM) Tom_B: IF anyone comes up with a class on trde mgmt, exits.stop strategy...adds, i'd be REAL interested
(11:03 AM) laniermasters:
me, too.
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/Retro-Trader/buffy-Suggestion%20for%20add%20contracts11.gif
(11:03 AM) ppusa:
Tom anytime you think you have the LOD or HOD i suggest ading like mad man
(11:03 AM) Buffy_04364: works on other tf too
(11:04 AM) ppusa: all other trades are just scalps
(11:04 AM) Tom_B: lnng
(11:04 AM) Buffy_04364: stops are the most personal part of a trading system IMO as we all don't have the same risk tolerance etc
(11:05 AM) pender: Rose, what tf are you using for the longer MA overlay? This is regards to " chimp "
(11:05 AM) google_2: buffy agree
(11:05 AM) google_2: no one can teach that
(11:05 AM) MartyJ01: 200ma on 15m is tuff to crack
(11:05 AM) Buffy_04364: well put google
(11:05 AM) Buffy_04364: trader has to know themselves to know where stops belong
(11:06 AM) Buffy_04364: hopefully no more calls, interruption etc
(11:06 AM) Tom_B: tnx
(11:06 AM) Rose0001: Pender, I have the 13 minute 5EMA and 15EMA overlaid. (That's equal to 65 EMA and 195EMA).
(11:07 AM) Buffy_04364: that is what I did with the template too rose
(11:07 AM) Rose0001: However, I prefer to use the direction of the 15 EMA because waiting for confirmation from the 13 minute chart can keep you out of a lot of trades, but it is safer. So it's up to you.
(11:07 AM) Buffy_04364: one less chart to watch
(11:07 AM) johnl96: Tom, one of the only things that Larry Williams ever said that I agree with is: knowing when to get out of a trade is way more important than knowing when to get in. I also agree with others that it depends on your level of acceptable risk and what you're trying to accomplish.
(11:08 AM) Buffy_04364: direction of 15ema on the higher TF right Rose
(11:08 AM) Rose0001: When 15 EMA is pointing up go for long entries, down for short entries and stay out when flat. That's different from Enthios' instructions.
(11:08 AM) Rose0001: No I'm using the 1-minute.
(11:08 AM) Buffy_04364: ok so direction of 15ema on 1m
(11:08 AM) Rose0001: It's flat now so no trading.
(11:08 AM) Buffy_04364: k
(11:08 AM) Rose0001: Yes, Buffy.
(11:09 AM) pender: You answered my question I could'nt see the short based on Enthio's.
(11:09 AM) Buffy_04364: so do you use the 65 and 195 at all really?
(11:09 AM) sb17: buffy / rose...is that 15 ema on a 1-min chart, 5-min chart? what?
(11:09 AM) Rose0001: Yes. Look how they are converging...not good for going long.
(11:09 AM) Buffy_04364: flag here?
(11:09 AM) Buffy_04364: ok tks
(11:10 AM) Rose0001: I use them more for direction than the acutal crosses.
(11:10 AM) Buffy_04364: k I see
(11:10 AM) Rose0001: Stochastic and 1 min EMA just turned back down, short again.
(11:10 AM) Rose0001: 1 min 5EMA
(11:10 AM) Buffy_04364: short off flag here
(11:11 AM) Rose0001: Could have stayed short from this morning. There has been no cross back up.
(11:11 AM) Tom_B: y, is there a template posted on this
(11:11 AM) Buffy_04364: testing it
(11:11 AM) Buffy_04364: demo did not give me a down trend to test the coloring of bar
(11:11 AM) Buffy_04364: works in uptrend though
(11:12 AM) Rose0001: Of course, I look at thinks like 2Bs, important support levels etc.
(11:12 AM) google_2: s44
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364: will email to emini group when
(11:12 AM) Buffy_04364: ok course Rose Price Action rules :-)
(11:12 AM) Rose0001: Yes. But it's really nice how it can keep you in the trade longer than anything else that I know.
(11:12 AM) google_2: flat
(11:12 AM) tippet:
200ema5 here
(11:13 AM) Rose0001: Chimp still short.
(11:14 AM) Rose0001: Entry was at 47 BTW.
(11:15 AM) Rose0001: Or still short from HOD.
(11:15 AM) sb17: buffy...did I miss your response to my question...when speaking of 15 EMA, is that 15 on a 1-min, 5-min, or what kind of chart?
(11:15 AM) Rose0001: Depending on whether you wait for the cross to get out or get out sooner and re-enter.
(11:15 AM) Rose0001: SB, we are talking about the 1-minute chart using chimpanzee cross method.
(11:16 AM) Buffy_04364:
(11:16 AM) sb17:
i'm sorry, i'm new to the room. Is this method posted somewhere?
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364: there is the link sb
(11:17 AM) sb17: thanks...i'm going there
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364: welcome to room
(11:17 AM) Buffy_04364: u welc
(11:17 AM) mattis_3: Rose - I have also got up the 15,5,3 stochastics shown on the 'Chimp' page, seem to be giving quite good sigmals on the 1m - do you use them
(11:17 AM) Rose0001: We have LS and H of H&S on five minute chart, no?
(11:17 AM) Rose0001: Yes, Mattis.
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364: they are in the templatealso
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364: good
(11:18 AM) Buffy_04364: tks rose
(11:18 AM) tippet:
3hump breakdown on 15min?
(11:19 AM) Rose0001: By the way, the 13 minute chart has ma's crossed also now which is the signal for shorting on the 1 minute chart. I was sort of cheating before or using my own system of direction of MA's.
(11:19 AM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-01/bbands.gif
(11:19 AM) Buffy_04364:
nice chart smaller bb hard to see but looks like another way to skin the cat :-)
(11:20 AM) Buffy_04364: no clue who posted it no name but tks
(11:20 AM) RJ -: hey Rose not cheating, whatever works :)
(11:21 AM) Buffy_04364: right rose
(11:21 AM) Rose0001: Right. I like to use patterns to enter the trade and then go stay in or get out and re-enter based on chimp.
(11:22 AM) Rose0001: Patterns on larger tf, I mean.
(11:22 AM) Buffy_04364: sounds like a great job making a system for yourself taking pieces of other systems that work
(11:22 AM) RJ -: agree Buffy
(11:22 AM) Tom_B: Vry Good Rose
(11:23 AM) tippet:
hit the 79% retrace from yest lod
(11:24 AM) Tom_B: I've given up good trade location 3x on shrts ...sometimes just nned to sit tight..
(11:25 AM) Rose0001: See how on that little reversal chimp kept you in the short trade?
(11:25 AM) Rose0001: There was no cross.
(11:26 AM) Tom_B: Still looking for date with Chimp
(11:26 AM) Rose0001: A lot of support here, though. 1534 is #1 support.
(11:26 AM) laniermasters:
Rose, did you get out at 44 and back in a 48?
(11:27 AM) Rose0001: So this is where you have to use your own discrection..
(11:27 AM) laniermasters:
ah, maybe I'm getting it.
(11:27 AM) Rose0001: S1 support 1534. (typo)
(11:27 AM) Tom_B: Wasn't watching ur #'s but was just seeing my ind sugg retr...hmmm synergy
(11:27 AM) google_2: rose agree on 1534
(11:28 AM) Rose0001: No cross. Chimp is still short. Whew!!
(11:28 AM) Buffy_04364: lol
(11:29 AM) pender: Google, would'nt 1538 be a buy based on 1 min Leg/Arc?
(11:30 AM) Rose0001: Stochastic going up. Maybe should get out. If it breaks this tiny little triangle to upside yes. Out at 42.
(11:31 AM) Buffy_04364: i see what you are saying pender
(11:31 AM) google_2: l43
(11:31 AM) Tom_B: l43
(11:32 AM) sb17: buffy...i'm looking at the chimp page...i'm still a little confused. Is your long-term setting 13 periods on a 5-min chart?
(11:32 AM) Buffy_04364: google the hourly has a curve the other way - mean anything?
(11:33 AM) google_2: can't figure it out
(11:33 AM) google_2: sorry
(11:33 AM) Buffy_04364: only charts used are 1 and 13M
(11:33 AM) Buffy_04364: if I read it right
(11:34 AM) Buffy_04364: 5 adn 15EMA on 1M
(11:34 AM) sb17: ok...so ot
(11:34 AM) Tom_B: SMax lng ?
(11:34 AM) sb17: ok..so the long-term is 5 and 15 ema on a 13 min chart. Yes?
(11:34 AM) Buffy_04364: to put them on the 1M use 65 and 195
(11:35 AM) RJ -: short 43.50
(11:35 AM) Buffy_04364: yes
(11:35 AM) tippet:
trendline resis from above
(11:35 AM) Buffy_04364: but can just put on 1M using those numbers
(11:36 AM) Buffy_04364: 123 on 2M
(11:36 AM) Buffy_04364: ?
