Files to Copy for Clean Install

18:42 Max: If we put a beta on another PC, can we copy the Ensign backup to it and then click restore to get the beta to use all current settings and DYOs?

18:43 Ensign Howard: Max, backup and restore is intended to be local to the one computer.

18:45 Ensign Howard: Copy these \Defaults \Study \Template \Template2 through \Template6 \Lines \Inifile

18:45 Ensign Howard: and \Accounts if you have trade account files

18:45 Ensign Howard: and \Property

18:45 Ensign Howard: and \Workspace

18:46 Ensign Howard: also copy \Theme

18:46 Ensign Howard: The other folder contents could be replace by refreshing charts, etc on the 2nd computer.

The chart files are in C:\Ensign\Tick and \Tick2 folders and \Volume and \Volume2 folders. The tick database files are by symbol in the C:\Ensign\Ticks folder.

Last updated 12/05/2008