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Judy "buffy" MacKeigan - Find out what you wanted to know in this interview for an Ensign Software newsletter.

"brach" - Here's a chat brach led on Elliot Wave application in trading index futures on 1/19/2002.

Pam "google_2" Danielson - Everybody in the trading chatroom has been amazed at her ability to snag so many good trades. She gave a chat on Gartley & 3-Hump reversals on 1/8/02, and another on Railroad and Arc reversals on 1/21/02. We hope to learn much more.

Steve "SP Steve" Remsing - This profile doesn't say enough to convey Steve's prowess as a professional trader. Steve is a true elephant hunter among traders. [link broken 11/6/06]

James "jimbo" Clarke -Software developer, musician, and trader. Jimbo created ATrader, a charting application that works off the free data provided by fees apply). The AutoTrader program uses market profile specifically and can place real-time orders automatically based on chart events. Also has features for simulated trading. There is an AutoTrader group to provide support and feedback for ongoing development.

"dbphoenix" - Wanna know about fish? Study a fish. Wanna know the trader? Study the trader's website or join his yahoo group.

We hope to post more profiles of traders who participate in the community. Some things it might be useful to know about other traders are:
Areas of trading experience
Year first traded
Cumulative years trading experience
Trade full/part time
Hours/day dedicated to trading related activities
How long trading before profitable
How many times went broke
Favorite market
Favorite time frame(s)
Favorite trading tools
Favorite indicators
Best trade

Worst trade
Scariest story
Trading style
Internet connection
monitor setup: size/#
Previous career(s)
Other hobbies/pastimes
Action photo
PalTalk handle(optional)

Let Dave know if you're willing to be interviewed for a trader profile.