(11:36 AM) Buffy_04364: no reanchor on pyra
(11:36 AM) google_2: flat
(11:37 AM) Rose0001: Chimp short 42.
(11:37 AM) Tom_B: spanked, shrt 42
(11:38 AM) google_2: s40
(11:38 AM) raz_62: what patttern?
(11:38 AM) RJ -: down pattern :)
(11:39 AM) raz_62: looks like trying to bottom
(11:39 AM) Tom_B: cud be 3 humps 2 dwn so far
(11:40 AM) Rose0001: I'm out 40. Stoch divergence on chimp.
(11:40 AM) RJ -: flat +2.50
(11:41 AM) Tom_B: 2 hms up, sry
(11:41 AM) Tom_B: out B/E
(11:41 AM) FrankT:
smax reversal long...?
(11:41 AM) google_2: flat
(11:41 AM) Rose0001: Chimp not very good at reversals. Need patterns for those.
(11:42 AM) Buffy_04364: have all 3 lines for 123
(11:42 AM) FrankT:
ES looking more bullish than NQ
(11:43 AM) RJ -: Wednesdays high a very pivotal line here
(11:44 AM) jimbo_320: hi, anyone see my charts from autotrader ? hope you like them
(11:44 AM) google_2: s38
(11:45 AM) Rose0001: Darn! Chimp smarter than me.
(11:45 AM) Rose0001: HE's still short!
(11:45 AM) Rose0001: I missed it. Whaaa!
(11:45 AM) Tom_B: s38 also, grr
(11:46 AM) google_2: 1 +5
(11:46 AM) Rose0001: Nice, google!
(11:47 AM) RJ -: 27.50 looks like target
(11:48 AM) MartyJ01: nice
(11:48 AM) Tom_B: +7
(11:48 AM) raz_62: i think you are right rj
(11:48 AM) raz_62: i have 28
(11:48 AM) Rose0001: Chimp still short. Really only had two short entries. 65 and 42. The other retracements did not cross and would keep you short.
(11:49 AM) Tom_B: Chimp's my hero
(11:49 AM) Tom_B: Rose ru sending photos ?
(11:49 AM) Rose0001: You're so funny, Tom.
(11:50 AM) Tom_B: There's a camera nxt to ur name...
(11:50 AM) Tom_B: was
(11:50 AM) raz_62: db on 3min
(11:50 AM) Rose0001: SOrry, I have this window small and keep hiting the camera by mistake...
(11:51 AM) Tom_B: SMAX lng
(11:51 AM) Tom_B: ?
(11:52 AM) raz_62: go too switches and uncheck the bottom one
(11:52 AM) RJ -: gee was hoping to see you Rose :))
(11:52 AM) ann_87: 20 pt rule?
(11:52 AM) ann_87: need a test i think
(11:52 AM) Tom_B: Chimp sitting nxt to Rose pointing @ charts
(11:52 AM) Rose0001: And I'm not following his instructions. He's gonna fire me!
(11:52 AM) Buffy_04364: LOL
(11:53 AM) prakso: ann - hello Annemarie ? 20 Pt rule ??
(11:53 AM) raz_62: thats why they call it chimp
(11:53 AM) raz_62: people cant do it
(11:53 AM) tomsurf:
TomB- lol
(11:54 AM) Tom_B: thought that was photo Rose was sndng..
(11:54 AM) tomsurf:
I'm going to the zoo this weekend
(11:54 AM) ann_87: prakso, it was a response to tom b re: smax....
(11:54 AM) RJ -: tsurf LOL
(11:54 AM) Tom_B: Ann, thought i saw diverg on 2m macd
(11:55 AM) Buffy_04364: one more down for perfect reanchor on pyra??
(11:55 AM) Buffy_04364: rsi didn't go low enough this last one
(11:55 AM) Buffy_04364: that would make a garley??
(11:55 AM) ann_87: does that mean 20 pt rule not in effect then?
(11:56 AM) FrankT:
Can't buy 1st smax retrace after 20 pt rule
(11:56 AM) Tom_B: Not conversant enough on Smax. I was asking a ques if this qual, so i don't know...maybe commom sense rule here ?
(11:56 AM) tomsurf:
FrankT- right
(11:57 AM) sb17: When chimp says, "enter trades 9:30 and 11:00, and 2:00 and 4:00" i assume this is eastern time. yes?
(11:57 AM) ann_87: in rules it says we need a test first... tom
(11:57 AM) FrankT:
retracement at 1543 area was not more than 6 bars- so presume still in dntrend
(11:57 AM) jimmer49: agree ann
(11:57 AM) Tom_B: k, tnx Ann
(11:57 AM) tomsurf:
ann, ahh
(11:57 AM) tomsurf: thx
(11:58 AM) scorp: jimmer, i have a question, is it 20points from hod or lod OR 20points from the beginning of the last trade?
(11:58 AM) Tom_B: I was looking at Diverg not test of this...of course macd can diverg all the way dwn in a trnd, DA
(11:58 AM) Rose0001: SB--yes.
(12:00 PM) jimmer49: scorp - generally it is based on current trend - in this case lack of higher lows or highs on smaller swings
(12:00 PM) scorp:
thank you
(12:02 PM) jimmer49: always subject o interpretation
(12:03 PM) Rose0001: Gooogle, is this a potential leg and arc forming on one minute or is it going too slow?
(12:03 PM) jimmer49: we had one flag that was quite long and choppy, so one could argue that was the end of downtrend there and thus reset the 20 point clock from there
(12:03 PM) scorp:
ok, that was my thinking
(12:04 PM) QSuzy: buffy.....looks like you will get your pyra reset...
(12:04 PM) pender: Rose, same on 233 tick.
(12:04 PM) jimmer49: not unreasonable, but apparently wrong in this instance
(12:06 PM) pender: I believe we need to see some sort of reversal set-up to complete?
(12:06 PM) ppusa: am i logged on?
(12:06 PM) Buffy_04364: almost suzyq
(12:06 PM) Rose0001: I don't know where google is, but if this is a leg and arc, (can anyone confirm) we have the LSS high end of the BUY envelope at 1526 which is 161% of that last retracement.
(12:06 PM) Buffy_04364: tagged bos
(12:07 PM) jimmer49: pp yes
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: lst two downs look like arc to me
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: but what do I know
(12:07 PM) ppusa: bot q's
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: this last one is more pronounced
(12:07 PM) ppusa: sold the HOD and bot here
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: sure pp
(12:07 PM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(12:07 PM) ppusa: q's
(12:08 PM) ann_87: rose all i know is 1525 area is a 50 % retrace
(12:08 PM) Tom_B: cud get ti 17 -19
(12:08 PM) google_2: wait
(12:08 PM) Buffy_04364: closes below 1524 have a reanchor
(12:09 PM) scorp:
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364: hmmm
(12:09 PM) jimmer49: so much encouraging economic new and market goes down - go figure
(12:09 PM) google_2: out +14 flat
(12:09 PM) Buffy_04364: maybe not going to get a perfect one
(12:09 PM) sb17: buffy...any caveats to the chimp method, other than what is stated on the web page?
(12:09 PM) ann_87: great google
(12:10 PM) google_2: ok
(12:10 PM) google_2: now
(12:10 PM) google_2: let me anser
(12:10 PM) google_2: answer
(12:10 PM) google_2: I was in middle of trade
(12:10 PM) google_2: sorry
(12:10 PM) Rose0001: That's okay.
(12:10 PM) Rose0001: Trding comes first.
(12:11 PM) google_2: arc
(12:11 PM) Buffy_04364: rose added great comments
(12:11 PM) Buffy_04364: Ijust made the template cause asked to
(12:11 PM) Buffy_04364: by many
(12:12 PM) Rose0001: PP, you long from 26?
(12:12 PM) Buffy_04364: np google trading always comes first
(12:12 PM) Buffy_04364: that is why we type
(12:14 PM) Buffy_04364: get to ?s when we can
(12:14 PM) ppusa: not yet
(12:14 PM) Rose0001: I thought that was what you typed...
(12:14 PM) Buffy_04364: have a reanchor
(12:14 PM) ppusa: next bar break 3 min
(12:14 PM) Buffy_04364: ib on 4m
(12:14 PM) Buffy_04364: wish more divergence on bline stoch
(12:14 PM) ppusa: bot the qqq's back that i sold am
(12:15 PM) jman206:
at 1522.90?
(12:15 PM) google_2: l27
(12:17 PM) Buffy_04364: nice pp
(12:18 PM) google_2: wish my entry was earlier
(12:18 PM) Buffy_04364: no volume I guess thought wasn'tworking butfinally got a tick
(12:18 PM) google_2: too fast
(12:18 PM) google_2: broke channel on 15 min
(12:18 PM) google_2: measured move
(12:18 PM) google_2: this last leg from break
(12:19 PM) Rose0001: See that, google. Thanks.
