Pyrapoint Degrees Lock Up

17:40 Quiet: If I put a Pyrapoint on a chart and then move my mouse wheel before bringing up its properties box to change its angle, it moves the Pyrapoint angle once and then freezes it forever. Even if I bring up its properties box, I can't move the angle from 0.000000. If I don't move my mouse wheel, then the behavior doesn't occur.

17:41 Ensign Howard: ok, solution there is to go to the property form and put settings for each of the tabs. The mouse wheel is just making a tab selection change. So go make good definitions for each of the tabs in Pyrapoint properties window.

17:42 Quiet: But why is it freezing the angle so I am unable to change it?

17:42 Ensign Howard: Probably the angle for the property is very small and it is in a super tight loop trying to calculate through a huge chart scale range.

17:43 Quiet: ok -- so the fix is to make sure I've got some settings on each tab

17:43 Ensign Howard: I think making good entries on all 15 tabs will solve the issue. Correct

17:43 Quiet: thanks