VIX Tracker Template

0933 DirkX Does anyone trigger off VIX patterns?

I have a template that has definite promise, ...

the idea is simple enough but it needs to be fooled around with a bit. ...It can work...

the colored bars on the bottom are the action triggers

if there are a couple of fuschia bars...then as soon as there is a close and no fuschia bar - then sell

The SPX is the bold bars on the chart BTW

there are VIX bars in light gray

Buying is off of the greens disappeaering

As I said, it needs some tinkering... but I feel it has promise...I dont have a lot of time to tinker anymore..

0943 dblue so based on extremes of vix?

0944 DirkX yes, It's very simple, so I thought someone might 'shine up that turd'

0943 dblue lol

0943 DirkX it draws based on a keltner channel around the vix

0944 dblue interesting

0944 DirkX but the good part is that.. it adds data from a source other than the price time data of what you are trading - so it adds robustness