NV DYO Labels Tricks

16:52 Ensign Howard: I have a DYO on the chart in addition to the Price Histogram, and the DYO is putting on the labels. The labels are shown in a column in the margin space, and the selection on the form is the Column 2 location.

16:53 Ensign Howard: Line A puts on the <- price label in blue in normal font size.

16:54 Ensign Howard: Now the reason for the training is not to illustrate a font size, but rather to point out the impact a font selection in the DYO has on the nature of the DYO labels. When you set the FONT, then the DYO will handle the label in a different way by using a TEXTOUT of a message to write the label on the chart using the selected font. If you DO NOT set a font, then the label characters are pen stroked by Ensign using a fixed size character.

16:55 Ensign Howard: This is a series of pen strokes, instead of a Windows platform font. If you do not set the font, then the Ensign pen stroke will draw commas that happen to be in the label. so see line D label of ,,,val

16:57 Ensign Howard: If we did not do the Line B font size, then the label would have been drawn showing 2 commas and the letters val.

16:58 Ensign Howard: However, when the label was processed by the label routine for the font, we treat the commas as line separators for a multi-lined message. So the ,,val ended up be two blank lines and val, all centered on the price for its location, which was the Range Low.

17:01 Ensign Howard: The LINE C which did the VAH had 2 commas after the label which made a 3 line message of VAL and 2 blank lines.

17:01 Ensign Howard: The POC was drawn in the pure position on top of the POC line.

17:02 Ensign Howard: So in this example you see illustrated 3 slightly different effects, a label above, on and below the price location. So that was one little trick I thought some of you might use with your PH presentations.