Taku 50CCI 14CCI Turbo for trend trading

Doc bob trades using the 50 CCI with a 14 CCI turbo for trend trading.

Doc bob introduced me to the 50 CCI early 2005. Because of the way I use all my charts for the trade decision process I may not be strictly adhering to his rules. Regardless the combination of his trade guidance and multiple time frames charts give me confidence and a comfort level. I suggest that you look at Doc bob’s site www.tradershaven.net for additional details and clarification. There is an entire section devoted to Ensign templates solely for 50CCI trades with a 14 CCI turbo with special attention to doc bob indicators. There are only a few trades: the 5034, the 5034 Z, the 50140 and the Olm trader sling shot. See

Doc Bob web site is www.tradershaven.net. You will need to register, for downloading training videos and etc. There is also discussion and other information. I maintain a Yahoo group called packard1958 (no space) in addition to the Ensign forum.

Brief description of how I use doc bob trades:
I only use a 50 CCI with a 14 CCI turbo. I use price lines rather that candles or price bars.

I take the following trades only, the 5034 (white arrow on charts) the 50140, the sling shot and what I call jump on the train, when I see momentum with out a signal in the right place I use a total of at least 12 charts on my screen when trading an individual future. They are described in the www.tradershaven.net ensign forum. Also included are comments how I use all the other charts for what I call trend trading with confirmation. I try to explain what I use getting into or out
of a trade.
Attached is my template. Nothing is considered confidential. All are pure basic Ensign design your own studies (DYOs). It will work with any time frame or symbol.

I am a trend trader. Meaning I do not take counter trend trades. Sure I miss

Your chart properties screen will need to be adjusted to allow price line charts.

explain why I like the price line rather than bar or candles under the traders haven ensign forum.

Attached is a sample chart with comments

If you go to doc bob's site far more information, chart examples explanations of trades are there. Just to much information to be handled here.