EVRAA - Eustace Volume Reinvented by Alan and Amg

EVRAA, so named to honor the memory of the trader Eustace Storey, whose use of volume sparked the idea, is best described as an indicator of Wyckoff's first principle: Effort vs. Result, where Volume represents Effort and Price reaction is the Result. If you already use Wyckoff methods, simply apply the same principles, as illustrated in the 3-minute chart that Alan has marked up. Additionally, divergences, which are also a form of Effort vs. Result, can be found, as shown on the 532-Tick chart marked up by Ana Maria.

Alan Robinson (rabbit)
Ana Maria Gallo (amg)

template: EVRAA.DAT

532 Tick Chart (note: here is a link to the VolSum indicator shown in the lower indicator pane).

Additional extensive chart examples by Rabbit can be found in this folder