Make It Easier to Select Drawtool

18:26 mikey_in_NH: Howard, I place and remove fib lines and other lines frequently. What I am finding is that unless the selection is excruciatingly exact, I will get an unrelated window to pop up, such as for a study. It seems to me that too many items are selectable via single-click on a chart window. I think the program would be easier to use if only draw tools were selectable via single-click, as these are most frequently put on and taken off. Studies are done usually for the longer term, so it would seem appropriate that they be selected only via Chart Properties.

18:27 Ensign Howard: Mikey, here is what we do and what you might do to help out.

18:29 Ensign Howard: From the click point we start reading the pixel's color and if it is background we begin reading an ever wider circle until we get not background and non grid pixel color.

18:29 Ensign Howard: Then we start at top of chart object list looking for study or tool using this pixel color and act on first match of color and value near the click point.

18:30 Ensign Howard: So you can help out by using different color for your draw tools than you use for your study lines. We will then find the draw tool instead of a study when both have lines near the same value.

18:31 Ensign Howard: I can also consider your good suggestion as a program option when I overhaul the program.

18:31 mikey_in_NH: Thank you very much.