Explaination of Chart Properties Window Data Tab for IB Users

18:28 bl: On the Chart properties - data tab - there is a "select" box. It has a choice of "ER2 H7" or "Continuation" (in my case) with an IB data feed What is the difference in boxes?

18:29 Ensign Howard: When the selection is on IB for the source, the IB feed is used and they only have the symbol for a specific month.

18:30 Ensign Howard: When the selection is on DTN they have two possible symbols we could use and the Select box choose which is used.

18:30 Ensign Howard: The ER2 H7 would be the data set for the specific month

18:30 Ensign Howard: The Continuation would be the ER2# symbol which is DTN's continuation symbol

18:31 Ensign Howard: HOWEVER, DTN uses a different roll schedule calendar than is used by eSignal and that causes frustration by users on different feeds who all want to be the same. So Ensign still has our own ER2 #F continuation symbol controlled by the roll schedule calendar on the chart properties. This will permit you to roll when you want to in spite of when DTN elects to roll their ER2# symbol

18:32 Ensign Howard: So ER2# is composite data, part Z6, part H7 and part M7 to begin later this month. Tomorrow the selection choice will show ER2 M7 and continuation and you probably will need to be on the ER2 M7 selection to get refresh for M7 for your charts. As discussed earlier in class, have the Preserve Existing Bar option checked so the chart which is good today does not let the refresh replace any bars.