Ensign Internet -- Download List Use

18:23 FuturesTrader: Is there any disadvantage to not keeping futures contract months up to date in the Download Manager if the Quotes list is up to date and charts are set to Auto Refresh? Using Ensign Internet.

18:24 Ensign Howard: Good question.... when originally developed, the Download Manager list was the only way to get the chart data . Through program evolution, we implemented asking for the chart refresh on demand by just opening the chart. So this 2nd method proves to be easier and more intuitive.

18:25 Ensign Howard: And this has kind of made obsolete the need for the Download list, unless you are harvesting data for a long list and want to do so as an event you run each evening. So the answer your question, you can basically abandon the Download list in light of the way you are using the program and workspaces to open your charts.

18:26 Ensign Howard: Having the Auto Refresh option enabled on the chart properties does an auto refresh request to get the chart data set as needed (for time based charts).