Template Name: Summed 2X-MACD Rainbow

This is a modification of the 2X Bline Rainbow template. This template is focused on the triple stochastic 2X window (1st window) and the triple MACD (2nd Window) window. The two windows offer a nice triple timeframe look at the market. I was looking for a bit more concise look so I summed the components of each window and displayed them in the bottom window. To me this shows momentum and divergence in a bold fashion without looking at multiple studies or windows. The first two windows are included for reference and sometimes help clarify a signal. Since I and many people who learned from Buffy focus on 2X stochastic spread, I added the summed spreads to the bottom window as well. Below is a description of what makes up the bottom window.

1) The pinkish-red, thick histogram is the sum of the 3 MACDs in window 2.
2) The high blue, thin histogram is the sum of the SPREADS of the stochastics in window 1.
3) The blue lines are the sums of the 3 different %K and %D stochastics in window 1.
4) The green and pink line is a 7-3-2 stochastic overlaid.
5) There is also a double Bline that shows rarely when the trend is very strong and Bline >90/<10.