(12:21 PM) jimmer49: very critical point here imo
(12:21 PM) Tom_B: y, test time
(12:22 PM) jimmer49: 7 m smax trying to give up signal - would be very significant
(12:22 PM) ppusa: very close to going long
(12:22 PM) ppusa: this is test i am looking for
(12:23 PM) ppusa: that was the high of the 15 min bar which keot me out
(12:23 PM) ppusa: kept
(12:23 PM) google_2: flat -2
(12:23 PM) Rose0001: Chimp still short.
(12:24 PM) Rose0001: Never crossed.
(12:24 PM) tomsurf:
chimp deserves a banana
(12:25 PM) Buffy_04364: bline below 20 on toomany tf and no majordivergence
(12:25 PM) Buffy_04364: so a flag
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364: kimball and I have been pming and the right bline template with the color band fixed forthe rising/falling beline is now the one for download through ensign
(12:26 PM) ppusa: long 22.5
(12:26 PM) ppusa: waiting
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364: or you can justchange the oneyou are using with this screenshot
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-01-30/Buffy_Prop_Window_for_BLine_Rising2.gif
(12:26 PM) Rose0001:
LSS middler BUY 1519, S2 pivot support 1517.
(12:26 PM) ppusa: will not buy again until 3 min entry
(12:26 PM) Buffy_04364: tks rose
(12:27 PM) alan123: ty rose
(12:27 PM) tippet:
ema still trending down...sox takes out lod
(12:29 PM) jimmer49: like watching a very very slow striptease
(12:30 PM) jimmer49: will she or won't she?
(12:30 PM) google_2: show her the money
(12:30 PM) Buffy_04364: lol
(12:30 PM) tomsurf:
googs- LOL
(12:30 PM) Tom_B: Chimp..pondering offer
(12:31 PM) jimmer49: reaching for dollar to place in garter
(12:31 PM) google_2: didn't think trading would come down to that
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364: now there is a bline stoch divergence
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364: there is hop
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364: hope
(12:31 PM) Tom_B: lng
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364: LOL u guys
(12:31 PM) dave_b_quik:
good morning all
(12:31 PM) Buffy_04364: hi dave
(12:31 PM) Rose0001: Hi, Dave.
(12:31 PM) Tom_B: gm
(12:31 PM) tomsurf:
hey dave
(12:31 PM) google_2: hello dave
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364: you get alot of ice last night/
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364: ?
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364: we missed you
(12:32 PM) ann_87: hi dave!
(12:32 PM) dave_b_quik:
lotta slush, but i guess my ISP's got a lotta ice, they were down all day
(12:32 PM) ann_87: rule of 4?
(12:32 PM) Buffy_04364: that is what I guessed when you were missing
(12:33 PM) Buffy_04364: sleeting here now and will be for a couple of hours
(12:33 PM) dave_b_quik:
cable is still down here, but DSL is working
(12:33 PM) jman206: Who posted the BB charts?
(12:33 PM) Buffy_04364: really didn't have to send it my way :-)
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364: asi flat on the bottom
(12:34 PM) Buffy_04364: ]beline below 20 many tf
(12:35 PM) Buffy_04364: could continue
(12:35 PM) Rose0001: Chimp still short. He just holds and holds...he's so boring and bored...
(12:35 PM) Buffy_04364: or chop
(12:35 PM) Tom_B: & profitable :(
(12:35 PM) Buffy_04364: LOL Rose
(12:35 PM) tomsurf:
well dave- Rose's pet chimp are kickin some bottie today
(12:35 PM) Rose0001: I'm keeping him.
(12:35 PM) tomsurf:
the chimp can hold
(12:36 PM) dave_b_quik: I see, looks like i missed about 6 waves down
(12:36 PM) Buffy_04364: Dave, tickershock was lookingfor you
(12:36 PM) Buffy_04364: he has finished programming retro into ts200i
(12:36 PM) tippet:
1515 the 62% fib area off the 1?30 botom
(12:36 PM) Buffy_04364: want suggested improvements
(12:37 PM) ppusa: long
(12:37 PM) dave_b_quik:
great, buffy, I'll catch up with him
(12:37 PM) Buffy_04364: :-)
(12:37 PM) ppusa: 19.5
(12:37 PM) ppusa: sold the other one on bounce because the 3 min did not confirm
(12:38 PM) ppusa: also was high of a new 15 min bar
(12:38 PM) google_2: l18.5
(12:39 PM) Buffy_04364: not reanchoring yet
(12:41 PM) Tom_B: appears needs some relief
(12:41 PM) Buffy_04364: with all indicators so low might just gosideways for a while
(12:41 PM) Buffy_04364: time will tell
(12:41 PM) Buffy_04364: as it always does
(12:42 PM) ppusa: no sellers
(12:42 PM) ppusa: get through 22 could go
(12:43 PM) tippet:
sox new low
(12:43 PM) Buffy_04364: tks tippet
(12:44 PM) Rose0001: Dave, have you seen my chimp?
(12:44 PM) Rose0001: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-01/Photo_of_Chimp_Trader1.gif
(12:45 PM) jimmer49: l18
(12:46 PM) dave_b_quik:
those BB charts must be jimbo
(12:46 PM) swimmer_17: rose, how'd you get my picture?:-)
(12:46 PM) Rose0001: lol
(12:47 PM) google_2: 1516
(12:47 PM) prakso: please tell me why you ar e all so sure that this will be the turnaround? could it not as well just go sidways during noontime and then keep going down (Fridayselloff) thks
(12:48 PM) google_2: I hve 1516 as support
(12:48 PM) google_2: it might fall and it might not
(12:48 PM) Rose0001: We're not sure, Prakso. We're just trying. Good place to get in with little risk.
(12:48 PM) google_2: risk comes with the business
(12:48 PM) pete77_1: 3 pt bullish div on 225T
(12:48 PM) google_2: rose summed it up
(12:48 PM) Rodent_2M: lol love the pic this room is great :)
(12:48 PM) Tom_B: looking 4 a W:4 retrace, min of dwnwave
(12:48 PM) google_2: thanks
(12:49 PM) prakso: thks to all of you
(12:49 PM) Rose0001: If it doesn't work, we look for another opportunity, but we're above b/e so we have no risk anymore.
(12:50 PM) prakso: rose - above b/e ??
(12:50 PM) laniermasters:
nailed the S2 pivot 1517
(12:50 PM) Rose0001: If we wait for confirmation, then support is way below, have to have larger stops and more risk.
(12:51 PM) Rose0001: With our stops, I mean...
(12:51 PM) Rose0001: It depends on each person, but you can have a b/e stop now.
(12:51 PM) prakso: what is b/e?
(12:51 PM) Rose0001: break even point.
(12:52 PM) prakso: ok thanks -stupid me :(
(12:52 PM) Rose0001: If you get in at 1517 and your stop is 1517, then you will not lose or gain if you get stopped out.
(12:52 PM) google_2: :-)
(12:52 PM) prakso: finally got it thks
(12:52 PM) google_2: music to my ears
(12:53 PM) tomsurf:
chimp got xover
(12:53 PM) Tom_B: probing for the long cost a bit, 4 me...will get it bk now , (hope :)
(12:53 PM) Rose0001: He got tired. He's out at 1522.
(12:54 PM) Rose0001: I'm going to see if chimp can SAR at major pivot points.
(12:54 PM) ppusa: okay
(12:54 PM) Tom_B: tnx
(12:54 PM) ppusa: 24 area better
(12:54 PM) anny44: short 1120.75 1 pt stop
(12:54 PM) google_2: out 1 +7
(12:55 PM) Buffy_04364: just tagged tos
(12:55 PM) Buffy_04364: pyra indicators still below 20 along with 3M bline
(12:55 PM) Tom_B: nice google
(12:55 PM) Rose0001: Beautiful how all the critical points came together.
(12:56 PM) Rose0001: I mean from different systems...
(12:56 PM) google_2: rose I'm freaking out because of that lol
(12:58 PM) ppusa: thank you smax for pointing out the great entry
(12:59 PM) Rose0001: There was synergy PP. Several methods pointed to same entry.
(12:59 PM) prakso: price bounced off 89sma on 55T - two times in 5 Min
(01:00 PM) ppusa: the better my entries the more inclined i am to let them run
(01:00 PM) swimmer_17: rose, how tight do you keep your trailing stop?
(01:00 PM) Tom_B: out + 4.5
(01:01 PM) Rose0001: I'm testing the possibility of keeping a stop at b/e and using chimp for exit.
(01:01 PM) Tom_B: time goto me out of lng..
(01:01 PM) ppusa: i think maybe most of you missed what i said about if this didn't hit 30 i was the rear end of a chimp.
