Pesavento Patterns Properties Window

Howard, I would appreciate your describing the check boxes in the Pesavento Patterns Properties windows. There are a few that seem to have no visible effect, so I know I am not understanding the capability of this template

18:37 Ensign Howard: The Min Size box is a threshold retracement swing size that separates noise from a new move. Corrective movement must exceed the Min Size and Min Bars parameters to be considered a new trend. A new trend will firm up the last swing point so it does not change. I suggest you have the Auto Min Size option checked so the Min Size parameter is determined fresh for each chart the study is applied to and this determination considers the chart's range and price decimal point placement.

18:39 Ensign Howard: A Min size of 0.20 might be appropriate for ES but totally too big for EUR/USD currency pricing.

18:40 Ensign Howard: The check boxes by the Up Trend and Down Trend typically would be checked to draw swing lines and put markers over the swing points. If you want markers without the swing lines then edit the Line Style selection to use the first selection which is a blank

18:41 Ensign Howard: Another common or popular swing marker is LBL which stands for label, and this marker will put on HH, HL, LL, and LH type of label tags.

18:42 Ensign Howard: See example chart with the labels for HH = higher High, LH = Lower High etc.

18:43 Ensign Howard: The two show check boxes in the middle of the form will draw the diagonal lines connecting swing points and possibly label them with swing percentages.

18:43 Ensign Howard: The HH, LH, LL, HL tags are automatic when LBL is the marker

18:44 Ensign Howard: Uncheck the other 2 Show check boxes if you do not want the triangle lines drawn

18:44 Ensign Howard: On the right side are options to also show Fibonacci levels for the last swing, or the last couple of swings.

18:45 Ensign Howard: The S&R option will show horizontal lines at the swing prices

18:46 Ensign Howard: The options for 2nd location and Left location are slight variations on where the markers are positioned.... this is done so multiple Pesavento Patterns sharing the same swing points can show their markers without being on top of each other.

18:46 Ensign Howard: The Min Size as a % is an option to enter Min Size as a percentage, such a 0.5 instead of as a price change.