How to Download and Setup the Bradley Model

Larry gave me permission to make the Bradley data file available to my Ensign users, and I appreciate that. So the first part of this class will be some training on how to download the Bradley file and put it on the INDU chart as an overlay.

13:35 Ensign Howard: When we are done with this training segment, you will be able to do the above chart yourself from now on. The Bradley file has been posted to my web site, and can be downloaded using the Internet Services form, Download tab.

13:35 Ensign Howard: So follow these instructions of clicking menu File | Open | Internet Services. Select the Download tab and wait for the form to fill in its dates, and then use the History drop down box to select the Bradley.d entry.

16:38 Ensign Howard: Then click the Download button.... this will put the Bradley.d file in the C:\Ensign\Day folder. Next step would be to open a chart for the $INDU.D daily file. Refresh the chart if it is not current.... those on other data feeds might have a slightly different symbol.

16:40 Ensign Howard: With the INDU chart showing, click on the Study button for the study drop down list and select Overlay Chart

16:41 Ensign Howard: Type Bradley as the Symbol, and select Line Chart as the Chart Type and Hidden as the Chart Scale. The particular example I showed also has the Invert Pattern checked. Then close the study property form. When the overlay is on the chart, you can press the letter I key to invert the pattern. Press I again to uninvert it.

16:43 Ensign Howard: You can double click on the price scale, which will change the selection from the INDU scale to the Bradley scale. Then you can drag vertically on the Bradley scale to resize the overlay, and you can drag vertically on the chart to shift the overlay up or down relative to the INDU host.

16:45 Ensign Howard: You can adjust the overlay size and position to obtain a pleasing relationship with the host chart. Any questions? Double click the price scale again to return to the INDU scale and then you can drag the host chart leftward to you have more right side margin showing and thus be able to see the Bradley pattern in the 2007 future.

16:45 Light1: Yes, I thought the model was date specific, If so, would we want to change the x-axis relationship between the two charts?

16:47 Ensign Howard: light, the pattern is date specific, and you should have the overlay property of Lock Shift L/R checked so the two cannot be moved separately. You can shift the x-axis when they are locked and they both move together to stay date aligned.

16:48 Light1: sounds good -- thanks again

16:48 Ensign Howard: You can also drag horizontally on the time stamps and this will tighten or widen the bar spacing so you see more or less bars in the view.

16:49 Light1: Is the y-axis relationship between the two also fixed?

16:49 Ensign Howard: y-axis is not fixed. The two items plot on totally different scale ranges. So I have shown you how to resize the overlay and reposition the overlay so you have a pleasing association. Ok, enjoy having the Bradley overlay as an enhancement to the Ensign Windows program.

16:53 cyndc: The following Trading Tips Newsletters also refer to the Bradley Model -- November 2002 (# 35); May 2004 (# 53); December 2005 (# 72 ); May 2006 (# 77)

17:08 Ensign Howard: Read earlier articles in Trading Tips on the Bradley.... see the Newsletter page and the categories at the bottom in the section for Time and Astronomy. I have 3 other Bradley articles you can read and the links are shown there.