How to Scroll/Slide Show Through a List of Symbols

17:19 Maura: Hi Howard, I understand that the best way to create a portfolio and track a watchlist of about 100 stocks is via a custom quote page, and that it is possible to set up a workspace containing a chart with 4 different timeframes to use to review this portfolio, and that it is possible to set the timer when reviewing the portfolio. Could you please let me know the best way to proceed with this? Many thanks in advance. Maura.

17:20 Ensign Howard: Maura, the principle is to make use of the Symbol Color grouping, which we have a web page discussing. Let me post the link

17:21 Ensign Howard: So you will select a color such as Red for the group and change the color group square on the quote page to be red, and on each of the 4 charts to also be red. Now you have a linked Red group, and as you scroll on the quote page or double click on a quote page row, the symbols will be used by the 4 charts, and the 4 charts will persevere their time frame, such as 5-min, daily, weekly, and 30-min.

17:23 Ensign Howard: if you want a timer to scroll the charts through your list of symbols on the open quote page, then click menu Setup | Charts. There is an edit box on this form for Scroll Speed in seconds, and a typical entry would be 5 seconds. This is how long the view is shown before the next symbol is scrolled to. Then to put the auto scroll in motion you click menu Charts | Auto Scroll and this menu item will then show a check and the scroll will happen.

17:25 Ensign Howard: To stop the scroll you uncheck the same Charts | Auto Scroll menu.


17:25 Ensign Howard: Here is an article on scrolling.

17:25 Ensign Howard: and another article on Auto Scroll