(01:02 PM) prakso: ppusa thanks - I noticed it - acted and made 10P
(01:02 PM) Tom_B: of THE Chimp
(01:02 PM) ppusa: u r welcome prakso...glad to help
(01:03 PM) swimmer_17: what's chimp?
(01:03 PM) ppusa: whaddya think a chimp is?
(01:03 PM) Rose0001: Swimmer. I keep a b/e stop and use market order for exit at the market. Sometimes move it up to previous swing high or low if I'm in the trade long enough.
(01:03 PM) ann_87: that was truly amazing how the different systems confirmed buying that low....
(01:03 PM) Tom_B: Head Trader
(01:04 PM) Rose0001: Buffy, do you have chimp URL for swimmer?
(01:05 PM) Tom_B: Move ovr Paul Tudor Jones, Chimp is here
(01:05 PM) tomsurf:
http://www.enthios.com/trading/the_cross.htm for da chimp
(01:06 PM) Rose0001: Thanks, Tom.
(01:06 PM) ppusa: you talk about different systems....i think the point is that at extreme swings u can't go wrong
(01:06 PM) ppusa: it's what's inbetween that messes u up
(01:06 PM) tippet:
inverse h&s ?
(01:06 PM) Rose0001: Oh, yes you can, PP. My record proves it.
(01:06 PM) ppusa: smax continuation buy
(01:06 PM) swimmer_17: thx
(01:07 PM) ppusa: proves what?
(01:07 PM) ppusa: the extremes?
(01:07 PM) ppusa: or inbetween
(01:07 PM) Rose0001: When I thought I knew what I was doing and knew nothing about trading...newbie...made every mistake in the book and then some...
(01:08 PM) ppusa: so i still do
(01:08 PM) ppusa: but when all the systems...indicators...etc. say to do something?
(01:08 PM) Tom_B: I've worn out 2 butt kicking machines
(01:08 PM) ppusa: afterall who would use a system that said sell where we all just bought
(01:08 PM) jimmer49: smax still in long from 21.5
(01:10 PM) Rose0001: PP, what if you don't have a system...a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.
(01:10 PM) ppusa: Rose
(01:10 PM) ppusa: when
(01:10 PM) ppusa: everything
(01:11 PM) ppusa: bb's, stoch, ma's, PnF, smax, retro, google, chimp, and raz all say buy????
(01:11 PM) ppusa: not systems
(01:11 PM) ppusa: and hold
(01:12 PM) ppusa: 15 min chart said to hjold this
(01:12 PM) ppusa: as well as everything else
(01:12 PM) ee_88: nice jimmer
(01:12 PM) ppusa: just leaving some for others
(01:12 PM) Tom_B: stop eater
(01:13 PM) anny44: out
(01:13 PM) Tom_B: flat
(01:14 PM) prakso: ann - what was you r reason to get out right here ??
(01:14 PM) jimmer49: 21.5 smax entry confirmed on 7 min also, so could likely run for longer time
(01:15 PM) Rodent_2M: smax nice 18.5 entry :)
(01:15 PM) ppusa: 3 and 6 obot here after a 1-2-3 rally from low
(01:15 PM) ppusa: above yesterday's low
(01:16 PM) jimmer49: 18.5 a good entry, but premature for smax imo
(01:16 PM) Tom_B: decision pt for retrace or new trnd, imvho
(01:16 PM) prakso: google - if I would only know what rule 4 means ??
(01:17 PM) Rodent_2M: yah probably so
(01:17 PM) google_2: buffy do we have a chart or that?
(01:18 PM) ppusa: yea
(01:18 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-01-29/Ann%20rule%20of%20four%20%20.jpg
(01:18 PM) raz_62:
Buffy has a link machine
(01:19 PM) google_2: thnx
(01:19 PM) Tom_B: cheap sht, 29.5, 32 stp
(01:19 PM) johnl96: no kiddin raz
(01:19 PM) johnl96: I'd still be looking for the "%" key
(01:19 PM) Buffy_04364: lol raz
(01:19 PM) ppusa: Tom i am with you ...
(01:20 PM) ppusa: waiting to see if there is one more push though
(01:20 PM) ppusa: maybe a little higher then enter
(01:20 PM) ppusa: might miss it..no big deal i don't have your money
(01:20 PM) Tom_B: cud b
(01:20 PM) prakso: google - buffy - was that the link for -rule 4 - ??
(01:20 PM) Tom_B: neither do i
(01:21 PM) ppusa: we can borrow from de vemen
(01:21 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-01-29/Ann%20rule%20of%20four%20%20.jpg
(01:21 PM) Buffy_04364:
is one
(01:21 PM) Buffy_04364: there is one further back but.........
(01:21 PM) Buffy_04364: watchingcharts here
(01:21 PM) Tom_B: LOL
(01:22 PM) Tom_B: whn i frst read abt borrowng, i thought u saud vermen, no offence ment to any women :)
(01:22 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-01-24/google%20nq%20hourly%20rule%20of%2041.jpg
(01:23 PM) google_2:
prasko, I'll file them later under pattern recognition
(01:23 PM) google_2: for easy reference in future
(01:23 PM) Buffy_04364: another reason for using names is it is easier to scan for chart links trhough the list
(01:23 PM) google_2: after hours though
(01:23 PM) Buffy_04364: some have already been moved google
(01:24 PM) ppusa: tom do you have a target?
(01:24 PM) prakso: thanks google and buffy - you are of great help :-)))))
(01:24 PM) ppusa: if not a 6 point drop is the minimum i am looking for
(01:24 PM) jman206:
if anyone happens to have a link or a copy of the TS code Owen posted a few weeks back I would appreciate it.Thanks
(01:25 PM) Buffy_04364: not familiar with that
(01:25 PM) johnl96: code for what?
(01:25 PM) Buffy_04364: where did he post it?
(01:25 PM) Buffy_04364: if he sent to dave to post no clue where it is
(01:25 PM) Buffy_04364: might ask dave
(01:25 PM) scorp:
i have a copy of something
(01:26 PM) jman206: something?
(01:26 PM) scorp: from owen
(01:26 PM) ppusa: 6 point has reversed
(01:26 PM) scorp:
(01:26 PM) Tom_B: no target, pp...time will be issue here , assuming we go sideways for a bit we cud bk dwn agn...this is based solely on my conjecture and simple ind
(01:27 PM) ppusa: what is a simple ind?
(01:27 PM) ppusa: i count 2 humps
(01:28 PM) prakso: ppusa - whats your major TF you are trading off ? 2 humps on what TF? thks
(01:28 PM) sb17: i'm hoping ES gets back up to 1124ish
(01:29 PM) Tom_B: good chance i'll get stpd but it is lo risk probe
(01:33 PM) ppusa: 3 humps
(01:33 PM) Buffy_04364: tagged tos
(01:34 PM) ppusa: Tom you did SAR on 6 point reversal right?
(01:34 PM) Buffy_04364: pyra indicators over 20
(01:34 PM) Tom_B: no
(01:35 PM) google_2: out +15.5 flat
(01:35 PM) ppusa: next time
(01:35 PM) ppusa: nice ride google
(01:36 PM) Tom_B: nice google 34 is good #
(01:36 PM) Buffy_04364: trapped between 50 and 200 on 2 and 3M
(01:36 PM) Buffy_04364: tagging 200 on 1M
(01:38 PM) Tom_B: im shrt agn
(01:39 PM) ppusa: what is the fib retracement number?
(01:39 PM) Tom_B: I also may hve my head in the Chimps....
(01:39 PM) ppusa: i been there
(01:40 PM) sb17: ppusa...are you asking about ES fib?
(01:40 PM) ppusa: based on daily slight chance of major turnaround
(01:40 PM) ppusa: nq fib from low
(01:40 PM) sb17: IC
(01:40 PM) sb17: i was looking at ES
(01:41 PM) sb17: just hit 22.8 @ 38.2% level
(01:41 PM) sb17: would like to see 24.13 @ 50% level for short
(01:42 PM) sb17: in my view, it's a little too early to sell back down yet
(01:42 PM) sb17: although...it is friday, so who knows
(01:43 PM) ppusa: thanks
(01:43 PM) johnl96: I'm guessing the es humpers would be short here
(01:43 PM) Tom_B: trying to risk 2-3 pts so get spanked doing it, might not be the best strategy....
(01:43 PM) ppusa: 38% is?
(01:44 PM) Buffy_04364: there were 3 on nq 3M also
(01:44 PM) tippet:
pp on the ndx daily the 1568 area is 38%retrace from the 1/09hi also corresponds to the 20and 50ema where it just crossed down
(01:45 PM) ppusa: 17 + 38% of 49 points = 35... hit 34.5
(01:45 PM) Buffy_04364: what is the target of the 3 bumps?
(01:45 PM) ppusa: learned that last night
(01:46 PM) google_2: it'll do that for you automatically
(01:46 PM) johnl96: on es, Buffy, 127% is 1117
(01:46 PM) Buffy_04364: tks
(01:47 PM) sb17: does 3 bumps = 3 pushes in a direction?
