Template Submission Checklist






The best way to distribute templates among daCharts users is to get them posted on the Templates page of daCharts.com
Then everyone can look for templates in one place.

Email the following to Scylnx at to get your template posted:

  1. The finished template .dat file
  2. The associated .doc file
  3. A link or links to one or more examples (probably in a daCharts daily folder) that illustrates the template
  4. If at all possible, a short document describing the template and its use (see templates by amg & TOC for examples)
  5. Any auxiliary items of interest such as links to screen shots of property windows or DYOs

When providing an explanation, i t is much better to provides links to charts posted on daCharts, rather than embed them in a Microsoft Word document ... the final quality will be much better.

Thank you.
Your cooperation will make is possible for the Templates page to be "the place to go".