How to Run IB TWS to Feed Data to Second Computer

Thanks to Randy.

18:20 bogeybunky: Howard, in the knowledge base you spoke of running TWS on a 2nd computer and is the same TWS feeding Ensign. Said to get IP of 2nd computer and put in front of port. How do you determine IP of 2nd computer?

18:22 Ensign Howard: I was just going to suggest you ask Randy. He is smarter in this area than I am, and viola, there is his answer

18:23 bogeybunky: lol thanks

18:23 Randy: lol -- ...a picture...speaks..

18:24 bogeybunky: so then the IP address goes in the port box before the port number and then a colon?

18:26 Randy: Yes

18:28 bogeybunky: yes, did that but shows disconnected and message. couldn't connect to TWS. Do I have to do something on 2nd computer?

18:31 Ensign Howard: Thanks randy, great images and makes for good Q&A answer

18:29 Randy: run the TWS -- click yes when it asks. You can also give your remote computer permission to auto login in ...

18:32 bogeybunky: Cool, works. Thank you very much Randy

18:34 Randy: there's one more step...

18:35 Randy: Do this on your remote computer (the one running the tws... this will allow you to auto log on without having to give permission everytime

18:38 Randy: After entering these address (from your remote computers) press apply and go to the file menu on the TWS and save your current settings

Last updated 07/16/2006