Mini Time and Sales

OK, just sales. But it is mini.

This template uses DYO to print a mini scrolling vertical ticker in a sub-window’s margin.

It could also print in the chart window margin if you wanted. I put it in the sub-window because my chart margins are too busy with other stuff.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a left margin to play with ?

Anyway if you want a little version of time and sales (without the time) in your face, on your chart, this is how you do it.

It uses the same technique as other tickers in Ensign, that is, it uses the “Shift” command to shift relevant values across a range of GVs and then prints the GVs in the range at different locations. In this case it uses the “grid marker” locations, which give the ability to print at different heights in your sub-window or chart.

This gives the impression of a moving stream of 9 pairs of numbers from top to bottom on your chart (9 pairs because of space limitations and you must set your chart properties to “optimise speed” UN-checked).

It uses GVs 200 up to 227. So don’t have anything else on your chart that uses any of these. But you can implement multiple instances of the template across as many charts as you would like. Who am I kidding? No-one uses these things other than me! But I guess as long as I’m happy .........

You can filter it to ignore trades under a certain size. Just put your filter value in Line A of the “Setup” DYO.

Change the text of the first DYO “> 18” in the attached example to remind you what size your filter is.

Even if you don’t use time and sales I hope you can see how – using this technique – you could have, right on the chart in front of you, a scrolling version of the last 9 pairs of numbers that you might be interested in. Wouldn’t that be FUN !

That’s it. Hope it helps.


Last updated 05/21/2009