(01:48 PM) google_2: yes
(01:48 PM) prakso: thanks sb17
(01:50 PM) sb17: just noticed that the last push on ES also had a stochastic sell divergence with it
(01:52 PM) pete77_1: Aslo MACD
(01:53 PM) ppusa: 1565-1484x62%=50 1565-50 (62)%=1615 LOD is 1617
(01:54 PM) ppusa: right shoulder
(01:55 PM) sb17: well, if ES is going to go down, would like to see retest of 23 and failure
(01:56 PM) jimmer49: smax 2m +45 on the day on 8 trades - anyone doing 3m?
(01:57 PM) google_2: jimmer yes but with smax
(01:57 PM) google_2: but not
(01:57 PM) Tom_B: Drivers Start ur Engines
(01:57 PM) Rose0001: H&S on 1 min.
(01:58 PM) sb17: what's H & S?
(01:58 PM) Rose0001: head and shoulders pattern.
(01:59 PM) sb17: IC
(01:59 PM) Buffy_04364: http://www.dacharts.com/faq.php
(01:59 PM) Buffy_04364:
click on and maybe print the abbreviations one
(01:59 PM) google_2: should add chimp to the list
(01:59 PM) FrankT:
Showing 22.5 on 3m Jimmer, but 4 pt tr stops took me out early on several
(01:59 PM) Buffy_04364: we do need to add more
(01:59 PM) google_2: :-)
(01:59 PM) sb17: abbrevs aren't there
(02:00 PM) johnl96: well, if this is a leg and arc on 1 min es, second leg down should tag LOD.
(02:00 PM) sb17: ok, i see them
(02:00 PM) RJ -: s 28.50
(02:02 PM) johnl96: am I seeing this stuff right google, or am I completely full of baloney?
(02:02 PM) sb17: iffy trade
(02:02 PM) google_2: I'm waiting
(02:02 PM) google_2: still early
(02:02 PM) google_2: but I see this
(02:02 PM) google_2: possibe inverse arcs
(02:03 PM) prakso: google - whats your TF you trade with ??
(02:03 PM) johnl96: "inverse arcs"?
(02:03 PM) google_2: 3,5,15,60,d,w,m
(02:04 PM) google_2: and added 144t recently for entries
(02:04 PM) google_2: john yes
(02:04 PM) sb17: ES holding 20.5
(02:04 PM) ppusa: SP and Dow daily's look respectable...every day this week the head and shoulders rolled over....today is Friday
(02:04 PM) sb17: 20.25
(02:04 PM) google_2: check pattern recog section on charts
(02:04 PM) google_2: implies another arc upwards
(02:04 PM) ppusa: lomng 31
(02:05 PM) RJ -: flat -2.50
(02:05 PM) ppusa: stop at 32
(02:06 PM) Tom_B: lng 2 31.5
(02:06 PM) prakso: google - 3,5-15-60 Min or Ticks ?
(02:06 PM) ppusa: perfect 3 min 2nd bar break smax
(02:06 PM) google_2: min
(02:06 PM) ppusa: thank you jimmer
(02:07 PM) prakso: thks
(02:07 PM) ppusa: out looking short
(02:07 PM) ppusa: 3 hump rule...just a different set of humps
(02:08 PM) johnl96: how many humps we got goin here, anyway?
(02:09 PM) sb17: small DB on ES @ 20.25
(02:09 PM) ppusa: 5 min chart above 20 ma
(02:09 PM) sb17: looking to retest 23.25
(02:09 PM) ppusa: bullish signb
(02:09 PM) ppusa: still holding q's
(02:10 PM) tippet:
20ema60 37.5
(02:12 PM) ppusa: out of q's
(02:13 PM) ppusa: nice 1-2-3 correction on the 15 minute...now what's next????
(02:13 PM) johnl96: I see what humps you were talkin' bout pp, I'm kinda mad you're holdin' out humps on us!! :-)
(02:13 PM) ppusa: all PnF's that needed toreverse from sell off have
(02:14 PM) ppusa: that first hump i always question
(02:14 PM) ppusa: many times i see 4
(02:14 PM) ppusa: on recount
(02:15 PM) ppusa: i love sticking it tot he q traders...they always nickel and dime me
(02:15 PM) ppusa: anything for an extra dollar
(02:16 PM) johnl96: from now on, I'm not showing anybody my humps
(02:16 PM) ppusa: long or short?
(02:16 PM) Tom_B: shrt, i'm bkwrds today
(02:17 PM) Tom_B: rev
(02:19 PM) sb17: 5ema13 and 15ema13 getting close to each other
(02:20 PM) Tom_B: out...hitting oxygen tank now
(02:20 PM) google_2: plan is to short this arc for those missed long entry earlier
(02:20 PM) google_2: inverse arcs as expected
(02:20 PM) google_2: are in the making
(02:20 PM) ppusa: this looks like gonna get a whole nother leg
(02:21 PM) Tom_B: DWN ?
(02:21 PM) ppusa: no was gonna say up
(02:21 PM) sb17: ES mid-day close R = 23.50
(02:22 PM) Tom_B: need to fade myself
(02:22 PM) ppusa: pattern on the 1 minute ...the last pullback ...looks like a pp1-2-3
(02:22 PM) johnl96: google, what inverse arcs are you talking about? could you post a chart pls?
(02:22 PM) ppusa: probably way wrong on this but??
(02:23 PM) samad_18: Hi,
(02:23 PM) tomsurf:
john- you may want to take a look at dacharts section where googs stuff is posted :-)
(02:23 PM) Tom_B: ? i've been fight ing this just getting & giving few pts...looks neg here but i'm not with it
(02:24 PM) johnl96: thx tom, been there, but I still don't see what she's talking about.
(02:24 PM) tk-15: John, check out http://www.dacharts.com/charts.ph
(02:24 PM) sb17: i really want to short, but this is looking too positive (up) yet
(02:25 PM) ppusa: yes it is
(02:25 PM) ppusa: so far
(02:26 PM) ppusa: just because the low got taken out means nothing today
(02:26 PM) ppusa: on a steep downtrend things would be different
(02:27 PM) google_2: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/Pattern%20Recognition/Google_Railroads_and_Arcs/google_ARC_for_reversal_entries.jpg
(02:27 PM) google_2:
john try that
(02:29 PM) johnl96: maybe a tf would help? still don't see what you're looking at today. sorry to be a pest.
(02:29 PM) google_2: 5 min
(02:29 PM) google_2: but the arc isn't formed yet
(02:29 PM) google_2: might fail
(02:30 PM) google_2: still waiting
(02:31 PM) google_2: this should be fast
(02:31 PM) johnl96: k thx
(02:31 PM) tippet:
41 area 50%
(02:32 PM) sb17: buffy...did you say something before about the chimp 5ema13 to the effect that you go short when its pointing down, long when point up, and stay out when it's flat?
(02:32 PM) ppusa: above the 20 on the 15
(02:33 PM) Tom_B: 3rd hump ?
(02:33 PM) Rose0001: Yes, SB, I said that.
(02:33 PM) sb17: seems to make good sense, as I look at the chart
(02:34 PM) sb17: getting close to chimp long-land here
(02:34 PM) Rose0001: Also good that you saw the 13 min EMAs converging. Also bullish.
(02:34 PM) ppusa: obot
(02:36 PM) Tom_B: tnx pp rev hre
(02:36 PM) sb17: ES price bounce off 50% retracement
(02:36 PM) prakso: sb17 NQ 15Min as well
(02:37 PM) Tom_B: k, tnx out
(02:37 PM) ppusa: for what it is worth
(02:38 PM) ppusa: scalping short side anyway
(02:38 PM) ppusa: pp1-2-3 followed by another leg into an arc
(02:39 PM) google_2: s39.5
(02:39 PM) Tom_B: s
(02:43 PM) ppusa: arc down now?
(02:45 PM) google_2: 1 +5
(02:46 PM) Tom_B: +4
(02:47 PM) ppusa: bounced...arc followed by an arc
(02:47 PM) raz_62: that was a leg and arc?? i cant see it
(02:47 PM) johnl96: thank you raz, glad I'm not alone
(02:47 PM) ppusa: gartley followed by an arc?
