Holiday Schedule

Ensign's 'Setup | Holiday Schedule' screen.

16:43 Ensign Kimball: This past week...(in the US) there was a Holiday on 2/19/2007. This date exists in the Holiday Screen, and causes specific charts to Delete that Day from the Chart. Some Ensign users had charts that they did NOT want to have the bar removed. This can be achieved by Unchecking the Markets or Exchanges that correspond to the chart.

16:45 Ensign Kimball: For example, if a user wanted to keep the bar on the Chart for FOREX charts, then the 'Forex' box should be Unchecked (when 2/19/2007 is highlighted). could first click on 2/19/2007 in the list. Then uncheck Forex.

16:47 Ensign Kimball: The Holiday Schedule screen does not affect how intraday charts update. It only relates to Daily charts.

16:53 Ensign Kimball: Ensign Software maintains and updates the most common Holidays. The list will be auto-updated when you upgrade the software. You do not need to maintain the Holiday dates.

16:54 Ensign Kimball: However, you can add Holidays to the list by selecting a date in the Top-Left corner of the 'Holiday Schedule' screen, then click the ADD button. Place checkmarks next to any exchanges that should have a holiday (or are closed) on that date. Ensign Windows will then prevent Daily charts from having a bar on that date.

16:55 Ensign Kimball: For the most part, you shouldn't try to Delete Holidays from the list. Ensign upgrades will just re-insert the Holidays back into your list. However, you can check or uncheck the Markets that the date will exclude.