How To Preserve or Copy TWS Configuration Settings

How To Preserve or Copy TWS Configuration Settings -  Thank you Al


I have been doing this for several years without any negative incidences. However, caveat emptor. As a trader you have your hard drives all backed as an image file for restoration, right? If not, you should because you never know when something funky is going to happen, but you can sure bet that eventually, it will.

While the folder name dwjefdwhe is used as an example below, realize that the folder name is software-generated, and will likely differ from one computer to another; in addition there may be several such folders in c:\Jts

1 - Using Window's Explorer, navigate to the IB directory C:\Jts\dwjefdwhe\
2 - Copy the sub-folder named dwjefdwhe (copy the entire want ALL the files within that folder)
3 - Save it in a separate folder where you won't lose it (perhaps to a folder named "IB Configuration Files" on your Desktop)
4 - After the reinstallation of TWS, copy the dwjefdwhe folder back to the C:\Jts\ folder.
      When prompted (warned about overwriting the existing dwjefdwhe folder with the new one) select "YES To ALL"
5 - Restart TWS. All your original settings should be there.
Warning 1: If you have your global folder properties set to "Hide Hidden Files" you may need to change this setting before copying the dwjefdwhe folder. To change those settings go to Control Panel>Folder Options, select the "View" tab and then check the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" option. You can change the option back after you have finished copying the dwjefdwhe folder.
Warning 2: If you use IB charts, they are located in another directory. You'll need to copy them separately.
Note: If you do not make disk image file backups you should at least regularly backup this folder. It will save you a lot of work should you need to reinstall TWS.