(02:47 PM) ppusa: 1 min
(02:47 PM) ppusa: still hoping it drops
(02:48 PM) raz_62: male eyes
(02:48 PM) ppusa: i am anticipating the arc followed by an arc
(02:48 PM) raz_62: usually see curves fairly well
(02:48 PM) Tom_B: same here, lkng to retrace
(02:48 PM) ppusa: oh gee
(02:48 PM) jman206:
if the chimp goes long im going long too
(02:49 PM) ppusa: i had a limit order in to buy the q's on the last pb which i thought it never hit...well guess what
(02:49 PM) tomsurf:
jman, LOL
(02:49 PM) Tom_B: whrs da chimp /
(02:49 PM) ppusa: look at the low of this hour on the hour chart
(02:49 PM) Rose0001: He's resting. Different signals on the two timeframes (1 min and 13 min)
(02:50 PM) ppusa: last 26.5 this 33.5
(02:50 PM) ppusa: big space
(02:50 PM) raz_62: hmm the high of this hour hit my 50% gann line
(02:50 PM) Tom_B: if they give it to you ....
(02:50 PM) ppusa: anyway back in q's after selling at the recent high
(02:50 PM) jman206:
chimps giving me a bullish grin right now
(02:50 PM) Rose0001: Chimp is about to cross.
(02:50 PM) ppusa: nq working on another H&S
(02:50 PM) jman206:
chim is saying hop on board
(02:50 PM) jman206: chimp
(02:51 PM) ppusa: i think this will be real H&S after the 2 symmetrical legs up
(02:51 PM) Rose0001: No cross yet.
(02:51 PM) Tom_B: rose is it there orrrr
(02:51 PM) raz_62: anybody use their swing line tool on ensign
(02:51 PM) Tom_B: cud be shrt ?
(02:52 PM) raz_62: makes some of these patterns easy to see
(02:52 PM) Rose0001: 5EMA on 1 minute flat...
(02:52 PM) Tom_B: Don't hate me for bringing it up :)
(02:52 PM) Rose0001: SOrry, 15EMA.
(02:52 PM) ppusa: if you sghort 30 is cover area??
(02:52 PM) jman206:
cmon monkey
(02:52 PM) Rose0001: No trade.
(02:53 PM) Tom_B: shrt
(02:53 PM) raz_62: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-01/swing%20lines570.jpg
(02:53 PM) jman206:
just got a bullish cross on the 13s too
(02:54 PM) tippet: y 30 area pp
(02:54 PM) ppusa: replacing the low of this hour
(02:54 PM) Tom_B: out
(02:54 PM) ppusa: i do not know if 26.5 can gethit
(02:55 PM) raz_62: bounced off my 50%line on 5min chart
(02:55 PM) tippet:
kissback to trednline here
(02:55 PM) ppusa: imo just an hour chart thing
(02:55 PM) ppusa: market got a little ahead of itself
(02:55 PM) sb17: Tom_B..are you using Chimp?
(02:56 PM) Tom_B: no..too complex for me
(02:56 PM) sb17: :-)
(02:56 PM) ppusa: 22.5 potential if break continues
(02:56 PM) tippet:
still short from34.5 but not thrilled yet
(02:56 PM) tippet: better
(02:57 PM) jman206: looks weak
(02:57 PM) ppusa: you sat through all that?
(02:57 PM) ppusa: or just in?
(02:57 PM) jman206:
whats the chimp saying
(02:57 PM) tippet: all what shorteed the recent green 3min bar
(02:57 PM) ppusa: okay after 43
(02:58 PM) Rose0001: Chimp is short from 35-37 if you disregard the 13 minute chart. Flat if you're waiting for confirmation on 13 min chart.
(02:59 PM) google_2: out +7 flat
(02:59 PM) Rose0001: Sorry. Looks like we're getting a nasty storm here in the Philly area so I stepped away from the computer for a moment.
(02:59 PM) google_2: nothing to apologize for you're doing great
(02:59 PM) raz_62: Philly hope your not an Eagles fan
(03:00 PM) Rose0001: :-)
(03:00 PM) johnl96: Rose, it blew thru Coatesville about half hour ago
(03:00 PM) raz_62: lot better than a Falcons fan i guess
(03:00 PM) johnl96: lasted about 10 mins
(03:00 PM) ppusa: descendingc H&S?
(03:00 PM) johnl96: supposed to get another blast tho
(03:00 PM) Rose0001: It just got really dark. Can't remember the last time I saw such dark clouds.
(03:01 PM) Tom_B: stop shouting , plse
(03:01 PM) Tom_B: tnx
(03:01 PM) tomsurf:
thx googs
(03:02 PM) google_2: he's gone birdwatching for good
(03:02 PM) ppusa: what reason did you give?
(03:02 PM) Tom_B: he flew da coup
(03:02 PM) ppusa: haha
(03:02 PM) google_2: met my bounce quota for the day
(03:02 PM) Rose0001: LOL, Google! Hope I don't get bounced by Comcast.
(03:02 PM) google_2: :-)
(03:03 PM) raz_62: he didnt mention the 9rs my favorite by the way
(03:03 PM) Tom_B: need dwn now
(03:03 PM) Rose0001: 13 min about to cross down. That would be signal for chimp to short each time 5EMA comes back to 15EMA without crossin on one minute. or stay short if you're short already.
(03:04 PM) raz_62: bline flipping up i think
(03:04 PM) johnl96: Rose, thank your lucky stars you don't have Verizon DSL
(03:04 PM) raz_62: maybe not
(03:04 PM) ppusa: i want an arc
(03:04 PM) Rose0001: Comcast has actually been pretty good. No complaints.
(03:04 PM) raz_62: 200ma
(03:04 PM) ppusa: oh well there is 30
(03:04 PM) ppusa: hour chart low thing
(03:04 PM) Tom_B: grrr
(03:05 PM) ppusa: who's your daddy
(03:05 PM) Rose0001: Good stuff, PP.
(03:05 PM) tippet:
ugh out even
(03:05 PM) ppusa: thanks
(03:05 PM) Tom_B: nice call pp on da 30
(03:05 PM) ppusa: np
(03:05 PM) ppusa: but
(03:05 PM) johnl96: long es
(03:05 PM) ppusa: is this goes above 44
(03:06 PM) ppusa: my q's are home free
(03:06 PM) ppusa: is = if
(03:07 PM) ppusa: there is absolutely no follow through today in the Dow and SP
(03:07 PM) ppusa: like nq
(03:07 PM) sb17: this thing feels like it's going to close dead
(03:07 PM) Tom_B: u thnk 50% ret is it ?
(03:07 PM) Rose0001: That 15EMA on the 13 is flat as a tabletop. MAs did not cross down (yet).
(03:07 PM) ppusa: should try for stops under 26.5 but i have nothing i can lean on here of any real help
(03:08 PM) ppusa: you are on your own
(03:08 PM) sb17: ??? My 5ema13 cross below 15ema13. Didn't your?
(03:08 PM) google_2: I'm done
(03:08 PM) ppusa: smax continuation long here
(03:08 PM) google_2: end of week jockeying now - be careful
(03:09 PM) Rose0001: SB, no mine are flat and togther--no cross.
(03:09 PM) sb17: i wonder why
(03:09 PM) tomsurf:
have a good one googs :-)
(03:09 PM) Tom_B: bye
(03:09 PM) sb17: i'm using 1-min chart...65 min and 195 min
(03:09 PM) Rose0001: Same here. What software? I have Qcharts.
(03:09 PM) MartyJ01: have a nice weekend googs : )
(03:10 PM) ppusa: why do people pick these weird numbers?
(03:10 PM) sb17: QCharts
(03:10 PM) sb17: here
(03:10 PM) Rose0001: Ohhhh...I'm using all sessions, includes nigh data.
(03:10 PM) sb17: i'm using all sessions too
(03:10 PM) Rose0001: I think Enthois said he uses all data for the chimp.
(03:10 PM) sb17: yes, the chimp uses all sessions.
(03:10 PM) Tom_B: is chimp shrt ?
(03:10 PM) sb17: that's why i'm wondering why our charts don't agree
(03:11 PM) sb17: o
(03:11 PM) Rose0001: What server are you on?
(03:11 PM) sb17: o
(03:11 PM) sb17: i'm looking at ES, are you looking at Nas?
(03:11 PM) Rose0001: LOL, yes!
(03:11 PM) jman206:
why the chimp use all sessions?
(03:11 PM) Rose0001: I don't know why. Chimp just does what rules tell him to do.
(03:12 PM) Rose0001: That's the setup on Enthios.
(03:12 PM) sb17: 65ema13 now flat on ES
(03:12 PM) sb17: but below 195ema13
(03:13 PM) Rose0001: Tom, not short. Too confusing. MA's flat.
(03:13 PM) sb17: is this room open every night?
(03:13 PM) sb17: i was here briefly last night
(03:14 PM) Tom_B: tnx...me out...loading pistol...
(03:14 PM) tomsurf:
Rose- agree, flat MA's=chop
(03:14 PM) Doctor Zaius: 1-900-the-chimp $4.95/min, don't mind the hooting and screeching, those are the real-time signals
(03:14 PM) tomsurf: lol
(03:15 PM) Tom_B: LOL
(03:18 PM) Doctor Zaius:
actually, I plan on studying the chimp's system in some detail this weekend. It's been quite interesting reading about it in here.
