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Templates from Users for New Ensign Software

These have been written or modified for
use with the "new" (Nov 2007 and later) Ensign

"Old" Ensign Template Page

Ensign information on templates

Template submission checklist

Ensign Workspaces from Users

Click a Chart link to view an example chart illustrating the template.
Click a Template Download link and save the template file in C:\Ensign\Template.

Chart Template Description Template
Date Author Template#
Fibo_stx_1_trigger Fibo Fibo 12-18-09 DYoung 104
B_Swing97 B-Swing B-Swing 06-01-09 Ensign I.S. 103
Sniffy_32 Value Charts ValueChart2 05-21-09 Sniffy 102
Sniffy_3 Mini Time and Sales mini_TandS 5-20-09 Sniffy 101
Sniffy_80 basic Trade Ticker basicTradeTicker 04-16-09 Sniffy 100
Sniffy_7 Scrolling Delta ScrollingDelta 04-16-09 Sniffy 99
Sniffy_81 Big Buys n Sells BigBuysnSells 04-16-09 Sniffy 98
Sniffy_10 Large Trades with Sound LargeTradeswithSound 04-16-09 Sniffy 97
Buff_1_88 Wick Open vs HL Wicks_O_vs_H_L 03-27-09 Buffy 96
(later) (later) buttons 03-05-09 Buffy 95
Volatility_bands Volatility   (mirror) VolatilityBands 12-18-08 Internet Svcs 94
Buffy2 Minimal 2X Bline V5 Min_2XBline 11-08-08 Buffy 93
Price23 Lg_fmt_candlecharts ES60   ESDaily 10-15-08 Price 92
RR28 86 87 TD TD-9-3-8 09-03-08 rin 91
Buff_42 ADX w Alerts ADX_with_Alerts_N 08-11-08 AMG 90
Buff_1 BBB V5 BBB V5 update 1 04-27-08 Buffy 89
Buff_43 BBB V4 BBB V4 02-22-08 Buffy 88
Buff_62 BBB V3 BBB V3 02-03-08 Buffy 87
Buffy2 Buffy Bline Blend V2 BuffyBlineBlend V2 01-25-08 Buffy 86
Buff_57 Simple Buffy 2X BB SimpleB2xBB 03-24-08 Buffy 85
Buffaa_94 2X_Bline_HA Buffy2XBlineBlend 11-10-07 Buff et al 84
Buff_10 Summed 2X-MACD Rainbow Summed 2X-MACD Rainbow 07-19-08 Kubes 44
alanEVRAA Eustace Volume reinvented EVRAA 12-13-07 amg & rabbit 24
amgACD Mark Fisher-ACD Method amgACD 02-08-08 amg 21