Time and Sales Filtering and Changing Colors

16:58 Ensign Howard: Many use Time and Sales, and yet are unaware that you can have a tick volume filter on the T&S form

16:58 Ensign Howard: This is T&S with all ticks showing.

16:59 Ensign Howard: Above the Volume label is an edit box were you can put a Volume filter size, such as 50 and then ONLY the ticks with a volume of 50 or grater will be added to the list.

16:59 Ensign Howard: This is a quick way to see block trades. Just has a 686 tick go through while watching

17:00 Ensign Howard: So here is the T&S with the 50 filter added. Now our list shows the block trades and you see the 686 tick that just went through

17:02 Ensign Howard: To recreate the filtered list, I added 50 to the edit box and then had the form repaint by clicking the down arrow and then the up arrow that you see by the 50 edit box

17:02 Ensign Howard: This did a scroll down in the data set and a scroll back to the top and the repaint of the form excluded the under 50 volume ticks in the display. Normally you would put in the filter level and just let it run in real time.

17:03 virt5: Howard, can you adjust the colors to show whether the trade went off at the bid/ask...above the ask...below the bid....or in between rather than up or down tick

17:04 Ensign Howard: Trade ticks on all of the feeds do not have any indicator if the trade was at the ask or at the bid or possibly in between. Some feeds have a bid and an ask field, but these fields update independently of the trade ticks. So we cannot really tell anything other than if the trade is higher or the trade is lower. If the trade tick happens to arrive ahead of an update to the bid field, we could even see the trade at a price lower than the bid, or for an ask not yet updated, the trade could be higher than the ask or in-between, only because of lack of sync in the trade, bid and ask being sent.

17:07 Ensign Howard: So, I think it is pretty standard among charting package designers to treat up ticks as trades at the Ask, and down ticks as trades at the Bid, and equal price ticks to be at the same mode as the prior at the bid or at the ask state.

17:07 Ensign Howard: On our T&S we will color up ticks (assumed at the ask) one color (green) and down ticks (assumed at the bid) in the red color. These colors can be changed and the place to change them is open a quote page on the bottom of the quote page you will see two color boxes for Up Net and Down Net.

17:09 virt5: 17:09 Ensign Howard: These colors are used by the T&S form as well for the up and down change of the price.