(03:19 PM) Rose0001: :-)
(03:19 PM) ppusa: hey doc
(03:20 PM) sb17: anyone going to be in here tonight?
(03:20 PM) johnl96: depends on the weather here sb
(03:20 PM) Rose0001: Same here, SB.
(03:20 PM) sb17: weather?
(03:21 PM) Rose0001: Yes.
(03:21 PM) johnl96: not for everyone, just me
(03:21 PM) sb17: i'm in wisconsin...it's beautiful here
(03:21 PM) ppusa: the only reason the chimp "system" works is because you have a couple of gorillas behind mr. chimpo.
(03:21 PM) ppusa: now what they are doing back there i don't know
(03:21 PM) Doctor Zaius:
(03:22 PM) ppusa: but they are watching a lot more than they let on
(03:22 PM) tippet:
nice looking h&s on 5mn nq and sox time may not permit this to play ut
(03:22 PM) google_2: 3 humps
(03:22 PM) google_2: for anyone interested in shorting
(03:23 PM) sb17: i'll check in tonight. Going to the gym now. Need to keep up with my weight loss program. :-)
(03:23 PM) Rose0001: Take care, SB.
(03:23 PM) sb17: Thanks for a GREAT day!
(03:23 PM) Rose0001: Have a wonderful weekend.
(03:25 PM) Tom_B: Tnx 4 a great week evryone...not only educational but a lot of fun too :)
(03:25 PM) Rose0001: Bye Tom.
(03:26 PM) Tom_B: I'll be visiting Google's patterns & the Zoo this wknd
(03:26 PM) Rose0001: :-)
(03:26 PM) RJ -: Indian feather H & S on 5 min
(03:26 PM) jimmer49: 2m smax as of now +48 on 9 trades, one loser
(03:27 PM) ann_87: great jimmer
(03:27 PM) ppusa: jimmer have you seen any of my smax posts and if so have i got them correct?
(03:27 PM) Tom_B: gee jimmer... grrr
(03:28 PM) jimmer49: hope I haven't missed too much - have had the room minimized much of the time due to computer issures, so I apologize if I have ignored any questions to me
(03:29 PM) jimmer49: pp- I have noticed some and thought at least once you were not considering the 1/3 bb rule
(03:30 PM) ppusa: ok
(03:30 PM) jimmer49: could be wrong, and would be hard pressed to tell you when it was
(03:30 PM) ppusa: continuation trades i throw it out
(03:30 PM) jimmer49: right to do so
(03:31 PM) ppusa: regardless the second bar break as i discussed with you awhile back seems tyo work well
(03:33 PM) jimmer49: \If you guys only knew how I struggle to actually trade smax. It is so hard to believe an entry signal is not too late when google has already been in for 5 points
(03:33 PM) ppusa: haha
(03:33 PM) tippet:
u too jimmer
(03:33 PM) tomsurf: jimmer- hear ya ;-)
(03:33 PM) ppusa: that is irritating isn't it
(03:33 PM) jimmer49: But they keep working no matter how if feel about them. hard to beat 9 trades and only one loser
(03:33 PM) ppusa: today at LOD i was in at 19.5
(03:34 PM) ppusa: next post google's L18.5
(03:34 PM) tomsurf:
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364: ok guys all company gone
(03:34 PM) Buffy_04364: hope you all had a great afternoon
(03:34 PM) jimmer49: I beat her on that on - got 18, but not smax - too early for smax
(03:34 PM) ppusa: i saw hthat
(03:34 PM) ppusa: slapped me when i was down
(03:35 PM) Rose0001: Google is amazing. That's why I like the patterns for entry and chimp for deciding when to get out.
(03:35 PM) Buffy_04364: ]it seems to work very very well rose
(03:36 PM) jimmer49: To heck with the patterns - she just has uncanny instincts
(03:36 PM) Buffy_04364: she sure has added to my knowledge of patterns
(03:36 PM) Quan2: Jimmer, are the smax setting for the 2 min chart the same as the 1 min you were exploring earlier this week?
(03:36 PM) Rose0001: Have to be real careful about entries in chop, though. So I don't really like chimp for initial entry, only for re-entry or continutation entry.
(03:36 PM) ppusa: have you gone one step further and placed a 3 on a 5?
(03:37 PM) jimmer49: Quan - yes
(03:37 PM) ppusa: put a 3 on a 5 and enter at cross
(03:37 PM) Quan2: Thx
(03:37 PM) ppusa: obviously not in chop
(03:37 PM) jimmer49: Quan - sorry wrong answer - same as 3 min
(03:38 PM) prakso: ppusa- what soes that mean " placed a 3 on a 5 "? tks
(03:53 PM) jimmer49: There is a mirc room where they trade 5/8 crosses and ignore everthing else and it is a joke to watch them
(03:55 PM) google_2: knowing support/resistance is a "must" with any system
(03:55 PM) google_2: sorry to intrude
(03:55 PM) ppusa: you know we talk about pattern recognitin etc etc
(03:55 PM) ppusa: 3 humps
(03:55 PM) Rose0001: Sorry, Jimmer, I was busy and just scrolled back.
(03:55 PM) ppusa: today i counted 3 humps
(03:56 PM) ppusa: but then here comes a pp1-2-3
(03:56 PM) ppusa: whaddya know 3 more humps
(03:56 PM) ppusa: it's all screwy
(03:56 PM) ppusa: that's what separates those that can and can't
(03:57 PM) Rose0001: Since I don't trade the chimp strictly the way Enthios has the rules, I think I would have more trades than his system because I do enter when the 13 min EMAs are pointing down but not crossed.
(03:57 PM) ppusa: today at LOD the only reason most did well is because of experience
(03:58 PM) ppusa: i love telling everyone i compare this to the movie tThe Matrix
(03:58 PM) prakso: ppusa - what do you suggest for me to do - to learn all that so I will end up on th side ""that can"?
(03:59 PM) Rose0001: The first trade was the best--chimp entered at 60 and exited at 42.
(03:59 PM) ppusa: not only is it a great movie and probably my favorite....along with my cousin vinny but i think it conveys exactly how i feel about trading
(03:59 PM) Rose0001: Then entered at 42 and exited at 20.
(03:59 PM) ppusa: prakso i suggest you grab a coldone and watch the movie
(03:59 PM) Rose0001: Entered long at 20 and exited at 29. Not SAR but when ma's crossed againg.
(04:00 PM) Rose0001: Didn't really trade it later because 13 min MAs were flat.
(04:00 PM) Buffy_04364: bk
(04:01 PM) ppusa: i will say as seriously as i can and i have been saying this over and over in here...when you think you have the LOD or HOD stick in and add.
(04:01 PM) jimmer49: thanks Rose
(04:01 PM) Rose0001: Is Jimmer still around or am I writing for nothing?
(04:01 PM) jimmer49: Have a good weekend all - I'm out
(04:01 PM) Rose0001: Okay.
(04:01 PM) ppusa: there are only a couple trades per day that will put you behind the wheel of a new Porsche
(04:02 PM) Rose0001: I have to look at the stochastic a bit better. Stoch might be a better exit signal because the cross gets you out too late.
(04:02 PM) Rose0001: So rules maybe should be to use stochastic on chop days and crosses of mas on trend days.
(04:02 PM) Buffy_04364: bye jimmer tks
(04:03 PM) Rose0001: Bye Jimmer.
(04:03 PM) prakso: ppusa -thanks for your meaningfull advice - did I do anything wrong ?? have a great weekend anyway
(04:04 PM) ppusa: Rose i think you should take the stochastics and set them to the major swings and when they get hit look for your crosses and then add like the classifieds
(04:04 PM) ppusa: prakso of course not
(04:04 PM) Rose0001: PP I agree about the HOD and LOD. Sometimes you can catch both, like today. That's why I like to have LSS numbers even though they don't always work.
(04:04 PM) ppusa: i am serious
(04:04 PM) ppusa: prakso i am so serious you can't see it
(04:05 PM) raz_62: would sure love to learn that technique
(04:05 PM) Rose0001: LSS gives you a give to where those HOD and LOD might be hiding.
(04:06 PM) raz_62: jimmer was that mirc room btt-max-traders
(04:06 PM) ppusa: if i ever give advice to anyone i wold say do not give up your day job. but having said that......
(04:06 PM) ppusa: go for the big ones
(04:07 PM) Tom_B: y do u scalp so much ?
(04:07 PM) ppusa: me?
(04:07 PM) Tom_B: y
(04:07 PM) ppusa: because i do not follow my own advice
(04:07 PM) Tom_B: lol
(04:07 PM) ppusa: also
(04:07 PM) google_2: I respect your candor pp
(04:07 PM) ppusa: because if i misss the high or low by a bit i get nervous
(04:08 PM) ppusa: let me tell you what i did with the q's today
(04:08 PM) ppusa: something that i didn't care about
(04:08 PM) ppusa: and i wasn't nervous about
(04:08 PM) ppusa: I sold this am at HOD
(04:08 PM) Rose0001: PP, we were looking for the LOD early on this morning. It didn't happen but we got HOD at 10:20 not near the open but during that first hour.
