How To Merge Workspaces

18:41 Acqua: Is it possible to merge existing workspaces?

18:43 @Ensign_HA: acqua, you can do a trick.... use Notepad for the workspace you want to MERGE and just remove the CLEAR command which is the first line of the workspace script, resave the file - then open host workspace first, then open the merge in workspace that lacks the CLEAR statement.

18:44 @Ensign_HA: If the workspace is small, you can do the edit right on the workspace form - open workspace panel, click once on the workspace name. Click the Show Script button if it shows..... erase CLEAR on the top row - then click the Save button, and the edit is done. Now open host workspace, then use open the edited merge workspace and both will show

18:45 Acqua: Thanks Howard, will try that