How to remove Lines from Demo Charts

Sometimes, I pick a random file to do a playback and I find that as the chart keeps unfolding, lines were automatically displayed. These lines had been previously drawn at some point during a previous playback. Sometimes, this turned out be like reading the last page of a mystery novel. In order to work around this problem, I created a batch file that I use to delete the files in the ENSIGN\Lines folder whenever I do a playback and then to launch Ensign Windows.

The idea is to delete the files starting with DEMO and _DEMO in the Lines subfolder. Here are the steps to accomplish this. I’ve assumed that Ensign Windows is installed in C:\ENSIGN directory. You may need to change this to reflect the folder where you have ENSIGN installed.

1. Open Notepad
2. Copy and paste the following lines

del c:\ensign\lines\demo.*
del c:\ensign\lines\_demo.*

3. Save the file as ENSIGN.BAT (TIP: Select “All Files” under the Save as Type in the Save As dialog. If you do not select this the file could be saved with as ENSIGN.BAT.TXT and will not work as expected)
4. You may now create a short-cut to place it in the Quick Launch or Create a Menu under start programs to launch Ensign from this batch file whenever doing playbacks.

TIP: del c:\ensign\lines\demo.* can be replaced with del c:\ensign\lines\demo.* /p, if you would like to pick the files that you want to delete. The /p stands for prompt before deleting.

WARNING: The files are permanently deleted and are not sent to the recycle bin and hence cannot be recovered. Use it at your own risk.

Thank you so much AV