Possible Reasons New Version Problems for some

16:29 @Ensign-Howard: Some users of older Ensign were switching between old version and new version by renaming the EXE file instead of installing from the Setup. In so doing they then had a mismatch of our default symbol property files because we used the same name in both versions though the formats were different. Installing by way of Setup would have replaced the default symbol property file, and renaming would have had wrong file still in the directory.

16:31 @Ensign-Howard: This mismatch would create junk looking stuff in the Setup | Symbol Properties table.

16:32 @Ensign-Howard: If you have this junk, please upgrade to 12-22 version and then use menu SEtup | Charts | Maintenance task #11 to fix the table by resetting it back to the default

16:32 @Ensign-Howard: thx for example buffy

6:32 @Ensign-Howard: 2nd item fixed, is the state of the No Frame and Candle Frame Color was not converting from old Ensign to the new Ensign. Found and fixed this so they convert instead of use defaults of being Unchecked and being Black color. This will keep those who convert in the future from being confused about the change to their candles.

:34 @Ensign-Howard: 3rd item, is it will be a useful feature to have a way to reset all charts to some new Default chart property. This is now present in the 12-22 version.... you go to SEtup | Charts | Maintenance and do the new task #15 and that will make all charts use the currrent default which is a global way to change them all to a single setting you like.

6:35 @Ensign-Howard: So set up one chart, on chart properties click the Save Default button and then go do task #15 and you will be all set

6:35 cyndc2: nice

16:35 @Buffy2: is background included in the default?

16:36 @Ensign-Howard: y

16:36 @Buffy2: thanks

6:37 @Ensign-Howard: Kimball and I have worked on this all day and were able to reproduce some of the feedback about No Frame, Candle frame color, and the corrupted symbol property table, and so we think we understand what was happening to the users who were converting from old to new

16:37 @Ensign-Howard: now it will be a better conversion.

16:38 @Ensign-Howard: any questions?

16:38 @Ensign-Howard: ok thx, will return to working on e-mail now.... you all have a great holiday.

16:39 @Ensign-Howard: Well the users were doing it to themselves by renaming the exe instead of installing new version or installing old version. The installation process keeps the issue straight but users were skipping that process. In the future we will not have the issue, however because in the 12-22 we have resorted to using a different file name for the files that have different formats.

16:40 @Ensign-Howard: So if the user does rename the program without installing, the right defaults files will still be associated with the program.

16:40 @Buffy2: When you get to my email Howard it is the same.

41 @Ensign-Howard: so buffy, 3-mail has same issue to investigate with 12-22 v?

16:41 @Buffy2: yes just did it - same steps

16:41 @Ensign-Howard: ok, thx, will work on it, probably tonight - appreciate steps

REASON ALL PLAYBACK FILES REDONE ON 12/22/05 (This should be the date on all files from 10/3/05 to 12/22/05)

16:41 Elroch: Howard, have you identified the reason for DEMO volume charts not being correct yet?

16:42 @Ensign-Howard: That is a general statement.... be specific what is not correct

16:43 Elroch: demo volume charts have about 50% more bars than real charts

16:43 Elroch: It varies between 1.44 and 1.58 on days I have looked at

16:44 @Ensign-Howard: elroch, what is the program date on title plate so verify you are using 12-21 version of Ensign

16:44 Elroch: 12-21 - Installed today

16:44 @Ensign-Howard: ok, 2nd quesition, where did you get playback file for yesterday for AB?

16:45 Elroch: I first created some myself, then I downloaded yours. Both have similar discrepancies

16:45 Elroch: I have only looked at recent week or so of data. As that is all I have in my live V400 AB chart. I have refreshed all the data in the live chart

16:46 @Ensign-Howard: ok, and the download was today from my web site? I just replaced them yesterday, did you download since then? 16:46 Elroch: Yes - This afternoon

16:47 @Ensign-Howard: let me go work on that right now and report back, 1 moment

16:50 er2: I don't have esignal feed, can anyone verify that volume charts from IB feed and esignal feed would be approx. the same?

Room has verified that they are no more than a bar off.

17:33 @Ensign-Howard: issue with playback files with volume has been found and fixed

17:33 @Ensign-Howard: new version will be available soon

7:33 @Ensign-Howard: and I will have to rebuild and repost all my playback files....:-(