Color Grouping of Charts

16:57 Ensign Kimball: The last topic that we will discuss today is COLOR GROUPING on charts.

16:57 Ensign Kimball: Ensign Windows allows you to display several charts at the same time. Charts can be grouped together by either Symbol or Time Frame. When a Chart is opened, two color boxes are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the chart The left box is a 'Symbol Group' color box. The right box is a 'Time Group' color box.

16:57 Ensign Kimball: A chart can be grouped with other charts on the screen based on the color of the two boxes. This allows several charts to respond to Symbol changes and Time Frame changes with just one click (based on the color of the boxes).

16:59 Ensign Kimball: The chart that was just posted has a RED Symbol group box, and a GREEN Time group box. To change the color of either box, just click the mouse on the box, and then select a color.

16:59 Ensign Kimball: Example....lets say that you have 4 charts opened.

17:00 Ensign Kimball: Each chart is using the same Symbol of IBM....but they all have different Time Frames (like 5-minute, 60-minute, Daily, and Weekly )

17:01 Ensign Kimball: If you change the Symbol Group box on each of the 4 charts so that they match (all are RED). can change the SYMBOL on each chart at the same time. They will be tied together.

17:02 Ensign Kimball: could press CTRL-S to change the Symbol on any of the 4 charts. The other 3 charts that are grouped together with that chart will all change to the newly entered Symbol. They will all maintain their unique Time Frames. But they will all switch to the new symbol together.

17:03 Ensign Kimball: You can use any of the colors to group different charts together. However, 2 colors are Special. BLACK and WHITE.

17:03 Ensign Kimball: A BLACK color box is not grouped with any other chart. It stands-alone.

17:04 Ensign Kimball: A WHITE color box is a wild card color. It is tied (or grouped) with ALL open charts. Any change to the Symbol of any open chart, will cause a WHITE box chart to also change.

17:05 Ensign Kimball: Now lets assume that you have 3 different charts that are open.

17:05 Ensign Kimball: IBM.30 MSFT.30 and DELL.30 They are different symbols, but they share the same Time Frame (30-minute charts) If you were to change the TIME FRAME group box on each of the 3 charts to be BLUE, then they will be grouped together. If you were then to change the Time Frame on the IBM.30 chart, and changed it to a Daily chart.....then the MSFT and DELL charts would also change to be Daily charts.

17:07 Ensign Kimball: can group charts together by SYMBOL..... or by TIME FRAME.

17:07 Ensign Kimball: Use WHITE as a wild card color....otherwise, use a specific color for each of the charts that you want to Group together.

17:09 Ensign Kimball: Minimized charts will change if they share the same Color Grouping.

17:10 Ensign Kimball: Any chart that is not currently open will not change. Only opened charts will change.