Horizontal Scrolling in Ensign Windows – Template 4

A number of people have expressed an interest in some “charts” that I have, which show various information scrolling across the chart window. I promised to show them how it’s done and to give a few examples of templates that they may find useful. This is the fourth of four templates that use the same basic technique.

Big Buys ‘n Sells

This is the fourth example of a scrolling ticker. It uses the same basic technique as the trade tickers previously described. The difference here is that this template simply counts the number of “Buys” or “Sells” going off with volume larger than a pre-defined volume filter size., like this –

So from the top this shows, the number of trades larger than the filter size going off at the offer or higher (“Buys”), the volume represented by those trades, the number of trades going off at the bid or lower (“Sells”), the net Delta (volume at offer or greater minus volume at bid or lower) and the total volume represented by all these trades.

Set the filter size by changing Line E in the “Init” DYO to whatever value you want.

That’s it – you should be getting the hang of it by now!