DYO Memory Usage

17:09 Ensign Howard: But it needs to be discussed because some users have expectation that the GV slot [5] has a history of what its content was at each bar position and such is not the case.

17:10 Ensign Howard: [5] had content at each bar position while the calculation was being done, but after the calculation process, you cannot go back and look at any prior values once put in the GV. In the DYO we do have a history, as in our example, the value for the 10th bar is in the 10th position of the array, and the value for the 11th bar is in the array's 11th position.

17:12 Ensign Howard: You can start to appreciate that the DYO with its 10 Lines is creating in memory 10 arrays to hold values, and each of these arrays is sized to the Max Bars number for how many bars the chart can potentially hold.

17:13 Ensign Howard: If you have a chart with 65,000 bars setting for Max Bars, and you add 10 DYOs to the chart, then the memory usage just sky-rocketed. You have 100 arrays in the 10 DYOS, and each array has 65,000 positions and each position uses 4 bytes of memory.

17:14 Ensign Howard: So lets multiply out the memory consumption in this example: 10 * 10 * 4 * 65,000 = 26 million bytes or 26 Meg

17:15 Ensign Howard: We have a tool in Ensign to give you this memory consumption information automatically. Click menu Help | Memory Report and it will show a little report like the one shown above. The report shows each window in the system, and for charts, the number of bars and the number of study objects on the chart. Each study object has a memory consumption, with DYOs being one of the largest users of memory, and all this is multiplied out to give a memory usage value.

17:17 Ensign Howard: In the example there are 2 windows open, 1 chart and the chat room. The chat room uses 2.2 Meg of memory. The chart with its 5000 bars and 3 study objects uses 0.9 Meg of memory. This is a trivial memory burden, but I am trying to show where you can see for yourself how you are loading up the computer through having charts open and dressed with studies.

17:19 Ensign Howard: Occasionally users ask about their system performing slower and slower, and much of that is happening is they are using more and more memory. They have opened more and more charts, increased Max Bar capacities, and dressed the charts with more studies

17:20 Ensign Howard: We have a web page of suggestions on how to better manage the CPU Burden you are imposing. See this link.