(04:09 PM) google_2: guess we were all in sync
(04:09 PM) google_2: :-)
(04:09 PM) ppusa: and then i bot them back at nq 30.5....this inspite of what i said about the 30 geting hit
(04:09 PM) Rose0001: LSS numbers looked ridiculously high at the open but turned out to be pretty close.
(04:09 PM) ppusa: then i bot the LOD
(04:09 PM) ppusa: the point is i sold the high and bot the low (kinda)
(04:10 PM) Rose0001: But more important is the cycle. Today was SELL SHORT day. Means the HOD will be hit first.
(04:10 PM) ppusa: now when i do that with the futures
(04:10 PM) google_2: pattern also suggested that
(04:10 PM) Tom_B: Sold HOD & Bot LOD & missed most in between
(04:10 PM) ppusa: rose imo there was enough info this am to sell the high and buy the low....we had a good day
(04:11 PM) raz_62: how often is it correct on the buy sell days
(04:11 PM) raz_62: been good this week
(04:11 PM) ppusa: we were disciplined...had patience blah blah blah
(04:11 PM) Rose0001: I think that the cooperation in this room helps everyone.
(04:11 PM) ppusa: the opening said there would be chop
(04:11 PM) ppusa: blah blah blah
(04:11 PM) Rose0001: I am so pleased to have this room. Really good teamwork.
(04:12 PM) ppusa: that's what it is all about
(04:12 PM) jimmer49: Raz - just peeked back and sww you question - yes it was
(04:12 PM) ppusa: to me it was an obvious Matrix Movie Day
(04:12 PM) raz_62: i used to be ther
(04:13 PM) raz_62: they dont do that anymore
(04:13 PM) ppusa: look right into the charts and see right through them
(04:13 PM) raz_62: mostly futures
(04:13 PM) jimmer49: oh ok - I havent been there in months
(04:13 PM) Rose0001: This was my first full week in the room, I think.
(04:13 PM) jimmer49: probably different people too
(04:13 PM) raz_62: never remember seeing you
(04:13 PM) jimmer49: was over a year ago
(04:14 PM) raz_62: yes except for Tack hes still there
(04:14 PM) raz_62: and Boots
(04:14 PM) jimmer49: they were trading qqq 5/8 on 15 min and getting chopped to death
(04:14 PM) raz_62: yep
(04:15 PM) raz_62: think the guy that started that went to tlo's room
(04:15 PM) jimmer49: smchan?
(04:15 PM) raz_62: TC
(04:15 PM) raz_62: tom carr
(04:16 PM) jimmer49: he still has SI board for btt
(04:16 PM) raz_62: he had the btt thread on SI
(04:16 PM) ppusa: hey did we all buy the LOD yesterday?
(04:17 PM) ppusa: hello?
(04:17 PM) raz_62: boo
(04:17 PM) tkay_1: hi
(04:17 PM) prakso: ppusa - I think even the best one of all of you - had his problems to overcome at the start - did every error that could be done - and thats when one realizes how important it is to have somebody you can ask - sombody who went through the same misery - right - have a great weekend all of you - I extremely emjoy your company - thanks
(04:18 PM) ppusa: did we catch the LOD yesterday? i don't remember
(04:18 PM) ppusa: bye prakso
(04:18 PM) ppusa: it sure helps
(04:18 PM) ppusa: i been around a long time and have learned so much here
(04:19 PM) raz_62: i lost 6.5 trying to buy it
(04:19 PM) ppusa: i can't remember if i got it or not
(04:20 PM) ppusa: anyway i just wanted to say before i go that the last few days we have seen the LOD and HOD area before we got there
(04:20 PM) Rose0001: Raz, have to have several reasons why you think it might be LOD, patterns, pivots, previous highs and lows, fibs etc. the more the better the chance that it will be HOD or LOD.
(04:20 PM) ppusa: raz, you and i werre looking at 1485 way in advance
(04:21 PM) raz_62: yep
(04:21 PM) raz_62: that was the day before
(04:21 PM) raz_62: i bot that
(04:21 PM) raz_62: at 85
(04:21 PM) raz_62: i think
(04:21 PM) Rose0001: And google pointed out that there was a leg and arc just before we hit 1495. Did you catch that, PP?
(04:21 PM) raz_62: my gann chart helps too
(04:22 PM) Rose0001: 1485
(04:22 PM) FrankT:
Any of you IB'rs use the DDE link to Excel?
(04:22 PM) raz_62: http://www.dacharts.com/charts/2002-02-01/raz%20gann571.jpg
(04:23 PM) FrankT:
For conditional Orders?
(04:23 PM) Rose0001: Bye, everyone. Have a good weekend.
(04:23 PM) raz_62: check this out
(04:23 PM) blurr123: hello
(04:23 PM) FrankT:
Bye Rose
(04:23 PM) blurr123: how did smax do today?
(04:23 PM) raz_62: i put that on the chart before 1pm
(04:24 PM) FrankT:
I think Jimmer said he got 45+
(04:24 PM) jimmer49: ended up with 50
(04:24 PM) jimmer49: 10 trades
(04:24 PM) blurr123: wow, thats amazing
(04:25 PM) jimmer49: How about 3m Frank?
(04:25 PM) jimmer49: my 50 was on 2 min
(04:25 PM) blurr123: so you got 50 today jim?
(04:25 PM) jimmer49: yes
(04:25 PM) FrankT:
I got 32 with 13 trades
(04:25 PM) FrankT: using 3M
(04:26 PM) FrankT: 1 loser
(04:26 PM) blurr123: how many contracts do you trade at once?
(04:26 PM) jimmer49: Good - I was thinking about your trailing 4
(04:26 PM) laniermasters:
Raz, is that some sort of automatic Gann forecasting tool?
(04:27 PM) FrankT: Jimmer started using swing breaks at the end...
(04:27 PM) FrankT: need to be more judicious with that...
(04:27 PM) jimmer49: Some trades it hurts you and some it is great, but can't put my finger on what to do about that
(04:28 PM) FrankT:
yep still trying to sort hat out
(04:28 PM) jimmer49: It's always a judgement call that is best not to make hard rules about i think
(04:29 PM) blurr123: jim, is 50 points a lot, a littrle, or average for you?
(04:29 PM) FrankT:
always trade-offs between trendy markets and choppy mkts
(04:29 PM) jimmer49: Not me, smax - I am reporting smax trades per rules for those who are interested, not my own trades which may be different and often are
(04:30 PM) jimmer49: but to answer your question 50 is probably about average
(04:30 PM) ppusa: anyone know how to clean beneath the keys on a notebook...like if some kid spilled something and never told you?
(04:30 PM) jimmer49: pressure washjer
(04:30 PM) Tom_B: ur beer frm Matrix movie get in there ?
(04:30 PM) FrankT:
try rubbing alchol
(04:31 PM) jimmer49: washer
(04:31 PM) ppusa: GUYS
(04:31 PM) ppusa: i am trying to ask a serious question
(04:31 PM) ppusa: not
(04:31 PM) jimmer49: put in dishwasher
(04:31 PM) ppusa: i know better in here
(04:32 PM) Tom_B: lol
(04:32 PM) FrankT:
depends on how much gunk is under keys pp
(04:32 PM) Tom_B: car wash
(04:32 PM) ppusa: keep it up and i will start with the your mama jokes
(04:32 PM) ppusa: just a few sticky ones
(04:32 PM) Tom_B: Good Humor
(04:32 PM) Bob Cole: How'd the trading go today?
(04:32 PM) Tom_B: Here the bells
(04:33 PM) FrankT:
I would use alcohol judiciously and let dru upside down
(04:33 PM) Tom_B: the buy & sell keys
(04:33 PM) FrankT:
(04:34 PM) ppusa: thanks
(04:34 PM) ppusa: can you pull the keys off?
(04:34 PM) laniermasters:
q-tips might help
(04:34 PM) ee_88: have a nice weekend all, cu monday
(04:34 PM) FrankT:
not on most laptops
(04:34 PM) FrankT: all built diff
(04:35 PM) Tom_B: did Buffy or Rose post some Chimp charts to the site ?
(04:35 PM) ppusa: okey dokey...that's what i wold really like to do .... that and go bike ride....see ya
(04:38 PM) Buffy_04364: sound check please
(04:38 PM) laniermasters:
don't hear
(04:38 PM) Tom_B: nada
(04:40 PM) laniermasters:
I think Rose is gone. I can post chimp charts in a few minutes, need to show Rose's trades.
(04:40 PM) Tom_B: tnx