Setting ESPL to auto run

17:01 sportsrep3: If you are using an ESPL on a chart.......should it stay saved on the chart when you close Ensign or change workspaces? I have an ESPL that I'm using on a chart and every time I close the workspace or Ensign and come back to it......I have to re apply the that normal?

17:04 Ensign Kimball: I just created a Workspace. It has one normal Study, and one ESPL study applied to the chart. I can close all the windows, then re-open the Workspace, and it all restores again. Make sure that your ESPL code has been loaded and compiled (if you exit and rerun the program).

17:05 sportsrep3: I don't know......this ESPL that I have won't come back on the chart if I leave the workspace or close Ensign and then come back to it. What do you mean by compiled?

17:06 Ensign Kimball: Select 'Setup | ESPL' if you want your code to auto-load and compile when Ensign first runs.

17:09 Ensign Kimball: Ok. If you exit Ensign, and then re-run. Your Workspace will not work properly, unless you first open the ESPL editor window and compile the code (by clicking on the RUN button).

17:09 Ensign Kimball: If you go to 'Setup | ESPL' from the menu, you can setup Ensign to auto-load and compile your ESPL file.

17:10 Ensign Kimball: Select the File to load. Place a check mark in the 'Enable Autorun' box. Select the bullet item to close or minimize the ESPL window after it loads and compiles your code.

17:10 Ensign Kimball: Then your Workspace will be able to apply the ESPL study to the chart.

17:11 sportsrep3: ok.......thanks Kimball......I'll try that