How to Fix Some Charts not Updating

11:38 scorp: hi; I have 4 er2 charts (167V, 500V, 1500V, 4500V); data props are same on all (IB ER2 #F) - when I request an 8hr refresh only the 167V & 500V charts refresh, 1500V and 4500V do not

11:39 scorp: btw, reason for refresh was on an Ensign crash, so all data for today was lost

11:40 Ensign Howard: scorp, chances are the higher V charts also refreshed but the refresh was absorbed into the last bar or last couple of bars. You can try requesting a bigger refresh if you think you are missing data, but I doubt you are.

11:41p: Howard, if I receive 150 bars on my 500V chart; should I not get roughly 50 bars on my 1500V chart? Only 1 appears on the 1500V chart and on the 4500V chart too

11:43 Ensign Howard: Y, if 150 bars for today are on 500V chart, then 50 should be on 1500V chart

11:43 Ensign Howard: When the tick refresh is received, all charts are scanned to see if any tick, range, or volume chart can use this refresh. So the one refresh should have been used by all 4 charts. However, all 4 charts had to be currently open. You cannot have 500V refresh the 1500V chart if the 1500V chart is closed when the 500V refresh is received.

11:44 scorp: right; charts are all open

11:45 Ensign Howard: ok

11:45 scorp: these are basically the only charts I use

11:45 Ensign Howard: ok

11:45 Ensign Howard: I do not know why the higher V charts apparently did not also use the refresh

11:46 scorp: ok - this is not the first time; I have spent some time myself looking for something different

11:46 Ensign Howard: Without resaving workspace you might try closing the 167 and 500 charts, and then ask for refresh with just 1500 and 4500 showing -- Then reopen the workspace to bring the closed charts back to the screen

11:46 scorp: I'll try that

11:50 scorp: Howard, after closing the lower V charts, the refresh successfully worked on the higher V charts; thanks!

11:51 Ensign Howard: great scorp

Last updated 08/02/2006