Horizontal Scrolling in Ensign Windows – Template 2

A number of people have expressed an interest in some “charts” that I have, which show various information scrolling across the chart window. I promised to show them how it’s done and to give a few examples of templates that they may find useful. This is the second of four templates that use the same basic technique.

Large Trade Ticker with Sound

This is the second example of a scrolling trade ticker. It uses the same basic technique as the basic trade ticker, but with refinements. These are that it uses 3 size filters. The first size filter is the basic size above which you are interested in (just as in the Basic Trade Ticker template). The second filter is a “block trade” size filter above which you may have a special interest in being alerted – it does this by simply printing a yellow block for those trades. And the third filter is the “gorilla” filter when an individual trade merits extra special attention because of its size – it does this by playing a sound for these trades (different for bid or below trades and offer or above trades).

I use this template in conjunction with the Basic Trade Ticker template, with the large trade ticker below the basic trade ticker like this -


So I set the basic trade size to the same value in each template – this means that both tickers should scroll at the same rate to get the same trade at the same place in both tickers. The bottom ticker will then highlight in yellow any trade bigger than the second filter, and play a little sound when it’s a gorilla’s trade.

You can see in the example above where I have highlighted those trades in the upper window that have a size greater than the “block trade” filter (set to 14 in the lower window – just for illustration purposes !).

You will also see that only trades greater than the basic trade size are shown ( > 9 in this example) – both tickers are set to this so that we get the same trade feed into each ticker.

The right hand trade of a 100 lot played the gorilla sound for me. I am interested in gorilla trades, particularly if they are against my position. But I LOVE to hear them when they are in my favour. Anyway, it can provide a decent heads up about what is really going on.

Clearly the size of your filters is going to vary according to what instrument you trade, what exchange it is on, what your data feed is, and your own personal preferences.

To set the trade size filters go to the “Bid Offer” DYO in this template and put the values you want into lines F, G and H (basic trade filter, large trade filter and sound trade filter respectively). If you use this template in conjunction with the basic trade ticker, remember to set the base trade filter to the same value in each ticker.

Ditto, uncheck “optimise speed” in both chart properties