Vlad's Trading Cocktail

In the past I have received many requests to provide my template. I've never believed there was something exceptional on my charts. The reason for that is very simple. Most of the stuff I use is taken from other people generously sharing their ideas with others as well as with me. Only I implemented it into my charts and trading. Nothing extraordinary :-)

I sent my template to a couple people via e-mail but requests are continuing so I decided to share my current template with others here on dacharts.com. Hopefully by doing this, I can give back at least a bit what I got from that great community and generous people around the B-Line room. Especially, I want to thank immensely all the people that helped me in my own learning process ...... Buffy, Jimmer, Ninja, Goinglite, 123, PlangCha and others helping people every day . Thank you very very much !!!

My template is in essence the compilation of ideas from the above mentioned people. I use Jimmer's bands and one stochastic, Buffy's Bline, Ninja's domino, Goinglite's bands ...
Along with it, I implemented their ideas in my trading .... turn trading style, hop and retest entry, band action and fibonacci play from Goinglite, trend/turn synergy and divergence plays, J30 and other great ideas and help from Ninja, Jimmer's unbelievable MOFs entries on his bands etc.

I will not describe my style here. I have been posting for many days examples of my trades and if anyone is interested, you can go through my posts. All the charts I posted are marked and labeled where I entered and exited or got stopped out along with the reasons in indicators or price. I Hope to continue doing this in the future too and I am always open to a discussion about my trades or style or whatever as I have done many times in PMs or chat.

Last but not least ... I want to thanks Buffy for the great name for my template ... Trading Cocktail. This name gives a true picture of my trading style and charts.

vlad aka Vladimir

Prague, Europe, 2006-05-07