Cure for Range, Tick, Volume Charts with Overlay Autofreshing

16:27 ajm: My intraday charts have been refreshing by themselves every 1/2 hour and I am losing all overlay history. Is it an IB issue? Started today.

16:28 Ensign Howard: What is chart time frame?

16:28 ajm: ER 40 R

16:29 Ensign Howard: Range charts do not refresh except by manual intervention. What I think is happening is the file is resizing because it is hitting the Max Bars limit, and recalculating and redrawing. You can help avoid this by deleting bars leftward so you have lots of room yet to accumulate bars before it hits Max Bars limit again

16:26 ajm: But never have problem in the past

16:26 Ensign Howard: press CTRL+P keys -- see Max Bars setting and the number of bars in the file already on the Data tab. In the past, probably you were still growing the file bigger each day. Now you have reached file capacity and when it hits limit it drops 60 bars at a time and these replace in 30 min or so

16:28 ajm: Bars in file 1994, max bars 2000

16:28 Ensign Howard: Yep, that is it, and you are 6 away from another resize

16:28 ajm: Can I use 3000bars as maximum?

16:28 Ensign Howard: you can do this..... yes, but that just postpones issue 1000 bars

16:28 Ensign Howard: I was going to suggest you hold down Shift key and click the Reset button on chart controls (white diamond image). This jumps to beginning of file...... page rightward a day's worth of bars, and use pop-up menu to delete leftward

16:29 Ensign Howard: Assume you delete 500 oldest bars, and now information form shows 1500 in file and 2000 Max bars. Now you can acquire 500 before it resizes, and that might never happen in the day.

16:30 ajm: ok I will try that, thx

Original 09/07/2006