Ninja's Basics

To anyone downloading this template. Please note the following:

The macd being used is Buffy’s (assuming I have the settings correct).

While I cant provide my actual macd (due to a confidentiality issue with someone else involved in creating it), I can say that mine is derived from Buffy’s, the one I have in this template. I think you’ll find it close enough to follow any future posts (at as well as past ones there.

Please feel free to “tweak” anything in this template. Afterall, this is how I came up with the macd I currently use. There’s nothing magic about mine! Whos to say you cant come up with something even better!!!

Trading is hard work, and if you’re not willing to put forth constant effort and time to “hone” your skills, then regardless of what template you have, you likely will not reach your goal of consistent profitability!! It’s a labor of love for me, hopefully it will be for you as well. :)

What I try to "give back" is, hopefully, much more important than mere indicator settings. I am trying to convey a viable trading concept. Regardless of the particular settings used, or the particular indicators used for that matter, its the concept that should be focused upon!!! My style is certainly NOT for everyone, and is more certainly NOT "THE" way as some have inferred, but rather "a" way which I have openly expressed in prior posts and comments!! If what I present "talks to you", then this template may be of value to you. Please dont take this thinking the work is done. Improve upon it!!! Share your findings back with me and others!! (I dont need your settings, just share your concepts!!) :-)

I hope you find this of some value in developing your Trading Plan!


Ninja :)

The following mostly off-site links will help further explain Ninja's description [editor]