Preserve Existing Bars Checkbox

17:12 @Buffy2: Please explain why preserve existing bars was removed from Volume, Tick, and Range charts. Thanks,

17:13 Ensign Howard: Preserve Existing is a check box option on the Chart Property form, on the Data tab.

17:13 Ensign Howard: This helps control for automatic refresh whether the refresh bars with the same timestamps should replace the collected bars.

17:14 Ensign Howard: This option is available for Seconds, Intra-day (minute), daily, weekly and monthly time frames because the timestamps will sync.

17:14 Ensign Howard: It is NOT available as an option for any chart based on ticks, which are the Tick, Range and Volume charts, because we have to build the bars from the tick refresh that is received. The data vendors do not build the bars.

17:15 Ensign Howard: So the option does not show on charts of these time frame types. Now in the past the box used to be showing but it did not do anything.

17:16 Ensign Howard: If you refreshed 2 Days of ticks, we would go back and find the starting point of the refresh overlap and delete all bars to the end of the chart, and replace this section with bars newly built from the ticks.

17:16 Ensign Howard: So, since the box did not apply or do anything for tick based charts, it is now hidden to remove the impression that it does anything beneficial.