Ensign Clock


Located in View|Clock Toolbar

18:34 Ensign Howard: I also added a Clock which floats. Can be positioned anywhere on your Ensign desk space, or dragged outside of the desktop. However when outside the desktop, it does get hidden by other applications. Inside Ensign it floats above our child windows like the charts. The clock can show either local time, or be a count down clock showing time remaining, or both. If you are doing playback, the local time will be the playback time.

18:35 Ensign Howard: Clock font color has to be black..... tried to make it be any color, but seems locked into the operating system for font color as part of the toolbar foundation code. You can change the background color and the warning color.

18:37 Ensign Howard: The clock warning color kicks on at 30 seconds remaining in the count down clock, and then blinks with 5 seconds remaining.