Minimal (Stripped Down) 2X Bline V5


The chart example is a quick visual on the basic terminology used in the room and on chart annotations.

This template is a stripped down version of the 2xbline V5 created for minimal cpu usage during these volitile times.

A recommended rule to start with is yellow pipe only longs -- blue pipe only shorts.

If the stairs turn opposite color of pipe consider it noise especially if distance between the 60/90 wmas.

While the charts don't look the same as V2, please scroll down to Chart 4 in the following link for further information including entries and exits.

Buffy Bline Blend V2 description

These are the settings on the chart property form for the candlestick appearance:

Further information is located at 2X_Bline_HA

Last updated 11/09/2008