Price Action

Thanks Al for the start of this list. It can be added to also.

19:58 al_gorithm: Here's the pub's I would recommend for learning PA, besides what you find on dacharts

19:59 al_gorithm: 1 - Bill Dunnigan's last book "One-Way Formula...." (long title)

(New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains & One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks & Commodities)

19:59 al_gorithm: Will teach you about swings and PA in a way no one else I know of does

20:00 al_gorithm: 2 - Nisson's "Beyond Candlesticks" is important because of the bar relationships it teaches you. Even if you don't ever use candles (I don't) I believe it's important reading.

20:05 @Buffy2: If I may Nisson's Candle stick course in paperback is cheaper and as long as you read the answers it is all there

20:02 al_gorithm: 1 - go to Joe Ross's site and download "The Law Of Charts".... it's free and I've never seen anything better at teaching pure PA trading, trends and ranges. (Also at

20:03 al_gorithm: Only the last few chapters of Dunnigan's book is what you need, but if you are new to trading, read...i.e. study the entire book.

20:04 al_gorithm: Trader Vic's - Methods of a Wall Street Master is also an important work, IMHO

20:05 al_gorithm: What makes these books special is that they communicate the nuts and bolts of PA clearly and simply.

20:05 MidKnight: al_gorithm gives a good list here Fugu. I also found Bill McLaren's work useful for learning about market structure

20:05 al_gorithm: tks Buffy

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