Additional Symbols for IQFeed

16:34 Ensign Howard: For those of you using the IQFeed, they have added two new symbols as of 4/11/07 that can be great breadth/indicators.

16:35 Ensign Howard: The first symbol is PRYM.Z which is the Mini Dow Premium which is the spread between @YM# - INDU.X

16:35 Ensign Howard: There is currently about 65 points of spread between the YM future and the INDU index as shown by the chart.

16:36 Ensign Howard: The 2nd symbol is RIRT.Z which is the Russell 2000 TRIN

16:37 Ensign Howard: This TRIN has a similar pattern as the ES and other index based charts.

16:37 Ensign Howard: The next example will show this Russell TRIN overlayed on the ES chart.

16:41 Ensign Howard: I was hoping to see some possible leading indicator, but the turn in the TRIN looks well aligned with the ES. In the example the TRIN bars have the blue frame and the ES bars have the black candle frame. You can investigate both symbols by charting them and how they might be of use in your trading. They will show on the Index quote page.

16:42 mikey: Are these available for DTN IQ? That is, can I use these with an IB feed?

16:42 Ensign Howard: I think they are on the DTN.IQ feed, since it is the same feed as the IQFeed. You would not have a live update of the symbols if you are using the IB feed. I do not know what IB symbol you would want to cross reference this with for refresh purposes.