Inserting Data Bar

18:15 Jon: Is there a way for me to add bars (candlesticks ) to charts - like delete bars by pressing CTRL D - but I want to add bars that haven't yet happened -

18:16 Ensign Howard: So Jon you want to manually insert some possible bars in the future for the sake of seeing their effect on studies

18:17 Jon: yes

18:17 Ensign Howard: The answer is to right mouse click and select Edit | Data Set and insert new rows at the bottom of the table of bars -- enter the date, prices and time stamp

18:18 Ensign Howard: You can also press CTRL+I keys for Insert at the cursor location and it will insert graphically a new bar using the prior bar's close price

18:19 Ensign Howard: you can then manually press CTRL+H to edit the high to a new high marked by the cursor position, and CTRL+L to edit the low to a new low marked by the cursor position. So either way can be used to insert bars.

18:19 Jon: Thank you -- brilliant.